Flavor Mix – Pack of 4

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Select from our several herbs & spices to mix & match and create your own unique flavors. 



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Flavor Mix – Pack of 4

Select any 4 of the flavorings listed below from the drop down menus. These are barks, berries, flowers, herbs, spices and seeds perfect for flavoring Kombucha, JUN and kefir.

Flavorings for Kombucha or Kefir

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114 reviews for Flavor Mix – Pack of 4

  1. Lauren Moustakas

    Fast and wonderful service! I bought these flavorings for my husband to try with his water kefir and he has really enjoyed making his own rootbeer flavored water kefir! The elder flowers made a delicious addition to our Kombucha. We will definitely be ordering again!

  2. Laura Wells

    This 4 pack flavor savor allowed me to try 4 flavoring of my choice and a savings price. All arrived fast, correct and love the quality. I will reorder from KKamp only

  3. Sarah Harrison

    Love being able to mix and match flavors! Everything from KK has been amazing!

  4. Melody Mason

    I love having the option to try a variety of flavors in this way. Lavender is my favorite but also love goji berry, rose hips, and dried elderberry. I use the ginger in all bottles. Cinnamon is good with freeze dried apples I get from Trader Joe’s. I feel it is worth the slightly extra cost to get excellent flavorings this way due to my limited spare time. So grateful for KK!

  5. Cara Lowry

    I’ve been a happy KKamp customer for 4 years and have ordered the Flavor Saver countless times. It’s a great way to try out new flavors in my brews as well as stock back up on favorites that are running low. The flavorings are always high-quality, fresh, and delicious!

  6. Kim Koppenaal

    Good value and a great way to add and experiment with flavors.

  7. Katie (Wash.DC)

    I cannot say enough nice things about Hannah and what she is doing for this community and, essentially, beyond with its far reaching benefits! First and foremost, before I knew of Kombucha Kamp (*womp womp*), I purchased a SCOBY from another reputable retailer where I’d been successful from buying and using their kefir grains. Well, as beautiful as the SCOBY was and is, I wanted to go from making 2qts of booch to 1gal, and did so following KK’s instructions, etc. However, by this time it has changed seasons and much too cold in my apartment to keep the brew cozy in ANY room, much less allow her to rest comfortably while we left town for two weeks. I called Hannah with questions about one of the heating kits (on a Sunday, which she returned just a few short hours later!) and she was beyond helpful in answering my questions, advising sincerely with kindness and upmost respect, and included a 4pk of tea flavors in my order also. Well I was worried I still may have to dump my batch and check my SCOBY in to a hotel while we were gone but the heat strip was delivered in perfect time and set up all the day before we had to leave town; so perfect! The tea flavorings I purchased smell and look incredible and I couldn’t wait to get back into town to check my brew and flavor it (flavors resting now!). I have already purchased one of the highly sought after beautiful SCOBYs from Hannah as well as her special tea blend and am EAGERLY awaiting its arrival. If you are reading this, do not hesitate when considering purchases from KKamp & Hannah. She has this community’s best interest, prices products incredibly fair for the wonderful quality and her assistance is unparalleled. Also, praying over your batch and singing to it does indeed work 🙂 Thank you Hannah!!

  8. Beth Bois

    I really love the option of having so many flavors to choose from. Using the Flavor Savor 4 pack is an excellent way to try different flavors. The vanilla is awesome!

  9. Karen Nowak

    This is a great way to try different flavorings in your kombucha.

  10. Ryan Balli

    I’ve enjoyed all of the flavorings I’ve purchased from Kombucha Kamp! I love using products that are free of chemicals and taste great.

  11. Cynthia Miller

    I ordered the flavor saver pack for my first batch of Kombucha. I liked the nice variety and the flavors are fresh and delicious. Hannah is easy to talk to and is very helpful in recommending products for a newbie like me.

  12. Christine Briel-Smith

    The ginger and elderberry flavors for my KT are the best! This is a re
    eat purchase for me!

