Hannah’s Tea Blends – Organic Three Tea Sampler Pack

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Hannah’s Tea Blends – Organic Three Tea Sampler Pack

Kombucha Kamp’s signature tea blends are all selected and hand-blended by me, the Kombucha Mamma.  Not only do they make THE tastiest Kombucha around, they are also delicious right in your tea cup. This sampler includes 3 bags of 2oz pouches of our sensational tea blends.  

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17 reviews for Hannah’s Tea Blends – Organic Three Tea Sampler Pack

  1. Shawna H

    I have purchased everything from the big book of kombucha to SCOBY kits, heaters, Hannah’s tea blends…repeat. I am a super fan of the personalized service she takes time to give. It’s hard to put a review on a single item. Everything comes fresh and in a timely manner. I recently ordered the milk kefir starter as well as the sourdough starter. Still experimenting with these.

  2. Sandy Watson

    I’ve only tried Hanna’s special blend so far and it’s very, very good! I’m sure the others will be just as delicious.

  3. Ashley Rice

    I ordered this sample pack of tea so I could try different teas to brew my kombucha with. After trying them all Hannah’s Special Blend is by far my favorite and makes the most delicious kombucha I have made to date. I will definitely be buying more of it to keep making quality kombucha for my family. The other tea I enjoyed drinking as brewed tea. Also, the package arrived very fast which was also really nice!
    Ashley Rice (Douglasville, GA)


    Love this sampler. Hannah’s special blend taste so lovely, and it makes very fizzy kombucha. The Scobies also seem to be pretty happy with the blends. These are great quality teas. I’ll definitely be getting more when we run out. Erica J, Reisterstown, MD

  5. Christy (Atlanta, GA)

    Theses teas are heavenly and divine! As a new brewer, I was using organic green tea and my first 3 batches were successful. Yet after using the green goddess tea for two batches I had two very strong scoby’s that formed so I started a scoby hotel! Thanks Hannah and team! You guys are the best!

  6. Karina Gusenkov (Bay Area CA)

    I love all the three samples of these tea! Especially that I found someone who sells organic blend! My 3 kids drink a gallon within less than 2 days:)

  7. Tanner Anderson (Cushing MN)

    Kombuchakamp.com is awesome! The tea sampler was everything that I expected; delicious! Customer service are super friendly! Ordering what I needed was a delight! The only problem I had was deciding which tea I like most! I’ll definelty be ordering more of each plus some flavors to try. Thanks kombuchakamp.com for making my first kombucha brewing experience so satisfyingly simple and delicious!

  8. Jeanne Miller

    I can’t thank you enough for the insight you’ve given me on brewing my own kombucha. My daughter introduced me to it in December 2014. I had been purchasing my own for the last couple of years & it can get expensive. I drink it to help with my autoimmune condition, rheaumatoid arthritis. My daughter bought me the one gallon & all the supplies I needed to brew. I was very happy & then saw the contiuous brew & said I have to have that & make lots of kombucha. I love it! I only buy your tea now as well as those wonderful flavoring packets. It’s a lot easier than chopping up my own ginger & buying the herbs.

  9. Kelly (Corona, CA)

    I bought this so that I could get some extra Hannah’s Special Blend and try two new flavors. This is a great deal. Hannah’s Blend is by far my favorite and my brew always comes out fantastic! The Green Goddess is very light and quite lovely. Can’t comment on the Yin Yang yet as it’s currently brewing but a test sip revealed that it might just be up there with Hannah’s Blend! All 3 teas are beautiful — full leaves, great taste. They are so pretty that you almost don’t want to use them. 😉 However, once you try them you’ll have to stop yourself from using them for more than brewing Kombucha as they make great teas on their own.

  10. Eric B. K., Portland, OR

    This was a great, economical way to sample 3 contending blends for Kombucha. Hannah’s Special wins hands down for booch, but the other two are very enjoyable in their own right; my wife loves the Yin & Yang iced. Very good value.

  11. Bryon Voyer (Charleston, SC)

    Have been using Hannah’s Special Blend in our Kombucha CB for a couple months and it is delicious. We don’t even flavor it. Started a CB with the Green Goddess blend and it is turning out to be just as good! Haven’t tried the Yin Yang blend yet, but I am confident it will be just as good as the other two. Look forward to continue ordering the 3 Tea Sampler in the future.

  12. Terry Pettie

    Hannah’s Special Tea Blend is so delicious, it inspired this: My Darjeeling Green Goddess, go to the Dragonwell with your Gunpowder Green and balance your Ying Yang. Jasmine Green will rev you up with Three Tea Sampler. Finish with Hanna’s Special Tea; proof it’s delicious will come from White Peony, “Say, Chung — Ooh, Long Tea.”

  13. Tamia G (Presque Isle, ME)

    Have tried all 3 teas and they are lovely … both in taste and visually. It’s a treat to open the bag and breathe in the aromas. Hannah’s special blend is my favorite … delicious, full-bodied and lots of interesting notes. Makes fabulous kombucha. The Green Goddess and the Yin Yang are both wonderful as well. Is that a hint of jasmine in them?? Have just tried them hot so far, but have full faith they’ll make great kombucha as well.

  14. Melanie B (Kent, WA)

    I use the Hannah’s Special Blend for brewing kombucha and it was so successful that I haven’t tried the Green Goddess or Yin Yang for brewing yet. I absolutely love all 3 teas for drinking as hot tea and will be ordering more for that purpose! Love that they are organic!

  15. jane

    I am enjoying the sampler pack ! I like to mix Hannah’s tea with green teas with my brew, but Hannah’s Green Goddessis so yummy and unique! …even the aroma of the tea upon opening the bag is soothing and eye-opening all at once. I just added my refill to my pot, so looking forward to trying it soon!

  16. Craig & Laura

    I enjoy all 3 teas in our kombucha. Thank you for the promptness in delivering. I was out and expected to have to use different tea for another batch and the next day our tea was here. Thank you!

  17. Arthur Vance

    All three of these teas were tasty. I’ve only used Hannah’s special blend to make kombucha so far but I drank the rest of the green tea and yin yan tea just as it is. Also tasty. Got to order more.

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