Organic Hannah’s Special Tea Blend

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Organic Hannah’s Special Tea Blend

Serious tea drinkers know that it starts and ends with the quality in the leaves. Hannah’s signature blend features white, green and black tea, rooibos and yerba mate for added flavor and health benefits.  Fair trade whenever possible. 

Hand blended – so you know that you are getting only finest quality ingredients infused with lots of love!  Also great for sipping, this blend boasts a bevy of benefits (whew – say that 10 times fast!).  All of my own Hannah’s Homebrew Kombucha is made with this blend.  Perfection in a bottle!

HSB is in all of our Continuous Brew Packages. Quality you can taste!

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458 reviews for Organic Hannah’s Special Tea Blend

  1. Annemarie Yuhas Torrez (verified owner)

    Makes a delicate flavored tea that is good backdrop for the softer added second fermentation flavors such as lavender, honey and lemon.

  2. Shawna H (verified owner)

    I have purchased everything from the big book of kombucha to SCOBY kits, heaters, Hannah’s tea blends…repeat. I am a super fan of the personalized service she takes time to give. It’s hard to put a review on a single item. Everything comes fresh and in a timely manner. I recently ordered the milk kefir starter as well as the sourdough starter. Still experimenting with these.

  3. krista dupont (verified owner)

    I am on my 4th lb of this tea, I’ve made hundreds of liters of kombucha using this as my only tea for first ferment. It’s absolutely superb. I will never use anything else! Hannah always adds a special touch to my order with a handwritten note and gift; truly a special family to buy from. God bless! And happy brewing!!

  4. Linda Harkness (verified owner)

    This is a great tasting blend. It’s nice to have that consistency for the first ferment, and then be able to add in flavorings for the second ferment.

  5. BatTikvah (Patriot, IN) (verified owner)

    I love Hannah’s Tea Blend. It is so flavorful I like it even without any additional flavorings. The quality is important to me. I love that the products are organic. What a great way to start brewing!

  6. Margaret Putnam

    Hannah’s special blend tea makes the best tasting kombucha. We love it. I will be ordering more soon.

  7. Susan Buchman

    I’m a pretty thrifty gal so it took me a while to purchase this tea instead of the regular tea in the grocery store. This is just SO wonderful. I agree with so many other reviewers that the taste is excellent. I would encourage you to try this if you haven’t.

  8. Maddie

    This blend tastes SO good. Homemade is better than store bought. Excellent investment for beginners, as it boosted my confidence a lot because my first batch tasted so good. It lasts a while, too!

  9. Patricia Ward

    Hannah’s Special blend makes the best tasting Booch I have ever tased. I bought a lot of it I love it so much.

  10. Kate Curran

    Kate (Tucson, AZ) I love the Hannah’s Special Blend tea! It makes great Kombucha! My preference is to mix in some Brain Brew with it, but it is great on it’s own.

  11. drusilla amos

    This is a delicious blend of flavors. Makes lovely kombucha! D.Amos, TX

  12. Delbert Davis

    I am using Hannah’s Special tea blend for continuous brew kombucha and Gunpowder tea for “Jun” Kombucha.  They are the BEST teas I have ever used.  They both make beautiful scobies and the taste is “out of this world” !  Thank you Hannah and staff for these superior products.

  13. Kirby Brown

    I just make my booch batch #4 and it is so good it’s ridiculous. I almost didn’t want to flavor it but I’m still experimenting so I did. My first batch was made with a average black tea. It was a disappointment. But my last 3 were made with Hannah’s tea blend and it’s amazing. Perfect booch! Kirby Brown, Des Moines

  14. Hilton Borne

    This is the first time I tasted this Tea, It was awesome. We definitely purchase again. Great product.

  15. Amy Wasserman

    Excellent flavor.  Booch comes out perfectly every time.  If Hannah puts her name on it, it has to be perfect.  

  16. Mark Adams

    This tea makes great tasting kombucha. I love it. 

  17. Kate Curran

    I love this tea for making Kombucha! I use 2/3 Hannah’s Special Blend with 1/3 Brain Brew (it fills about half of the 3" Stainless Steel Tea Ball) and the Kombucha is delicious!

  18. Destinee Kibler

    This tea is great. I’ve only made one batch so far but I’ll likely never change from this blend. 

  19. Angela Schlichting

    Angela (Minneapolis, MN)
    We have been using this blend weekly for about eight months now and it has produced great tasting kombucha every week. My scoby enjoys it just as much because it keeps growing healthy.

  20. Laura Hare

    This tea is super good. You will not be disappointed. Hannah has created a great blend for my booch.  Laura – Kansas 

  21. Jean Magalis Tarigo

    Jean Tarigo, Florida
    I’ve made kombucha before and despite the acidity can always taste the bite from the tea.  This tea makes the smoothest most delicious buch! Totally worth it!! Try it! 

  22. Chris Salbego

    Chris Salbego (Princeton, WI) Once again, as always, Hannah’s special blend tea is the best all around perfect blend. I recommend this tea to everyone!!!!

  23. drusilla amos

    The most wonderful flavor. Always makes great tasting kombucha. We love it. D.Amos, TX

  24. Sharon Hedman

    Before buying Hannah’s special blend, I used green and black tea. This makes for a mellower and more enjoyable tasting kombucha.
    Sharon Hedman (Brooklyn Park, MN)

  25. K (Alabama)

    Really am enjoying the tea blend, and so are my daughters. Thanks so much for helping me figure out what I needed and the good service and quick response to my call.

  26. Robert Reeves

    New to Brewing Kombucha, about 6 months, after a foray into gingerbug sodas. Versus the standard black tea/green tea blends, this mix seems to create larger Scobys and more bubbles under same in our 2 gal. & 1 gal. single batch setups! Love It! Robert (Houston, TX)

  27. Erlene (Cochise, AZ)

    I purchased Hannah’s special blend tea and spigots. I’ve been making kombucha for about a year now and my family and I really enjoy it made with Hannah’s tea. The spigots work very well. I love your company and your products. Five stars all the way!

  28. Shari Lyon

    Started with a few different blends when I first started making kombucha. I wanted to create my own perfect blend, but every time I keep coming back to this blend. Why change anything perfect right! Now I don’t even think about it, I just order it.

  29. Ashley Outz

    This makes the best flavor for my brew. This will be my go to when needed. Thanks for making a fantastic blend Hannah. It’s a must try if you haven’t tried it yet. 

  30. Erica Hopkins

    Love this tea

  31. Cynthia T. Hatchett

    Received this tea with my starter kit.  So far Hannah’s blend is my favorite.  I highly recommend!

  32. C. Worthington

    I tried tons of different teas from my local health food store when I first started brewing Kombucha.
    None gave me the flavor I was looking for and some did not brew well….as in not healthy for my scoby.
    Then I found Hannah’s Special Tea Blend and the Yin Yang Tea from Kombucha Kamp.
    Now my Kombucha tastes great and my scobies are very happy batch after batch!
    These teas brew beautifully and make lovely Kombucha!
    I am thrilled!

  33. Chelsey Benkner

    I’ve made kombucha in the past and used suggested teas for best flavor. I didn’t think much when I received this tea blend, but since my other tea had not come in yet, I decided to use it. I’m so happy that I did! It is a wonder blend that is smooth in flavor. After trying the brew, I immediately ordered more to keep on hand.

  34. Diane Hetland

    I love this tea blend! Started brewing in 2014 using this blend and just completed batch #213. Makes the best kombucha!

  35. Nicomedis Horton

    My name is Nikki H. (New York, NY) and I have been a loyal customer of Kombuchakamp since 2018. My family and I enjoy the combination and flavor of Hannah’s Special Tea Blend. We enjoy it so much I refuse to try anything else. I have use it as my base kombucha flavor for the past two years.

  36. Heather Marshall

    This tea makes the most delicious brew!! The smell upon opening is heavenly, almost floral.  Perfectly blended for a perfect result every time. I don’t ever want to be without it. (Heather Marshall , Eureka, Montana)

  37. Steve Boswell

    Very impressed with this tea blend. I have not tasted it yet with my kombucha, but I am loving the brewed tea it makes. Looking forward to tasting the kombucha batch that is fermenting now.

  38. Ellen McCann

    I found this website after reading an article about plastic in our tea bags. The article included a list of tea without plastic and I was introduced to Kombucha Kamp. Love the tea and this website!

  39. Kristian Jaloway

    Amazing product! I got this for my wife as a gift and she says that it tastes exactly like her favorite store bought bottles. So definitely a keeper. Both my wife and the blend!

  40. Colette R.

    I would like to thank you and say that I have ordered multiple items from kombucha Kamp and have always been so very pleased with the quality and prompt service. A 5 star company for sure.

  41. Laura Roseberg

    The Special Blend makes really good Kombucha. It is nice to have the best mix already assembled for you to use. Thanks!

  42. Carol Kessler

    Carol K (Appleton, WI)
    Excellent Tea…delightful brew, hot or cold, and Excellent Kombucha!too! Organic is great and this tea lives up to it’s name every batch! I’m HOOKED!!!

  43. Jenna Kowalski

    There IS a difference to using Hannah’s special blend – don’t waste your time using anything else! This blend makes the best kombucha, while gaining all the positive benefits of using a variety of different teas! Thank you, Hannah!

  44. April Ray

    I am very pleased with this tea blend! It even makes really great kombucha plain without flavorings, too. Everyone who has tried it says it’s great, and I really enjoy the complexity of flavors due to the combination of the different teas. This is the ONLY thing I will use for my kombucha brews! ~April R (South Carolina)

  45. Debra Meek (Visalia, CA)

    This tea is a perfect blend and my scobies agree! Great tasting KT!!

  46. Tracy Carlise

    Best tea for kombucha! I let mine sit for two weeks and it has a a great flavor.

  47. Katrina Colletti

    This is my favorite tea to use to brew kombucha, it comes out great every time. This is also my favorite place to get kombucha supplies ever since I first started brewing!

  48. Michelle Raia

    This tea is beyond amazing. It just keeps making amazing kombucha and my scoby loves it too.

  49. D. Amos Grand Prairie, TX

    I’m a British tea drinker. I have to say, this tea is fabulous. Smells good, tastes good and makes great kombucha. I will always brew my kombucha with this tea blend.

  50. Nancy Danish

    i really like this blend it is mild and the two grand daughters love it for its mild flavor When asked what do you want to drink when they come over to visit the answer is Kombucha. If they lived closer I would need to make 25 gallons at a time.

  51. Rachel Baltensperger

    I love Hannah’s tea blend! It makes a great tasting kombucha that my kids just love. I will definitely be re-ordering!

  52. Elizabeth Pratt

    Hannah’s perfect blend tea makes delicious kombucha. It is so good, it doesn’t need to be flavored with anything else.

  53. Ryan Balli

    Great tea blend! Everything from Kombucha Kamp is high quality and adds great flavor.

  54. Richard Schmitt

    I absolutely love the taste of this tea blend. Hannah makes it perfectly. I use about 5 tsp per gallon of kombucha and this is a great value! Thanks to KK for all they do for the community!

  55. Erynne Day

    Great blend. My scoby is so happy and the resulting kombucha is delicious.

  56. Gail Kocian

    This is my favorite tea blend! Excellent for brewing kombucha or just drinking a cup every morning. 

  57. Robbie Lieske

    This is my favorite blend & the only one I use. Hannah is always so helpful and so nice to talk to. I appreciate the quality and speedy shipping. A great company to do business with!

  58. Maria (New Jersey)

    As always you deserve a 5 star rating! Everything comes quickly and is top quality! Not to mention Hannah is both pleasant and available!

  59. Chris (Roseville CA)

    Always great quality items from Kombucha Kamp!

  60. Brenda Ellendson

    Fantastic in kombucha, but also just to drink! I am not a tea tasting expert, but it is a wonderful blend!

  61. Elizabeth Verburg

    Love this blend. Cannot find anything like it here in Canada. Thankyou from us and our scoby

  62. Juliadelaida Gamboa

    I love the flavor of this tea and the fact that it is organic.  It is now the only tea I use to make my kombucha.  

  63. Lacy Ledahl (Alaska)

    Wonderful products. Fast shipping. Love the tea blend!

