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Continuous brew! the way of the ancients!

Brewing Safety Tips

Want to brew Kombucha Mushroom Tea at home?  Heard that it could be dangerous and you should only leave it to the pros? Get the facts!

Kombucha is a wonderful health tonic that is easy to safely brew at home. It has been brewed for over 2000 years all over the world! Clearly it isn’t as difficult as they claim, but it is important to learn what the proper steps are for safely brewing at home.



DO – Sanitize the kitchen.

DON’T – Use chlorine.  It kills bacteria
& we the bacteria in our SCOBYs!

DO – Wash your hands with
filtered water or vinegar.

DON’T – Use soap. See above.

DO – Select glass for your
brewing vessel

DON’T – Select plastic, crystal or
ceramic for your brewing vessel.

DO – Brew with filtered water.

DON’T – Brew with tap water.

DO – Brew with organic, fair
trade sugar
& tea.

DON’T – Brew with stevia, raw honey
or herbal teas.

DO – Cover with a cloth cover or
offee filter w/rubber band.

DON’T – Cover w/cheesecloth.
The weave is too loose and will allow in
wild bacteria/yeast or fruit flies.

DO – Select a warm location w/good airflow
(e.g. on top of the fridge or on a countertop)

DON’T – Store in direct sunlight, in a
closed cupboard or in a cool location.

DO – Give the culture time
to ferment and develop.

DON’T – Disturb the vessel.
Too much movement will prevent
the culture from forming properly.

DO – Pull new starter liquid
from the TOP of the KT.

DON’T – Pull new starter liquid
from the bottom of the batch.

DO – Make a SCOBY Hotel.

DON’T - Store all of your SCOBYs
in your brewing vessel.

DO – Throw away any batch
that gets mold

DON’T – Try to salvage
a moldy batch of Kombucha

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