USA Handmade Stoneware


Elevate your Kombucha brewing experience with our handcrafted stoneware crocks. Crafted by local artisans, these unique alternatives to glass or porcelain vessels not only look stunning but are also brew-safe. Made from all-natural materials and lead-free glazes, our crocks ensure the purity of your Kombucha tea. Equipped with a stainless spigot, you can brew with confidence, knowing that your Kombucha will be in perfect condition.

These beautiful stoneware Kombucha vessels are available for custom engraving, and their individual shapes and finishes, influenced by natural minerals, provide each piece with a distinct charm. Each vessel is numbered and engraved with the Kombucha Kamp motto, “Trust Your Gut,” making it a truly unique and authentic addition to your brewing setup. Personalize your vessel further with custom engraving on the front for a touch of personalization that sets your Kombucha brewing apart.

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Stoneware Kombucha Brewing Vessels

In addition to the stoneware Kombucha containers, we are proud to offer brewing packages that come chock full of all of the highest quality supplies needed to get started brewing Kombucha at home. Choose No-Frills for just the basics, Complete for all the supplies, or go Deluxe for everything you need plus plenty of great extras, a free phone consult, and the best prices on heaters and other add-ons for a warm, successful brew.

Our Stoneware Kombucha Brewing Packages

All of our Kombucha brewing packages come with 2 extra-large fresh SCOBYs, your choice of brewing vessel, Hannah’s Signature Tea Blends, thermometer strip, access to our instructional videos and lifetime email support. Of course, if you are looking to purchase the brewer only, we sell those individually as well, each including our custom Brewer Cap & Free Shipping.

Get started making homemade Kombucha in a stoneware brewing vessel today!