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Kombucha has a way of growing on you, in you, all around you, literally.  It has certainly had a profound affect on my life in many ways.  As I continue to pursue this funky little “mushroom” as my passion, I ... Kombucha Lifestyle

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Brew Your Own ’Buch’

We’ve got everything you need to brew Kombucha in your own home


Cocktail Recipe with Kombucha – “Twisted Bliss”

Although it’s now closed, this delicious “Twisted Bliss” Kombucha Cocktail Recipe came from KKamp friend Marian Flaxman’s Culture Shock Cafe formerly of Ithaca, NY, an early entry in the fermented foods revival. Blueberry and ginger combine for a delightfully sweet bite, a sort of new millennium Cosmo. KMAMMA SEZ… I lo…

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Video: How To Make Kombucha in 60 Seconds

Kombucha is easy. Regular readers here already know that. But sometimes, to the uninitiated, it can seem intimidating. The first time I laid eyes on a Kombucha culture, there was no doubt I was FASCINATED, but I also admit to being a bit disgusted at first. I don’t want to get too philosophical here, but much of what is wondrous and life givi…

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Laura K Saves Money and Time with her Kombucha Kamp Continuous Brewer

In this video, Laura discusses how she saved time and money with Kombucha Kamp Continuous Brewer. Listen to Laura from Laguna Niguel, CA as she breaks down why she loves Continuous Brew! Laura started making her own kombucha because she couldn’t afford to buy the store-bought brands. She looked online and found Kombucha Kamp, where she took a…

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Stress Management Techniques: Ways to unwind with Jane Hogan || Hannah Crum

Stress management helps you take control of your life and be happier, healthier, and more productive by breaking the grip stress has on your life. Conscious breathing and breathwork can help process and release stress. In order to achieve a balanced life, one must find time for work, relationships, relaxation, and fun, as well as the resilience to …

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Kombucha, How To Bottle Kombucha Tea

One of the Kombucha benefits lauded by long time drinkers are the vitamins it contains. However, these vitamins and other beneficial enzymes are not present in what modern nutritional science considers large enough doses to be effective. So how can Kombucha deliver benefits with seemingly low levels of these compounds? This is an excellent point th…

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How To Bottle Kombucha Tea: Easy FAQ

Bottling is one of the most enjoyable stages of the Kombucha process. Flavoring your Kombucha (my favorite part!) becomes possible plus carbonation can be increased. And of course, bottles make carrying your booch around much easier than lugging around a gallon jar or Continuous Brewer. Here’s a quick rundown of the most common questions abou…

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Top 5 Fermented Drinks

Fermented beverages have been a staple of the human diet since practically the dawn of (recorded) time (or at least 9000 years ago). Without modern refrigeration techniques, people sought other methods to preserve food and mitigate spoilage. Fermentation is one of the ubiquitous methods of preservation utilized by all cultures.

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Kombucha & Traditional Media

How does the saying go? I wish I had a dime for…. Well, I wish I had a dime for every time I receive an e-mail like this from a panicked reader: “Can you let me know what your response is to Prevention’s statements about the Kombucha Tea?  Thank you very much.From Prevention Magazine, April 2008: ‘Kombucha – Traditionally h…

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Top 5 Fermented Foods

I have been making Kombucha for years now, and I love to eat other fermented foods, but I have not really done much experimenting with fermenting anything other than Kombucha over the years. Fermented foods are known to be a traditional part of diets all over the world and throughout time. How long have people been making fermented foods? Accordi…

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