Thermometer Strip for Brewing Kombucha on Ideal Temperature (Pack of 3)

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Thermometer Strip for Brewing Kombucha on Ideal Temperature (Pack of 3)

Accurate and easy to read temperature measurement for Kombucha brewing vessels. The vertical strip thermometer adheres to outside of your brewing vessel for an accurate and easy to read measurement in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. 

The ideal temperature range for brewing Kombucha is 72-85 F. With this easy to apply strip, you will have an accurate reading at all times. 

It is not recommended to put any vessels with a strip attached through the dishwasher. The adhesive is strong but the strip can be removed from a vessel, but will not be able to be reapplied to another. In other words, it is semi-permanent.


  • Accurate reading
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for using with any type of fermentation vessel
  • Measures both Fahrenheit & Celsius
  • Dimensions:  5 in long x 3/4 in wide

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85 reviews for Thermometer Strip for Brewing Kombucha on Ideal Temperature (Pack of 3)

  1. Gretchen Houk

    I’m so glad to have this on my brewing jar! It is easy to use and I like knowing that my jun is in the right temp range. I have my jars in a dark corner, so I just use my phone flashlight to get a good look at the strip.

  2. Angela Schlichting

    Angela (Minneapolis, MN)
    I highly recommend these strips even if you are using the heaters, it is a great way to make sure the probe of the heater is where it is suppose to be. These are very nice if you live in cooler temperatures to make sure you are at perfect brewing temperatures. They are very accurate and simple to use.

  3. Erica Hopkins

    Loved knowing when my kombucha was at the right acidity

  4. Shawn – California

    I’ve been brewing kombucha for two and a half years. In the summer, my brew turns out great. In the cold months, it’s overrun by yeast and my SCOBY growth is weak and transparent. Then I read The Big Book of Kombucha, and realized my brewing vessels are not getting enough heat in the winter, even though I keep them in the cabinet next to the oven. This thermometer was my first step in diagnosing, tracking, and managing the problem. Now I am much better informed about the temperature of my brew, so I know when to keep it warmer (and later, I expect I will find out when to put it in a cooler place).

  5. Heather Marshall

    What a handy little piece of plastic! We heat with a wood stove and some days it’s a tad chilly in here, others a tad too warm.  This thermometer took the guesswork out of keeping my brew within the desired temperature range. Thanks! (Heather Marshall, Eureka, Montana)

  6. Laura Roseberg

    This thermometer is a nice, low tech, inexpensive way to go. (except that it must remain on the vessel for "life") It does fit my half gallon squatty jar. I was not sure it would. I like the themometer although I find it hard to read the temperature…at least w/ my eye sight! 🙂

  7. Holly Muise

    These are wonderful! Works just as expected..perfectly.

  8. DJ Lane

    Been brewing KT for several years and never monitored my pooch.  Got this thermometer and couldn’t believe how the heat in my house fluctuated!  Glad I bought it!

  9. Christine (Southern Oregon)

    Knowing my KT is brewing at the correct temperature is necessary for successful end product. Thank you KK for offering this tool.

  10. Ann Redmon

    It’s nice to know how warm my brew is.

  11. Lloyd Taylor

    received very fast. works great. Thank you

  12. Collin Hart

    For the price it’s nice to know what the temp is sitting at for my brews. I live in a cold winter environment so I was curious what my brews were at in the winter. Nice product!

  13. Kate Hinner

    I use these on each of my 4 brewing vessels and on the Scoby Hotel. I use the Ferment Friend w/ thermostat to heat and can monitor the temperature of each vessel to make sure they are all getting adequate heat. Definitely a useful tool. (Tuczon, AZ)

  14. Danielle S. (Brevard, NC)

    I received the thermometer strip as part of the continuous brewer package, and I am so happy that I did! It was easy to apply and is easy to read, but most importantly, it informed me that my house is a lot colder than I thought! I never would have known that my brew was too cold without this handy strip, and I’m so glad I was able to address the issue early on.

