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As we are all aware, consumers are fatigued by the constant noise of ads in the traditional media. Instead, they are looking to people they trust for information and recommendations. I do it too and it’s one of the best things about the internet/social media. That means readers want to know what you recommend.

3 Reasons To Become A Kombucha Kamp Affiliate 

1. SUPERIOR QUALITY Cultures & Products

There is nothing more important to the success of Kombucha than the quality of the SCOBY. Unfortunately, many well meaning sites offer FLAWED or ALTERED CULTURES. When you are new to Kombucha, you have NO IDEA WHAT TO LOOK FOR in a Kombucha Culture. Allow me to rant for just a second here. 🙂

KKamp cultures are commercially grown in organic teas and sugars in sterile conditions. Each Full Size Culture is grown in its own half-gallon jar and harvested only after at least 3 weeks of growth, usually longer. They are freshly packed on the day of the order in very strong starter liquid with yeast strands. Never dehydrated! Never Refrigerated!

My cultures are then shipped immediately via USPS Priority Mail and guaranteed to brew. They do not sit around in plastic for days or weeks waiting for orders, leeching who knows what. All these factors combine to provide a superior brewing experience to my clients.

Kombucha Kamp SCOBYs are never:
Dehydrated, Test Tube Size, Pre-Pacakged,
, Only For A Pint Jar

Kombucha Kamp SCOBYs ARE ALWAYS: 
100% Organic & Full Size, Shipped With Real Starter Tea,
Packed The Day Of Order For Freshness

With KKamp, your readers have a culture in 1-3 days
and homemade Kombucha 7 days later.

Sadly, many people spend good money on a inferior SCOBY from another company only to give up when it fails, feeling like Kombucha is a scam or is just too hard for them.

Did you know?
A dehydrated culture must be rehydrated for 30 days BEFORE even beginning the brewing process. Add in shipping time and the first batch could take 8 Weeks to brew (if it doesn’t mold). Read this article for why dehydrated cultures simply don’t work for Kombucha.

2. CUSTOMER CARE Is What We Do Best

Kombucha Kamp Customer Service is very highly rated, probably because clients have so many choices for getting support: e-mail, Facebook, the Kombucha KommUnity group on Ning, or even by phone. But the truth is, most of our clients don’t need much help once they get the handbook and videos provided.

Perhaps the thing we’re most proud of is this:

In all our years of shipping cultures, kits and Continuous Brewers to every part of this country and beyond, we’ve never had a return or even one request for a refund.

Several sites offer cultures, but Kombucha Kamp is #1 when it comes to providing the highest quality products and information without any gimmicks.

You’ve been so helpful in all the emails you’ve sent me….and it seems they show up exactly when I need them! Thank you for what you do. You are appropriately named the Kombucha Mamma!
~ Holly Lewis, Continuous Brew Client
Excellent products & support! Bought mine late last (2010) summer@ a Kombucha Kamp workshop. Much better results & long term survival than a “freebie” SCOBY I got in the early ’90’s, & gave up on – too much hassle. Hannah makes Kombucha easy & successful. Thank you, Kombucha Mamma!
~ Pam Jones, Batch Brew Client

I invite you to visit the Continuous Brewing page to read more of what my clients have to say about learning to brew with Kombucha Kamp.

3. DIVERSE SELECTION of Products & Packages;
Higher Priced Items = Higher Commissions 

We don’t sell just SCOBYs.

Kombucha Kamp offers supplies to the new brewer, but also the experienced home brewer, and our clients buy from us again and again. Plus, we are always seeking out unique, exclusive items that gives us the competitive edge.

Our Deluxe Package with options added can earn about $40 for you as the affiliate in just one sale.

Currently we offer:

  • Continuous Brew Packages in a variety of vessel choices
  • Custom Kombucha Heating Mats (we designed these!)
  • Hand Blended Teas (we created these!)
  • Kombucha Soap
  • Bottling Kits
  • Bamboo Straws
  • Made in the USA Brewing vessels
  • Other living cultures – kefir grains, etc.

In the near future, we will be adding:

  • Even More Brewing Supplies
  • Water Filtration Systems
  • Healthy Drink Making Kits
  • More Ideas Than Time Honestly…

I strive to work with other American based businesses in order to support my friends and neighbors. You can rest assured that my products are in line with your values of sustainability and sourced locally whenever possible.

Education is KEY!

We know that most people will not jump into Kombucha brewing without first understanding how it works. To that end, we’ve created our Free 5 Day Mini Course. Most of our affiliate links are for informational articles which means that when you blog about Kombucha, you can link to our information and when that person ultimately makes a purchase, you get credit for the sale! These links can be inserted into blog posts and newsletters. Our top earners make big $$ whenever they promote our products in their newsletters.

Easy Commission Structure

  • 8% Commission on All Sales
  • Bonuses Available
  • Commissions Paid in $50 Increments
  • Payouts Made Via Paypal unless check is requested

Additional Affiliate Support, Opportunities & Benefits

  • Free Copy of The Kombucha Handbook

  • Attractive Pricing and Pay Back Promotions for Your Own Continuous Brew System

  • Opportunity to Partner for Giveaways, Promotions and Affiliate Contests and unique content

  • Spend Commissions At 1:1.5 Ratio In KKamp Store ($20 commission = $30 credit!)

This is an evolutionary process. We want to develop a long-term relationship with you that is supportive and communicative. Thanks for taking the time to read this, now join the Kombucha Revolution and sign up.

+ Hannah
The Kombucha Mamma

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