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The best coffee substitute made with chicory root that you’ll ever drink

Sip Herbals is an herbal coffee substitute made with just three ingredients –  chicory root, carob and dandelion root – all of which support health. While I love a good cup of joe, sometimes my body needs a break. This ... The best coffee substitute made with chicory root that you’ll ever drink

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Brew Your Own ’Buch’

We’ve got everything you need to brew Kombucha in your own home


How to make Kombucha punch drink recipe

There is no better beverage for food, exercise, or even a party than Kombucha! When taken with alcohol, Kombucha serves as an antidote to headaches and hangovers. Additionally, this Kombucha Party Punch recipe is easy to prepare and delicious for everyone to enjoy. Kombucha Mocktails can be prepared without alcohol or you can add alcohol to make a …

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Take Control of Your Health by Hannah the Kombucha Mamma & Mira Dessy

Join Hannah Ruhamah, the KombuchaMamma, and her friend, Mira Dessy @theingredientguru, as they discuss the easy, simple steps you can take today to regain control of your health.  🔴SUBSCRIBE The Kombucha Mamma is joined by Mira Dessy, @TheIngredientGuru – an author, speaker, Holistic Nutritionist, and Real Food Advocate who emphasizes the imp…

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Have you ever wondered how you could start brewing your own kombucha tea at home but have questions? Check out this video on our top 10 frequently asked questions! The Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and YEAST (SCOBY) is the culture you add to green or black tea to turn it into a fermented beverage rich in probiotics and nourishing enzymes. The benef…

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Ask Mamma Anything: Q&A || Beginners Guide to Kombucha Making – Hannah Crum

Kombucha is fermented tea. In this video, The Kombucha Mamma, founder of Kombuchakamp, talks about how to make kombucha, a Q&A en Español. Not only is she the Founder of KKamp, but she’s also an Author, Master Brewer, Community Educator, and Kombucha Ambassador. You can ask her anything about Kombucha and fermentacion. The benefits of ko…

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Kombucha Benefits for Dogs, Chickens, and Horses? (YES!) with Kombucha Kamp

Can Kombucha Benefit Animals? YES! Dogs, Horses, and Chickens are all SCOBY and Kombucha lovers! Kombucha for your pet may help to restore balance to your pet’s digestive system. It’s the best source of animal probiotic. Hannah Crum, The Kombucha Mamma of Kombucha Kamp, discusses how and why to give your pets Kombucha or your extra Kombucha…

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Mamma Mondays with Keisha Rose Kombucha on a Micro Level

  On today’s episode of Mamma Mondays, we’re talking about the Kombucha microbiology with Keisha-Rose Harrison who is a PhD candidate at Oregon State University in fermentation science. Her research is dedicated to furthering the scientific knowledge behind the Kombucha SCOBY and its microbial biome.  She is majored in microbiology at Okl…

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Scoby Hotel Recipe: Advanced Tip – Kombucha Kamp – Hannah Crum

A SCOBY Hotel is an essential tool in every Kombucha brewer’s toolbox. In the event of a mold outbreak, it may make your life easier to have a couple of Kombucha cultures on hand. Learn my tips and tricks on SCOBY storage. You never know when one of those extra SCOBYs will come in handy with all the great uses for them: SCOBY face mask Living…

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Continuous Brew Kombucha On Tap – Lisa Hainsworth Loves Kombucha Kamp!

“The benefits of continuous brewing Kombucha are almost immediately apparent, and the complexity of flavors I am able to achieve after bottling my brew is far superior to any store brand I have tried so far!”  The process of making continuous brew kombucha at home is simple and inexpensive. Kombucha brewers of all levels can benefit fr…

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World Kombucha Day 2.21

World Kombucha Day is a global celebration of Kombucha spearheaded by Alex & Hannah of Kombucha Kamp and propagated via Kombucha Brewers International, the trade association representing commercial Kombucha across the globe.

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