  15. Monica Knack, Minneapolis, MN

    I’d give my purchase 5 stars. I bought three of the stick on Thermometer Strips. I love them very much and find them very convenient. I’m glad I found Kombucha Kamp for my kombucha needs!

  16. Robbie Parker

    Love this thermometer. 2nd one I have bought. Just a must have.

  17. Andrew Brame

    Strip is handy , reliable and essential. Great value

  18. Brenda B (Leesburg, VA)

    I needed one thermometer strip as I am now developing using the continuous method. With all the information on the site that seemed to answer a lot of my problems, I bought the 3-pack with the positive thought that I would begin another continuous brew. I’m about ready to do that. For anyone who loves kombucha, I really recommend that route. I was creating the kombucha in quart jars and pouring it into bottles and then cleaning… Now I just release it our of the spigot right into the jars and fill with new sweet tea from the top of the continuous brew container. I will be using that next thermometer strip soon!

  19. Dave & Lisa Torres – Joliet, IL

    So glad we bought a Thermometer Strip. Live in a colder climate plus we keep our house cooler. So It is a must have in our house! Check it everyday! Works very Efficiently!

  20. Mark Sopkiw (Jacksonville NC)

    Love the strip. Makes my pickle jars look like Mad Scientist experiments when my friends stop by!!

  21. Linda

    I love this strips!  They don’t come off when you wipe down the brewing vessel. I need to order more!  I have the book also and have it all marked up with notes and observations!  Between the book and Facebook page I am loving what I am learning!!!

  22. Josiah

    Very simple design and I like how the color on the scale indicates what temperature it is.

  23. Sheri in Falcon co, 10/25/17

    These strips are invaluable! I check on my brew almost each day, and they work so good, letting me know if I need to adjust the heat or now, makes brewing so easy!

  24. Debi (Durham MO)

    I give my purchase 5 stars out of 5! GREAT friendly service and super fast shipping. God bless and happy brewing!

  25. Uli (Irvine, CA)

    A must have item. I have other thermometers on my other jars and this one displays the same temperature as the others, so I know it is accurate, and it is easier to read.

  26. Darlene

    The temperature strip is a must have, I think. I ordered a 2nd one for my new CB Vessel. It’s easy to read, and stays in place, no worries about coming off.

  27. Brittaney York (Snohomish, WA)

    Item just as described. Looks great on my vessel and was easy to put on. 

  28. Simone G (Big Bend National Park, TX)

    These thermometers are very useful for keeping an eye on your brew temps. I keep one on my 5 gallon oak kombucha barrel, one on my 2 gallon glass Jun continuous brewer, and one on a glass jar that I mix tea in to feed my brews.  Using it on a jar to make tea is really great to make sure that you don’t hurt your cultures by dumping liquids that are too hot on them! Definitely a useful tool, I highly recommend them.

  29. Tami (Clinton, AR)

    This thermometer is a must here in Arkansas. One day it’s 25 degrees and three days later the daytime temp is 65. Let’s me know when I need to turn off heater or put some insulation between heater and vessel to cool off or vice versa. Can’t imagine brewing without one.

  30. Diana Watkins (Elizabeth, WV)

    I like the immediate reassurance that the temperatures are in the right range.

  31. Amy V. from Denver, CO

    5/5 stars for the thermometer strip! I can’t imagine brewing without one. How on Earth would you be able to track batch progress if you didn’t know the state of the brew? AND we discovered our house is pretty cold! So we rigged up a warmer for our batches to get a strong enough brew! I’m new in my booch journey and have just sampled our firsts flavors and are so in love! I’m so excited to be home brewing!

  32. Stephanie in Iowa

    Living in the midwest means there are crazy temperature swings! I really like these strips as they are easy to use, self sticking and so far appear accurate for me!

  33. Gale

    These strips are very accurate and very necessary! I use it year round. I had wondered how accurate it was so I tested it with my husbands infrared thermometer device that he uses in construction. They read the same every time. Great product!

