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Hi! I want to hear your thoughts, feedback, questions and suggestions. As a small family business, we answer every question we receive. But before writing an email, please look at the links and information below to see if your answer is available. These are the most common questions we get and your answer may be waiting here or at one of the links, which can save us both a little time! 🙂


Kombucha 101 FAQ
Brewing Process FAQ
Brewing Safety Tips

Water Kefir Information Here

Milk Kefir Information Here


How do I make sweet tea for a Gallon of Kombucha?
How do I make sweet tea to top off Continuous Brew?

Click Here for the Recipe, which is always the same proportion.


Mold? What does it look like? Do I have it?


I don’t have mold – but I am seeing a lot of yeast and not as much SCOBY growth. What’s wrong and what can I do next?

Weak SCOBY growth indicates weak, undernourished or underactivated bacteria, which can be a side effect of:


What do I do with extra SCOBYs?

A SCOBY Hotel is Recommended.
SCOBY Hotel Maintenance

If the SCOBY is falling apart or just failing to brew, retire it to the compost pile or use in one of these ways.


I have a Refrigerated SCOBY? Is it useless?

CLICK HERE for our post about Refrigerated SCOBYs

If they’ve only been in the fridge for a few days, they should do much better than those stored for weeks or months. First, allow them to come to room temperature for at least a week (longer if they been in cold storage for a very long time), then move them to a fresh glass container and add 2 cups of sweet tea, cover and leave them alone for a seven days. This small amount of sweet tea may give the bacteria and yeast a chance to recalibrate after refrigeration. Once a week has passed, you may see the beginnings of SCOBY growth and yeast formation at the top of the vessel. If so, try brewing according to the normal Kombucha Recipe. If not, wait a few more days. If you do not see normal activity, they are no longer viable.

Keep in mind that the Kombucha that brews may not taste great and it is still susceptible to mold in the second or third batch after being revived. A refrigerated SCOBY may never regain the flavor or power it once had, or it may fully recover, only a few batches will say for sure.

If the brews fail or just don’t produce the desired flavor and expected vitality, CLICK HERE for Kombucha Kamp SCOBYs which are always large, healthy and packed with a cup of strong starter liquid.


I’m not getting good SCOBY growth? Maybe my brew is cold?

The recommended temperature for Kombucha is 75 – 85 degrees, with the ideal temp being 78.

If heat is needed to produce the best results, we offer 3 models of custom made Kombucha Mamma Heating Mats, all specifically designed to heat from the side for optimal use with Kombucha and all and made from extremely efficient, award-winning heating material.


How can I increase carbonation?

Carbonation may require a few batches to build up as the yeast must adapt to the new brewing environment and build up strength in your new brews. Generally people begin to experience more carbonation by the second or third batch. Having the proper temperature for the first ferment is important to a good second ferment (see heaters above). For more carbonation tips see:
Carbonation For Beginners
Advanced Carbonation Techniques


I’m not sure if my SCOBY will brew?

The only way to find out if the SCOBY is still viable is to brew according to the recipe here and see what happens.

If after brewing with this SCOBY you are unable to achieve the results you are looking for, consider starting over with a quality culture from KKamp


I’m worried about the pH of my brew?!

pH only indicates the brew is safe to drink, not if it is done. CLICK HERE for more pH and Kombucha Info.


Don’t see your answer? Drop us a line and we’ll do our best to assist you!

Looking forward to connecting.
Peace and Love,
Hannah & The KKamp Team

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