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1/2 (Half) Gallon Glass Jar With Lid (Made in USA)
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  • 1 Tablespoon of living Milk Kefir Grains in milk nutrient solution – makes 2 cups (add more grains to make larger batches)
  • Grown in Organic Whole Milk
  • Detailed Milk Kefir Recipe and Tips sheet
  • Free Lacto-Fermented Sodas Guide with bonus recipes!
  • Full support
  • Gluten free facility
  • May take a few cycles to adapt to raw milk due to the presence of other bacteria in the milk
  • May also be adapted for goat’s milk and nut milks

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Genuine Milk Kefir Grains for Sale

Always grown in ORGANIC MILK

Kombucha Kamp Live Heirloom Milk Kefir Grains are available for Worldwide Shipping! Milk Kefir Grains are a composite of bacteria and yeasts that ferment lactose in milk to create a lightly effervescent, probiotic beverage. The fermentation process breaks down the lactose sugar in the milk making it digestible by those sensitive to lactose.

Milk kefir grains are a lacto-ferment which has a milder flavor than Kombucha which is an acetic acid ferment like vinegar.  Milk Kefir has been around since the beginning of recorded history. It is a tangy, slightly carbonated, fermented milk beverage that looks a like pourable yogurt. It is rich in protein, calcium, vitamin B12, niacin, and folic acid and is very craveable, especially when mixed with your favorite fruits or in a smoothie or even as kefir cheese!

Diversity is key to having a healthy microbiome (gut). Incorporating living bacteria and yeast from a variety of sources benefits the microbiome and boosts immunity. Our kefir grains have been lovingly cultivated for over a decade thereby creating a unique composition only found at Kombucha Kamp. Plus they boast over 70 different strains of bacteria and yeast. Because we stand by the quality of our products, we have provided the dominant strain information below.

The probiotic bacteria in the kefir grain produce acids that suppress harmful bacteria and preserve the milk. These bacteria feast on the milk sugars aka lactose and infuse the milk with healthy qualities. The milk sours as the kefir microbes eat the sugars and use this as food to create the perfect environment for good bacteria to thrive. Thus many who may have lactose intolerance can often enjoy kefir due to the fermentation process.

Also called the “champagne of yogurt,” it has well over 30 strains of good bacteria – whereas there are a mere handful in commercially produced yogurts.

FREE LACTO FERMENTED SODAS GUIDE WITH PURCHASE – includes recipes for kefir cheese, flavored water kefir, beet kvass and more!

Live Fresh Milk Kefir Grains Microbial Composition:

Dominant Bacteria (63 total species detected)

  • Lactobacillus kefiranofaciens
  • Lactobacillus sunkii

Dominant Yeast (8 total species detected)

  • Kazachstania unispora
  • Brettanomyces bruxellensis


  • Add more grains for deep discounts! – Why more grains? Each packet of milk kefir grains makes 2 cups in the first batch, and can be re-used. But if you want to make a larger batches, or make a few 2-Cup Batches right away, or if you want extra packets for friends or family members…there are so many reasons to want extra Milk Kefir Grains!!
  • Add a USA Made½ Gallon Glass Jar…or Two! FREE Thermometer Strip(s) ($4.95 value each!) make this a great value, all with FREE SHIPPING! (in the USA) – Half Gallon Glass Jar  If you need a high quality glass vessel for brewing, we’ve got you covered. The included thermometer strip(s) offer convenience and accuracy and will stay attached once applied, even through the dishwasher. The strips let you know if the brew is in the right temperature range for brewing success, or if a heating solution (click for more info) may be needed. 65-75°F (18-24°C) is the ideal range.

Looking for large quantities? Buy 10-pack Milk Kefir Grains

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Milk kefir grains are a popular choice among individuals and families looking to enjoy a healthy dietary lifestyle or for those who may be sensitive to lactose. At Kombucha Kamp you can find milk kefir grains for sale to boost your healthy lifestyle.

What’s the difference between kefir and kefir grains?
Kefir is the beverage or end product of using kefir grains, as a beginning “kit” to create the beverage.

Can milk kefir be flavored?
Yes, once you have learned how to make milk kefir or have purchased your own batch, milk kefir can be turned into a variety of flavors. For example, you can blend it with fresh fruit, make kefir nog, sprinkle cinnamon on top, and more.

