Root Beer Flavoring Pack of 4

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Make Root Beer Kombucha or Water Kefir at Home!

Grab all of these great root beer ingredients and more in the Flavor Saver – Mix and Match 4 pack.

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 Root Beer Flavoring Pack of 4

Root beer, as the name suggests, was originally made by fermenting roots into a health tonic. Steeped in the tradition of “small beers,” these healthy quaffs were a staple in colonial times. Other small beers include ginger beer (now known as ginger ale), birch beer and sarsaparilla beer.

Once carbonated water was invented, it became more cost effective to simply add a flavored syrup extract in order to achieve the same flavor. Unfortunately, most of the nutritional benefit was also lost in that process. Recreate your own favorite recipe by adding these flavorings to Root Beer Kombucha, water kefir or jun for a healthier alternative to the mass produced options.

Root Beer Kombucha

Historically, there were many different types of herbs and roots used to create the unique flavor. We keep it simple in this Root Beer Flavoring 4 Pack by providing the 4 basic root beer ingredients that will yield a tasty brew. This recipe is intended as a guideline that may be personalized based on your taste preference. Try it with Kombucha, Water Kefir, or JUN.


  • 1 packet of sassafras* (0.6oz cut and sifted)
  • 1 packet of sarsaparilla* (0.8oz cut and sifted) 
  • 1 packet of wintergreen* (0.4 oz, cut and sifted)
  • 1 vanilla bean** (~0.22oz)

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Basic Root Beer Ingredients Recipe

*for each 16oz bottle, start with the below amount of flavoring – remember, a little bit goes a long way, so try this first, then dial up the different elements to find your unique rootbeer recipe!

  • tsp sassafras
  • tsp sarsaparilla
  •  vanilla bean (cut into eighths, no need to remove the seeds)
  • ¼ tsp wintergreen

Combine all root beer ingredients into a clean bottle. Fill with Kombucha, water kefir, or JUN and cap tightly. Allow to remain at room temperature for 24-48 hours, then taste and move to the fridge when it has the desired flavor.

The herbs and spices may be placed in a reusable tea bag to facilitate removal or simply strained. This step is important if intending to bottle age for longer periods to prevent over-bittering or off flavors.

For a “rootier” or earthier flavor, increase the amount of sassafras and sarsaparilla.

Sassafrass, when it is ground up, will offer more intense flavor – increase 1/8 tsp at a time. Click “2x Sassafras” to purchase an extra packet of sassafras.

Our sarsaparilla bark has a larger surface area so more may be added without adding as much intensity as the sassafras but still providing depth and flavor. Click “2x Sarsaparilla” to purchase an extra packet of sarsaparilla.

For a creamier flavor, increase the amount of wintergreen and vanilla bean.

Wintergreen is in the mint family and adds a coolness to the flavor that creates a smooth mouthfeel to the brew. Double it to 1/2 teaspoon for additional creamy notes. Click “2x Wintergreen” to purchase an extra packet of wintergreen.

Vanilla bean is the pod of an orchid and while it has become synonymous with “plain” it is subtle yet adds rich flavor. The key ingredient in a cream soda, upping the vanilla will also increase the creaminess of the flavor. Click “2x Vanilla Bean” to purchase an extra packet of vanilla beans for your root beer.

Other root beer ingredients to consider adding to your blend include:

Grab all of these great ingredients and more in the Flavor Saver – Mix and Match 4 pack

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37 reviews for Root Beer Flavoring Pack of 4

  1. Jean Robinson (verified owner)

    I used the flavor packs. The first one I did as the instruction stated. I found it was hard to decide on 1/4 tsp with all the overflow of the spoon. It tasted great! The second pack I used my little grinder and made powder with all the ingredients except the vanilla bean. That worked out perfect and the taste was even better. I did substitute a grade A vanilla bean ( into 6 parts for six bottles (16 oz) That came out better tasting than the first one. Creamier. I can not wait for my third pack. Everything is perfect and I know I will be getting more. I would like to buy the ingredients in bulk because my brother who is also getting into Kombucha Kamp and all that is offered. Enjoy if you are a root bee r lover. Thank you !

  2. BatTikvah (Patriot, IN) (verified owner)

    I love the taste. It is not strong like I would typically think of root beer, but it is delicious. I tried it with the basic amounts and then doubled the sassafras and sarsasparilla. Both came out tasty. I am still new to brewing so it is possible I need to let it go longer to get a stronger flavor.