  64. Lauri Murakami

    Lauri Murakami (Spirit Lake, ID

    I just love Hanna’s blend. I can’t say enough as to the flavor of my kombucha, it is heaven. Hanna has the perfect blend of teas for a most satisfying flavor. I just can’t bring myself to use anything else. Just love it.

  65. Amber Goddard

    This tea blend is great. I always use it to make my kombucha. It also has a great flavor for a cup of tea.
    Amber T (cincinnati OH)

  66. Michael Guilbert, OD

    Hanna’s Special blend is fresh and clean and I like that it is organic . The flavor gives the kumbucha a smooth interesting base taste even before adding additional flavors . I will be continuing to use this in my brew . Michael Guilbert– Bozeman , Montana – 05/08/2019

  67. Rita (Garland, ME)

    I bought Hannah’s Special Tea Blend and I love the taste. Not sure yet if my kombucha loves it more but I know I do. The taste is very pleasing in a cup or in my kombucha. No way to measure the health benefits but with the good benefits of the teas involved it has to be good for me. I would definitely give it 5 stars and will continue to buy it.

  68. Rek NYC

    Out of this world. I buy it by the pound and drink it by the cup.

  69. Collin Hart

    I switched to this from using a cheap generic black tea bag source. The taste is milder but much smoother and better tasting. It’s great knowing that it’s a much higher quality tea than I was using before and organic. My scoby seems to be growing faster using this tea!

  70. Megan Myatt

    From Tennessee…..Loved this tea blend. Made tasty Kombucha

  71. Sheree Foruria

    I purchased this tea blend along with my first scoby. I will never use another tea for my kombucha. It makes the PERFECT tasting Kombucha. Every batch has been delicious and perfect. 

  72. Donna Franklin

    I bought this for my Kombucha but we started brewing it for our breakfast tea. It is wonderful! I can’t wait to taste the difference in my next Kombucha batch.

  73. Marianne Schaefer

    Review by Marianne S., Cottonwood AZ 2/8/19 I’ve only recently tried this blend, and really like the mellow balanced flavoring it provides my kombucha.

  74. Eileen Huval

    I love Hannah’s perfect blend.  It’s all I ever use!  PERFECT

  75. Dani Manna (Florida)

    Hi! I love Hannah’s special blend–it makes the BEST brew! My friend gave me some and it is now the only tea we use. 5 stars!
    The cloth covers are great– nice fabric and quirky patterns, too. 5 stars.
    I am so glad your big book of Kombucha is well written–I refer to it often. 5 stars.
    Your service is fast & we love your products.

  76. Kelly Cannon

    Terrific tea blend, with a fresher, livelier taste than anything I can buy in the store. Makes a great kombucha just by itself and combines well with fruits and other flavors, doesn’t fight or overpower them.

  77. Kimberly Humiston

    By Kim Humiston 12/23/18. Hands down this is the best tea available. I actually use this half Nd half with decaf black tea, and it is amazing. I do not have to add flavoring. Will definitely reorder!

  78. Mary Karish

    I love Hannah tea mix because the taste of my Kombucha brew comes out great. I struggled for several years to find the perfect tea blend. This is the one for me.

  79. Robbie L. (Chehalis, WA)

    I continue to use Hannah’s Special Blend, after trying others. It makes the best flavor kombucha for my taste…and my scoby’s love it, too!

  80. Kit D (Teton Village, WY)

    Being new to brewing I started with this tea since it had great reviews and there are already seemingly endless variables with DIY Kombucha, now I’ve fallen in love with the taste even of my ‘plain’ brews, and have made consistently great ‘booch. I’m a believer.

  81. John Crick

    I agree with the rest of the positive reviews. Started using this tea a couple months ago. It is so much better than off-the-shelf green/black teas. A wonderful flavor. It is worth the price.

  82. Mary C. Cates

    You sent a starter of the tea for my first brew along with my job kombucha culture order. I ordered more the next week as I placed an order for Jun culture too. Your teas are so smooth and yield delicious kombucha. I highly recommend this for kombucha brewing and the Green Goddess for the Jun. 

  83. Juliadelaida Gamboa

    This is the best tea for continuous brewing!  It is organic and the flavor is flawless.  I don’t even add any flavors because it tastes so great. I highly recommend it!
    Julie (NM)

  84. Ardena Clopein

    I start my mornings with this tea.A little goes along way. This tea produces a very light and effervescent Kombucha. Well done, Hannah!

  85. Adrian LoMonaco


  86. June Larsen

    I love this blend for my continuous brew system! It is the best around!

  87. Bonny Ducklow

    We have been using this tea for some time now and just love it! Thank you!

  88. Cecelia Dillman

    Hanna’s special blend tea is the best. This tea makes delicious KT. Thanks Hanna

  89. Danielle S. (Brevard, NC)

    I used this blend to make my first continuous brew batch and I am loving the results! I always used to use plain black tea for kombucha, but I really enjoy the taste of this blend! I will definitely keep using it for future batches!

  90. Dani Manna

    Hannah’s Tea Blend is so good that we brew it not only for kombucha, but for our iced tea. If 6 stars were possible, it would be for this! We will definitely order more. Thank you so much!

  91. Mary Wanda

    I have purchased from Kombucha Kamp two times. This last time I was especially impressed with Hannah. I was having trouble with "the whole computer thing" and decided to call to place an order. I left a message after Hannah’s recording expecting a representative to return my call. What a pleasant surprise when Hannah, herself, called me! She was patient with my questions and helpful. I love my Root Beer Kombucha Flavoring (5 stars) and Hannah’s Special Tea Blend (5 stars). Thank you Hannah!

  92. Jairia Overholt

    I started brewing kombucha about a year ago. At first I just used black tea bags from the store. I came across the Kombucha Kamp website and decided to try this tea blend. I haven’t gone back to any other kind. This tea blend makes much better tasting kombucha and we definitely prefer it over any other tea I have tried. I just placed another order since I am running low and definitely don’t want to have to make a batch without this tea!

  93. Janis Lawrence

    Really flavorful tea. I have been dabbling in making Kombucha for about 6 months now, and I’m really pleased with this tea blend.

  94. Karen Ulmer

    I am a newbie to making booch. I am on my 2nd batch brew and have used Hannah’s Special Tea Blend for Perfect Kombucha each batch. It has such a wonderful medley of flavors and now, I cannot imagine using any other tea for my brews. It is perfection and its name says it all. Thank you Hannah for creating this tea blend.

  95. C. Dillman

    Hannah’s special blend is the only tea I use to make my KT. Delicious

  96. Kona Mum (Captain Cook HI)

    Hi, your teas are the best ever; I’ve been buying from you exclusively for years, and make the best booch ever thanks to your product. Also appreciate speedy delivery and excellent customer service. Five Stars.

  97. Ashleigh (North Carolina)

    I’ve used several different tea blends when brewing my kombucha, and decided I would give Hannah’s blend a try based on all the good reviews it received. I have not been disappointed! The flavor that her blend gives my kombucha is the best out of all I’ve tried and I plan to continue using it.

  98. mario aguilar montero

    I’ve been brewing for a year(12 gallons every 15 days 🙂 )and this the best blend for my kombu, I don’t even have to add flavor, because the taste by itself is wonderful.

  99. Kristin R, Ocean Isle Beach NC

    I am very sensitive to caffeine so I wanted to use white tea. This blend is great. It’s not giving me any caffeine reactions. I’m looking forward to bottling with the flavors I ordered from you that arrive today, especially the root beer.

  100. Sandy C (West Warwick, RI)

    Very nice blend! And much easier than my trying to get all the different teas myself. Organic and fair trade is important.

  101. sheila riggs

    swikmo (payson az)
    I’ve been brewing 10 years now and have always used Hannah’s blend. I now run 2 CBs, one regular and one Hannah’s blend/hibiscus. I’ve tried other teas but love Hannah’s blend the best.

  102. Mary Krigbaum

    I have tried other teas from other companies but this is the best hands down! Thanks Hannah for making great Kombucha Tea.

  103. Shawn & Ray McLaughlin

    Even my husband who has been wishy washy about kombucha drinks store bought ENJOYS the flavor of this tea blend!

  104. Tracy Bly

    Love the tea and Kombucha Kamp!! I have 2 continuous brews going and love making it and getting my mom started with her brew!! Always great products and service!!

  105. Chris Pooser

    Hannah’s tea blend is over the top. Makes great kombucha and I recently reordered it for both my daughter and me!!

  106. Christina Gringeri

    this is an excellent blend for kombucha, it even tastes good without flavoring. it’s the only one i’ll use.

  107. Chris Morris

    This tea blend is perfect will be buying it again

  108. Sheila D. (Houston TX)

    5 stars. Great products, perfect kombucha! Hannah’s special teas are a must have for consistent, wonderful flavor straight from the brewer or bottling and refrigerating. I am having fun experimenting with 2nd ferment flavoring options and carbonation.

  109. Jenny Osborne


  110. Danielle Hayes-Price

    This tea blend makes the best kombucha. Taste way better than just using green and black tea!

  111. Linda True

    Great tasting tea.  My scoby is enjoying it as well.  New to Kombucha brewing.  Thanks to all the great reviews in this tea, I decided to start with this tea.  After brewing my tea, I make me a cup to drink of the leaves as well.  Definitely a good decision on my part to start with this tea.  Linda (Georgetown, Ky)

  112. Marco Fernandez Cruz

    Excelent selection of teas mixed in really nice ratios to produce a delicious tea blend and Kombucha brew.

  113. Shelley Miller

    This tea works perfectly for Kombucha. Being new to brewing my own, this seems to be a perfect combination. Will be purchasing again! Thanks

  114. R Frederick Sherwood Park Canada

    This blend makes such a nice tasting Kombucha. Thanks so much – it’s amazing!

  115. Nancy Ettinger (Grand Rivers KY)

    Thank-you for returning my phone call the same day l left a message even though it was a holiday. My questions were answered and l received my items in just a few days.

  116. Mayra (Frisco TX)

    I am very satisfied with my purchase, the process was easy and I got my tea promptly, well-packaged and sealed. The tea tasted very good and I will have my first Kombucha tea batch in few days. I will buy again.

  117. Leslie K (Dubuque, IA)

    I fully contribute the success of my brew to this blend of tea. Perfect kombucha every time!

  118. Kimberly Barnes (Pilot Point, Tx)

    Using Hannah’s Special Blend has been so important in my first try using loose leaf tea.  I really love the quality & taste of this tea. I am using this for continuous brew & love that my batches will be consistent. I will definitely be reordering this blend!  Thanks:)

  119. Victoria

    I tried a different tea to brew our Kombucha and found it too bitter. So we switched to this tea and it provides a great smooth taste to our KT! It is also yummy to drink hot. V

  120. Dave & Lisa Torres – Joliet, IL

    My Husband & I made our first batch of kombucha with Hannah’s special tea blend. Love this special blend so much & that it’s organic. Also enjoy making a hot cup of tea with a Tea Infuser & this special blend oh so Good on a cold winter’s day. Wouldn’t buy from anyone but Hannah! Thanks Hannah for making such a Awesome Tea Blend!

  121. Cherie P (Stockton CA)

    I sure enjoyed this special blend tea. I have tried some others but this one is the one I come back to. It’s the best. ❤️ Enjoy.

  122. Marsha (Millis, MA)

    Just made my first batch of kombucha using this special blend.  Very satisfied with this product.  So nice that someone else has already figured this out and made the experience that much easier for me.

  123. Lisa Thorsell (Fountain City, WI)

    Hannah’s Special Tea blend is superb! The kombucha that brews during the first ferment is divine and doesn’t even need a second ferment! Great combination of teas and I love that it’s organic! I will definitely be purchasing this again. THANK YOU, HANNAH!

  124. Eva in Columbus Ohio

    Once I used up all the special Hannah’s blend that came with my starter kit I thought I’d just use organic black tea bags but the flavor is just not as robust. Also, after making Kombucha with Hannah’s blend I would make a big jar of hot tea with the "spent" herb and I loved it. Even though I do a lot of herbal tea blending myself, I just LOVE this one. I actually returned to the site this morning to order more. Thanks Hannah!!!