What’s the difference between kefir and yogurt?
Kefir and yogurt are commonly referred (and compared) for their similar characteristics. While kefir also has a sour taste like yogurt, kefir itself has a much thinner consistency instead. Kefir has many more (up to about 30) strains of positive bacteria, making it a diverse probiotic source (to help with weight management, mental health and digestion).

Where does the name “kefir” come from?
Having originated from different parts of Southwest Asia and Eastern Europe regions, the word itself originates from a turkish word. “Keyif” after translation means “to feel good” after eating.


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131 reviews for Milk Kefir Grains

  1. David Brenston (verified owner)

    Milk Kefir grains are highly potent, they went to work immediately after being submerged in good ol’ whole milk. They are devouring milk more and more, their kefir is excellent quality and very delicious. Thanks Kombucha Kamp!

  2. Kevin Calvey (verified owner)

    Makes great kefir immediately. Texture perfect every time. Experimenting with tartness by length of brew time and amount of milk per teaspoon of grains. Appreciate the customer service responsiveness!

  3. Yanina Zholudz (verified owner)

    The grains arrived in good time and well packaged. Made several batches in the last couple of weeks. Works fantastic. Very happy with the taste. Thank you

  4. Sak Lee (verified owner)

    Within a week’s brewing, the grains started to produce very consistent and delicious brews of 2-cups of milk kefir every 24-hours. The first couple of batches were slow but batches after that are of perfect consistency and pleasant taste, without any off smell or taste. Definitely way better than the grains I used to use 5 years ago. 100% recommended.

  5. Nick Gilchrist

    Had an unfortunate failure with my first milk kefir grains, they overnight shipped me new grains, and after a week they produce the creamiest tangiest kefir I’ve ever had. My grains are very consistent, and to say it’s helped my gut health would be a huge understatement. It’s a game changer, and I’m very thankful for the products, and the help provided! Will purchase from here again without hesitancy.

    Nick G

  6. Pam Hammond

    The milk kefir grains are doing good and seem to be growing. I would and have recommended Kombucha Kamp to others.

    Pam Hammond
    Prince George, VA

  7. Hannah G. – Knoxville, Tn

    I got my grains delayed to a holiday post office closure, but they are doing great with multiple ferments so far. I’ve tried putting blueberries in for a second ferment and want to try pomegranates.  My grains seem to be reproducing already! Yay!

  8. Karen Salib

    The kefir grains are very healthy and robust. Mine took 8 days to arrive (covid delays, not Kombucha Kamp service) and I was worried about them and anxious to get them fed. Only after I put them in the milk did I notice that the grocery delivery service had substituted lactose free milk in my order. (More covid complications!) I contacted Hannah who said it wouldn’t harm them, but wouldn’t really feed them either, since they need the lactose. Finally, I obtained some ‘normal’ milk and transferred them (BTW – they didn’t really do anything in the lactose free milk). After all that, they were still viable and produced the first batch of kefir in about 48 hours. I have make about 6 batches since then and after the first two, the taste got even better. After about 4, the batches started going faster, so they must be multiplying. (I scaled up the quantity per batch a little bit to compensate.) The kefir is slightly tart which I think is delicious. If you are used to flavored processed (grocery store kefir), you could probably sweeten and flavor easily. The one difference is that my homemade is not quite as smooth as the commercial. However, I think that is probably dye to extra processing and ingredients added to the commercial, which I prefer to avoid anyway.

  9. Maximo Bence

    Best Kefir Online. Even better customer service. I originally (a while ago) bought grains here. then I tried other website that were "cheaper". I shouldn’t have. quality here is insurmountable. I bought again and there was a delay with shipping becuse of COVID and USPS working with a lot of delays. Result: grains didn’t work. I spoke with Hannah and she immediately sent another batch. The grains finally arrived safe and sound and I am enjoying everyday the amazing kefir that this little guys make. Thanks again!

  10. Margaret N. (Colorado)

    My kefir is going great, we love it!!!! So much more affordable than buying it at the store. I use it not just for drinking, but as a substitute for buttermilk in baking cornbread, biscuits, pies, etc.

  11. Lexie Smith

    Immediately started reproducing and makes the most wonderful flavorful kefir.

  12. Jean H (NY)

    The kefir grains were robust and fresh, and the quantity was generous. No doubt they have the best scobies. Will definitely shop again ❤️

  13. Jill

    I’ve always wanted to try kefir and was hesitant to do so until ready through all the information provided by Kombuchakamp. I ordered the milk grains and the same day I got them I put them in milk and the next day I had my first kefir. It was delicious. The grains are top quality and they continue to reproduce every time I make it.