  34. joe Brunner Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

    Although I am using the ferment friend glad to have these as they assure that the temp is accurate.  Very inexpensive way to keep an eye on brewing conditions!  Highly recommend.

  35. Kim M. (Antioch, IL)

    I should’ve thought harder about this purchase! My glass vessel is barrel-shaped with odd little indents. I was able to adhere it to the glass, but there were gaps were the glass graduated in size. When I bottled my first batch and cleaned my vessel, the thermometer came right off in pieces. I’m confident it would’ve stayed on if I had adhered it properly. Easy to read, but not in low-light. I also used my stick-pen thermo and this strip was accurate every time. Will probably try again, adhering it sideways.

  36. Rosario Riveros

    This thermometer is very important to have a success brewing Kombucha. I wouldn’t be without them! (Phoenix,AZ).

     I wouldn’t be without them. 

  37. Larisa Glenn Eugene, OR

    This is a very accurate strip and works perfect for mu continuous brew system.

  38. Carol H – Oregon

    This thermometer strip is one of the most helpful tools I have used for brewing. It contributes to my sense of assurance that I am doing everything I can to get the best possible brew. Here in the Northwest it is essential to find a way to monitor the temperature. THANKS so much KKamp for another great product!

  39. Kathleen Konce (PBG, Fl)

    Love the thermometer because it helps me to know the kombucha and or Jun are in the correct temperature range for optimal brewing.  I have one on every vessel and they really stick well.

  40. PeggyAnn

    This little strip is very helpful in the brewing process since correct temperature is vital.

  41. Laura in Iowa

    I LOVE this strip! It tells me exactly when my nutrient solution is the right temperature for my SCOBY’s happiness.

  42. Shannon (Strome, AB Canada)

    This temperature strip has been indispensable. I quickly learned even in spring, our northern climate is cool for brewing and I needed a heat source. Now it helps me to regulate that source.

  43. Nina

    Tried one and I rely on it. Decided to brew 2 jars at a time so I need more.

  44. Elizabeth (Redway CA)

    These are fabulous. Easy to apply. Easy to read. A great buy. I wouldn’t be without them. FIVE STARS easily.

  45. Galina (Mobile, AL)

    This little strip make a big difference! Takes the guessing of are you brewing at a right temperature out of the picture. Some people commented about difficulty of seeing the numbers. I found out if I just pinpoint a small flashing light directly on a strip you could see the change of color much easier. Smart investment!

  46. Hilary (Tustin, CA)

    The thermometer is very simple and easy to read. This came with my heating mat so I affixed to to the other side of my CB so that I always know what the temperature is and if I need to adjust anything. A must have for every brewer!

  47. Meghan

    This thermometer came in my no-frills kit. On the plus side, it’s the perfect range for brewing. I use it on the stoneware brewer, which has a slightly irregular surface. Perhaps it’s the irregular surface, but I don’t find this thermometer to be easy to read. The background is black and the indicator is dark blue, very difficult to make out unless you have bright light and are right up on it. I’ve bought another aquarium thermometer and I hope it works better for me.

  48. Rene’ Bennett

    Love the thermometer strips and my PH tester. The strips are great, you just stick them on the outside of the vessel and you can keep your kombucha at the perfect temperature. Well worth the money!

  49. Sari Duncan

    Knowing the temperature of my brew is really important since my house stays at about 68 degrees during the winter. This thermometer strip is the best because of the temperature range. I bought a different one off Amazon and the range only goes up to 76 degrees which isn’t good. I highly recommend this one.

  50. Stephanie Durfee (cape cod, ma)

    Easy to affix. Seems accurate. Love that I can open my Kombucha cabinet and instantly see what temp I’m brewing at.

  51. pselch

    Love the strip, I check them frequently. Helps me stay on track.

  52. Kelly Travis (Port Orange,Florida)

    No guessing with the no hassle thermometer. I love that I know that my cultures are happy. Be sure to order more than one!

