How to Make the Best Ginger Kombucha plus 5 More Ginger Kombucha Recipes (and 5 Bonus Recipes!)

Ginger Kombucha Recipes for the Win!Ginger Kombucha is the #1 best selling Kombucha flavor worldwide. And it’s no wonder, as they pair perfectly. The warm, spicy taste lends Ginger Kombucha a tangy bite, like “ginger ale” with a kick.

Done right, the best Ginger Kombucha recipes beat any store bought sugary soda, which is why nearly every brand on the shelf sells their own version of Ginger Kombucha.

Ginger Kombucha Benefits

There’s a reason humans have been growing and consuming Ginger for over 5000 years! Ginger has been shown to improve digestion (great for an upset stomach), reduce inflammation and contains antioxidants; all that good stuff also stimulates the yeast in Kombucha and bumps up the bubbles.

Ginger has also demonstrated anti-cancer properties and may help with cardiovascular health, so it’s a powerhouse!

FUN FACT: The most popular beverage in the US before Prohibition was Ginger Beer.

What Type of Ginger To Use for Kombucha Flavoring

Ginger comes in so many different formats: fresh, dried, candied, syrup, and powder to name a few. So which will be the best for flavoring Kombucha? Cut and dried is our favorite type of Ginger as it’s the most versatile and storage friendly, but you might choose another depending on what you have handy or how much “fire” you want in your flavor.

The smaller the pieces, the faster and more deeply the flavor will infuse, which is why ginger juice is the most potent. While sometimes strong ginger flavor is a good thing, it can overwhelm other components and become bitter or harsh on the throat. Start with a small amount and scale up.

Candied ginger and ginger syrup will add more sugar to the final product. That can be good as it will create more carbonation, due to the sugar reactivating the yeast, but too much could lead to bottle bombs. Start with only a little candied ginger or syrup. If you are concerned about too much carbonation, open bottles in the sink with a ziplock bag over the top to prevent Jackson Pollack-ing your ceiling with ginger pieces!

Powdered ginger ends up clumping in the liquid and has to be remixed into the beverage, and it leaves quite a bit of sediment that may need to be strained out, making for a goopy mess. For this reason, we generally avoid powder.

Dried Ginger for the Win!

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Transporting Kombucha by Plane, Car, & More!

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Transporting Kombucha on vacation how to bring scoby on a planeAt some point, transporting Kombucha is going to be an issue. Whether you are moving SCOBYs to your new home or want to bring Kombucha on a plane to share with friends, traveling with Kombucha is possible.

That said, there are important considerations to maintain the health of the cultures and brew when taking Kombucha on a plane or driving trip. Follow the suggestions below for best results.

*Note: We love to make all kinds of ferments and share them when we travel. The basic concepts in these tips apply to any cultures or ferments you would like to bring with you when visiting or moving.

Whether it’s JUN, Milk Kefir, Water Kefir, homemade sauerkraut, kimchi, or any other ferment you like to make at home, sealing it up tight is critical.


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Top 10 Questions about Sugar & Kombucha

Sugar is a wondrous, misunderstood building block of life. As nature’s perfect fuel source, it delivers efficient energy that the body can instantly utilize.

A smiling child pours the contents of a blue Pixy Stick into the open mouth of another child while standing next to a pool.
The classic Big Brother tries to kill Little Brother with “Pixy Stick Choke Maneuver.” Well played.

And yet, is there a necessary-for-life substance in our society with which we have a more tortured relationship than sugar?  How did we end up in such a BATTLE with something we desperately need to survive?

Sugar & Kombucha

While you may have heard that sugar is “as addictive as cocaine”, scientists have debunked that myth. In fact, humans have evolved to crave sweet foods, and a dense source of nutrition could be a great advantage in times of famine. It’s no wonder that children may get a sweet tooth just when they need the caloric boost most, for a growth spurt.

So it seems sugar has a role in our diet and body, in the right amounts and types. (The chemicals, dyes, and other unnatural ingredients often packaged alongside sugar are probably worse.) When it comes to Kombucha, the small amounts of residual sugar left behind helps make the healthy acids palatable. And that sugar is mostly broken down already, easier for the body to process.

