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Continuous brew! the way of the ancients!


What the heck is in this stuff?

Kombucha ferments vary from person to person. However, according to Michael Roussin’s independent Kombucha research of over 1100 home brews, there are certain elements present in every proper brew, such as specific healthful acids, vitamins and enzymes. I invite you to research them on your own to gain a more in-depth understanding.


The #1 vitamin of the Western World, winner and still champeen, Vitamin C! We all know and love vitamin C for being a fantastic detoxifier and immunity booster.

Produced right away in the brewing process, it is antiseptic, meaning it inhibits or kills harmful bacteria and pathogens. It’s what gives Kombucha its signature sweet/sour punch.

Is crucial to getting your gut working right for normal digestive action, plus helps prevent constipation and protects the walls of the bowels against decay. Found in its most potent form within Kombucha, known as “L-lactic(+),” it is also believed to aid in the prevention of cancer by regulating blood pH levels.

Effective against many yeast infections. It is created by the bacteria and later breaks down to Caprylic acid in your gut, which is naturally anti-microbial and is very effective at battling fatty bacteria.

Amino acids are critical to all life as they function as the building blocks of protein. They are also crucial to your body’s chemistry.


Malic acid spurs detoxification.
Oxalic acid, an effective preservative that activates your cells to action.
Usnic acid, containing selective antibiotic qualities.
Nucleic acids (like RNA and DNA) which send signals to cells to function properly and rebuild.
Carbonic acid, regulator of blood pH levels, keeps you in the right range for health.
Folic Acid, may help heart disease, aging, Cancer, Crohn’s, Alzheimer’s and Osteoporosis.
Thiamin (B1), stimulates the immune system, may aid in prevention of skin, joint and bone aging, cancer and stroke among others.
Riboflavin (B2) suppresses allergies.
Niacin (B3), promotes healing skin tissue and is a natural aphrodisiac.
Pyridoxine (B6) helps battle obesity, rheumatism and stroke.
Cobalamin (B12) improves memory and learning.
Powerful Enzymes, which push your body’s metabolic functions into overdrive.

Let me emphasize here, these vitamins, acids and enzymes are reported to be present in Kombucha in LIVING FORM.

They are not dead, crushed into a pill and lifeless. They have been created by the bacteria and yeast for you.


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