  125. Marilyn Y Eaves

    This is my favorite go-to tea for Kombucha. Never fails to make a perfect brew and healthy scoby

  126. Greg Lennon (Los Angeles, CA)

    I tried other teas at first but yours produces a consistent batch every time so no going back to other brands or mixes.

  127. Karen Sprenkle

    I’ve found my favorite!  Tried many different teas in the past, but Hannah’s Special Blend is the WINNER!  Great combination making a wonderful flavor to savor.

  128. genewitch

    Made my own continuous brew bucket, but used all KK supplies (scoby, tea, starter.) My kombucha works, i easily decant over a gallon a week already after 3 months. This tea blend makes my kombucha taste like an Arnold Palmer. Very distinct lemon/citrus and a very smooth tea flavor. Ordering a pound!

  129. Gina, Hilo, Hawaii

    I love the flavor of Hannah’s blend, and the healthy SCOBY it produces. You can’t go wrong with this blend.

  130. Carlos Rivera (Miami, FL)

    I love the Hannah’s Special Tea Blend to make kombucha. Great flavor!

  131. Amy Crump – (NY)

    What a beautiful blend! A great combo for great flavor and health of your scoby AND it’s organic! You can’t beat that! Thanks Hannah!

  132. Karen Williams

    I’m new to brewing and when I ordered from KK , I just decided to go with Hannah’s Special Tea Blend. It’s perfect. Thank you for making my Kombucha experience fun and delicious!

  133. Kelly

    We really enjoy this organic tea blend! After brewing for the kombucha, I reuse the tea ball to make a hot cup of tea just to drink, it’s so good!

  134. S. Hudson (Greenville, SC)

    I received this type of tea with my starter kit and although I am not the tea snob, I can see this is very good quality tea. In years past, I drank a lot of store-bought tea and it always had a dark color if it was strong. When I first brewed with this type, it came out with a light color and I thought it was not strong enough, until I tasted it. It is great!

  135. Uli (Irvine, CA)

    The perfect blend for rich and well rounded flavor. So convenient and delicious!

  136. Katie (Kailua, HI)

    I love the Hannah’s Perfect Blend of tea, it makes delicious kombucha every time. People who say they don’t like kombucha drink it too! My tea arrived quickly and well-packed!

  137. Elizabeth L.

    All I can say is that this blend is sooooo good!

  138. Courtney

    This tea blend is just perfect and produces delicious kombucha every time! I like to use 5 tsp per gallon. Tastes great without adding flavor but if you want to add flavor I highly recommend strawberries and ginger. Organic of course! Just delicious!!!

  139. Paula

    This blend produces a delicious, well rounded batch of Kombucha; perfect for flavoring. I like to add ginger and pear when bottling. Delicious!

  140. Angie and Brian Bellinghausen

    Hannah’s Special Premium five tea blend was recommended to us by a friend for our kombucha. It quickly became our favorite tea to use for making kombucha. All of our batches are smooth with a lot of carbonation. We have completely stopped using all of our other teas. 5 stars.

  141. Sylvia

    I started out with this tea blend when I got my scoby.  After it ran out I switched to some teas that I had.  I have since switched back and bought a pound of tea last time.  It makes a really nice tasting kombucha.  There is a difference.  Excellent blend.

  142. Patricia C (East Walpole MA)

    I just want to say thanks for such quality products and great customer service. I love Hannah’s special blend tea for making kombucha. I just received my order which included ginger and gogi berries and can’t wait to use them this weekend.

  143. Bonny

    Once again, we are very satisfied. This is the only tea we use. We don’t even have a desire to try any other flavor. Thank you Hannah.

  144. Christopher Salbego

    I have tried other teas from KK, but I keep coming back to Hannah’s Special Blend. It is by far the best and makes for great tasting kombucha!

  145. Erik Brown (Highlands Ranch, CO)

    Hannah has perfected this blend. After using up Hannah’s tea that comes with the brewing package I bought, I tried to go a little cheaper and just got some organic tea from the store. I will never do that again! The Kombucha tased different, brewed different, and looked different. Let me add, not a good different either. I came back to KK and ordered Hannah’s blend, drained my entire brew, and basically started over. Learn from my mistake, buy Hannah’s.

  146. Carol Holbrook

    I received a tea bag of Hannah’s signature tea blend when I purchased two new scobys. After using my own green and black tea blend for several years, I had forgotten how delicious Hannah’s blend really is! The new scoby that was "born" is so very thick, perfectly formed and the komucha is delicious. I have to say…I guess I am just going to have to buy some more of Hannah’s tea blend to keep the good vibes and successful brews coming.Thanks, Hannah! My trust is in you.

  147. Brittaney York (Snohomish, WA)

    This tea blend is absolutely delicious!! 

  148. Jaimie

    This tea is so smooth. It produces a strong scoby and just the flavor we have come to love. I will continue to use HSB for my brews!  

  149. JOHN K

    I have consistently purchased Hanna’s Perfect Blend. Why chance it on any other? It has a great flavor and my brews are always consistent. I attribute my improved health to KT and started my journey from a tough spot with Kombuch Kamp. Lifetime customer and Perfect Blend lover.

  150. Susan Fitzgerald

    This tea is a perfect blend! I tried regular tea when this blend was all gone. Taste is completely different, I wish I could pick this Blend up in the grocery store. Organic and delicious!

  151. Ali B (Broken Arrow, OK), 6/23/17

    OMG this tea is magical. I’m a tight-wad, but since I’ve used Hannah’s special tea blend, I will never again brew kombucha with sad store-bought green or black tea bags. So yummy, there’s no need to flavor the kombucha… but I still do bc, you know. 😉

  152. Lily (Owatonna, MN)

    The perfect blend to give you wonderful tasting Kombucha and a happy, healthy SCOBY every time. This is my favorite blend to use… : )

  153. Susan Walters (OKC, Ok)

    I love this tea blend. I tried the variety pack and this was my favorite of the three. Makes great Kombucha.

  154. Tassie Masters

    Excellent blend. Nice smell and flavor. Made great buch.

  155. Eric Gribbell

    I’ve been on a mission to find my favorite tea blend and have settled on this one. Cold or hot, this is the pefect blend for me. Plus, I know I will get a personal touch and great customer service every time!

  156. Janina (Bowersville, Georgia)

    This is my new go to tea blend from now on. Got this and made kombucha with it and my SCOBY just loved it. Starting booming and getting huge. It makes your second fermentation have a great flavour. I’ll be back for more.

  157. Eileen

    This is the best blend ever. Even after I make my sweet tea for my kombucha I use my tea ball to make a cup of tea with the tea leaves again. It is delicious!

  158. Colleen (Kansas City, MO)

    This is the no think method to brewing Kombucha. I am grateful for it! I experiment occasionally with other types of tea, but this is my number one go-to blend. Yum!

  159. Blaze

    I have ordered and re-ordered Hannah’s special blend because it is the perfect kombucha tea! Love the flavor and it is always fresh and delicious…and organic! Thanks, Hannah!

  160. Dave Kovalcik (Logan, OH)

    Wow! I feel so lucky that I used this blend for my first attempt at making kombucha. I love this tea! I’m almost afraid to experiment with other blends because this is so good! I’m hooked!

  161. Amy (Louisville KY)

    Hannah’s Perfect Blend is DELICIOUS!!! Hannah’s blend produces a perfect brew every time. This beginning kombucha enthusiast could not be happier! Thanks!

  162. Jessica C., England

    5 stars out of 5!!! This tea has a pefect balance-it’s smooth, slightly sweet and wonderfully earthy. The batch of kombucha I made using this tea tasted so fantastic there was no need for flavoring. As well, the fermentation done with this tea, as compared to standard store bought black tea in a bag, was far superior. Very satisfied customer.

  163. Robin Nichols

    I have used this perfect blend of teas for two years so far. It is deliciously smooth and my scobys are always happy and healthy.

  164. George

    This is my favorite tea. I can’t wait to order it again. This flavor as a plain kombucha rocks!

  165. Sam (Temple, NH)

    Ok… I love this combo so much, I used the spent tea to make a cup to sip on afterwards. New to brewing, this tea mix came with my kit and, for the first time ever, I happy drank the kombucha unflavored and unadulterated. It was smooth and well flavored. Thank you Hannah!!

  166. Cressida

    This tea makes the most excellent Kombucha! It’s truly the perfect blend.

  167. Carmen Martin

    Hannah’s Special Tea Blend makes Kombucha taste just like GT Dave’s original. Also the tea smells DIVINE when you open the bag. I have given away so many samples to family and friends I was obliged to order a large box of replacement tea. Additionally it makes very good brewed tea and I love that it is organic.

  168. Raymond Ciervo

    This is the best tea blend I’ve used after trying "brands" and other loose leaf tea. Hannah’s special blend is delicious!

  169. Penny T.

    I have to admit, I was a little skeptical of all the 5 star reviews before placing my first order with Kombucha Kamp. I mean, NO ONE gets all great reviews all the time, right? Well, KK is getting 5 stars in my review, too.
    I love supporting small businesses – especially when they do great work. Here is a summary:
    – I’ve ordered 3 times and each time I received shipment notifications within hours and my orders arrived within a couple of days.
    – My SCOBY is beautiful and thriving. I’m on my 3rd batch of brew now.
    – Hannah’s Special Tea Blend is delicious. I will be sure to keep that on hand at all times.
    – The Big Book of Kombucha has to be THE definitive book on this topic. HIGHLY recommended – especially for newbies.

  170. Martha (Cape Cod Ma)

    I  I am fairly new to making Kombucha  and have been using your jasmine tea. I ordered this to try something new and it is fabulous. I don’t even have to add flavorings to this. Thank you Hannah.

  171. Dean K. (Duluth,MN)

    This tea is packaged in an airtight mylar lined bag, making it resealable and fresh. Tea tastes great and gives you a good mix. This makes the tea making process effortless and surefire.

  172. Betty Anderson Idaho

    I love this tea blend for making my Kombucha, but also when I just want a delicious cup of hot or ice tea I always use this blend. It’s the best I have ever had!

  173. Carmen Martin

    The tea looks beautiful and smells fantastic! Exquisite quality and my kombucha made a large perfect SCOBY very quickly. I guess the SCOBYs like the tea also.

  174. Holly Nelson (Show Low, AZ)

    I recently ordered the special blend loose tea and was so happy to see a cloth tea bag was included! I love this company’s customer service and knowing they are always there to help me brew the best kombucha possible.

  175. LJW

    I really enjoy this blend, it tastes great and makes me feel more healthful and vibrant. I also like how easy Hannah makes it to get started. Thanks .

  176. Katherine Oram

    Organic and fair trade…what more could I ask for?! Well, how about a tea that makes a wonderful smooth tea with a exquisite aroma! So far when sharing my Kombucha with newbies I have only heard positive comments about this blend! I will be using this one regularly and can’t wait to try some of the other’s that you have!

  177. Veronica (Bruner, MO)

    This was the first tea blend I tried and I loved it! This is why I fell in love with kombucha. It tasted like the apple cider and tonic water I grew up loving. Unfortunately it spoiled me. I have since used other blends and I just can’t get that same flavor back. I am definitely getting more:-)

  178. Dana D- Mentor OH

    Best tasting kombucha tea we have made yet! I will never buy a different mix, this is perfect.

  179. Kathy Rhoades

    We are really enjoying Hannah
    s Special Blend.  I love Rooibos Kombucha and Hanna has made a great blend.  I’m new to Kombucha making and she has been so very informative and helpful.  Thanks Hannah and crew

  180. Mimi

    This tea really does make the most delicious kombucha I have ever had! I love the loose tea in the ball … very comforting not to have so much waste (the tea leaves go right into the compost bin). Thanks, Hannah, for all that you do.

  181. Amy W (Pelham, MA)

    love this tea and will probably continue to purchase it. makes perfect kombucha every time. i love that it is organic and fair trade.

  182. Erika Thoms (Deer Creek, OK)

    I absolutely love the Hannah’s special tea blend. I started making the kombucha with just black tea however I tried a sample of her tea blend and fell in love. It completes me! It is fantastic and I will not make my booch without it anymore!!

  183. Lisa Anderson (Madison, SD)

    Love the brew and lovely little scobies that come out of this!! Shipping time is amazingly quick. Have had amazing transactions!!!

