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Although it’s now closed, this delicious “Twisted Bliss” Kombucha Cocktail Recipe came from KKamp friend Marian Flaxman’s Culture Shock Cafe, an early entry in the fermented foods revival.

Blueberry and ginger combine for a delightfully sweet bite, a sort of new millennium Cosmo.

Hannah Crum, the Kombucha Mamma!KMAMMA SEZ…
I love Kombucha Kocktails! When I add Kombucha to the mix, I get a little antidote with my poison. The next day, I feel much better than when consuming alcohol alone. I can even have an extra cocktail if it has Kombucha. Without it, I feel pretty gross. Check out the other Kocktail and Mocktail recipes below!

Here is the recipe for Marian’s favorite Kombucha concoction, Twisted Bliss:


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