Organic Dried Elderberries – Loose Dried Elderberries for Tea

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  • Combats colds
  • Improves vision 
  • 1.5oz packet, 30-40 servings
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Organic Dried Elderberries – Loose Dried Elderberries for Tea

Elderberries have been a folk remedy for centuries in North America, Europe, Western Asia, and North Africa. Elderberry is used to lower cholesterol, to improve vision, to boost the immune system, to improve heart health and for coughs, colds, flu, bacterial and viral infections and tonsillitis. Several different studies have shown that elder berries kill the flu virus. Bioflavonoids and other proteins in the juice destroy the ability of cold and flu viruses to infect a cell.  When added to Kombucha they have a sweet-tart flavor.  A little bit goes a long way.


Recipe Idea:
Rose petals, rosehips & ginger all complement the berry’s flavor.

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35 reviews for Organic Dried Elderberries – Loose Dried Elderberries for Tea

  1. Keith Yoder (verified owner)

    This is part of my current favorite flavoring (elderberries + mint)! I’d vote for NOT straining it out before drinking, because the little dried elderberries, after sitting in the kombucha for 3-5 days for F2, and then being in the fridge waiting to be drunk, taste like little candies when you’re lucky enough to get them in your glass! It’s a great flavoring!

  2. Jerri Fillmore

    Jerri (CA)
    Love this flavoring 🙂

  3. Nicomedis Horton

    Nikki H. (New York, NY), I bought this product as a means to increase my family’s immune defense against this horrible COVID-19 pandemic. I know its not a cure but it’s my way of helping my family. I have added it to a second fermentation of my kombucha believing it will increase the health properties of the kombucha. I am very satisfied with the quality of KK products and customer service and will continue to be a loyal customer.

  4. Helen Karl


  5. Aaron Spalla

    This gives a tart flavor and is nice when paired with candied ginger for an excellent kombucha 2nd fermentation.
    Aaron S(Northwest, Indiana)

  6. Val M.

    I used the dried elderberries, honey, and chai spice to make elderberry syrup and it turned out great! I highly recommend all the products at KKamp. All are exactly as described/pictured.

  7. Richard Schmitt

    OMG these elderberries are the perfect addition to the second ferment! They taste so friggin’ fab!

  8. Amber Goddard

    These dried elderberries are a great addition for your kombucha flavorings arsenal. One of my favorite flavors is Cold Fighter (found in The Big Book of Kombucha). Several family members also love it, and appreciate the elderberry even more during peak illness seasons.
    Amber T (cincinnati OH)

  9. veronica Iturbe Guerrero

    (Atlanta GA) I love dried elderberry in my Kombucha definitely recommend getting it! It gives a great taste to the Kombucha.

  10. Chris Pooser

    These Elderberries taste great and I use them alot in winter to help prevent colds and flu.

  11. Leslie K (Dubuque, IA)

    Love KK elderberries. I use a ton in the winter time to make immune booster (elderberry, lemon, ginger) and my newest flavor immune punch (elderberry, rose hips)

  12. DHP

    Love the dried elderberries! Very easy to add during the 2nd ferment and there is no mess to clean up or juicers/blenders to wash after! 

  13. Jennie J. (No. Salt Lake, UT)

    This was a fun way to make booch. I liked watching the color of the elderberries seep into my booch. The flavoring is really nice, and I love playing around with different flavoring combinations.

  14. Donna Jackson (Noble, OK)

    the elderberries are a delicious addition. The flavors are worthwhile experimenting with–the small amount added flavors more than anticipated.

  15. Lisa Anderson

    My favorite flavoring of the ones I have tried! Excellent in water kefir, kombucha and jun!! Makes wonderful fizz! I’ve learned to open my brews pointing out the door! 😉

  16. Leslye

    These are a lovely addition to the water kefir.

  17. Melissa

    Love this with ginger! My kids love it too.

  18. Robbie Lieske, Chehalis, WA

    The color is beautiful, the taste is even better.  I mixed it with some ginger & it’s soooo good.  These added flavors are so worth the try..just once & you won’t want to go back.  Then you start mixing other flavors & you are so hooked.  Can’t tell you which I love the best.  They are each the best.

  19. Stephanie Durfee (cape cod, ma)

    I wanted elderberries to help fend off those pesky winter illnesses. What better way than to add them to Kombucha! A little bit goes a long way.  Good flavor and pretty colored Kombucha!

  20. Martha (NH, US)

    A little goes a long way with these dried berries. KMama’s helpful measurement on the bag provided a good guideline for this newbie K-maker. The elderberries created a rich, yet not overwhelming, fruitiness and a lovely reddish-purple color. We have also added some ginger for even more fizz, and some ginger & a few cloves for a delightful seasonal brew!

  21. Doug Bedard (BC Canada)

    This in combination with elder flower has become my personal favourite for the kombutcha and Kefir water. I suspect it will also go very well when the Jun is ready very shortly.

  22. Karen

    I can’t say enough about this flavor. My favorite, I can’t get enough of this one.

  23. Jen Jensen (Minnesota)

    Love this flavoring and the color that it adds to the brew. Especially delicious with ginger!

  24. Karen (KC MO)

    This is a great flavoring! I love the color that it adds. I like adding it with ginger. Yum! The bag last a while as the berries are small and 1/2 teaspoon is plenty.

  25. Andrea (Joliet, IL)

    Elderberries are a great addition to my Kombucha! I have enjoyed this as a great flavoring!

  26. Diana Zedwick (Corinth, TX)

    These elderberries are wonderful in my Kombucha! I like to add them to blueberry ginger for a second ferment. They give the KT a subtly sweet flavor and it’s nice to know I’m giving my immune system an even bigger boost! Thanks Hannah!!

  27. Kelly Travis, (Port Orange, Fl)

    Just another great flavor to try. Right now I’m brewing elderberries, ginger and vanilla, with a touch of honey. I can’t wait to try it. I am so addicted to Hannah’s flavorings;-)

  28. Karen

    These are great!! I didn’t think they would make any flavor at all with just a few in a 12oz bottle but they were very tasty!

  29. Helen A (Germantown, TN)

    Love the elderberries combined with the goji berries. Great flavor and lovely color.

  30. Tina K (Los Angeles, CA)

    Thank You Kombucha kamp for all my goodies. I ordered a fresh Scobi and I also ordered some lovely flavorings for my Kombucha!

    I ordered the Ginger, Hibiscus, and Elderberry and Goji – I have to say my favorite is the Elderberry it is the best! My huband loves the
    Ginger. We received our product just as promised and in perfect order our Kombucha is now really delicious and our favorite treat!

    I also tell people about Kombucha tea all the time and refer them to your site!

  31. Alicia G.

    THESE ARE SIMPLY AMAZING! I love the flavor and the color it turns my Kombucha. You can’t go wrong with these amazing berries.

  32. Katie B (St. Charles, MO)

    The dried elderberry is fantastic for the second fermentation of my Kombucha (and of course it tastes good plain because i use Hannah’s Special Tea Blend). My favorite combo is elderberry cherry and it make a delicious fizzy kombucha.

  33. nancy

    easy for doing in a botel en it smells very nice,i like to juice flavors for second fermentation and so you have always in home every time of the year

  34. Lisa

    I love using the elderberries along with the goji berries. It makes a delicious tea!

  35. Coach Jordan (Massachusetts)

    The dried elderberries add a permeating red hue to the KT, making it appear and taste more delicious. I recommend straining the elderberries out of the tea before drinking. Another great flavoring.

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