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Flavoring Kombucha Recipe: Sparkling Kombucha Party Punch

Kombucha Party PunchAccording to Cartman, if you expect guests to show up, then you must serve punch and pie! We can’t say for certain if this works but we can share our recipes for Kombucha Party Punch. Little did he know that punch originated in India and was taken back to Great Britain in the 17th century where it then spread throughout the English speaking world.

Some theorize the word punch comes from the Sanskrit word for 5 as it typically contained 5 ingredients: sour (lemon or lime), sugar, spirit (rum, brandy), water and spice (nutmeg). Others believe it comes from the name of the vessel it was mixed in and to this day a “puncheon” is a short, squat barrel used in the rum industry. By the time the Victorian age rolled around, teetotalers took over the punch bowl and removed the alcohol but added sherbet to the mix.

Punch is Usually a Sugar Bomb

i was told there would be punch and pie bear
Offer good punch = Make friends for life.

Punch has remained a popular party potable but as mentioned, most recipes are loaded with sugar, sherbet, and soda which can lead to the usual crash and burn meltdown cycle. Switching out the soda for bubbly booch (or JUN or water kefir!) is one of the easiest ways to give your favorite punch recipe a healthy makeover. Plus, if it ends up spiked or for adults only, the organic acids in Kombucha which support a healthy liver allow for a healthy buzz with reduced hangover symptoms or as we like to say “a little antidote with your poison.”

No matter the season or the reason, we have a party punch recipe for you to share and enjoy with your family & friends! Check out this video for a quick, easy Sparkling Kombucha Party Punch.

​And then try any of the variations of the recipe below, or make up your own and share your recipe in the comments below!

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Cocktail Recipe: Blueberry Kombucha Margarita aka “The Blue-Bucha-Rita”

The Kombucha Margarita
The “Blue-Bucha-Rita”

Kombucha’s greatest strength is its versatility: healthy beverage, marinade, salad dressing and even hair tonic to name a few uses. How about “Drink Mixer” too?! Yes, the tangy flavor of Kombucha pairs perfectly with liquor, plus the organic acids support a healthy liver. Just one delicious example: The Blueberry Kombucha Margarita!

But don’t feel limited. Not sure where to start? Choose your favorite liquor or mixed drink; swap out the sour element for Kombucha; add fresh fruit as a garnish or a splash of simple syrup.

My favorite liquor is gin (this is my brand of choice), my favorite booch is Elderflower lemon – combined with a touch of grapefruit juice and simple syrup (or triple sec if no simple syrup is available) and voila: classy Kombucha Kocktails!

Makes Great Mocktails Too!

Even if you don’t drink, Kombucha makes excellent Mocktails as well as a delicious drink for the designated driver. It’s also a wonderful pint to mix in with other pints of beer to help sober up or to slow down the impact of the alcohol. Adding Kombucha to your drinking plans will help you enjoy alcohol more responsibly.

Hannah Crum, the Kombucha Mamma!KMAMMA SEZ…
I love Kombucha Kocktails! It’s an excellent way to marry the unique flavor profile of Kombucha with your favorite bitters, alcohol and aromatics. Especially because when I add Kombucha to the mix, I get a little antidote with my poison. The next day, I don’t feel the same negative impact as when consuming alcohol alone. Plus I can enjoy more than one cocktail in an evening if it has Kombucha. Without the booch, I feel woozy and gross. Check out these other Kocktail and Mocktail recipes!

More Kombucha Kocktails, Mocktails & Drinks:
Twisted Bliss
Dark & Devoted
Cold Shrub Recipes with Kocktails & Mocktails

Sparkling Kombucha Party Punch
Hard Kombucha Round-Up

The margarita is considered the iconic drink of Mexico. While it’s origins may belong to more than one story, the enduring fact is that it marries sweet, sour, bitter and salty into one curvy cocktail glass. It has also evolved into a plethora of tasty, fruity iterations and really hits the spot on a hot summer day when frozen.

Whether you enjoy yours straight up, on the rocks or frozen, adding Kombucha will increase the flavor and reduce the hangover time.

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