Observations from Michael Roussin’s Kombucha Research

I purchased a report written by Michael Roussin. He did a lot of research about Kombucha in 1995.  The majority of the report included scientific charts showing the amounts of healthy acids and such.  Below are my distilled observations from his report.


*Decaffeinated tea did not change the composition of the Kombucha.

*Although the pH is the same with green & black tea, the green tea was perceived to have a tarter flavor than the Kombucha made with black tea.

*Green tea had more healthier yeast components present than the black tea.

I always use a combination of green and black tea thereby ensuring the presence of all healthful elements.

*No direct correlation between size and thickness of SCOBY and quality of Kombucha produced

*The yeast and bacteria have their own layers. While they live in symbiosis, they isolate themselves.

Health Benefits

*Increased production of lean muscle mass.

*Repairs connective tissue – helps with arthritis, asthma, gout or any connective tissue disorder

*Discourage stomach ulcers

*Analgesic effects

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Responses to Observations from Michael Roussin’s Kombucha Research

  1. I started drinking a home brew of Kombucha over a year ago. Originally I bought it already prepared from a local mushroom grower and friend. (Kombucha is not really a mushroom though) I soon started to enjoy the relief in my aging and arthritic body so I decided to start brewing it on my own. Continued consumption of about 1/2 cup 2x a day proved quite beneficial. In addition to relief in my arthritis, I was feeling more energetic, more alert, no more of those afternoon slumps of no energy, and last but not least, my cholesterol level was normal for the first time in years. Even my (VA) doctor was surprised at that. He thought I was taking Cholesterol lowering drugs. I have never used drugs for that purpose. I have turned friends and family on to the benefits of Kombucha and given many of them their own to start them off. Without fail they have all been impressed and not one has ever had anything negative to say, except what do I do with all the babies. Spread the word!…

  2. The report was very technical with a lot of chemical analysis. I summarized most of the interesting findings from his research.

  3. Hi Hannah, was this report worth the cost? I adore my kombucha, but do wonder what it really is or what it’s doing… is it just a tasty drink or is it really a tasty drink with healthy beneficial properties? Hmmm?

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