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Continuous brew! the way of the ancients!

What type of Brewing Vessel is best for my Kombucha Culture?

The brewing vessel is your Kombucha mushroom’s home! It is important to select the proper vessel to avoid contaminating your Kombucha Tea.

Kombucha is a wonderful detoxifyer. That being said, it will also detox whatever environment it is placed into. That is why it is so important to choose the best material to protect yourself and your culture!



Sun Tea Jar

This is the ideal medium for brewing Kombucha. It is simple to source and relatively inexpensive. I’ve used recycled gallon sized pickle jars for years and have been very pleased with them. Size matters. It is best to stick to uncolored glass.

You can usually find jars at the thrift store, on Freecycle or ask your favorite bartender if they can save a jar for you.

Glass bowls also work and can be found for relatively cheap ($5) at a Target or similar type of store. Mine are Anchor Hocking bowls.

4 quart glass bowl


2.5 gallon Continuous Brewer

There are several types of porcelain brewers that are acceptable. Avoid ceramic vases or pottery pieces with any glazes on them as they may contain lead. Select a food grade porcelain vessel for the safest Kombucha brew.


Stainless Steel Continous Brewer

Most metals are not acceptable as Kombucha brewing vessels because Kombucha is a powerful detoxifyer and will pull potentially harmful elements from brass, leaded crystal and aluminum. The exception to that rule is stainless steel provided it is 304 grade or higher. This alloy is specifically tempered to be corrosive resistant and is also used professionally in the beer, wine and Kombucha brewing industries.

Wood Barrel

Oak Barrels come in varying sizes

Photo credit Love Veggies and Yoga

I have not personally used the wooden keg for my own home-brew. I know that there are several brewers out there who LOVE it. Order yours from a trusted source and do your research to see if this is the right option for you. Vinegar (Kombucha is an acetic acid ferment, just like vinegar, hence the similarity in taste) has traditionally been brewed in oak as are wine and beer.


Food Grade Plastic 1 & 2

Food Grade plastic brewer

According to Michael Roussin’s research in 1995, he determined that fermenting Kombucha in food grade plastic 1 & 2 didn’t cause toxins from the plastic to contaminate the Kombucha Tea. However, in 1995 nobody knew about BPA’s. So the choice is yours. If you are comfortable using it, then go for it. I personally don’t advise it.



Avoid metals other than stainless steel

Metals other than stainless steel can contain elements that could poison you. Never use aluminum, cast iron or any other type of metal vessel to brew Kombucha.


Crystal bowl

Crystal is traditionally made with lead. Therefore, it CANNOT be used to ferment Kombucha. It will give you lead poisoning. If you aren’t certain, you can always procure a home lead testing kit to double check the safety of that vessel.
The brewing vessel is your Kombucha mushroom’s home! It is important to select the proper vessel to avoid contaminating your Kombucha Tea.