Podcast: Sandor Katz

Fermentation Expert

Sandor Katz speaking at the Freestone Fermentation Festival Symposium
Sandor is passionate about the message of healthy bacteria and fermented foods

As you may remember, I had the distinct pleasure of participating on a guest panel with Sandor Katz at the Freestone Fermentation Festival in May.

Sandor is a self-proclaimed fermentation fetishist, and considering our similar views on the benefits of bacteria, we had a lot to talk about!

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He’s published multiple books on the art and history of fermentation, and he’s working on a brand new book for early next year that delves even deeper into the realm of fermented foods. Personally I can’t wait.

This lively back and forth discussion was recorded just recently and is definitely pro pro-biotics, so listen up and consider how to upgrade your personal daily micro-bug consumption, especially by fermenting them yourself.

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From community-supported local farmers, community gardeners, and seed saving activists, to underground distribution networks of contraband foods and food resources rescued from the waste stream, this book shows how ordinary people can resist the dominant system, revive community-based food production, and take direct responsibility for their own health and nutrition.

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    Podcast Log:

    00:00 – Introduction: How were you first introduced to fermented foods? When did you begin fermenting?
    04:00 – Sandor’s transition from city life to country life, reconnecting to food through gardening and what that means for the future of food.
    08:00 – The role of healthy bacteria in the body and the Human Microbiome Project. There is active communication between bacteria and our body’s immune system. (love this stuff!)
    11:00 – Enterotypes, pathogens and the anti-bacterial panic.
    15:00 – Fermenting Foods at home has exploded in popularity.
    16:30 – Sandor’s exciting new book gets deep into fermentation!
    23:30 – Fermented Fish! This is the one most people have a tough time with. Fascinating stuff.
    27:30 – How does the science of fermented foods work?
    29:00 – New fermented foods you are enjoying? A couple of awesome recipes here.
    32:00 – Sandor’s background and childhood; breaking the junk food addiction.
    38:30 – Whole foods vs. processed foods.
    40:30 – The anti-fermented food movement vs. tradition and science
    46:00 – What’s your experience with kombucha? The importance of getting probiotics in living form from fermented foods (as opposed to pills) and what they can really do for you.
    51:00 – The future of the food supply. The failed experiment known as mass production of food. The reconnection between food and society.

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    Responses to Podcast: Sandor Katz

    1. If you use pineapple vinegar instead of whey to ferment, the Cortido will have a sweet bite that adds to the savory flavor. It takes no time at all (I can bottle and brew a fresh batch in about 30 minutes), costs next to nothing, and tastes great. Bonus entry #2: my favorite fermented beverage to make, so far the only one, is Kombucha.

    2. Thanks so much, Hannah, and thx to the Chelsea Green folks, as well! I’m VERY, very excited to win this bundle, yea! 🙂

    3. A favorite fermented food we make is a Latin American version of sauerkraut called Cortido. In addition to cabbage it has carrots, garlic, onions, oregano, cumin and red pepper flakes. If you use pineapple vinegar instead of whey to ferment, the Cortido will have a sweet bite that adds to the savory flavor.

    4. I have liked Chelsea Green for quite awhile, now I like you. I like sauerkraut, but would like to know how to make it better.

    5. I have only ever tried fermenting once. I experimented with fermenting foraged common burdock stalk a couple weeks ago. It tasted good, but perhaps needed to ferment longer since they were still a little tough.

    6. Liked both pages I love the adventure of femrnted foods I have been making kombucha for almost a year now and tryingto learn to ferment vegies for my vegan diet

    7. I liked kombucha – chelsea green is previously liked. Fermented drink – does homemade cider count? I also accidentlly made hard lemonade one year – was that ever good!

    8. Bonus entry #2: my favorite fermented beverage to make, so far the only one, is Kombucha. Been doing batch brews for 3-4 months now, with great results. Next one I want to try is kefir!

    9. Bonus Entry #2: My favorite fermented food or drink that you make at home?

      I used to be an avid beer homebrewer but when I started getting into hiking last summer I couldn’t find the time to do that. I still love beer but now I homebrew kombucha! It takes no time at all (I can bottle and brew a fresh batch in about 30 minutes), costs next to nothing, and tastes great.

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