  184. Lisa, Pasadena CA

    Love this tea! I had been using just plain black and green tea for my Kombucha but love this tea the best! It makes great Kombucha and only takes a few teaspoons.

  185. Tina Wilson (Arlington, WA)

    I’m new to brewing kombucha and received a sample pack of this tea blend as part of the no frills continuous brew system. I was going to use black tea but love the flavor of Hannah’s blend so much that I plan to use it instead for future batches. I also buy organic as much as possible so this tea is perfect for my kombucha.

  186. Luanne

    Hannah’s Perfect Blend is perfect for making Kombucha.  She has truly found the perfect blend. 

  187. Claudia Hannah (St. Paul MN)

    I just bottled my first brew – everyone in my family who has tasted my Kombucha thought it was REALLY good. My mom asked that she be given some for Christmas. I believe Hannah’s Special tea blend (5 stars) has a lot to do with the flavor.

  188. Jen (Mesa, AZ)

    Based on all the reviews I read, I splurged and bought Hannah’s special blend instead of store bought tea. WOW! It really IS perfect! I have two continuous brews going so far, and it taste’s exactly like the brand I loved before brewing my own! Instant success!

  189. Elita (Texas)

    Without a doubt this is my favorite tea. Thanks. Hanna. 🙂

  190. Hayon (Somerville, MA)

    smells amazing, tastes amazing – really good blend. The SCOBY thrives in it! Use it every time

  191. Christine C. (Thunder Bay, Canada)

    This special blend tea has been fantastic; my kombucha is thriving and the flavor is fantastic, bubbly right from the spout! A must have if you haven’t tried this before!

  192. Melissa Hardin

    This tea makes the greatest booch!! I tried other teas, but none gave me the great flavor & beautiful color of this tea. I’m just about to finish my first bag of Hannah’s blend & boy am I glad that I ordered 2 from the start! Nice to know that I have a resource for this perfect organic blend for my brewing!

  193. Scott

    Great blend of teas for great tasting Kombucha.

  194. Sarah (Veazie, ME)

    I initially tried this tea when I got a free sample of it with my SCOBY, and I loved it! I have two continuous brews going: one with green tea, and the other with Hannah’s Special Blend. My boyfriend and I tend to always deviate towards Hannah’s blend when we go to pour ourselves some kombucha, so I think that says it all!

  195. joe Brunner Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

    Very pleasant blend for drinking or brewing kt.  Will definitely purchase more.  Looking forward to seeing the added benefits from the yerba mate and rooibos!!!

  196. Kate Borenz Belleville WI 08/26/2016

    This tea blend is wonderfully aromatic. I will only use this tea blend, it makes the best Kombucha.

  197. Lois (North Huntingdon, PA)

    I love Hannah’s special tea blend. I have only been brewing Kombucha for a short while, but many friends tell me that my Kombucha is the best ever. I feel strongly it is because of Hannah’s expertise in combining the right teas together. It is wonderful to brew a batch knowing full well that the scoby is going to love it and then I will when I get to drink it a few days later. I will be ordering more and soon, I sure don’t want to run out.

  198. Norma Bicknell

    Hannah’s blend has such a delightful aroma & mellow flavor. My husband even likes my kombucha, even if it’s healthy for him.

  199. Will MacDonald (Bethesda, MD)

    Love this tea! makes great tasting kombucha. Way better than the store brands. Will be buying more once I run out. Thanks Hannah!

  200. L***a, ISRAEL

    Great taste, will order again!

  201. Kim M. (Antioch, IL)

    I can’t say enough about this tea! I put off brewing my own kombucha for fear I just *knew* I’d mess it up somehow. With KK’s SCOBYs and tea, it has seriously been foolproof. The tea is wonderful; fresh, delicious, and fragrant. I need to buy some extra just for drinking straight. My SCOBYs just seem to love it!

  202. betty

    It’s no wonder this tea blend has perfect reviews. My friend from Taiwan came to visit me and I brewed a pot of this tea . She drank the entire pot of tea and wanted more! She said she hadn’t had tea that good in a long time. Of course it goes without saying it is my favorite go to tea whether I am making kombucha or just want to enjoy a cup of tea.

  203. thesame40

    this tea is very well rounded. As a first time brewer I did not want the hassle of figuring out how to mix my tea. Hannah takes all the work off your shoulders so you are able to concentrate on making a successful batch your first time !!!!

  204. Richard Bienvenu

    This blend was sent with the SCOBY that I ordered. It made the absolutely best kombucha I’ve ever tasted. Wow!

  205. Caitlyn

    Tasting my first batch of booch made with Hannah’s Special Blend tea and WOW what a difference! Strong SCOBY growth & great neutral taste! I flavoured the batch with a local tea company’s loose leaf blend of rose petal, lavender, mint, and elderflower, and a couple slices of lemon. It’s beautifully carbonated and a nice champagne colour, and tastes like heaven. SO GOOD! Thanks Kombucha Kamp!!!

  206. Bonny

    We love it. Friends have said it’s the best.

  207. Jacqueline Morimoto (Prosser WA)

    I’m on my 4th batch of ‘booch’ and each time it gets easier to make. I bought my scoby from your site. I use Hanna’s special tea blend. I love experimenting with the 2nd ferment. I’ve only used fruits so far and my favorites are Rainier cherries and blueberries (not together).

  208. Chris H

    Nice smooth blend. We did not add any flavors to this tea. Prefect the way it is

  209. Christine

    Last year I made kombucha with organic black and green tea bags from the grocery store. I eventually gave this up because the taste always seemed too vinegar-y when I bottled it, even with flavoring and a tsp of sugar added to each bottle. I wasn’t motivated to keep up the process, mainly because the flavor was just too sour. I recently switched to continuous brew and started with a new high quality SCOBY from Hannah, plus HPB loose tea leaves instead of tea bags….WHAT A DIFFERENCE this tea has made in the taste of the kombucha! We bottle from the spigot now and don’t even add any flavoring. So my husband and I are now absolutely hooked, we bought a second crock to try and keep enough around. Helped us kick the diet soda habit once and forever!! I also would highly recommend Hannah’s Big Book of Kombucha – just full of information that will set you up for successful, tasty and healthy brewing. GREAT JOB HANNAH!

  210. Mike Shick (Paso Robles, CA)

    This was a great brew. The brew was mild yet flavorful and delicious. 

  211. Kato

    Sometimes you get what you pay for. This is the absolute best tea blend for Kombucha that I’ve ever used. Outstanding. Incredibly fast shipping. 

  212. diane

    This tea is delish!!! Now my husband is addicted as well!

  213. Elena (Canada)

    Great taste! This blend makes a perfect KT. Thank you!

  214. Reba W (Atlanta, GA USA)

    I love Hannah’s Special Blend. It makes the perfect KT in our Oak Barrel.

  215. Christine C. (Thunder Bay, ON)

    My Scoby LOVES this tea blend…organic makes all the difference. Had a issue with one of the bags; the customer service was incredible. Will be a loyal customer, appreciate the quality.

  216. Jim Penn (Kapaa HI)

    Aloha! I recently received your K tea blend. I really enjoy making my K using your mix of teas. Also I enjoy it as a regular tea. I have been brewing K for over six months and your special blend make it just delicious. Mahalo! 

  217. Rene’ Bennett (Fairview, TX)

    Love, love, love this tea!  My kombucha is so much better than the store bought and a lot less expensive!  Highly recommend this tea!

  218. Valerie Holler

    Everything was well done. Tea came promptly. Product is always excellent. FIVE STAR*****service.

  219. Sandy Grannis (Ridgefield CT)

     The tea is delicious and I will be getting a lb the next time. But perhaps the best thing about Kombucha Kamp is how generous they are with their information. Thank you so much! I am very grateful.

  220. Mary (Roseville, CA)

    I received a sample along with my original SCOBY and wow! Love!
    I ordered 1 lb of Hannah’s Special Blend and it’s all I use to make my Kombucha. My SCOBYs are growing like crazy and the brew is delicious! 

  221. Robbie Lieske, Chehalis, WA

    I received a sample of this tea when I purchased my CB setup & now I’ve purchased the large quantity because I loved it so much.  I purchased some other items to add flavors like elderberry, chai spice, ginger, & Brain Brew & I can’t say enough that each one of those added new & exciting flavors.  I will be buying more of each.

  222. Debbie Rice (Hernando Beach, Fl)

    Great taste. I like this blend so much better than my plain black tea. I ordered a second bag long before finishing the first. I don’t want to run out of this ever!

  223. DJ March

    I started continuous brewing with this blend, and my brew turned out great. I considered combining my own, but thought "why mess with success". Thanks for putting out a great product, and for all the helpful instructions and content.

  224. Victoria L. (Northville,MI)

    Hannah’s Special Tea Blend is by far the best for making my Kombucha.  I’ve tried many teas including blending my own, but nothing compares to the smooth taste of Hannah’s.  Give it a try I think you will agree!

  225. Martie from Illinois

    This is such a wonderful blend.  I’m so glad a sample came with my system-I probably would not have tried it.  It makes such great kombucha I’ve reordered more. Best of all it ships for free!

  226. Jeff Bries

    Our whole family loves Hanna’s Blend. It has great flavor by itself, or works well with any of the fruits we’ve tried so far. Jeff Bries (Dubuque, IA)

  227. Jeanette

    Received tea yesterday. It came so fast. Love the taste. I also purchased the stainless steel tea ball and cant believe the difference in the taste. This organic blend is the best I have ever had. Thanks so much!

  228. Eric M (ben lomond ca.)

    Great tea makes a difference, this tea  is really good and is great for when you start brewing bocha, I need to order more love it .thanks Hanna 

  229. amy (west unity, oh)

    Love the variety of flavors in this blend of tea. It makes the best kombucha that turns out perfect everytime.

  230. Sheila

    Thanks again for the prompt service KK! Been brewing 3 yrs now with hannas blend and have tried my own blends only to be dissapointed. As always,this blend is perfect!

  231. Carol H – Oregon

    Hannah’s tea blend produces a mellow and flavorful brew…the complex and subtle flavors taste so good! I think that anyone who is not sure they like kombucha would find that they would love it if made with this tea blend.

  232. Mary V (Scottsdale, AZ)

    My order of Hannan’s special blend was shipped quickly!  Made my first batch of Kombucha.  House is a bit cool currently so I am still waiting to get to that "sweet spot" for taste.  Can’t wait to taste and experiment with flavors for second fermentation!!  BTW, I have used the blend to just brew a cup to sip on…very nice and mellow blend!

  233. Lori Grace (Salem, Missouri)

    I made my very first batch of KT with a Ceylon and oolong blend and it was delicious. I wanted to try other blends and found Hannah’s blend to contain all the teas I wanted to try all in one. It made a smooth yet rich tasting KT and I really love it. I’ve tried a few other teas and honestly I can’t say I’ve tasted a brew yet that I didn’t love. If it is weak I let it second ferment a few days on the counter. If it brews too long and gets too sour, I use it in a sweet wine and it balances out perfectly. Hannah’s devotion to Kombucha really shows in the quality of her products, generosity of information and custom design of all things KT!

  234. Allison F. (Salt Lake City, Utah)

    We’ve loved this tea blend! We haven’t used any others, but haven’t seen a need to since it produces great tasting kombucha and healthy scobies. 

  235. Anne (Wisconsin)

    We love Hannah’s special tea blend. We had been using organic black and green tea bags before switching to this blend. What a remarkable difference in our brew! Beautiful color, delightful smell and so many more bubbles! This is the tea we will be using from now on.

  236. Kat, Morrilton AR

    This tea is far superior to the others that I am using. The taste is wonderful and it has been hard to decide how long to let the batch go. After a week it had a sweet effervescent quality with just a touch of tangy. I have two continuous brews and two gallon bottles set up with different tea blends and it’s a marked difference in flavors. 

  237. Robbie Lieske (Chehalis, WA)

    My Continuous Brew set up came with a sample of Hannah’s special blend of tea & it certainly out shines the regular green & black tea I have been using.  This makes a wonder tasting kombucha, my husband even loves it.  Definitely will buying some more….uhmm good!

  238. Mellissa Mikara (DFW, TX)

    Hannah’s Special Blend makes really great tasting kombucha! My whole family loves it just as it is without a second fermentation. I also love that its organic and fair trade too.

