What I Did with My Kombucha on Summer Vacation

Summer vacation season is closer than ya think! The kids will be done with school, the humidity and heat will be unbearable and the itch to travel will be tickling your nomadic gene. But what about the booch?? If you’ve got to have your booch, here’s how to take it on the road.

The Right Bottle


The best bottles for storing Kombucha are the Grolsch-beer style swing-top ones. They are designed to release pressure without sacrificing the fizz and thereby prevent explosions.

Pack It Smart

I recommend packing your Kombucha bottles in a cooler. No ice needed (though a cold sip of booch after a hike certainly hits the spot!) By storing them in the cooler, should an incident occur (i.e. explosion), it will be contained to one area and clean up will be a breeze. Store upright for best results.

Time to Burp the Booch

Check on your bottles from time to time to make sure that none of them are leaking. To prevent the buildup of too much gas, burp your bottles; that is open the top to release the air pressure. Ah! That feels better 🙂

Hannah’s 2 cents:

I’ve never had a bottle of my own Kombucha explode, so while it isn’t something to be constantly worried about, it is good to be aware and know that it is possible. Especially when you are traveling, your bottles will get more jostled than usual, so be sure to open carefully to avoid spraying it everywhere.

Leave It Behind

Sometimes we have to go on vacation and can’t bring our booch with us.  That’s when I’m most grateful for all the bottled brands you can get at Whole Foods – of course, then there has to be a Whole Foods wherever you’re going.  I also find that Kombucha Concentrate is the perfect way to take it on the road.  I even brought it to Egypt and it helped me avoid King Tut’s revenge 😉

So, now that the bags are packed and its time to go, what do you do with your Kombucha?  NOTHING!

Simple, huh.  Just leave it hanging out in enough liquid so that when you come home it isn’t all dried out.  If you will be gone for a long time, then brew a fresh batch and leave it sit.  When you return, you will have sparkling KT ready to welcome you home.  Even if you are going to be gone for long periods of time, it is safe to let your KT brew long.  If the flavor isn’t to your liking when you return, you can always turn it into hair tonic, facial toner, cleaning fluid or marinade.

Keep your culture out of the fridge.

NEVER PUT YOUR KOMBUCHA CULTURE IN THE FRIDGE! Yes, I put that in all caps so I’d be sure that you saw it.  I know, we are totally conditioned to put things in the fridge so that they don’t go bad.  Let me tell you a little secret about Kombucha, it NEVER goes bad!

That’s right!  Because of its naturally low pH, it has an antimicrobial barrier that protects it from being invaded by harmful pathogens.  There is only one stage where it can become contaminated and that is within the first few days of brewing a new batch before the pH drops to 3.0 or lower.

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Responses to What I Did with My Kombucha on Summer Vacation

  1. I actually took my scoby with me overseas. I bought a jar with the same lid as the ‘bottle’ in this article, except it is a jar with the opening large enough to fit your scoby and some of its liquid. It worked great, although since the lid ‘burps’ tiny bits of liquid do spill. Still, I managed to keep it in my luggage for about 24 hours.

  2. Hi Hannah. How about traveling with the scoby. I love in California and wisconsin. We ship out car and I’d like to put my scoby hotel with lid on and ship in the vehicle. It takes about a week to arrive at its destination. Is that too long for the lid on and could it explode. Alternatively, how would suggest I packacke my scoby hotel for flight in luggage? Or 3rd do I just have a new scoby shipped to my other location. Please help. Addicted to my tea!!!! And ps thanks for all your wonderful info and resources. Sharon

    • The main concern with just leaving it in the vehicle that is being shipped is the potential increase in temperature since no one will be there to use air conditioning, etc. You can pack a culture in a ziploc baggie (double bag for safety) and pack it in your luggage. Pour starter liquid into a plastic bottle and tape the lid shut – Kombucha is more mobile than water and will leak. Again, put the bottle into a baggie, then pack into the luggage. Of course, you can always have a culture shipped to your location if that is easiest. Safe travels!

  3. So… what if you already put your culture in the fridge? Can I still take it out and use it? I just saw your post and it’s been in the fridge for a couple weeks. I’m hoping it can still be restored!

    • Yes, go ahead and take it out. Storing it at room temp will ensure that it will be ready to brew whenever you want to use it. Long term cold storage can cause the culture to go dormant and it may or may not revive.

  4. Hannan,
    How do you know if a batch goes bad in the 1st few days? Also where can I get bottles with clamp tops. Im guessing they are ceramic?


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