  14. Wright B (Apache Junction, AZ)

    I also ordered from another brand and your kefir grains were healthier and grew very fast. I will be ordering kombcha scoby from you again in the future. I still use the warmers I got from you and one of the temperature strips still works. I’ve recommended you to others. You beat out the other brand, no contest

  15. Great grains

    I got my current grains as a courtesy replacement from the Kamp.. great customer service! Been making delicious kefir, and cheese for about a month now! Couldn’t be happier! Not sure what happened to my previous grains, but I got them replaced in a blink after all attempts to revive them failed. Back to strong kefir and loving it.

  16. Deirdre Pfuntner

    This was my first order ever of kefir grains. I have wanted to try making kefir for a couple of years. I received my shipment to NY super fast – I think only 2 or 3 days. I started culturing immediately and my grains are healthy and multiplying RAPIDLY! I have gifted some to a friend, made kefir cheese and will be bringing some to my mom in a couple of weeks.  I read about using kefir and probiotics to help my SWD puppy with anxiety, so now Carlos has his own jar in the fridge! I love the kefir! I use raw milk and usually do a second ferment using organic lemon peel. Delicious! I am a satisfied customer! Thanks, Hannah!

  17. Christine (Southern Oregon)

    It’s been two years and I continue to use my grains for making my own milk kifer. Imagine all the money I’ve saved since I’ve consumed 8 oz every morning for 24 months! Milk kifer is so healthy for us & I know the difference if I skip my kifer! These grains perform in and on. They rest in the fridge & come back working well every time.

  18. Pamela Tilley

    My kefir grains arrived healthy and are making delicious kefir. The instructions are easy to follow and assistance is readily available. I drink kefir plain, ferment some with berries and add to my oatmeal. I made a delicious creamy salad dressing using kefir, hemp oil, hemp hearts, and plum vinegar. I am ready to experiment more by adding flavors and using kefir in my baking. I ordered the 1/2 gallon glass jar in which to ferment my kefir.

  19. Micaela Miller

    Worked for me right away with whole milk! Grains are multiplying rapidly and I’m looking forward to trying them with coconut milk 🙂 Thank you!

  20. Meg Sisk

    I love my milk kefir grains! The taste of the finished brew is fantastic. I’m looking forward to increasing my grains and making cheese. Thank you for getting me started on my new brewing adventure! Meg (Idaho)

  21. Virginia Campbell

    I am very happy with my purchase of milk Kefir grains. Your service was great also. My kefir grains are doing so good I have to feed the extra to my chickens and my granddaughter’s cat loves them. Thank you for excellent service and product.

  22. Catherine James

    I purchased the Milk Kefir Grains in July, 2018. They are working really well. It took 2-3 times for the grains to wake up fully, but now I get perfect Milk Kefir each brew!

  23. marion ghosh

    My order was 5 stars. Your advice helped to recover the drop on the number of grains by saying to add a smaller amount of milk until they recovered. Now they are growing leaps and bounds ready to eat me out of house and home. Also your pointing out the importance of using pasteurized milk meant less competition for the grains themselves.

  24. Lisa Treleaven

    I purchased a SCOBY and milk kefir grains from Kombucha Kamp and I was able to start brewing kombucha and making milk kefir immediately using the enclosed instructions. Both processes are working great! I love being able to look up additional information as I go in the online guides, the website or the FB group (like what to do with curds and whey and how to make kefir cheese). I’ve seen significant improvements in my metabolism and overall health since I started making kombucha and kefir at home- much more noticeable benefits than I was gleaning from purchasing pre-made kefir and kombucha from the store.

  25. S. Ben Joseph, Israel

    I just want to tell you that my shipment of Milk Kefir grains was held up at customs and after that, the mailman just left the package on top of the mailboxes in my building and all kinds of things went wrong (not your fault). In short, the package arrived five weeks after it was mailed and the grains were still alive and ,made wonderful kefir the next day… incredible!!

