What people say

Kelsey of Brentwood, CA

...on Water Kefir Grains

“Love that these come fresh and not dried, so I can make kefir right away!”

Jen J. of Fergus Falls, MN

... on the USA Made Stoneware Complete Package

“I love this brewer! It is a beautiful addition to our kitchen, and it makes continuous brewing a snap! We are having a fun adventure brewing Kombucha ourselves, the only problem is keeping our little people out of it until it is ready (a problem I am happy to live with).”

Patience C. from Rhode Island

... on the Kickstarter Kombucha Kit from KKamp

“The kit was great… the scobys where very thick and healthy looking. Everything I needed to get brewing (except the vessel)… the support from Kombucha Kamp is fantastic, as is the forums on KomMunity. I was extremely happy with the kit.”

Rita P. from Minnesota

... on The Brew Now Kit

“The service is excellent, the SCOBY and starter tea made the best kombucha, and Hannah’s special tea blend is delicious.”

Edie from Charleston, SC

... on KKamp's Full Sized Kombucha Culture

“I am so happy to have found Kombucha Kamp. My SCOBY arrived super fast, and I love that it was a fresh one and I didn’t have to spend weeks rehydrating it.”

Bert Seager

... on Continuous Brew

“If you are thinking about brewing your own Kombucha – you need look no farther than this web site – and store. I live in Boston MA as far away from Hannah, the Kombucha Mamma, as you can get in the USA – yet I felt her support every step of the way.”

Jane Park

... on Continuous Brew

“I love seeing my CB kit…makes me feel like I am consciously caring for myself, which I am more convinced now than ever before that women need to do more of. My first batch was really simple, mostly due to really simply laid forth instructions.”

Alysia McDonough

... on Continuous Brew

“I love this continuous kombucha brewer. It is beyond awesome. All you have to do is make the tea and add it to the container and decant from the spigot and repeat. I don’t think it can get any easier.Also everyone loves my kombucha better than the store bought kind.”

Julie Akerman

... on Continuous Brew

“When I first started continuous brewing I was very nervous…but after getting the hang of it..I LOVE IT!!! I love that your brew is always ready to either drink right out of the spigot or to flavor for the second brewing process. The crock is beautiful sitting in my kitchen and there is virtually NO MESS!!!”

Sally Fallon

... on Continuous Brew

“I am set up with your continuous brew jug and making Kombucha again after many years. How much easier than the old method! Thanks for paving the way to getting us all making Kombucha in our kitchens again.”

Kelsey of Brentwood, CA
Jen J. of Fergus Falls, MN
Patience C. from Rhode Island
Rita P. from Minnesota
Edie from Charleston, SC
Bert Seager
Jane Park
Alysia McDonough
Julie Akerman
Sally Fallon

The “Trust Your Gut™”

How To Make Kombucha At Home

Video Series

Thank you for visiting. Below you will find a complete video guide teaching you how to make Kombucha,
including bottling Kombucha Tea, flavoring Kombucha
and other tips.
Bookmark this page so you can come back regularly as updates are ongoing.

This video library is 100% FREE and always will be. Please enjoy and check the links for even more safety guides and information to ensure a pleasant brewing experience.

Peace & Love ~ The Kombucha Mamma

Making Kombucha At Home

Meet The Kombucha Culture &
Begin Making Your
Sweet Tea Solution

Learn how to make Kombucha at home by starting here!

Save time by starting with the Short Cut Kombucha Recipe, using just a quart of water to make our
tea and sugar sweet tea mixture. This will feed the culture and ferment into our mature Kombucha Tea.

Get a close up look at the Kombucha Culture, aka the Kombucha SCOBY,
or Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast.

Remove the SCOBY from your previous batch to a bowl and cover with at least 1 cup of liquid.
(This will be the starter tea for your next batch)

Adding The Sweet Tea &
Kombucha Culture
to the Brewing Vessel

Your sweet tea is ready,
but not too hot for yeast and bacteria please!

Now that the tea has steeped for 5-10 minutes and the sugar is dissolved,
pour the hot mixture into your Kombucha brewing vessel of choice.
(*WARNING* Do not do this if your vessel is COLD. It will crack instantly!
Gradually warm your vessel under running water or wait for the mixture to cool first).

Top with filtered or bottled water until most of the vessel is full, then slip in the Kombucha culture or cultures
(no more than 2-3 SCOBYs recommended per batch or it will get sour quick).

Last but definitely not least, pour the starter liquid mature Kombucha Tea over the cultures
and surface of the brew for maximum protection.

If needed, you may add filtered vinegar (NO RAW VINEGAR) as additional starter liquid.
It won’t affect the taste but will make the brew progress more rapidly.

Bottling & Second Fermenting
Kombucha Tea

A Funnel and Some Recycled Bottles Are All You Need!

Once you’ve set aside the SCOBYs and starter Kombucha Tea for the next batch,
the rest of the batch is ready to be bottled.

At this point, you can decide to flavor if you like, or simply bottle and store.
For flavorings, cut up your favorites into small pieces
and feed them right into the mouth of the bottle
This will spark flavor as well as secondary fermentation or bottle conditioning, which leads to bubbles.

Place a funnel in the bottle neck and fill nearly to the top.
To increase carbonation, cap tightly and place in a dark area for 1-3 days,
burping occasionally to prevent explosions from built up CO, then move to fridge.

Otherwise, bottle and leave out or refrigerate based on your preference.

Flavoring & Mixing
Kombucha Tea

Ideas for Flavoring Kombucha In Bottles & By Mixing!

Secondary fermenting for flavor is great fun. Pick up a bunch of new ideas in this video.

But also, mixing your Kombucha with water, juice or wine
are just a few other ways to enjoy the Booch!

Start a Kombucha
SCOBY Hotel Today

Your Kombucha Brewing Operation Insurance!

Having a SCOBY Hotel is crucial to the long term health of your brewing operation.

You never know when you might experience mold, have a brewing accident,
or simply need extra cultures for experimental kombucha brews or to pass on to friends.

Fortunately, it’s easy to do. 🙂

Fruit Fly Trap

A Simple Solution to a Pesky Problem!

Especially in summer, Fruit Flies (also known as vinegar flies)
cannot get enough of the sweet sour Kombucha.

If you have an outbreak in your kitchen, which can happen in about 30 seconds,
use Kombucha to trap them and clean up the place fast

See even more

Making Kombucha At Home

videos by visiting

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