Video: Kombucha Kitchen – Rawmen w/Kombucha Broth

In this edition of Kombucha Kitchen, we make a raw, living, organic Japanese comfort food, Butternut Squash Rawmen noodles “cooked” in Kombucha Broth!

Rawmen with Kombucha Broth Recipe Video

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Responses to Video: Kombucha Kitchen – Rawmen w/Kombucha Broth

  1. what a charming video! And what a grand idea. Y I found this site today as I was searching kombucha great after two months–I knew something resonant would come up. I have some kombucha sitting in the cupboard that I made for my son and his girlfriend, who haven’t yet claimed it–and it’s really smelling wonderful.

    I agree, the mushrooms–let them soak, as you suggest, Hannah. What about an assortment of dried mushrooms? That would be fun. Collecting them would only add to the experience. What about a stuffed squash blossom, like an island on top. Stuffed with… sunflower seed pate with a touch of-what else? Ancient and reverend kombucha. (The finest of vinegars)

    much enjoyed this. Thanks!

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