  13. Michael Guilbert, OD

    I am in the process of using the flavorings from Kumbucha Kamp and have found them tasty and fresh . So far I have tried Brain Brew , flavor saver 4 pack , Gogi berry and green power . All have been good and now I will start some combinations of these and others that I will be getting from Kumbucha Kamp . Michael Guilbert- Bozeman , Montana ( 05/08/2019

  14. Cindy Ladig

    The flavors are all organically good!
    Definitely a great opportunity to try any assortment of flavors for a reasonable price. Thanks!

  15. Lisa Degelmann

    I love these Flavor Saver packs! I enjoy trying new flavors and being able to mix and match is a treat. Everything is very fresh and enough for many batches. Thank you! Lisa D., Harrisburg, OR

  16. Mary (Orinda CA)

    I am new to this process and found the flavorings easy and delicious! A must try!!!

  17. Kristin Rahn

    This is a great way to start experimenting with flavors. The rose plus brain brew blend recipe in the big book is heavenly. I put the elderflower with grapefruit, wow. Then a soothing turmeric, ginger, cinnamon. I just ordered another set with florals. 

  18. Christina Gringeri

    Great starter for flavoring! Love the ginger and elderberry, alone or together. Didn’t notice much flavor with goji, but I use it as an immune enhancer with ginger. Excellent quality products!

  19. Barbara K. Quarantello

    I have used the Chai Spice flavoring for my Kombucha for approximately 4 years, it is the best. Add this to some pure apple cider and it tastes like apple pie, delicious!

  20. Catherine Schane

    (Venice, FL)
    I have the Big Book of Kombucha and wanted to start trying some of the flavors, now that I’ve gotten brewing settled.  I especially wanted to try Love Potion 99.  This Flavor Saver give you enough for multiple batches, but not so much that it’s likely to lose it’s ‘umph’ or I’m likely to feel bad if I don’t like something.  I’ve bought 2 in separate orders and have yet to find anything I didn’t like.  Shipping is prompt and the package arrived in good condition.  BTW, the Love Potion 99 is outstanding!

  21. Danielle Hayes-Price

    The brain brew, ginger, dried elderberries and chai spice is the way to go! The brain brew is my favorite it gives you such great mental focus and tastes really good.

  22. Shelley Miller (Warrior AL)

    This is a great way to try out flavors for your Kombucha. I ordered Brain Brew, Hibiscus, Elderberry and Ginger. They have all been excellent. I am a Kombucha newbie, but have been able to successfully brew Kombucha through the help of your site and your awesome book "The Big Book of Kombucha." Thanks Hannah and Alex!

  23. Brenna (Boston, MA)

    I haven’t gotten the chance to use all my flavors yet but I have to say my Hibiscus is amazing! I made Hibiscus lemonade with ginger and lemon juice and it is so good and gave my kombucha a nice deep red color. These flavor packets are getting me really excited to try new things with my Kombucha!

  24. Jennie Jones, No. Salt Lake, Utah

    What a great deal this is! This is a great way to try different flavors if you can’t decide. Everything I have purchased so far (Brain brew, cacao, rose petals, and green powder) are of high quality and you get several servings in each package. It is such a great price for the amount you get, you can’t go wrong. I was wondering what in the world to do with the cacao, but I have come up with my own dirty chai flavor that is actually really good! This is always the place I come to when I need to order flavorings for my ‘booch….great quality, great price and friendly people…you can’t go wrong with Kombucha Kamp!

  25. Brenda B (Leesburg, VA)

    I ordered the 4-pack of flavors because I couldn’t decide between all the choices. It was hard just to get it down to 4. I love that I actually got a vanilla bean for that flavoring. I have tried 2 and they were very tasty. The instructions on their site are so wonderful. I’ve tried to do this successfully for years and am so glad I found this site. Make sure you take a look for all the good tips!

  26. Victoria

    We are new to brewing so we tried a few flavors. We loved it! We are back to order more flavors.