  239. Jeanne Machin Tampa, FL

    This is, hands down, the best combination for brewing kombucha. The taste is excellent and it keeps my scoby very healthy. I’ve been brewing with my scoby and this tea for well over a year and my brews are going strong and my scoby is incredibly robust and healthy. I won’t use anything else. Period.

  240. Bonny D (Wisconsin)

    We like this particular tea so well, we don’t bother with any other! Thank you.

  241. Carol Layton, Thomasville, NC

    This stuff is the bomb. The flavor is excellent; it’s light and refreshing. I love the reasoning behind each tea in the blend. I haven’t been getting the fizz that I got when I was brewing just black tea–but I’m still a novice brewer and there could be other factors involved. Despite less fizz (so far) with this, the taste is just excellent and I’m enjoying it very much straight out of my brewer. I’ve also bottled and flavored it with muscadines, apples, or nectarines.

  242. Jenessa McIntyre (Casa Grande, AZ)

    This is a lovely blend of organic tea and makes the yummiest kombucha!

  243. Connie

    My family’s favorite Kombucha is the one I make using Hannah’s special blend. It is mild yet very flavorful. We are on our second pound already. I love that it is organic!

  244. Jack Landis (Austin TX)

    This makes wonderful Tea. Need to get more soon.

  245. Dana B (Scottsdale, AZ)

    This tea is beautiful– it makes such a light, bubbly kombucha that one of my coworkers said it tasted like champagne! What a compliment. I will definitely continue ordering this!

  246. Carol Thomas (Big Lake)

    I have been using this blend for about 6 weeks. It’s wonderful, makes great booch, and I like the fact it’s organic and has Yerba mate tea included. I will be reordering soon.

  247. Terry H Hampden Me

    Love this tea. Great taste. Been drinking it every night..and useing it for my Kombucha. Great flavor

  248. Robin (Corpus Christi, Texas)

    I love the taste of this Tea. It makes the best kombucha. I made a batch using Lipton tea and it had very weak lousy flavor never again.

  249. Linda Howell (Somerville Tn)

    I love the flavor of this tea blend so much, I’m almost afraid to try another blend. Maybe I’ll start another in a separate jar, but I just don’t see how it could get any better.

  250. Karen

    This is an awesome blend. Makes really great tasting Ktea.

  251. Jen Jensen (Minnesota)

    I LOVE this blend of tea! It makes wonderful kombucha and I use only this in my brew. Excellent

  252. Julie Jorgenson (Ogden UT)

    HI I ordered Hanna’s blend tea and a scoby, love them both you guys are wonderful! Keep up the good work.

  253. Robert

    The best kombucha!! Light but so flavorful.

  254. Shannon Strome, AB Canada

    Perfect blend that brews a perfect batch every time

  255. Sandra Luce (Dansville NY)

    I have been using the tea that I purchased from Hannah in my Kombucha ….Awesome…I will purchase again ..Love and light for a beautiful day

  256. Juli Maher

    great tea blend. I really enjoyed it.

  257. Stef (Surfside Beach, TX)

    This tea blend is absolutely perfect!

  258. Blackfeather (Coudersport PA)

    I am giving you 5 stars for Hannah’s Blend Tea! I tasted it for the first time yesterday, and it is delicious!

  259. Rene’ (Fairview, Tx)

    Love this tea! Have been brewing with it for about 8 months now and love my kombucha! Much better than store bought!!

  260. Jen Bator (Oakland, Ca)

    I love the tea sample you included with my order. It’s delicious!

  261. Sam Durfee (Concord, NH)

    Fantastic blend! Excellent balanced flavor and I can tell the SCOBYs really dig it!

  262. Rita Prahl

    I love this blend I’ve tried others my family just didn”t like any other. keep up the great products love all your experiance with kombucha brewing.

  263. Donna Draper (Christina Lake, BC)

    I love Hannah’s tea and my gota kola enricher for my lovely ageing memory. I am using the cloth tea bags and that feels really nice to me.

  264. Karen (KC MO)

    This is a lovely blend of tea. It smells wonderful and tastes that way, too! I love it for my morning cup as well as brewing for my kombucha. Thanks for such a tasty blend!

  265. Melody Roth (Portland, OR)

    Great blend to make Kombucha from. I haven’t tried it in a cup of tea yet.

  266. Lee Carlin Apalachin Ny

    I got this Tea with My Continious Brew System….Loved it so much I orderd More……What can I say Its The Best My Culture and I Love it!!!!!!!!!Thank You KK!!!!!!!!

  267. Lana – Lake Mary, FL

    WOW! This blend is amazing along…and with ginger and raspberries. I am almost out of this tea and plan on purchasing more soon.

  268. Jackie C. (Minnesota)

    I have been buying this blend for my Komboucha for quite some time. I like the fact that it is organic and the flavor is wonderful.

  269. amyinannandale

    The tea is delicious, both in my Kombucha and brewed by the cup. Hannah’s customer service is impeccable – there was a slight problem with my order and she resolved it immediately. I will definitely be a repeat customer!

  270. Galina (Mobile, AL)

    Hannah’s special tea blend makes very tasty combucha which blows away any store bought kombucha! Even my skeptical husband loves it and asked me for more – wow. Try it – you won’ t be disappointed! Good job Hannah, you got it right again – 5 stars product with lots of health benefits given by different teas.

  271. diane stovall

    Comes in nice sealed bag and smells and tastes great! It makes a good amount of tea it will last a while. Schererville,Ind

  272. Hilary

    This tea came with my scoby from the Kombucha Kamp website. I love the blend and can’t wait to buy again!

  273. Nathaniel "Pete" W. (Maryland)

    This tea blend came as part of the continuous brewer package we purchased in early January. It makes excellent kombucha. The KT made from it has a delicious flavor straight up or used for second fermentation for flavored kombucha. The SCOBY is thriving and growing too. Highly recomment!

  274. Lauren F

    I decided to try this tea simply based on the reviews – it did not disappoint! Besides making beautiful SCOBYs and delicious booch, it is a delightful tea. I will definitely be ordering more

  275. Thai Harder (Tehachapi, CA)

    This Tea is the best tasting hot tea I’ve ever had. It brews up a wonderful KT each and every time. I love how it smells when it’s steeping and find it hard to stay out of it, (I usually pour myself a small cup before I add the rest of the water for the KT). Hannah rocks it! Excited to try Green Goddess when I order my second continuous brewer nest week 🙂

  276. Debbie Bowers (Pismo Beach, Calif)

    I love Hannah’s blend to make my kombucha. I have two crocks going, a one gallon and a two gallon one, and at Christmas eve dinner with my brothers family I served 3/4 kombucha and 1/4 organic cranberry nectar from Santa Cruz juices. chilled in wine glasses along with the regular drinks and my kombucha was a hit. I just order Hannah’s blend by the pound now to keep my crocks brewing all the time.

  277. Nancy Bothur

    Thank you!!! Your tea blend really is the best. I much prefer to buy from families than stores anyway.

  278. Sari Duncan

    With this tea blend my Kombucha came out fantastic. The flavor was lighter and more refreshing than with the black tea I was using. Thanks!

  279. Sherry Fraser

    Have been using the tea blend for a few weeks. Very happy with the full bodied flavour. Had been making two brews, Rooibos and the other Jasmine, the rooibos did not make as nice a SCOBY as the Jasmine so I switched the rooibos to Kombucha mama blend, I now get the healty SCOBY of Jasmine tea plus the rich flavours from the rooibos and the other teas.

  280. Laura M. Catalina Island

    Hannah’s special blend is excellent tea for my booch, my current secondary flavoring is fresh organic cranberries, little fresh squeezed OJ, orange zest, lemon zest, finely grated ginger and approximately 1/3 cup organic sugar cooked for about 10 minutes and added to each bottle, 4 to 6 days later it is so delicious! My SCOBY is so happy! Enjoy

  281. Kathryn Packer

    I like your products very much!!!

  282. Sallymic (Randolph, NH)

    We keep on coming back to this blend as the flavor is so great!Wonderful to know that it is also helping to support our health and our "mushroom" too!

  283. Kathi Aultman (Orange Park, FL)

    On my second batch and I love this blend. I was introduced to Kombucha by my sister who uses regular black and occasionally green tea. She always added fruit juice to the finished Kombucha and it was good but I found I like the Kombucha made with this blend best without adding anything else.

  284. Michel Yeuell

    Yikes!…I just ran out of the tea blend…..I have so enjoyed the Kombucha with this blend that I am fearful for the next batch which will be all black tea….I am tempted to experiment but then I am so satisfied with this tea I ask "Why bother?"…I will be placing an order ASAP because when you have it just right you should stick with it! It seems a little pricey but I haven’t really shopped around…

  285. Marian K (AB Canada)

    we have been batch brewing and enjoying it so far. It is fun to experiment with 2nd ferment and seeing what flavors we can come up with. We love your site and find all your info very helpful.

  286. Sylvia Craig

    Thank you so much for the order. Got it today – incredibly fast.
    You are awesome.

  287. Johnny Kay

    I started with Hannah’s Special blend for the variety of flavor and the health benefits and I won’t use anything else… email me! I will tell you how the issues that prompted me to start Kombucha are now behind me. I owe it to this blend.

  288. Kim C. (Portland, OR)

    The Special Blend Tea is fantastic! I’m just now switching over to CB method and I can barely make myself leave the brew alone for a few days to ferment. It tastes so good! Count me as a customer for life for this product!

  289. Delilah

    Absolutely wonderful tea.

  290. Kelly Travis, (Port Orange, Fl)

    Wow! What a great tasting blend. It will be a staple in my house for my Kombucha.

  291. Carrie D., (CA)

    I ordered this tea when I first started so I could have an easy time starting out and take the guess work out of which tea to use. Not only did that happen, but this tea is amazing! I love brewing it because it smells so good and my kombucha tastes great! I will be buying my tea from Kombucha Kamp again.

  292. Kris. (La.)

    Love the taste and quality. Shipped quickly too. Thanks!

  293. Laura Margarita, Catalina Island

    First 2 continuous brews with Hannah’s blend came out great, flavored with fresh peach puree and ginger. 3rd brew is 75% hibiscus and 25% blend, going to bottle today with lavender from my garden/ginger and few raspberry/blueberry/
    ginger. Keep you posted! My SCOBY loved the hibiscus, it’s all pink and pretty! Brew on my friends*

  294. Leslie (South Carolina)

    I really do enjoy this tea blend. I brewed my Kombucha with this tea and another batch of Kombucha with plain store bought black tea & there was a big difference in flavor. The plain tea Kombucha was lacking & my kids asked "What happened to the Kombucha?" Hannah’s Perfect Blend really adds so much flavor to my Kombucha!

  295. Delilah W. (Seven Valleys PA )

    Well I have my first batch done and it’s pretty good.Still have lots of questions but you have provided great information so I just keep reading.Thanks

  296. Lynne D (Maine)

    Hannah’s blend is amazing. The second I opened the package and the wonderful tea smell hit my senses I knew it was going to be delicious. Not only is the quality in the smell, but the look of the tea is superior.

  297. Linda Jo

    I was a floundering ‘newbie’ without a successful batch of KT when a friend told me about Hannah’s blend. Thanks Gail). I am here to report that after buying and using Hannah’s blend I finally had my first great batch of booch!!! I have reordered Hannah’s blend and now confident I am making the best Kombucha Tea possible. Thank you Hannah! 🙂

  298. Leslie Lewis (Dallas, TX)

    This tea blend is just heavenly! I had many friends who were skeptical when I told them that I thought my kombucha brew was better than GT’s, but after one taste they were HOOKED! I’ve now inspired some new kombucha brewers thanks to this foolproof foundation tea.

  299. Rachel K. (Crown Point, IN.)

    This is by far the BEST blend to make Kombucha with….not to mention, the scoby seems to really thrive in it. If you want a *perfect* tasting kombucha every time, this is the blend for you!

  300. Barbara Porter, Murrieta, CA

    I tried two different teas, Hanna’s and White Peony. My favorite of those is Hanna’s blend. It had a stronger flavor.
    We really love our Kombucha and so do our friends.