  3. Alanna wargula (verified owner)

    Both my daughter (9) and I (old) love this rootbeer kombucha. Great price for good quality and organic spices!

  4. Catherine Skidmore

    So fragrant when you open the package! This was tasty both in Kombucha and with soda water. Simple and helpful directions.

  5. Josh Barrak

    The Rootbeer flavoring pack smells incredible! Wasn’t sure what it would smell like but it really smells like Rootbeer!

  6. Lisa Veronica

    Super fun, delicious, and great flavors for me to share with brand new kombucha lovers!

  7. Sharon Hedman

    My teenage daughter was recommended to drink kombucha by our allergist. When I noticed the root beer flavoring, she was very excited. I did need to add a little sugar, but it is a hit.

  8. Prudence W (Columbus, OH)

    I have been using Kombucha Kamp for a few years now. At first I was watching videos on YouTube, I think. At the time, I made and drank only plain Kombucha. I then realized that I quite enjoyed the addition of ginger to my batch and began keeping a supply of that. My grandkids think the plain ginger is a bit to strong in flavor so now I add Chamomile as well. From your site I saw the package for "Root Beer" and it is a big hit with the grandkids. After trying your Green Goddess tea blend, I now use it faithfully in every brew. What else can I say. I love your site and I love your quick and reliable service! Thank you for all the wonderful products you offer.

  9. Jerri Fillmore

    Jerri (CA)
    Love this flavoring! Very nice and subtle 🙂

  10. Shari Lyon

    This pack makes the best homemade root beer! We brewed it as a tea and added brewers yeast and let it ferment a few days! It was so delicious with such a complex flavor! Highly recommend is.

  11. Terry Vigue

    I used the root beer flavoring to flavor jun and was surprised at the delicious flavor! I’ve never cared much for root beer because it was always too sweet for me. This flavoring, however, was very nice!

  12. Helen Karl

    Still trying to find the best recipe!

  13. Lynn B Chami

    I really enjoy the root beer flavoring. I followed the instructions and after a couple days of bottling I had root beer flavored kombucha.

  14. Monica Hahn

    This was my first purchase from the site, though I visit regularly for tips & ideas (thanks, Hannah!). I couldn’t find these ingredients anywhere else. I followed her recipe pretty much exactly, & it was yummy. I did NOT think it tasted exactly like root beer from the store – it was much better. Mass market root beer barely tastes different from cola these days. This was much tastier. I think I’m going to make it again on my next batch.

  15. Donna Franklin

    Donna F (Sacramento, CA)
    I really enjoyed the root beer flavoring for my Kombucha. Something really different and unique. There are plenty of spices to make several batches.

  16. Missa Waldo

    My 11 year old loved the root beer kombucha from the store and really wanted to try to do a 2F at home with RB.
    We tried a recipe we found online, but it wasn’t quite the right combination.
    I surprised him by ordering this RB pack from Kombucha Kamp to see if we’d have better luck. I opened the package and told him to smell. His eyes lit up and he said, "rootbeer!".
    Turned out just the perfect blend of flavors. I personally prefer the flavor in a less mature, sweeter brew, but he likes it any way he can get it!

  17. Mary Wanda

    I have purchased from Kombucha Kamp two times. This last time I was especially impressed with Hannah. I was having trouble with "the whole computer thing" and decided to call to place an order. I left a message after Hannah’s recording expecting a representative to return my call. What a pleasant surprise when Hannah, herself, called me! She was patient with my questions and helpful. I love my Root Beer Kombucha Flavoring (5 stars) and Hannah’s Special Tea Blend (5 stars). Thank you Hannah!

  18. Shelley Miller

    This flavoring packet of spices is excellent. I also tried the Cream Soda recipe from The Big Book of Kombucha, which my kids really like. As always, the quality of the products from Kombucha Kamp are excellent!

  19. Kristin Rahn

    At first you smell each packet separately and wonder, can it really work. Then you mix it and….heavenly. Makes a fun Kombucha although I haven’t gotten this flavor to fizz yet. I’m going to try in kefir soda too. 

  20. Sandy C (West Warwick, RI)

    I like rootbeer and was intrigued by this flavoring 4-pack. It’s a favorite now. And I appreciate the recipe and variation suggestions.

  21. Danielle Hayes-Price

    I love the history behind root beer and wanted to try making it. I love the taste and think its even better than store bought. 