  27. Gina, Hilo, Hawaii

    My fellow brewers, just can’t beat the value of this package if you want to try something new in your flavoring! Mahalo Hannah and KKamp!

  28. Terrie

    So much fun! I ordered 2 chai, one cinnamon and 1 elderflower. All added a nice flavor to my kombucha. I little goes a long way.

  29. Lisa Degelmann (Harrisburg, OR)

    I love that I can choose what flavors I want to try, and get a good amount of each so I can make several batches. Everything is really fresh and flavorful. My favorite so far is the Elderberry, and I can’t wait to try more flavors. I will be ordering another sample pack soon!

  30. Gina

    The flavorings are so much fun! Loving hibiscus and rosehip-they go with alot! Can’t wait to try more! Thankyou

  31. Tami Grandchamp, Escanaba MI

    Really like being able to try 4 flavors in one order. They all smell fresh & taste great! Lavendar is my favorite

  32. Susan Emerson , Morristown ,NJ

    The teas I purchased are absolutely wonderful.  The one I have enjoyed the most is Hannahs special blend.  Thank you for being such a high quality company 

  33. Eileen

    I love the fact I can mix and match the flavor packs. It makes it so much fun to try many flavors. I just keep experimenting and they all taste delicious! I even eat some of the herbs and spices as I drink my brew. I do have a few favorites that I have ordered in larger sizes. The brain brew, ginger and elderberries are so yummy!

  34. Barbara S. (Rathdrum ID)

    I have to tell you that the spice’s, and spice blends I received from you to flavor my Kombucha are absolutely amazing!!! The multi-pack to make root beer flavored Kombucha makes the most wonderfully flavored Kombucha! And the Chai spice flavoring…oh my gosh!!! Delicious!! Your spices smell AMAZING, and the quality, and flavor’s are unbelievable!!! Thank You so much!! I will only buy my spice’s, and spice blends from you!! A definite 5 star +!!!!!!

  35. Lois Yeager (North Huntingdon, PA)

    I love the sampler pack. Originally when I ordered it, I got 4 different flavors and loved that I could try 4 for such a low price. But once I discovered how much I LOVE the cinnamon crystals, I ordered 3 cinnamon crystal packs and 1 mint flavoring packet. Although the mint is good, the Cinnamon is GREAT. I have recently discovered that adding a few of the cinnamon crystals to strawberry honey kombucha creates a delightful flavor. Slightly fruity and cinnamon, combined with the honey is simply yummy. Please consider adding cinnamon flavoring to your next batch of healthy kombucha. Every other week, I make a new batch and use my cinnamon flavoring.

  36. Cressida

    I love this flavor sampler! I get to choose what I want and they are such high quality ingredients. So happy I found Kombucha Kamp so I can get the best of everything to home brew Kombucha. Excellent and fast service too!

  37. VickiMarie

    Great way to test a variety of flavors. Easy breezy to use.

  38. Carol Busch

    I love the great value on the flavor saver-4 packs! Great service!!

  39. Sherri Field elmhurst il

    I’ve been making booch for about a year now and love it. Decided to spice it up a bit and order some new flavors. I love the elder flowers and the rose hips and the hibiscus adds some beautiful color to my brews. It’s a great way to try several flavors and combinations. The order came quickly and as always with a personal note from Hannah. Its also a great way to get all the ingredients to make rootbucha which is the best!

  40. Lisa (Pasadena, CA)

    The first flavoring I tried was the chai spice and I LOVE IT! I then purchased the 4 pack with hibiscus, gogi berries, cinnamon bark and green powder blend. Every time I make a batch of bucha I try one of these in my secondary fermentation. The buch comes out great. I estpecially like the cinnamon bark and I mix with fresh ginger or a little bit of apple. Super good. The hibiscus makes a beautiful color tea that is lightly flavored – very refreshing. The gogi berries and green powder blend are equally good – love that I can add extras to make each bottle of Kombucha a little different. Will definitely buy again!

