30 Day Kombucha Challenge Bundle




30 Day Kombucha Challenge Bundle with Jun Culture and Scoby
This item: 30 Day Kombucha Challenge Bundle
1 × Jun Culture
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1 × Kombucha Cultures SCOBY, Fresh Kombucha SCOBY for Sale
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1 × 30 Day Kombucha Challenge Course


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30 Day Kombucha Challenge Bundle

A 30 Day Kombucha party! We are daring people to try Kombucha for themselves and see if it is for them. We love drinking Kombucha, we love buying different brands of Kombucha, we also love brewing Kombucha at home and we think you might enjoy it too! 

In the span of the thirty days you will see for yourself if Kombucha is right for you. By the end of the Challenge, you will have experienced Kombucha, accomplished a goal and you may even feel a closer connection to Trust YOUR Gut.  And guess what? Thirty days is also long enough to see real results! I can’t wait to hear about your success! #KombuchaKampChallenge

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