Kombucha Titratable Acidity Test Kit

Kombucha Titratable Acidity Test Kit (10-pack)



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Kombucha Titratable Acidity Test Kit (10-pack)

There are 4 core elements to dialing the flavor profile of Kombucha if consistent results are desired batch after batch.

Core 4

  • pH
  • Brix
  • TA
  • Ethanol

pH is valuable for food safety and to ensure no pathogens contaminate the brew, however its too gross of a measure to suss out the flavor profiles detected by the tongue. pH strips are fine for home brewers. Those who desire more data or are interested in becoming commercial brewers will want to invest in a pH meter.

Brix is key to understanding the sugars and potential sugar content of Kombucha. It is a gross measure in that it only provides ball park information as its not able to distinguish between fructose, glucose and sucrose. Still, when assessed in relation to these other metrics, its quite valuable. We suggest a Digital Refractometer as it will yield consistent results and isn’t dependent on human judgement (ie trying to find the meniscus!)

TA or Titratable Acidity is where we tease out the perception of the acid flavor on the tongue. Since acetic acid is the dominant acid in Kombucha – we are a “tea vinegar” beverage after all – our TA kit tests for the presence of acetic acid. Vinegar contains at least 4% acetic acid. Kombucha contains a lower amount (depending on your brewing cycle and flavor preference) and typically ranges from .1-1% acetic acid.

Ethanol is challenging to measure at home as the chemistry is complicated and the amounts are trace.


  • Easy to use Titratable Acidity colorimetric kit
  • Results in less than 1 minute
  • Test ranges from 0.24-0.54% & with dilution .48-1.08%
  • 10 pack

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