  41. Bonnie Riley (Verona WI)

    I would give everything I have purchased which was flavorings, ph strips and a temperature gage a 5 star rating. I was very happy how fast my items got here. Thanks for the great service.

  42. Lisa Anderson (Madison, SD)

    Love my package! Been using it to brew Kombucha and Water Kefir! Love these products!

  43. Lolajean Shields (Ventura CA)

    5/5 stars for quality, speed, and efficiency. Feedback, when necessary, was courteous and prompt. It has been a wonderful learning experience and there’s nothing to reap but health benefits. Now, I’ve moved on to flavorings with the second ferment….and have had success!! I’m looking forward to all the choices you offer. Picked up a few. And one of my own; pineapple and a couple dashes of cayenne. Thank you for your superior products.

  44. Cara L. (Hermosa Beach, CA)

    This four-flavor sampler is the perfect way to try out a variety of different herbs, spices, and flavoring blends — especially if you like having a lot of flavoring options.

    So far I’ve tried rose, lavender, elderflower, tumeric, and the green power blend. All are exceptional.

    I will definitely be ordering more in the future!

  45. Sally

    I am really enjoying flavoring my kombucha! Your flavors are great and let me make all kinds of yummy kombucha! Thanks!

  46. Teresa, (Virginia)

    The 4 Pack Mix & Match is a good deal and a great way to try new flavor ingredients. I made a delicious Hibiscus Lemonade with hibiscus, ginger, and lemon juice. Yum!

  47. Laurie Wickstrom (Northfield MN)

    I am really happy with all the products that I have used so far. I am using the heating belt and it is working great for me with a timer on it to keep the temperature at an even degree for brewing. I am reading your book and love this also. I ordered some of your flavorings and have tried your tea. The batch was the best I have ever made. I tried your second brew by putting the flavoring in and leaving it for a couple days without the belt. Best tea ever. I am on my next batch now and know it will turn out great. I am about to order some other products now. Thank you for all the advice and suggestions that I have received from you in my very amateurish ways. The book has come in handy also. I’m curious to try some of your different blends.

  48. Darlene Hlady (Calgary, Alberta)

    My first pack came with Chai Spice. I combined Blueberry juice & chai spice – it truly put a smile on my face. It was refreshing and left me begging for more. The Flavor Saver is awesome for people who love to brew but are very, very busy.

  49. Melissa

    The mix and match is a great value. It allows me to pick flavors to try at a discount. Once I find the flavors I love, I can buy them in a larger quantity.

  50. Sarah Smith (Poulsbo, WA)

    I bought a 4-pack mix with my initial SCOBY purchase. I tried the chai, hibiscus, maca, and green power blend. They were all awesome! My initial brew I flavored a couple bottles with each individually to get an idea of what they add to the kombucha. The chai was very strong–I think I’d like it with some apple or vanilla! The hibiscus was my favorite and made the kombucha a very pretty pink. I couldn’t taste much difference with the maca and the green power, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They both have great health benefits and I can see pairing them with stronger flavors easily. This was a great way for a newbie such as myself to try new flavors without committing to a larger order of a single flavor. Can’t wait to try more!!

  51. Marcie Snyder (Berwick, PA)

    Great way to try some new flavors for my kombucha. Elderflower, Maca, Elderberry and Green Power Blend were my choices. The maca (along with some cinnamon) did make my fruit flavors taste like pie. Green Power Blend – just the name of it makes me feel healther and it tasts great. Check out the other review to find ‘recipes’ for your flavorings. I did. There are great combinations here.

  52. Mary (Roseville, CA)

    This is an inexpensive and great way to try different flavors on second ferments. I like that it tells you the amount to use on the package. A little goes a log way so these will flavor lots of kombucha! I’ve made ginger/hibiscus (yum!) and sarsaparilla mixed with vanilla bean. Next I’ll use the cinnamon bark with apples. 
    Thank you, Hannah, for making these available and easy to use!