  301. Sheila Riggs, Payson AZ

    Your special blend of tea is EPIC! Your store & service is professional & quick. I would give more but if 5 is all I can go then so be it,5 BIG shiny gold stars with a happy face like I get on my invoices.

  302. Tina

    I have been making my own Kombucha for years. Recently, I started using Hannah’s special blend. I love it! Much better than plain black or a black/green mix. I now only make Kombucha with Hannah’s blend!

  303. Wynette Jones (Ellicott City, MD)

    I kid you not – this is the best tea I have ever tasted. I made extra sweet tea when I brewed my first CB batch and it was delicious. Now I have to hide it from my kids so that they don’t make sweet tea and use it all up!

  304. Lisa (DS, LA)

    Oh my…what can I say about this tea that hasn’t already been said?! It’s perfect in every way. Not only does it make the best tasting kombucha, you’ll have a hard time keeping your nose out of the bag 🙂

  305. Sherry

    I have been using Hannah’s bend in my oak barrel continuous brew and my komboucha is perfect every time.
    It’s so good that i haven’t experimented with other teas. Why mess with success!

  306. Maria

    At first I was reluctant to spend this much for this tea blend, but after using it for a while and comparing to the price of attempting to craft my own organic blend, I feel great about this product. It makes great booch, helps improve the health of my scobies, and is nice as an iced tea as well if I happen to make extra. I used it to boost the health of some of my scobies after accidentally using a tea that contained oils which left them looking damaged and weak… one cycle with Hannah’s special blend and they perked right up and were back to thriving. Good stuff! The only thing I wish was different is that this tea comes in loose form, but most of the recipes go by number of tea bags to use, so you have to at first sort of just pack some in your tea ball and eyeball how much will be the right amount. But it works out fine and you will love the results.

  307. Linda Buechel (Sun City, AZ)

    I ordered several teas to try in my Kombucha and am looking forward to tasting the different results. Stay tuned I will be trying my first batch with my new teas very soon! KC has great customer service and I would recommend them to anyone. I had a small problem with my order and they were very quick to take care of it!

  308. Julia Siporin

    This is my favorite blend! A hint of apple or pear. Brewed w/ rose petals and a few raspberries! YUMMM!
    (I can’t get the stars to stick; I’d mark this a 5 star!

  309. Stephanie B (Savannah GA)

    This is the best tasting tea! It is smooth and delicate-compliments the carbonation and the perfect "bite" of a mature brew. Thank you to Hanna and her crew for all the help (read four emails about how I was sure I killed my SCOBYS). Emails were detailed, kind and immediate. I am so blessed to have heard you on Undergroundwellness!

  310. Joe Westerman

    I can’t believe I make such good tea, batch after batch using your special blend. I’ve tried other teas and keep going back to your special blend. I finally quit trying other teas because I’m very satisfied with the results.

    Keep up the good work. You have good products, speedy shipping and great customer support. I wish you well with your business.

  311. Shelli H., Eugene, OR

    This is an awesome blend of delicious, refreshing, and fragrant teas. I love the resealable and reuseable bag it comes in too!

  312. BethAnn

    Hannah’s Special Blend came with my brewer package. While we were waiting for the sweetened tea to cool enough to put in the brewer, I poured some into a glass over ice. YES! Absolutely the best glass of iced tea I’ve ever had. My daughter doesn’t even like iced tea, but her eyes lit up when she tasted it. There’s nothing like it. I’ll be buying it more often this summer so I can have a pitcher of iced tea in the fridge next to the KT.

  313. Karen Johnson (Levittown, PA)

    My order arrived very quickly and I am impressed!! Thank you!

  314. Sara

    I can’t say enough great things about this blend. Not only does my SCOBY love it, it has a lovely flavor (especially as an iced tea)

  315. Linda Leskovar

    This is by far my favorite tea for kombucha making and for just making a hot cup of tea. My cupboard is filled with different teas because I love tea. But after tasting Hannah’s Blend, I never even try any other teas…they just don’t compare to the taste or quality of Hannah’s Special Blend. Thank you again Hannah for yet another superior product. I love all your products including this delicious and healthy tea blend!!!

  316. Ann E (Evanston IL)

    Yum, just ordered more of Hannah’s Special Tea Blend. It is so fragrant. I’m not only using for my brew, I’m also making cup after cup of it to drink. A great coffee substitute. Thanks for another great product!

  317. Nikki G (Berryville AR)

    I just love this tea blend! I ordered another pound so I’d have enough to start some more batches of "bouch"

  318. Anne Linggang Ho (Malaysia)

    I received your tea blend on 26th Feb 2014. I have brewing my kombucha successfully since. The brew tastes really good and my scobies are very healthy. Am very happy with the tea blend.

  319. Jill Abraham (Elmhurst, IL)

    I am so glad I found the kombucha kamp website/online store! I will be a regular customer; the special tea blend is delicious.

  320. Joanna Langemann

    When I bought my scoby I also got 1 bag of this tea mix, I loved it so much I bought another pound of it. I pricednit out to just mix my own and it would cost me more to buy it all myself, so the prices here are great as well. I love this blend!

  321. Peter

    My Brew is amazing with this tea

  322. Lin , Grass Valley, CA

    I was making some PG Tips black tea and C&H sugar kombucha before I ordered the continuous brew kit. The flavor was heavy and the color was dark. Hannah’s special blend is light, complex and very tasty. So far everyone friends and guests love it.The flavor and sparkling are even more yummy after the second fermentation! Thanks, Hannah

  323. Elizabeth Escoffery (Indianapolis, IN)

    I am very pleased with Hannah’s blend. I have successfully brewed my first batch and just began my second. I love the flavor combination and just how much bang I get for my buck. Delivery was very prompt! Thanks Kombucha Kamp.

  324. Patricia

    Love this blend of tea for my kombucha. It is a mild tasting tea and smooth. Will definitely continue to use this in the future.

  325. swikmo (payson,az)

    All I can say is THX Hanna for your awesome blend as well as your knowledge and service!

  326. Kelly (Corona, CA)

    If I could give this more than 5 stars I would because it has been BY FAR the BEST tea I have ever brewed with. My batches come out delicious every time. It’s not heavy tasting, not too light — it is perfect. It makes big fat babies every batch and is worth every penny. I don’t know what Hannah put into this but it’s like Kombucha magic. Seriously, I’ve spent so much money in the past looking for a good tea to brew with and this is hands-down the best. I haven’t tried it as a plan old tea yet (because I save it for brewing) but I’m sure it’s delicious. Also, the picture doesn’t do it justice — there are big beautiful leaves in the blend — all whole, no dust. SOOOOO GOOD!!!!

  327. Jani Jeane

    I love this tea blend!! It make a lovely cup of tea and some of the best bucha!

  328. Justin (Orlando, FL)

    This particular blend is my absolute favorite. I’ve been brewing for 6 months and have tried many blends out there from other websites and have found my favorite here with Hannah’s Special blend. Always a quality brew!

  329. Jennifer (Roseville, CA)

    I received this tea complimentary with each of my scoby purchases, which I thought was very nice. In comparison to other organic teas I have used for KT brewing, Hannah’s special blend definitely grows the biggest and best Scoby’s. Thanks Hannah for hand blending this tea! My scobys also thank you!

  330. Lucy P. (Huntington Beach, CA)

    Your tea blend for Kombucha is so potent. It brews such a rich tea and the Kombucha that it becomes is the best I have ever brewed. How inspired of you to blend all those teas to broaden the nutritional and energetic benefits of my brew.

  331. Gwen Tegtmeier (Columbus, GA)

    This really is a special blend! I have tried using some other tea and I just don’t have the same results. I will continue to buy this tea and brew with it. Hannah really knows what she is doing with Kombucha, so if she puts her name on it, i know it is a legitimate tea!

  332. Anna Cook (Chattanooga, TN)

    Hannah’s special tea blend is fabulous! I love the flavor and great Kombucha brew every time. It is a wonderful mixture of organic teas that blend together in perfect harmony!

  333. John Jazwa (Avon, OH)

    This is awesome tea! I was using other teas before getting Hannah’s Special Blend, and I’m surprised at how much difference this tea makes, really yummy booch! On top of all that, I appreciate that it’s organic. No reason to look any further, this stuff was great first time and every time!

  334. Molly (Chula Vista, CA)

    , I love your special blend. I have started 6 friends and all their kombucha was started with your special blend. When they have “gone off the wagon” and ventured off on their own teas…it just isn’t the same. Mine is still tops with your special blend. Thank you for all the info and for helping all of us get started on the road to super health.

  335. Molly (Chula Vista, CA)

    , I love your special blend. I have started 6 friends and all their kombucha was started with your special blend. When they have “gone off the wagon” and ventured off on their own teas…it just isn’t the same. Mine is still tops with your special blend. Thank you for all the info and for helping all of us get started on the road to super health.

  336. Patti (Fair Grove, Mo.)

    I Love this tea blend!! I don’t even need to flavor my booch, I like it just as well right out of my continuous brewer. I ordered a lb and I’m so glad I did, it will last quite a while but I can assure you I will be ordering it again when it runs out! Also my Kombucha cultures love it, they are going crazy growing, Thanks Hannah for putting this together for us! :))

  337. Donna Payne (Fort Myers, FL)

    I love this tea blend. It is nice and light not to intense. I love the taste of my KT right out of the container and that is because of Hannah’s special blend tea. If I make to much for my brewer my husband always ask for it so I put it in the refrigerator and he has ice tea and I have KT. He also likes the KT plain like me. Thanks Hannah for doing all the research for us so we can just sit back and enjoy! 🙂

  338. Donna Payne (Ft Myers, FL)

    I love the cb and I love the tea…(your special blend) I make it as ice tea for my husband he also loves it. I am extremely happy with everything I have bought and the customer service as well. I am even thinking of getting a second cb as I love my kt. I just found some new recipes to use it in. I make drinks and salad dressings with my kt. I have even noticed that my eye sight had improved. So yes I would recommend your site and have already. I love the videos they really helped. Keep up the good work.

  339. K. Naquin (Port Orange, FL)

    Well balanced tea for great ‘booch! I enjoyed this tea blend very much. It made for a great first and now second batch. It is very mild so I let it seep awhile longer on my second batch. My SCOBY seems happy as it’s growing big and strong!

  340. Debbie Loree from Cove Oregon

    Hannah’s special tea is the best tea for brewing kombucha tea. I ran out and had to use another and it’s just not as good.

  341. Eric B. K., Portland, OR

    I love the light but complex flavor this blend brings to kombucha. Plain booch is not so plain anymore! And it lends itself well to various added flavorings.

  342. Peggy P (LA)

    I started using Hannah’s tea blend, and it is awesome tasting! Plus it makes beautiful SCOBys. I am so glad I decided to try it. Give it a try you will love it!

  343. sannylou

    I am a newbee and just didn’t know where to start. I found Kombucha Kamp. Spent lots of time here and decided this is who and where I need to start. I ordered her kit and in it was her perfect blend tea. I used it loved it. Then decided to try something else. When we tried it, my husband and I wondered what I had done wrong. Couldn’t think what it was, I had done everything I had done before. I did order more of Hanna’s blend. WOW, now I know how much it depends on the tea you use. I trust Hanna with any question I have, she is the expert. I am so glad I started here and used her tea. It is the best. I send everyone to
    Hanna’s site to get them started on the right track. I am so proud to be a Kombucha Kamper !

  344. Diana BC, Canada

    We really love Hannah’s blend of tea. My husband said please order more. Hannah’s blend produces a perfect brew every time. This beginning kombucha enthusiast could not be happier.

  345. Nutan (Capitola CA)

    Love this stuff. You can taste the tea in the Kombucha which is really nice. Thanks for making such a great blend!! 🙂

  346. Mark

    I have not been sick since I started drinking Kombucha. I’m going on 6 weeks short of a year. This is HUGE for someone that has had chronic sinus infections for many years. Great tea and great scobies from Hannah. Highly recommend!!

  347. Theresa

    I love this blend; I’ve tried others, but keep coming back to this; perfect tasting kombucha every time. Best tea blend ever for Kombucha or for having a great cup of tea!

  348. Helen A (Germantown, TN)

    This is my favorite tea- it makes the best tasting kombucha by far. I won’t use anything else. And it makes the most beautiful scobys! I will be re-ordering the large size.