  53. Lynne D (Maine)

    The thermometer is a great and simple tool that every brewer should have. The correct temp is part of the brew process, so it makes is a must have. This easy attaches to the side of the brewing vessel and is easily readable. For such a minimal cost there is no reason to skip this tool.

  54. Mark Schenkman (Arlington VA)

    Such a simple product but a must have, especially when the temperatures turn colder and you start using the heating pads. Easy to apply and easy to read. Being able to adjust the temperature will make it easy to adjust the amount of fermentation time to match the rate of consumption. Also, a steady temperature makes for a happy and more effective SCOBY

  55. Tracy Wilson Absecon, NJ

    Thank you again for your support and wonderful business ethic. I am very pleased with this entire process so far and even happier that I put my faith in you and your products.
    The original "mother" you sent me was just so beautiful and healthy !!
    You are truly a good human Hannah…

  56. Wynette Jones (Ellicott City, MD)

    This works so well with the continuous brewing system. It is easy to read and fits perfectly within the brew tee. I need to order another for my Jun brewing container.

  57. Stephanie (Meadow Vista, CA)

    Because of the price and the necessity to have your kombucha brew between 72-82 degrees, I felt it would be a good thing to throw into my last shipment. I am so glad I did! Worth every penny! I have been brewing kombucha for several years now, and I don’t know how I did it before I purchased this thermometer!

  58. Crystal (Holland, MA)

    Perfect way to check on the temp of your booch. My apartment is on the cooler side and I now see that my booch is slightly below the ideal brewing temperature. Might have to get the Essential Heating Strip!

  59. Tracy K

    This thermometer strip is so handy! I love it! Helps me know for sure that my brew is the right temp! Thanks, Hannah!

  60. Leslie Giammanco ( Ny. Ny)

    Thank you so much for the free demonstrations to get my brewer up and running. My sister Linda raves about you and I can see why. All your videos are easy to follow and understand. Your warmth and enthusiasm on screen truly certify you as the Kombucha Mama! Your entire website offers everything one needs to know about Kombucha..I applaud all the hard work you have put into this…I am a vocal and performance coach for Broadway and Opera performers in NYC and your presentation is top notch! Congratulations…I will highly recommend you to others without hesitation.

    In Kombucha we Trust!

  61. C.S.G.

    I wanted to make sure the tea was brewing at the right temp this winter. These strips are easy and spot on! For the reasonable price, having this much more control over your brew is a relieving feeling. DIY kombucha por vida!

  62. Kelly (Corona, CA)

    I got this because I wanted a better idea of what temperature my brew was at. I thought it was warm in my home and couldn’t figure out why my brew was taking so long to reach the right acidity. This strip totally helped! What I thought was a warm spot turned out to be too cold! The strip is easy to place and stays on through hand-washing. I totally recommend it!

  63. Tabitha (Lakeville, MN)

    I purchased these thermometer strips after I got a free one with my Kombucha Heating Strip and loved it! I wanted one for each of my jars. I wouldn’t be able to use a heating element without it as I can adjust the heat according to the temperature. And without the heating strip and the thermometer strips, my Kombucha was not doing well at all. Along with some ph strips which have helped me a ton as well, I am back to perfect brewing just as it was in the summer! Thank you for making Kombucha brewing so much easier!

  64. sannylou

    This thermometer is great. I am new at all of this and it helps taking a lot of guess work out. If you are new, I highly recommend getting this.

  65. Sonj – NM/CO

    It is awesome being able to know the temp of your brew – technically it is essential. I love my temp strip. My only qualm is that it cannot be reused on a different container because it sticks so well. Not a bad thing, I guess, I just didn’t put it in the most convenient spot on my first go. Would definitely buy again though!

  66. Kathy (Albany, OR)

    You cannot brew if you don’t know your temperature. You need it… buy it. This one sticks well and it very accurate.

  67. Helen A

    These strips are wonderful. I have one for each brewer. SI love that they’re so easy to read and see the exact temperature and adjust my heat as needed. They stick on easily. This is a must-have.