  53. Laura B (Williamsburg, VA)

    This is a great deal! All flavorings are super high quality and tell you exactly how much to use in your brew. So far I’ve used my chai tea, elderberry, and lavender. Havent gotten to try brain brew yet. The elderberry makes such a gorgeous color and they all taste great. Yum!

  54. Mary Harmon (Bainbridge Island, WA)

    Nice way to try new flavors. Hibiscus and rosehips make a beautiful pink blush color in addition to great taste.

  55. Bradley Johnson (Gilmer, TX)

    Best bang for your buck to try new flavors or stock back up on your favorites. Ordered ginger(x2), elderberry, and green power blend. All bags were labeled and had usage instructions (convenient). Will definitely order this pack again when I get low.

  56. Kathleen Konce (PBG, Fl) 12/11/15

    This was a great opportunity to try four different favors.  I chose hibiscus, rose hips, ginger and elderflower.  They were all very good.  I felt like an artist or a chef creating beautiful flavors to tantalize the palate.  There are endless possibilities. Very exciting!!!

  57. Stevann Hamilton (Escondido, CA)

    What a great opportunity to try 4 spices when getting the Deluxe package. Included in the 4 pack were Chai Spice, Ginger, Brain Brew & Cinnamon. All stimulate the right areas of my brain in terms of flavor – delicious, but then there’s mental security in getting that added benefit from Brain Brew. I’m hoping that the Gingko and Gotu kola are stimulating a neuron or two in my brain preventing premature aging, enhancing intelligence and stimuating memory. After a second ferment in my cupboard, there’s an added natural carbonation – especially with my absolute favorite, ginger. Almost equally as wonderful are the Chai and cinnamon. Both add a pretty strong flavor. The portions are generous and the instructions are priceless. Hannah recommends anywhere from 1/8 – ½ tsp depending on the flavor. 
    I’m looking forward to my next order which will include another 4 pack with a new mix of flavors.

  58. Doug

    I love these flavourings I continually come back here to stock up on different flavourings that I can mix in different combinations for my Kombucha, Jun and Kefir

  59. Dean W.

    I love this sampler, and the flavors are outstanding. The elderflower makes my Jun taste like a great champagne. We also like Hibiscus with Ginger. Great product!

  60. Rebecca Iqbal

    I have purchased this 4 flavorings mix-n-match twice now, each time trying 4 different flavors. I was surprised by how generous the servings of each flavor were! I thought that since it was a 4 pack, it would just be a little bit of each flavor, but the chamomile for example, came with 50 servings! Lavender had 60 servings in a bag, and rose petals had 70 servings in a bag! Wow! What a great deal! Therefore, havings spent about $30 on 8 different flavorings I’m set for life! These flavorings will last me a LONG time. I’m also thrilled with the potency and freshness of all the flavors. Maca is one of my favorites; it’s earthy and nutty. Sometimes maca is so mild you can barely taste it, but just a little bit of this high quality maca goes a long way. I’m so glad I ordered my flavorings off Kombucha Kamp- it would have been much more difficult to try and gather all these flavors from different stores. I’ve been spreading the word on homemade Kombucha, and I always recommend Kombucha Kamp products (I ordered my starter kit from this website too,and three months later I’ve got two healthy batches brewing constantly in my pantry!). Thanks Kombucha Kamp!

  61. Connie (Bluffton IN)

    I like having kombucha handy. I have bought some of the flavorings. I especially like the brain brew. My great granddaughter likes the sasparilla. The chai is wonderful. Hannah’s special is so much better than using just plain black tea for the brew.

  62. Jeanne Miller

    I decided to buy the flavorings to just add more life to my plain old kombucha. Wow! I purchased ginger, elderberry, rose hips & hibiscus. I love all of thee flavors & plan on purchasing a diferent variety on my next visit to Hannah’s web page. This really changes up the brew. I love how easy each bottle is to flavor too!