  22. D Fitz (Denville, NJ)

    This is a wonderful alternative to plain water kefir. While we don’t flavor every batch, we do enjoy the root beer flavor every once in a while. It’s a real treat!

  23. Victoria

    We ordered the rootbeer mix to flavor our Kombucha. We are new brewers and had no idea if it would actually taste like rootbeer or not. I can tell you it is great and our son’s favorite!

  24. Jennie J. ( No. Salt Lake, Utah)

    I was intrigued by this flavor packet. I love rootbeer, but don’t drink soda, so I bought this wanting to see if I could, in fact, make a rootbeer booch. OH MY GOODNESS. The flavor is spot on, smells and tastes just like rootbeer. I’ve even played around and made a sarsaparilla, which is another favorite of mine. Thank you, Kombucha Kamp, for offering such a great product. 🙂

  25. Patricia C

    I love root beer, I love kombucha and had never thought of root beer flavored kombucha until I saw this on KK.  I used this flavoring as instructed on the packages and it is one of my new favorites.  I didn’t change a thing. My sister is my taste tester and she loves it too.  I will be ordering this again!  

  26. Susan Walters (OKC, Ok)

    I love Root beer and this makes great Root Beer Kombucha. I priced some of the ingredients and thought I wouldn’t be able to make it. I checked here and was so relieved to see to see they had a flavoring pack.

  27. Eileen

    Oh my gosh! I am so addicted to this flavor. I love my kombucha and I have been experimenting with flavors. This root beer flavor is the best! I absolutely cannot get enough of it. I may have to start another brewer. I am also very impressed with everything I have ordered from Kombucha Kamp! High quality! Thank you so much! Many Blessings!

  28. Robin

    This flavor combo is insanely delicious! I grew up drinking a clear soda called ‘birch bark’ and this brings be back to my childhood. My 13 year old daughter is always asking for it. Thanks Kombucha Momma for putting this delicious pack of flavors together!

  29. Christy (Atlanta,GA)

    WOW! Who knew after years of not being able to have root beer that a beginning brewer of kombucha could make it. Its all thanks to Hannah and team for their fabulous customer service assistance, her website and book. I highly, highly highly recommend this product and will be buying regularly as the family likes it too!

  30. Suzanne (Piqua, OH)

    Some of the flavoring prep for applying the finishing touches of my KT and my H2O kefir has been completed for me. What a handy package-Rootbeer Flavoring 4 pack-containing medicinal herbs and roots! Tasting my beverages I became reminiscent of visiting Virginia City, NV, drinking sasparilla and relishing the occasion. Try this 4 pack and see where you travel!

  31. Sarah (Veazie, ME)

    I love love love this flavor! Since I am new to flavoring Kombucha, I wanted to start with something that was recommended and sold by Kombcha Kamp since I’ve had great experiences with all their products. My boyfriend and I fell in love the minute we opened our package and sniffed the contents. It smelled just like root beer! I made two bottles of root beer kombucha, and they had a nice, subtle root beer flavor. I might add just a little bit more of the flavorings in my next batch to make it more bold, and maybe I’ll combine it with some of my homemade ice cream to make a "root beer" float! I’m looking forward to experimenting some more with these lovely flavors.

  32. Teresa, (Virginia)

    When I received my order and opened the package the delicious aroma of Root Beer was evident :). The flavoring pack made a delicious Kombucha Root Beer!

  33. Marcie Snyder (Berwick, PA)

    What can I say but the absolute best root beer flavor for my kombucha! Made even better when using Hannah’s Special Blend Tea for my kombucha tea. Yum!

  34. Jen Jensen

    I love visiting this site and finding new flavorings to try. This is a fun one, and my kids loved it in kombucha. Thanks KK!

  35. Christopher S. (Princeton, WI)

    This Root beer flavoring is awesome! Really put a different twist on kombucha and our grandkids love it as they don’t get to drink soda!!! Will definitely be getting more of this in the future! Thanks Hannah!

  36. Laura B (Williamsburg, VA)

    I was skeptical about whether or not this would really taste like rootbeer and it totally does!! It’s delicious – seriously, what a great healthy alternative! Dont have to be a kid or have a sweet tooth to love it because the kombucha balances the flavor just as well as the sugar in rootbeer does, but much healthier.

  37. LJ

    I used this root beer flavor pack to make root beer flavored kefir water.  My kids and I loved it.  I used the recipe provided to flavor a half gallon container.  I added a little bit of honey for the fizz and let it do a second ferment.  Thanks Kombucha Kamp!

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