  68. Tammy Parker

    Great little thermometer that helps me be aware of the happiness of my brew. It sticks easily to the side of my jar and is easy to read. (Pullman, WA)

  69. Debbie (Lawrence, KS)

    The thermometer that came with the "No Frills" package is VERY handy. I comes with sticky on the back so you can make sure you have your crock in just the right spot.

  70. Rachel Krown

    These are a must have when brewing your own kombucha at home. My house temp. fluctuates a lot during the year, so it’s nice to know exactly what temp my kombucha is at at all times. Works great, easy to use– and cheap! 🙂

  71. Carol Hazard (Kirksville, MO)

    This little gem really takes the guesswork out of brewing Booch. It let’s me know when I need more heat, or less. It adheres easily to the outside of my continuous brewer and I can read it with just a glance.

  72. Melanie B

    This is an extremely useful item. I can easily determine the temperature without the hassle of sticking an instant-read thermometer into my continuous brewer. Tweaking the heating system’s dimmer then just takes a quick moment (we live in a cool climate). I use a small LED flashlight to read the thermometer since my brewer’s in a dark corner. After much experimentation, I determined that my thermometer’s ‘brown’ reading is consistently 8 degrees cooler than my brew, so I add 8 degrees to the reading to get the brew’s actual temperature. This is my second thermometer, since the first one adhered so well to the crock that I ruined it when trying to reposition it (the first thermometer also read 8 degrees cooler than the brew’s actual temperature). I love the convenience of this thermometer.

  73. Shawna M (Texas)

    I didn’t realize there would be a thermometer strip in my continuous brewing kit (bonus!). Regardless I am glad I ordered these. I messed up the placement of the thermometer on my crock. It stuck so well it didn’t come off in a way that allowed it to be reused. I applied a spare and voila! I love being able to tell at a glance what the temp is. I am using the heater from Kombucha Kamp on my continuous brewing system and it is easy for me to tell when I need to plug it in (or unplug it).

  74. Terry Church

    A little hard to see temp readings, but works quite well.

  75. Karen

    These strips take the guess work out of wondering if your brew is the right temperature. Got a free strip with the heating system (also awesome!) and just ordered more for all my jars.

  76. Barbara (Greenwich, NY)

    I love knowing my Booch is "just right" … and this thermometer keeps me from wondering! I can monitor both of my crocks with just a quick look … it’s perfect … just like my Kombucha!

  77. Amanda Tucker (Aurora, CO)

    A must have for brewiing. It’s nice knowing exactly what temp it’s at and these strips are easy to use and read. I will definitely purchase more for all my future jars.

  78. Michael Walters

    I purchased 2 and got one free a great deal Im brewing 4 and it tells me what the temp is so I can monitor them to know when they will be done they work great. I like how they stick to the jars easy to use.

  79. Eloise from East Galesburg, Il

    These strips attach directly to your brewing vessel. They are a little difficult to read until you get used to it. My brew is so much better brewing at a warmer temperature.

  80. Linda in Bama

    These strips are Terrific. So easy to read and makes it so easy to monitor the temp of your brew! I have one on every jar. 🙂

  81. Connie Boucher (Super Simple Wellness)

    This thermometer is ideal for keeping brewing tea at the right temperature. It’s well worth the cost to purchase one for every crock or bottle.

  82. Kathleen

    The thermometer is handy and I purchased a second one for my other brewer.

  83. G Fleming (Los Angeles)

    The temperature strips are perfect! They are really helpful to keep up with the wide temperature swings we’ve been having, so I can adjust the environment as needed. Thanks!

  84. Michael Gervasi

    I love this thermometer. It is easy to use and I find it to be accurate. I can rely on it.

  85. Cindy Flores

    I feel this is a must have item! I like knowing what the temperature is running at all times. it gives me an indication of how many days it will be before my brew will be ready. If the temperature is on the lower range then it takes a day or two longer than if the temperature is running on the higher range. I have 2 crocks side by side and I have a thermometer on both. Cindy Flores (Farmersville, CA)

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