  63. Karen (Riverside, RI)

    This is an extremely good deal. After adding flavors to my KTea I could never go back. I look forward to purchasing more multi packs and trying all of the available flavors. So good.

  64. Angie Dahlstrom

    I give KK 5 stars for excellent customer service and top notch kombucha supplies. Delivery has been prompt and your products are wonderful! Thank you Hannah & KK Staff. Keep up the good work!

  65. Lisa Witt (Hudson WI)

    Ordered dried elderberries and hibiscus, LOVE IT! Rating of 5 out of 5 for both.

  66. Sue Marshall

    What a great way to be able to try a variety of different flavorings. Thank you K.K. for offering the sample packs and letting us choose our own combinations.

  67. Keith Fuller (ventura CA)

    We switched to Kombucha Kamp flavorings for our KT about 3 to 4 months ago and the results have been amazing. Our KT has never tasted so good and we love the fact that they are 100% organic. We only use organics in out KT so it was great to find someone with all the cool flavors and killer customer service. We the tried a few runs with the Hanna’s Blend tea and although it is a few dollars more the price is well worth it. Our tea has never been smoother and more full of flavor. Customer for life!!! Thank you Hanna, we LOVE you.:)

  68. Sari Duncan

    This 4 pack was a great way to try different flavors. It was especially helpful to have the directions on the packages. Thanks

  69. J.O.

    Very tasty teas! Fast shipping!

  70. Kelsey (Brentwood, CA)

    All the flavorings smelt so fragrant when I opened the bag, and they tasted great! I will definitely be ordering from from here.

  71. Michele Parsons,(TX)

    Got my first batch flavoring.
    Blackberry on top, then bottom shelf left to right is Plum, Hibiscus & Ginger ( my fav so far), Cranberry, Papaya, Elderberry (for upcoming cold season).

  72. Catherine

    This was a great price for 4 flavorings that will last thru many, many brews. We wanted the ginger and got two because we know we love ginger-flavored kombucha, but we also got elderflower (one of my favorite flavors) and maca, which was an unknown… and it was great! We’re already scheming on our next order 🙂

  73. Kelly Travis, (Port Orange, Florida)

    What a great way to get started with flavoring your Kombucha. The possibilities are endless. Thanks to Hannah for offering the 4-pack Sampler……Now it just got easier. 🙂

  74. Rene L Kohler, (Kansas City MO)

    My favorite flavoring is the elderberry. Going to try lavender buds and fresh mint next. Thank you so much for everything.

  75. Barbara Porter, Murrieta, CA

    I got the 4 pack sampler pack of flavors. It was great as it allowed me to try different flavors at a reasonable price. My all time favorites, though, are still ginger and Chai.

  76. Drew

    The 4 pack is a great value. I got rose hips, lavender, chia and green powder. All arrived quickly with my new caps.

  77. Lisa (DS, LA)

    My first flavorings came with my Deluxe package… ginger, hibiscus, and goji berries. Love them all! Not only is the hibiscus delicious, it makes such a pretty color, too! I just received the 4 Pack Mix & Match and can’t wait to try them… cinnamon chips, dried elderberry, rose hips, & green power blend. Hannah’s flavorings are delicious, economical, and always arrive in a timely fashion! Her recipe ideas for each flavoring is such a bonus!

    I also play around with herbs from my garden and have found a few very tasty combos…rosemary & lemon zest; dried lavender buds & mint leaves; basil & fresh pineapple.

  78. Sherry

    Go with this
    Pick elderberry
    Hibiscus and a wild card.

    The ginger goes with just about everything
    The berries and hibiscus offer great flavor and lovely color
    It all fizzes in second ferment beautifully

  79. Becky Disner

    We’ve bought the mix-and-match flavors twice and we are completely satisfied, would buy again, and recommend the Kombucha Kamp to our friends. We’ve tried vanilla, ginger, chai, peppermint, sasparilla, and lavender. Our favorite combination is Lavendar/Vanilla and the only flavor we didn’t care for was the peppermint because it made the booch bitter tasting which we didn’t care for.