  349. Deborah Higgins (Belton, SC)

    I love this tea blend. It makes the best KT and also a nice cup of regular hot tea. The smell is lovely and balanced.

  350. Ann (Charlotte, NC)

    LOVE Hannah’s Perfect Blend tea. So many great health properties and the BEST tasting Kombucha!

  351. Laurie R (Paradise Valley, AZ)

    I had already been making kombucha but switched to using Hannah’s Special Tea Blend. I gave a bottle of my kombucha to a friend of mine (who has been making kombucha longer than I have). She sent me an email that said, "Best. Kombucha. Ever." She wanted to know more about how I make my kombucha. I attribute the great taste of my kombucha to Hannah’s Special Tea Blend.

  352. Juan

    I love this blend. It tastes great and makes a great batch of Kombucha. I’ll keep ordering

  353. Marcia Emmanuel [st.Michael, Barbados]

    Thank you Hanna,i do not drink tea’s but herb tea, we say bush tea, but that blend, Blended delisious.
    i have to re order
    much more. cheers to a new blend for me, I’ll place 10 stars to the tea.

  354. Dawn Hall

    I love love love this tea blend. I have now bought 2 and 1/2 pounds of it. Perfect balanced Kombucha comes from this tea.

  355. Judi P. (Glendale, CA)

    I just LOVE this tea, and so do my scobies!!! They are huge and happy and I also love the little cotton bag! As other people said, I make the tea for my booch and then make tea for myself… Such a wonderful smell!!!

  356. Debbie M. (Marysville, OH)

    I ordered this tea because it is organic and that is important to me. The blend is lovely and smooth. I haven’t been brewing that long but this is my favorite tea by far!

  357. Sherry White (Bedford, Texas)

    I like the taste of the Hannah’s Special Blend tea, and plan to order it again, giving some of it to a friend to use as regular tea. The tea blend gave the KT a unique taste, and using a lot of it is not required for your brew. I am a tea aficionado and always experimenting and looking for a tea that is so versatile.

  358. Laura

    I perused the tea selection when preparing to order my scoby. I purchased this tea purely on the basis of reviews. I’m happy to say it is all that and more. A very smooth tasting tea. I’ve yet to try it in my KT brew. It is so delicious that I fix a cup of it every morning instead.

  359. Marietta Bricker DeFuniak Springs, FL

    This is absolutely the best smelling and tasting blend ever! When I brewed my first batch, I was so excited over the heavenly smell of this tea! For the past 40 years I have not been able to drink regular tea because of the tannins in the tea which gave me severe stomach pains. I have no problem with herbal teas, so I was curious how I would react to this blend. No problem whatsoever! I can drink as much of the KT as I want and no after effects in my stomach! This blend is perfect! Thank you, Hannah!

  360. Charlene

    This is the BEST tea. I use this one most of the time and it always gives great results. I have purchached many other teas and they are likewise wonderful!

  361. jenni h (lincoln, NE)

    I love this blend. My tea tastes so much better than the stuff I used to pay a zillon dollars for. I don’t know if I will ever use anything different. The taste is light and flavorful.

  362. Robin

    When it comes to loose tea, I am a "tea snob"! I am very happy with Hannah’s Blend. I am especially happy using it in my oak barrel! The 2 flavors combined are amazing! The quality of the tea is quite nice. It’s very fresh, and brews up nice and smooth.

  363. PaulaLyn Rider ( GA )

    We love this tea blend for making our perfect Kombucha! This was the first tea blend we used for our first ever Kombucha. After a time or two we tried goimg with organic store bought green & black tea, but were disappointed in the results. We went right back to Hanna’s blend and are so happy we did!

  364. Pat (Douglasville, Ga.)

    I am new at making kt. It was some what scary starting out as I was afraid I would ruin it. I ordered Hannah’s special organic blend tea and oh my gosh – it was amazing!! I love it! This special blend is perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing!

  365. Kyle (Aliso Viejo, CA)

    This blend is definitely my favorite. I drink it hot with raw honey and also use it for my oak barrel kombucha. A little bit goes a long way. Order this tea! Your body and your SCOBY will thank you.

  366. Susan Robertson (Michigan)

    I purchased a bag of this tea blend recently after receiving a sample of it with the SCOBY I also purchased here. This tea blend is delicious and produces excellent KT! I intend to buy more when I run out!!

  367. Suzette L. (Arizona)

    Hanna’s Special Blend is the best. I’d never used loose tea before but the tea ball makes it so easy. My scoby are thriving on this tea.

  368. Julia (Maui,Hawaii)

    This tea blend is delicious and allows for a perfect kombucha brew each time. I just ordered a full pound of this yummy stuff and will continue to reorder–plus the customer service and shipping times are phenomenal! All the way to Hawaii in just a few days! Thanks, Hannah!

  369. Mark Iberg (Buda, TX)

    Soooo tasty!!!

  370. Penny D

    LOVE LOVE this blend!! I didn’t start using this but will from now own! It makes some of the best KT I’ve ever had!! I will be recommending it to my kombucha-brewer friends for sure! I love that it is organic. That is a very important aspect to me.

  371. Molly O’Rear(Chula Vista, CA)

    Never having heard of Kombucha and being thrilled at the health benefits I read about I was intrigued. I stumbled upon Hannah’s website and decided to jump in, I bought the starter kit and have been Kombuchaing about 4 months…I love it. I have gotten 3 friends started and the tea combination of Hannah’s special blend just can’t be topped. We all love it.I enjoy the experience and the sweet smell of the brew… Thanks so much Hannah!

  372. Debbie (Lawrence, KS)

    The blended tea that Hannah provides in the "No Frills" package is remarkable. I have used it for two batches now and the flavor is wonderful. She uses all kinds of different teas to make a really interesting and delish Kombucha.

  373. Mark Gertenbach

    We have tried blending our own teas but this is by far the best! Love it!

  374. Sharon Fan

    My whole family loves the flavor of this blend. Nobody has asked me to try a different flavor. 🙂

  375. Robyn (Phoenix, AZ)

    Wow, so I ordered this so I could get free shipping on more of the wonderful bottle caps. I adore this stuff and my brew isn’t even finished yet. I have tasted it a few times to check it and I cannot explain the taste but it reminds me of flowers. I am not even sure I want to flavor this one, it is so delicious. But more than that, I have NEVER had so much fizz in my brew only 3 days into the brew. I may be hooked on this one 😉 Give it a try!

  376. Tami Schneider (TRF, MN)

    I really didn’t care to try to figure out the best type of tea to use, so I went with this special blend and have been happy with it. It smells wonderful and makes great SCOBIES. I will definitely be getting more of this.

  377. Natasha

    I love Hannah’s tea blend. I makes the perfect Kombucha. I am now mixing it with equal parts green tea. I get rave reviews from friends that they like the taste of my Kombucha better than theirs 🙂

  378. Jackie C. (Minnesota)

    Love the flavor and the fact that it is organic.

  379. Cindy (Highland, UT)

    I’ve been using Hannah’s Special Tea Blend for all of my batches and it is superb! I love that it is organic and the developed to be an ideal blend for making great Kombucha. I wouldn’t use anything else!

  380. Danielle Denhardt

    I LOVE this tea blend! Just the right balance of tannins and flavor! I have also enjoyed it hot. Yummy!

  381. Laurie M, Panhandle, TX

    This tea keeps my SCOBY healthy and growing like crazy. It does have a little too much green tea taste for me, but because of its health benefits I just add 1/2-1/3 t. black tea and it’s terrific! I will buy it again.

  382. Charlie

    Fantastic results on the first try!! I ordered more right after I tasted the results.

  383. Julie Witters

    So far we’ve used Hanna’s Special Tea Blend as well as some of our own tea concoctions , and nothing so far has compared to the flavor of Hanna’s. It has a great balance of flavor and smoothness. We love the benefit that it is organic too.

  384. Rebecca (stafford Springs Ct )

    Hannah , I just love the flavor of this tea – I didn’t think my KT would come out as good as pre bottled !

  385. Tamia G. (Presque Isle, ME)

    This blend is wonderful…lots of interesting notes! I’m a novice brewer and used the complimentary bag for my first batch. Delicious! So much so that I ordered a whole bag! I highly recommend it!!

  386. Paula R (Jersey City, NJ)

    Absolutely amazing!

  387. Sandra

    The continuous brewer moved across the country with me. Hannah’s special blend has been the absolute best. I look forward to making the next batch of nutrient solution so that I can use the leftover tea leaf mix to brew one more cup for me!

  388. Melanie B (Kent, WA)

    This blend is delicious, reliable, and, most importantly, organic. It makes tasty kombucha AND a great cup of hot tea.

  389. Janice B.

    The tea makes a very tasty kombucha.

  390. Sharon Fan

    The tea blend had very good flavor and I’m becoming more addicted to it!

  391. Beth Orsi

    Best tasting Kombucha Tea blend. I also love to add the ginger sold here during bottle processing. strong ginger taste which I love.

  392. Stephanie (Anchorage ak)

    This special blend is perfect for making authentic Kombucha. I just completed my first batch and everyone loved it and wants more. I am ordering this tea for all future batches. It also makes for a great cup of hot tea. This tea takes out the guesswork for me and it’s the best.

  393. Karen (Philadelphia, PA)

    This special blend makes excellent Kombucha!

  394. Dana P – So. Cal

    This is the best blend for Kombucha. I really like the flavor and that it is organic and Fair Trade the price is rather nice too. Good job Hannah!!! we Love it!!

  395. Marcella F (OH)

    This tea is the absolute best tea to use for KT. It is the closest blend I’ve used that tastes very similar to a popular store bought brand. I will definately be purchasing this again.

  396. Loretta

    Hannah’s Blend makes great kombucha. I only use it and Oolong. Another plus is that Hannah’s Tea is organic and reasonably priced.

  397. L. McLean

    I really like this tea, and I have used a lot of different ones. The SCOBY especially seems to like it more than the other teas I have tried.

  398. Lowene

    This is a very tasty tea blend. We love it!

  399. Sonya

    This set the standard of quality for me, and now nothing tastes as good! Great product, can’t wait until my next shiment!

  400. Jake (Oregon City)

    For those of you who have tried making kombucha in the past and just can’t seem to come across that flavor that we love about our store bought kombucha, here is a tea that will one-up that. This is also a perfect blend that utilizes multiple types of tea for all of their varied health benefits.

  401. Mary F (Kamuela, HI)

    This is great, the KT is wonderful and yes I believe the SCOBYs love it. They grow so big so fast, and even in my hotel the SCOBY has formed a giant baby with this tea. I love it too just as a tea drink though sometimes I add an extra tsp of rooibos just to help with the mental facilities. I usually brew for the SCOBY and then put more water in and get a second brew from Hannah’s blend, this I drink most of the day with some KT added, yum yum. I will be ordering more. Thanks Hannah.

  402. Patti Johnson (Lawrence, KS)

    This is THE ONLY tea I’ve used as the base for my KT since receiving my CB system a few months ago. Not only is it delicious tea to brew and drink — it makes a wonderfully tasty KT! I can’t see using anything else. Perhaps I’ll become more adventurous as I become more experienced. But right now, THIS special blend is MY FAVORITE!

  403. Deeanna (Big Island Hawaii)

    Wow!! This is so yummy. Best blend ever. We can’t wait to get some more!!

  404. John (St. Cloud, MN)

    Hannah’s blend is pretty good, I’ve only had it as hot brewed tea and not in kombucha yet, but I have great feelings about this tea!

  405. Melissa O (Chaska, MN)

    Hannah’s Blend is wonderful, it is a great tasting tea, and I will continue to buy more.

  406. Melanie Comito (Mineola, NY)

    This tea blend makes the most delicious kombucha. I received a generous sample bag with my order of the No-Frills Continous Brew Kit. This makes kombucha better than the store-bought versions I’ve tried. I’ll be ordering more!

  407. Kelly

    I stopped brewing kombucha for about 7 months because I just couldn’t find a tea at the grocery store that I liked. I had been wanting to try this blend for a while but was put off by the cost. I am SO glad I finally sucked it up and bought some of this tea because it is the BEST! This tea makes a beautiful, great-tasting brew. Worth every penny!

