Glowing Skin Series Online Summit

Kombucha can help keep skin glowing and bright from both the inside as well as through external application. Join me on this summit to learn how to nourish your body and enhance your largest organ – your skin!

Sign up to get tips and information from over 20 skincare and health experts along with their free gifts! Here are some of the speakers:

  • Melissa Schollaert: dental hygienist and holistic health coach turned blogger
    • Free Gift: The Real Nutritious Living Welcome Kit including a ‘Quick Start Health Guide & Cookbook’ and printable Health Snack List
  • Sally Malanga: founder of the Ecco Bella skincare and cosmetics line; a natural, organic, sustainable, cruelty-free cosmetics and skincare line
    • Free Gift: Coupon code for a free lipstick with $50 purchase
  • Carly Fraser: founder of Live Love Fruit, a premier resource for raw veganism
    • Free Gift: ‘My Smoothies and Juice’ eBook
  • Sarica Cernohous: predigestion specialist and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner and Japanese-style acupuncturist
    • Free Gift: ‘The 5 Elements’ Chinese system guide
  • Steven Horne: founder of the School of Modern Herbal Medicine and Tree of Light, primary resources for education of herbal medicine and health
    • Free Gift: Coupon code for 50% off Fundamentals of Natural Healing, Module one: Healing Pain and Injuries
  • Pamela Springer: founder of the Global Skin Solutions line; a premier skincare line focusing on corrective ethnic skincare
    • Free Gift: ‘A Guide to Treatments for Aging, Sun Damaged, Brown Spots, and Uneven Complexions’
  • Abby Michelle: leading nutritionist and founder of Whole Body Beauty
    • Free Gift: The Perfect Day Nutritional Plan
  • Dr. Joseph Pizzorno: pioneer in natural medicine and best-selling author
    • Free Gift: ‘Dr. Joseph’s Guidance to Everyday Toxic Exposure’ eBook
  • Dr. William Cole: functional medicine doctor consulting around the world
    • Free Gift: ‘Heal your Gut Guide: A Functional Medicine Approach to a Healthy Microbiome’ eBook
  • Jeanne Provost: transformational life coach and hypnotherapist
    • Free Gift: ‘Beauty Inside and Out’ meditation
  • Jennifer Baskin and Jessica Rose: founders of The Nature of Beauty and The Nature of Beauty Spa
    • Free Gift: 20% off any online purchase with coupon code

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