Video: Kombucha Float!

Hey Everyone! I had the chance to meet the lovely ladies of Kind Kreme. Dynamic duo and business partners Mimi and Mollie graciously invite me to share one of their tasty treats: the Kombucha Float! They are also the co-founders of Sage Vegan Bistro which boasts 3 locations in Los Angeles.

In this video, Mimi scoops up a fantastic Honey Vanilla Ginger Kombucha Float. Later, Mollie tells me all about her desire to provide the vegan kids out there (young and old!) with delicious, healthful, conscious desserts that will still please the average omnivore that wanders in looking for a traditional sugar rush. (Oh, by the way, she’s nailed it.)

Let me say, the Booch Float was amazing. So yummy, I just love the sweet/sour combination and ginger is one of my favorite Kombucha flavors. If you live in or around Los Angeles, give this place a try soon. Or make one for yourself using your homebrew. Highly recommended.
Thanks again, Ladies!
Here are some pics.

Mollie Engleheart of Kind Kreme in Studio City, CA talks to Hannah Crum, The Kombucha Mamma about the Kombucha Float Hannah Crum sips a Kombucha Float from Kind Kreme
Hannah Crum decides she likes the Kombucha Float from Kind Kreme Mimi of Kind Kreme explains why she loves Kombucha and Kombucha floats

Check out the Kombucha Float video below!



Have you made your own Kombucha Float?
Leave your recipe in the comments!

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Responses to Video: Kombucha Float!

  1. I ordered your book, it came yesterday & it is beautiful! I used the Pink Lemonade recipe. I can’t wait to try it. This was my 1st time making two gallons at once. Next time I’ll try the ginger recipe.

    • Yes. Most dextrose comes from corn, so you will want to select a brand that doesn’t come from GMO corn.

  2. I so wish I still lived in CA….hmmm, more locations…considering Austin? 🙂 Until then, thanks for the brilliant idea!

  3. I have a small electric ice cream maker (kind you freeze the bowl) and this is on my “to do” list later when my ice cream lovin’ ramps up this summer. On my 3rd gallon KT brew. I love the process and getting the hang of it now. Ginger is my fav.

    • The recipe is simple! Add your favorite flavor of ice cream to a glass, top off with a complementary flavor of Kombucha – voila – Kombucha Float!

  4. Hi Hannah! I took your class several months ago I think. The new KindKreme in Pasadena is opening across the street from my apartment building! I can’t wait to try it.

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