  26. Tamar Hoory

    Thank you for a great product and wonderful customer service! I ordered the milk kefir grains internationally so they spent 3-4 weeks in delivery (shipping was fast but the mail service on my side is slow). When the grains arrived I was skeptical that they would "work" at all, but they did! I followed the instructions for nurturing the grains and after 3-4 smaller-sized batches which I decided to discard, I started getting great tasting kefir. Now the grains are even starting to grow.
    I must mention that during the first trials I sent a question to customer service and received a detailed and helpful answer! Thank you 🙂

  27. Hildy from Palm Harbor, Florida

    Recently bought the kefir milk "babies" and am very satisfied with them as well as my Kombucha SCOBY. They multiply very fast. Love the kefir milk and very easy to make. About total time is 10 minutes a day. I have already shared scobies and kefir babies. Five stars to the products as well as the prompt answer to questions: very helpful. Thank you.

  28. Mitchell Gerard

    I am a first time brewer. Your grains not only made it easy and effortless, but keep on producing delicious healthy kefir. thanks for making a quality food product. It is rare these days to find a company that cares.

  29. Robert Gensley (Seattle WA)

    The grains you sent me just keep growing with gusto and so am I.

  30. Maryuri Duran

    (Pasadena TX) This is my second time ordering kefir grains from kombucha kamp. I am never disappointed! They arrived safe and quickly. They are so easy to use and they come with an informative page with Q’s and A’s I recommend to anyone that is interested in brew starting.

  31. DFitz (Denville, NJ)

    I love my kefir grains! I was able to successfully use a dried kefir for a couple of years, but after it died, I could not get new dried grains to activate. After three failed attempts, I tried Kombucha Kamp live grains. They created perfect kefir with the second batch and continue to provide the most delicious kefir! They are multiplying so fast that my only problem now is how to give away or use all those extra grains. Wonderful product!

  32. Megan (Texas)

    I ordered from this site, as my sister has a wonderful Kombucha scoby she got from here. I am 1 week into doing the milk kefir…. LOVE them!! The grains showed up healthy and ready for brewing. I followed the directions provided, and posted on this site. The milk kefir grains have more than doubled already! I am having so much fun making stuff with my Kefir and the dog loves the milk kefir so much that I can just pour the whole kefir or the whey from making kefir cheese directly on her food and she licks the bowl clean every time!! So excited about the health benefits for all of us!! THANK YOU!!

  33. Cameron (Missoula, MT)

    Despite a little trouble getting the grains going after receiving them, this culture is still going strong around two years later. That’s amazingly good value! The culture is very robust, and a lot more tolerant of a wide range of temperatures than yoghurt cultures. Easiest cell culture I’ve ever done 🙂 Hannah was helpful when we had questions, and it turned out that the initial apparent slowness to revive wasn’t really a problem at all – it’s just that sometimes the culture doesn’t look quite how the instructions say they will. Don’t worry if you don’t see curds and whey separating at first; as long as the milk ends up thickening and looking and tasting like kefir, the SCOBY is working. If like us you keep your home cooler than the recommended temperature, keeping your culture jar in a cooler (not sealed shut) surrounded by jars of hot water for the first few weeks will help.

  34. Pete S (Montana)

    I received my kefir grains about a month ago. They took 5-7 days to get here and were slow to start. The first batch was not very thick but I didn’t know what to expect. The second batch was thicker and showing better results after 48 hrs at room temperature. I used pasteurized whole cow milk as raw milk is not for sale in Montana. At first I had trouble separating the grains from the curdled cottage cheese looking stuff. I ended up using a more coarse strainer and a spatula to force the curdled milk thru the strainer, leaving the grains behind to start another batch. After about a week, the grains were very active and starting to multiply. Now I have so many grains, I’m busy trying to find friends and family to try them. After 24 hrs I blend the kefir with frozen fruit and a Tblspoon of raw honey. My allergies are now gone and I have been able to let the dog back in the house. Not sure if it was the kefir or the raw honey. My stomach aches at night are also gone since I started taking the kefir. I’m sleeping much better at night. I’m sold on the kefir. Wife is still stuck on her yogurt but that’s ok.

  35. Greg Lennon (Los Angeles, CA)

    We purchased the kefir grains. My wife says it reminds her of the kefir from her childhood. So if a fermentation novice like myself can do it…so can you…but you must purchase from Kombucha Kamp as they are the best!

  36. Kristy

    Have purchased milk kefir grains from several different companies and these grains are by far more superior than all of the others. They arrived healthy, and have produced many batches of thick, creamy kefir. They have continued to multiple and remain healthy.