  80. Tracy K

    Love these flavors! We purchased brain brew, elderberry, vanilla bean, and ginger. Yummy!

  81. Jennifer

    excellent quality. I love being able to create my own blends!!

  82. Rose Ragan (El Segundo, CA)

    My favorite is Elderflowers, it’s a low impact punch of classiness added to the Booch! I love it.

  83. Ann

    This is a great way to sample different flavors for your kombucha. My personal gfavorite is the ginger and I found it doesn’t take much to give a wonderful flavor and extra fizz.

  84. Sara

    A great way to try some new flavorings. I had never had Elderberries or Hibiscus before. OMG what was I waiting for?!

  85. Kelly (Corona, CA)

    This is such an awesome deal as it allows you to try a variety of flavors without having to buy the full size. I highly recommend the ginger and cinnamon chips. I ordered the maca and green power blend but haven’t tried them yet. Seriously, the ginger is out of this world!

  86. Christa

    Great sampling of flavors. I’m about ready to order more!

  87. Micah Cole – Corpus Christi, TX

    The Rose hips we ordered shipped quickly, and were high quality. Mixed them with the Hibiscus straight in the bottles. It was great!

  88. Ethan Hicks (Edmond, OK)

    I ordered these for my mom and she loves them! She is new to brewing but loves experimenting with new flavors! This is also a great deal – Buy 3 Get 1 Free!! And as always fast shipping!! Thanks again KK! I will be back!

  89. Kelly (Des Moines, Iowa)

    I’ve ordered several flavors and have enjoyed all of them. My favorite is lavender but I’ve had fun mixing flavors too. Ordering the Flavor Savor 4 pack mix & Match is essentially "buy 3 get 1 free" as the flavor packets are the same size as if you order individual flavors. Shipping is quick.

  90. Kelly (New York, NY)

    As described and fast shipping! Gave me an idea of great kombucha flavors. I will be back to buy here for sure. Thanks!!

  91. Patti Johnson

    Great way to sample delicious flavorings for bottling my Kombucha! Mmmmm. Going to try even more new flavors with my next order! 🙂

  92. Eric B. K., Portland, OR

    This was a great way to sample a few flavorings of interest economically. Really, the quantities supplied are a good value. I have to say I always want 2-3 times more than the recommended amount for flavor; still I get a lot out of a pack.

  93. Peter

    Love the variety elderberry is the bomb

  94. Kathy (Albany, OR)

    These are very high quality flavorings. Adding them on to another order makes it so easy! You don’t have to run around town trying to find all the different flavors. The hibiscus is a crowd pleaser.

  95. Liz Puente

    What a great deal! It makes adding flavor to my booch so easy and convienent. You really can not beat the price and I received it a lot faster than I expected. I’m very happy and I definitely will order more! I just bottled my first batch with these flavors and I can’t wait to taste it. I love the plain Kombucha but I can’t get my boyfriend to drink it, if it can taste like fruity ginger ale I know he’ll have no problem with it. Thank you! I got a little handwritten thank you on my receipt when I received it, it was a nice touch.

  96. Susan (St. Louis, MO)

    So far I have purchased three Flavor Savor 4 Packs. Each bag has about 30 servings. I am having so much fun using the different flavors and also mixing flavors for my 2nd ferment. The flavors are organic and make a variety of yummy Kombucha. The different flavors also add many health benefits to your Kombucha.

  97. Jo Beauchamp (Gatineau, Canada)

    Love the elderberries and roses – made a delicious flavor. Thank you Kombucha Kamp!

  98. Tina K (Los Angeles, CA)

    Thank You Kombucha kamp for all my goodies. I ordered a fresh Scobi and I also ordered some lovely flavorings for my Kombucha!

    I ordered the Ginger, Hibiscus, and Elderberry and Goji – I have to say my favorite is the Elderberry it is the best! My huband loves the

    Ginger. We received our product just as promised and in perfect order our Kombucha is now really delicious and our favorite treat!