  408. Alex

    I had to try this blend after seeing this many good reviews, after trying it I can say it is worth it.
    A drastic improvement compared to store bought tea bags!

  409. Alyssa Ferguson (Pocatello, ID)

    Hannah was kind enough to send me a sample of this tea in a little reusable tea bag and I must say its AMAZING! I will definitely be purchasing more when my black tea runs out! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing tea!!

  410. Trudy James (Longville, LA)

    This tea blend is absolutely delicious. I am new to home brewing and was very skeptical that I could make something that tasted as good as the GT’s store bought brand. Was I surprised! This blend not only makes wonderfully delicious kombucha, but makes excellent tea as well. Plus it’s organic and fair trade! I have no reason to try anything else. I’m a very satisfied customer. Thank you, Hannah, for your fabulous blend.

  411. Regina from Kansas

    This special blend of Hannah’s is superb! The brew I’m getting from using this blend tastes better than anything I have purchased at the health food store. Thanks to Hannah’s special blend I have the best tasting booch in town!

  412. Pamela Sanderson (Fowlerville, Mi)

    I recieved such a large and wonderful looking scoby and my first batch with organic green tea was fantastic. (I bottled with a small amount of ginger) I am drinking the second batch with your blend and that was over the top! I use a seed starter mat to keep the KT brew warmer in the winter and it seems to work but takes 2 weeks. Thanks for everything.

  413. anne evans

    i ordered the blend after using a lot of different combinations of my own…..why did i wait so long??? it’s so delicious – so light – so smooth – makes all the difference in the world. I’ll never go back! It’s worth the investment for a great taste!
    Anne Evans (Colorado Springs, CO)

  414. Ingrid (Michigan)

    As an experiment, I tried brewing with pure organic Darjeeling, and then with a blend of half Darjeeling combined with half Hanna’s Special Blend. As far as just having a mug of hot tea goes, I still prefer Darjeeling. But, by the time the kombucha does it’s thing and I put in flavorings for a second ferment, I don’t notice a flavor difference. My four daughters (ages 8-11) are crazy for kombucha – and they all did notice a flavor difference and all prefered the batch brewed with Hanna’s Special Blend. (It’s hard to get them all to agree on anything.)
    I’ve come to think of my scobies as sort-of pets. As such, I want to take care of them the best I can. They LOVE Hanna’s Special Blend. The babies produced are noticeably thicker, stronger and have a more consistant texture than without it, and the brew finishes a 1-2 days sooner. The nutrients in Hanna’s blend clearly meet the nutritional needs of the scoby better than pure black tea. I will definitely continue to use it; I’m brewing a batch of pure Hanna’s blend now.
    * side note – as I was typing, one of my girls came to me and said, "I just can’t wait, is there any kombucha ready? I love it so much."

  415. Katie B

    I love this tea. The finished brew tastes EXACTLY like a store bought name brand (that shall remain nameless). I had bought a few bottles as starters and tasted mine against store bought and it tasted EXACTLY the same. I feel bad for people that waste money on stuff they can make for way cheaper!!!

  416. Gillian West Bend WI

    Hannahs blend makes fantastic Kombucha and also makes a wonderful cup of hot tea on a col Wisconsin morning! I am offically hooked!

  417. Connie Boucher (Super Simple Wellness)

    Hanna’s special blend lives up to its name!

  418. Roger Bissell

    I’e been using Hannah’s special tea blend and it has been great. It came with my continuos brew package.

  419. Heather

    This tea is fantastic! It makes delicious KT. Will be buying more when I runout for sure. Thanks for sure a great product!

  420. Joyce

    Since this is my first batch of tea blend for kombucha, I can’t compare with others. However, the fragrance of Hannah’s blend is delightful and so far our end product is delicious. Waiting for our third brew right now. It’s been about 13 days; brew is still a bit sweet for our taste but close. Thanks, Hannah, for quality products, great education and the best ever customer service!

  421. Rebekah R.

    I am a new kombucha brewer and this tea has tasted and brewed great. I plan to continue using Hannah’s special blend for a long while!

  422. Summer T. (Santa Barbara, CA)

    I’m very pleased I decided to purchase this tea. I’m relatively new to brewing Kombucha & am currently on my third batch. So far everything has turned out just great, and I think it really is because the SCOBY loves this organic blend!

  423. nancy

    i find tis verry good because you must not mixed your self in in handy bags that you can close

  424. Alan S Blanchard

    Awesome tea blend ! I also like using it for breakfast tea!!!! Makes incredible tasting kombucha

  425. Ronda

    First off…I have been drinking tea(I make) for over 20 years. I have ordered it from literately every country in the world. I even have my own special blend which is a mixture of my favs.

    I ordered some of Hannahs and OMG this isn’t even close to describing it. I made a cup for our tea tester daughter and she said the same thing "OMG" Just between you and me, this puts my secret recipe to shame and way cheaper than my conglomeration.

    I will be a forever customer of Hannah’s blend it’s amazing

  426. Kathleen Lundin

    I just received my second pound of this tea. It is really wonderful.

  427. G Fleming (Los Angeles)

    After starting out with this blend, I tried many different teas to make my kombucha, and have decided to keep it simple and use this blend exclusively. The flavor is wonderful! Thank you.

  428. Sherrie B. (Henderson, KY)

    The tea blend is fantastic! I was hesitant to spend the extra money b/c of my tight budget but I am so glad I did. The kt brews to a flavor profile that I just love. Thanks, Hannah!

  429. Chris S. ( Princeton, WI )

    I’ve experimented with several different teas and I keep coming back to Hannah’s special blend. It makes by far the most mellow, all around best tasting kombutcha I’ve had, hands down! I still like to try different teas, but this will always be my main kombutcha tea. Can’t go wrong with this one! Thanks Hannah!

  430. Molly

    This is really the best way to get started. the flavor is a perfect meld of everything. it isn’t too bitter, too weak or too "healthy" tasting. it comes out great. we love it. it’s a great way to start because you have an awesome base to judge the rest of your tea mixing concoctions. regardless of what i try, i always come back to this one as the best.

  431. Sarah

    I have found that this is one of my favorite tea’s for making my kombucha! I make 8 gallons a wk and all my kids drink it. They have all told me they do much better in school when they drink a glass of Kombucha with their breakfast!

  432. Lincoln

    This reeeeally is a great blend! My favorite flavor I’ve tried. I drink right out of the brewer after 7 days… a little here and there while I’m waiting for the brew to complete in 12 to 14 days.

  433. Terri S, Navarre Beach, FL

    Great Tea Brew! My 1st and 2nd batch of Kombucha tastes great, similar to the Kombucha that I paid $4 a bottle for. I’m enjoying the savings now! Thanks Hannah!

  434. Kerry A

    I love this tea blend! It makes the BEST kombucha and it’s organic and fair trade too. My scoby thrives when I use this blend. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

  435. Sandy Fischer

    I was afraid I wouldn’t like the homemade kombucha as much as GT brand I was drinking. This tea is WONDERFUL! My husband and I cannot get enough. Guess the next step is continuous brew system!!

  436. EarthMama

    People, please save yourself a ton of trouble and get this tea blend. The scobys grow great and the tea tastes delicious. I’ve found steeping the tea extra long when making Kombucha gives it a deeper flavor that I prefer. BTW, Hannah, I love your site!

  437. Karen ( PA )

    I tried this tea that came as a sample with the scoby I ordered about 6-8 weeks ago and it was delicious. After trying different teas on my own, none tasted as good as this blend so I ordered it even though it is expensive and I love the Kombucha it makes. The reviews are right, the scoby does seem to love it as the babies made with this tea seemed more solid/stronger than with other teas.

  438. Cindy Flores

    Perfect tea for brewing perfect Kombucha!!! Cindy F (Farmersville, CA)

  439. Sheyrl

    I just served my husband Kombucha using the Kombucha and Hanna’s tea blend. He said it was fantastic!. It took a few cycles to get the kombucha going but now it is delicious!!!!

  440. Whitney Linn

    Hannah’s blend produces a perfect brew every time. This beginning kombucha enthusiast could not be happier.

  441. Lisa, Michigan

    The tea I received with my kit was fantastic. I will be ordering more very soon. Organic is very important to me and the flavor this tea makes my Kombucha taste wonderful. Thanks!

  442. Brent, San Diego

    I think maybe this whole Kombucha thing is a front for her tea operation because ever since I tried it and gave some to my girlfriend and her mom I’ve had to buy this stuff by the pound just to keep up with demand. Best thing is it comes in 4 ounce packages so I can order a few of them to save money and dole them out as necessary. I admit I enjoy a cup myself with sugar and a splash of milk.

  443. Tiki Nelson (Ft. Walton Bch, FL)

    I have to admit that I was tempted to use my own tea but after reading about how temperamental the culture is, I decided to follow Hannah’s advice. This is a great blend that turns out perfect every time!

  444. Sonja Hunsaker (Escondido,Calif.)

    When I ordered the complete brewing kit I never imagined the difference in taste I would get with Hannah’s tea blend. Wow, does it taste great. I can’t bear the thought of using store brand tea after having Hannah’s

  445. Coach Jordan (Massachusetts)

    The tea smells amazing and the bacteria seem to LOVE it. Eventually I hope to make my own bulk tea. In the meantime Hannah’s Special Blend is wonderful and exactly what I need to make my delicious and healthy KT.

  446. B

    Being new to brewing Kombucha, I’m appreciative that Hannah has taken the time to create a blend of teas with these qualities. My KT is delicious. It’s a great way to start. I’ll experiment with other teas as I learn more. I like the concept of supporting various health conditions with specific teas….targeting seems smart!

  447. Heather

    I was a little bit hesitant about purchasing Hannah’s tea because of the cost. But I read the reviews, and especially here at the beginning, I wanted to get started off well, so I bought 1 lb. I am drinking my first glasses of home brewed, continuous brew kombucha, and don’t regret getting her tea. The layers of flavors are so great and the tea smells great too. 1 lb will last a long time, and is still economical in the grand scheme of a consumer’s life! When I ordered a pound, I got 4 packaged 4 oz bags which I loved, because it will keep the tea fresher longer.

  448. Toby Rey

    I really love this blend of tea. I thought when I first purchased it I’d just figure it out and buy the ingredients from my local tea shop…but I will continue to buy Hannah’s Special Blend since it tastes so good in my kombucha.

  449. Paul G. (Pocatello, Idaho)

    I have used all of the types of tea that are in Hannah’s Special Tea Blend but I must say, the way she had put this blend together produces not only a great tasting Kombucha every time but it is also a great tasting tea when I feel like making just a cup of tea alone.

    Paul G.

  450. Chris Bourke (Sydney Australia)

    WoW This tea is gooooooood!!!
    The description says it all.

    Super fast shipping even all the way down under and makes it through customs without issues!!!

    Thanks Hannah!!!!

  451. Michelle Orange County, CA

    This tea is perfect! After I make tea for my new batch of kombucha, I don’t throw away the tea, I make a gallon worth of tea with Hannah’s special tea blend and let me tell you, it gives me a lot of positive energy and it clears up my skin. The next day I wake up with less pimples and it makes me very happy! so I been drinking it and my skin is almost perfectly clear! Thanks Hannah!

  452. Jessica R.

    This tea blend is so tasty! I’ve had other homemade kombucha and it wasnt nearly as good as this tea makes mine! I love the flavor and it is just as delicious every brew!

  453. Rene (Missouri)

    Hannah’s perfect blend really is perfect!

  454. Linda Geric

    Great tea for first time brewers! Delicious

  455. Debbie D (Carmel, CA)

    This blend makes the BEST brew… I love it!!!

  456. Dana P. (Utah)

    Hannah’s Perfect Blend is DELICIOUS!!! I only wish I could get it in bigger quantities. The SCOBY’s love it too.

  457. Josh P (Los Angeles)

    This is a great tasting organic blend of tea! The Scoby seems to love it as it is growing bigger by the week. A very smooth but noticeable blend of flavors make this tea taste great. It’s also good when served hot or iced.

  458. Randie

    This blend makes a beautiful brew and babies every time. Organic is important to me and this blend lives up to the best…and, fair trade to boot. Lovely

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