Cocktail Recipe with Kombucha: “Dark & Devoted” a Delicious Rum & Ginger Booch Drink!

The "Dark & Devoted", one of the most requested Kombucha Cocktail Recipes at Culture Shock in Ithaca NY
Kombucha Cocktail Recipes: The “Dark & Devoted”

Kombucha’s greatest strength is its versatility: healthy beverage, marinade, salad dressing and even cleaning fluid to name a few uses.

How about “Drink Mixer” too?! Yes, Kombucha pairs perfectly with liquor, plus it’s a natural liver detox.

That means when you add Kombucha to the mix, you get a little antidote  with your poison.

To celebrate the end of summer, each Friday afternoon we’ll be featuring a Kombucha Cocktail Recipes.


The Kombucha Cocktail Recipes Series:

Twisted Bliss
Dark & Devoted
“Kombucha Margarita – “Kombucharita”
“Kombucha Party Punch”

stay tuned for more… 


Last week, we introduced you to the uber-hip fermentation cafe ed Culture Shock in Ithaca, NY (closed), and one of owner Marian Flaxman’s favorite Kombucha Cocktail Recipes, the “Twisted Bliss”.

This week, bar manager, Corey Schallek shares the recipe for his favorite Kombucha concoction, “Dark and Devoted,” Culture Shock’s twist on the Dark and Stormy, a sweet, yet tart ginger delight.

Follow this recipe for a delicious Kombucha refresher:

Corey Schellek, bar manager at Culture Shock and creator of Kombucha Cocktail Recipes offers up a glass of Dark & Devoted Kombucha Cocktail.
Corey Schellek, bar manager at Culture Shock offers up a glass of Dark & Devoted.
  1. Fill a rocks glass with ice.
  2. Muddle 1/2 inch slice of ginger in 1oz of simple syrup. Squish it good.
  3. Strain 1/2 oz into rocks glass.
  4. Pour 1.5 oz dark rum into a rocks glass.
  5. Add .5 oz sour mix to same glass.
  6. Fill with ginger kombucha.
  7. Stir & garnish with a lime.


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Responses to Cocktail Recipe with Kombucha: “Dark & Devoted” a Delicious Rum & Ginger Booch Drink!

  1. a friend tells me kombucha and alcohol should not be mixed. I’m hoping to debunk this, can you help?

  2. “Kombucha Collins”
    Juice of 1/2 lemon
    2 oz brandy
    1 tsp powdered sugar
    slice orange
    1 cherry

    Shake juice of lemon, brandy, powdered sugar with cracked ice and strain into a collins glass. Fill with Kombucha and stir. Garnish with slice of orange and top with a cherry. Serve with a straw.

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