    I also tell people about Kombucha tea all the time and refer them to your site!

  99. Charlene

    Such a great assortment of flavorings. Such little amount is needed…they go so far and very fresh. Will buy this again. Thanks

  100. Beth Pianori (Arlington, TX)

    I ordered 2 of these kits to try with continuous brewing kit. I am still awaiting the fermentation process of my first batch of brew but am super eager to use these flavors. I was impressed at how fresh everything smelled; for example, the vanilla bean was still in its little pods. In another few days I should begin playing with my flavors and am super excited!

  101. Susan R (Michigan)

    I purchased Chai Spice, Ginger, Hibiscus & Lavender. I love Hibiscus, it produces a pretty red color and a wonderful flavor. Ginger adds some fizz after only 2 days of second fermentation in a swing top bottle. Lavender adds a nice subtle flavor to my second fermentation. Chai Spice adds a pretty strong flavor to second fermentation. Ordering the flavor savor 4 pack is an excellent way to try several flavors for an excellent price!

  102. Rosalie Almas

    I love trying new things, but chai and ginger are still my favorite flavors!I is so great to be able to get a 4 pack and try the new flavors.

  103. Mark Gertenbach

    We chose goji , hibiscus , rose hips and elderberry . Wow! This brought our kombucha to a whole new level of flavor. Hibiscus is our new favorite, at the moment. Even our friends that haven’t come to love kombucha gave it a thumbs up and said they could drink that! Excited to try more flavored with our next order.

  104. Sari G.

    I love this package! It makes it so easy to try different combinations when I am bottling my Kombucha. I absolutly love how easy this website is to use and all that it offers. Customer for life!

  105. Tami Schneider (TRF, MN)

    I really liked that Hannah has included what flavors go well together. I have been pleased with what I have received (8 different packs). They were packaged well and delivered quickly. Thanks for the information you give us thru this website.

  106. Cindy (Highland, UT)

    The mix and match pack is a perfect way to sample flavors and decide which you like best. I especially like the lavendar and ginger–they have been fun to mix with other fruits to make delicious brew.

  107. Terry Pettie

    My first batch of Kombucha was so good, I didn’t use the flavorings yet. I do like the fact that I will be able to flavor several bottles per flavoring packet. I did notice, however, that you’ve no packet to flavor a Kombucha Bahama Mama. LOL.

  108. Wendy (Gold Canyon, AZ)

    I purchased this along with a Brew it Now kit from KK. I’m extremely pleased with this, have tried goji berry and elderberries so far. Each one has enough flavouring for many bottles, so I feel good value. Will try more of these!

  109. Holly P. (Georgia, US)

    Great way to try out different flavors. My first batch I bottled three different flavors, and they all tasted fantastic. I’m thrilled with my order.

  110. Heather

    This is a great way to try different flavors to see what you like. I love mixing up new combos. It makes great KT even better!

  111. Summer T. (Santa Barbara, CA)

    I’m very pleased that I decided to order the 4 pack mix and match. It’s very convenient to have such a variety at my finger-tips when flavoring!

  112. nancy

    i find it easy like that because you can take 4 flavors for a minimum price love it

  113. Sara (NE)

    This a great deal! I will probably go this route with all of my flavoring purchases so I can try new ones and mix things up.

  114. NWHD

    came just as described. excellant chance to try different flavors.

  115. Paul G. (Pocatello, Idaho)

    Great Value. I received this with my Deluxe Package & I am about ready to order ANOTHER Flavor Saver – 4 Pack Mix & Match already. I like the convenience of buying it in the mix & match package from one location & all products have been of very high quality. This also allows me to find out what flavors I like best before buying something in bulk.

    Paul G.

  116. Arthur Vance

    Got this with my deluxe package. I liked that it got me thinking about what kind of flavors I actually like. There’s a lot in each flavor pack to make 30 or 40 bottles I think. I haven’t used them all up yet after a couple of months.

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