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Part of what makes us different from the other DIY fermentation companies is that it’s owned and operated by a fermentation expert, aka Hannah Crum, aka The Kombucha Mamma! We think this is a crucial aspect of our company because it allows us to produce the highest quality products and educational materials, and provide the best service. With quality products and educational materials, you will start off on the right foot – allowing you to brew with confidence and success.

As a small, woman-owned family business, we answer every question we receive. But since we’ve put so much time into our informational materials, we hope you can quickly find your answer on our site! These are the most common questions we receive and your answer may be waiting here or at one of the links, which can save us both a little time! 🙂

Kombucha 101 FAQ


Brewing Process FAQ


Brewing Safety Tips


Water Kefir Information Here


Milk Kefir Information Here



Order FAQs

When will my order ship?

We do our best to ship our orders same-day during business hours. If you order on the weekend or on a holiday, it will most likely ship the next business day. The only exception would be if your item is on backorder.

Will my culture arrive alive and well? Even if shipping takes awhile?

We ship all year, all over the country, and encounter very few issues due to shipping our cultures. However if you try using your culture and it doesn’t work, please write us a detailed message so we can figure out what to do next!

How do I track my package?

We will send you a tracking email as soon as your order ships.Keep an eye on your inbox, and make sure to check your spam/promotions folder if it doesn’t show up within 24 hours (on business days)

Do you ship to my country?

Probaby! We ship to most countries across the globe. First try selecting it from the drop down menu on the checkout screen. If you are not able to find it, please send an email to and we will confirm if we are able to ship to you.

Can I order over the phone?

Yes! We ask that you email us support questions, but if you have a question about a product or would like to order over the phone, please give us a call at 424.245.5867

Can I make a return?

You may return most new, unopened items within 30 days of delivery for a refund. We’ll also pay the return shipping costs if the return is a result of our error (you received an incorrect or defective item, etc.). Many items will incur a 15% restocking fee (brewers 20% restocking fee) with a minimum $5 fee. Fees are subject to change at any time and without notice. Returns after 60 days are at the discretion of KKamp and may include higher re-stock or handling fees.

What happens if I receive an incorrect/damaged/etc. product?

We’ll pay the return shipping costs if a return is a result of our error (you received an incorrect or defective item, etc.). If you received a broken, incorrect, or defective item, please send us a photo.


Kombucha Brewing FAQs

My Kombucha is too sweet/sour

Keep in mind, your Kombucha will become more sour over time. If your Kombucha is too sweet, let it brew for longer. To ensure that the souring process happens in the right amount of time, make sure to keep your brew between 75-85 degrees F. The warmer you keep your Kombucha within this range, the more quickly it will brew. If your Kombucha is too sour, you can sweeten it by diluting it with fruit juice or adding sugar. Next time, brew your Kombucha for less time and/or keep it in a cooler spot.

I don’t have mold – but I am seeing a lot of yeast and not as much SCOBY growth. What’s wrong and what can I do next?

Weak SCOBY growth indicates weak, undernourished or underactivated bacteria, which can be a side effect of:

  • Improper starter liquid – always take it from the top, make sure it is well aged
  • Cold brew or hot brew – Kombucha prefers 75-85, more info below, Kombucha Heaters Click Here
  • Dehydrated SCOBY or refrigerated SCOBY
  • Too much or not enough sugar and/or tea
  • Wrong type of tea or sugar – Kombucha Sugar FAQ Top 10
  • Old/dead/dying SCOBY
  • Yeasty vessel requiring clean up (CB)


Water Kefir FAQs

My water kefir is too sweet. How do I fix it?

Keep in mind that water kefir isn’t going to be as tangy as Kombucha but it should become less sweet over time. Water kefir should ferment between 24-72 hours, but if your Water Kefir hasn’t fermented the full 72 hours, let it brew for longer. If your Water Kefir still hasn’t lightened in color or become less sweet within 72 hours, you may need to keep it in a warmer spot (we recommend 68-78°F).

How do I store my grains if I go on vacation?

Water kefir grains are like people in that they do not like it if you ignore them! They thrive when they are fed consistently. However, if you need to take a break, then store them in the fridge in sugar water and change it out every 7 days to keep them fresh.

What is the best type of sugar to use?

Water kefir does best with plain white sugar or unbleached organic sugar. Mineral rich sugars may be used sparingly as they can over-nutrify the cultures, causing them to get mushy.


Milk Kefir/Yogurt FAQs

My yogurt/kefir is liquid after 24 hours. Help!

Make sure your culturing temperature is correct (65-75°F for milk kefir; 105-110 degrees for yogurt). If your yogurt or kefir has dropped below the recommended temperature range, try gently adjusting the temperature (put your jar of kefir in a warm water bath, for example) and let it culture for about 6 more hours.

My yogurt/kefir is separated into curds and whey. Help!

When that happens, you can strain off the whey and make kefir/yogurt cheese! To prevent that from happening next time, try adjusting the temperature and/or culture for less time.

I’m seeing funny colors. What do I do next?

First off, never consume fermented dairy that has turned a different color (except pale yellow is ok as long as it smells and tastes pleasant). If you see pink or orange on your yogurt, unfortunately you’ll need to toss everything (unless you have a backup culture). If you see funny colors on your kefir, try rinsing gently with milk and make another batch. If the colors don’t come back and the kefir smells and tastes ok, you may continue to use the grains. Of course, always use your best judgement!


Sourdough FAQs

Why won’t my dough rise?

It could be because your starter wasn’t active enough or it could be that your dough isn’t in a warm enough environment. If you suspect the former, unfortunately there’s not a whole lot you can do to salvage your dough. Next time, feed your starter enough so that it becomes vigorously bubbly before using it. If your kitchen is on the cool side, try sticking your dough in your oven with the light on (do not turn your oven on!) or indirectly on a heating pad.

Why won’t my starter bubble vigorously?

It could be that it’s not being kept in a warm enough spot or it just needs to be fed more regularly. Stick with it!

My dough rose and then it deflated in the oven. What happened?

This is called “overproofing.” When that happens, the gas bubbles pushed the dough strength past its limit and the bubbles popped. You can reshape it and let it rise again.


Don’t see your answer? Drop us a line and we’ll do our best to assist you!

Looking forward to connecting.
Peace and Love,
Hannah & The KKamp Team

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