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Continuous brew! the way of the ancients!

Learn About Kombucha

Kombucha is
fermented tea, an ancient elixir consumed for thousands of years

by civilizations all over the planet.

The most commonly attributed Kombucha Benefits
include better digestion, increased energy, and a clearer mind

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Kombucha Benefits

What benefits do regular drinkers of Kombucha report?

Video How-To

Free Videos on Brewing, Bottling & Flavoring Kombucha

Kombucha Recipe

10 Easy Steps To Kombucha Tea

Kombucha Carbonation

Get Tips on Increasing The Natural Bubbles In Your Brew

Which Tea is Best for Brewing Kombucha?

Many teas make delicious Kombucha. Some should be avoided…

Which Sugar is Best for Kombucha Tea?

Find out the best type of Sugar to use and which you should not use!

Kombucha FAQ

Lots of Questions Answered.

Continuous Brewing

This Advanced Kombucha Technique Saves Time & Money. Plus, it is most like the Ancient Way of Brewing Kombucha!

Flavoring Kombucha

Flavor in the bottle, add to fresh batch brewed or mix with Continuous Brew from the tap. Video Tip!

Kombucha Safety Tips

Simple Precautions For Making or Drinking Kombucha Tea

History & Legends of Kombucha Tea: Origins

Where did it come from and when?

Kombucha’s Detox Effect

Think You Are Allergic To Kombucha? Read Here…


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Top 10 Questions About Sugar & Kombucha

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Kombucha & Beer Brewing Similarities

Exotic Teas & Kombucha

Kombucha pH Chart

Advanced Carbonation Techniques

Custom Kombucha Heating Mats

Caffeine & Kombucha Explained

Pets & Kombucha

Traditional Media vs. Kombucha

The Legend of the Sea Treasure:
Exclusive Origin Story

Readers Questions Answered




Meet The Kombucha Mamma

Kombucha Mold Info & Pics

Even More Kombucha Mold Info & Pics

Selecting The Best Brewing Vessel for Kombucha

Radiation, Cancer & Kombucha: Science of Prevention & Detoxification




Hannah Crum is The Kombucha Mamma, founder of Kombucha Kamp, Industry Journalist & Master Brewer, educating others about Kombucha since 2004. Connect with her on Google +