  37. Chris Brazil (Seattle, WA)

    New to kefir grains but a longtime kombucha brewer, these grains arrived ready to go and make very tasty kefir. When I need a break I just cover with milk and keep in the refrigerator until I finish the previous batch. Nice to be able to do this at home all natural with milk of my choosing from local farms. Next I will add Kombucha Kamp’s water grains to the rotation to get my daughter drinking as milk is ‘not her cup of tea’ Thanks KK for your contribution to all of our health!

  38. Jville (Jacksonville OR)

    I am very happy to offer feedback on my purchase of Milk Kefir Grains from Kombucha Kamp. I have had previous business with KK (continuous brewer) and was very impressed with the quality of their products along with the customer service….after the sale! This was why I chose to purchase my Milk Kefir Grains from KK. They arrived in a timely manner and after a week of "thin" results I emailed KK with concerns….they immediately responded with many suggestions and included an offer to replace the grains if none of their suggestions worked to my satisfaction. This is outstanding service. I did follow their suggestions….a rather simple solution of being patient while my grains acclimated to their new "home"……by Week 3 my Kefir was exactly to my liking….a creamy thick drinkable yogurt with the distinctive "kefir" tang….I am so happy to be able to keep this healthy drink available day-in and day-out…so affordable and so much healthier than commercial products. Thanks KK !! I’ll be back again whenever I’m ready for my next adventure in fermentation!

  39. Kathleen

    I have had to order these a couple of times because my raw goat’s milk dried up during the winter months. These are wonderful grains and I have gallons of the kefir that they produce for several use. The taste of the kefir is always dependable and great!!!

  40. Stephanie Hatley (South Dakota)

    5 stars!!! Amazing grains growing like crazy!!! Shipping was so fast, it was so exciting to get them so quickly! Thank you for all you do!

  41. Shulamit Ben-Joseph

    I am very satisfied with the kefir grains which arrived promptly and very much alive in spite of their long journey. They are multiplying and make a delicious kefir.

  42. Christine – Central Point, Oregon

    My milk kefir grains produced a very good quality milk kefir on first ferment. I must say that the resulting kefir is far superior to that which I have made in the past using a dry culture from a competitor! I hope to keep my grains happy for a long time and keep homemade milk kefir as part of our daily diet forever. Also shipping was prompt. I am totally satisfied with my purchase.

  43. Dava

    I love my kefir grains like a pet! These critters do their job with excellent results. Shipping was fast and instructions hit the mark. Very happy with my purchase!

  44. Angela (West Columbia, SC)

    I just wanted to thank you for such wonderful service and product. I ordered milk kefir grains from your company and they arrived well packaged and thriving. The kefir is rich and tasty and the grains are superb. They are hardy and even though this is my first attempt at fermentation, I feel like a pro. Thanks for your help and your wonderful kefir grains.

  45. Tatyana Belous

    I purchased these grains to make my own kefir and it has yielded great results. Shipping is fast, packaging is clean and neat, and instructions are included-written in a simple and clear format. Thank you KombuchaKamp for providing this pure organic product with integrity. Blessings to your business! Thank you. ❤️

  46. Singapore

    Love the grains! Ordered both milk and water kefir grains. Arrived in good condition and we’ve been making both for humans and dogs! Thank you for the great service 🙂

  47. Patty (Illinois)

    This was my first time making kefir. I had lots of questions and the customer service was prompt and so helpful!  My grains are doing g great and I am loving my kefir!

  48. Amy (Wisconsin)

    Great product- very easy to use and the taste of the kefir is wonderful!

  49. Chad W

    I have been using my grains for a couple months now. It took around a week for them to start producing a normal flavor, but that was to be expected. Since then they have been growing like crazy. Excellent quality grains​!!

  50. Gwyn

    I’m using the grains to ferment my raw goat milk. I’d previously used grains I obtained dehydrated from another source. My new grains from Kombucha Kamp work much better – fermenting the milk faster and with better flavor and the grains are thriving and multiplying.

  51. Swapna Thomas

    I was very very skeptical after ordering the grains thinking the grains may die or go bad because of the transit time to India. I was in for a pleasant surprise! The grains started producing kefir after the third brew. Hats off to the guys who run this company. Cheers! to good health!

  52. Virginia Nott (Abingdon, IL)

    The Kefir Milk Grains arrived. They’re working well, thank you!

  53. Pamella Hanson (West Sussex, Great Britain)

    Thank you so much for the safe delivery of the Kefir grains I ordered. I live in the UK and because of the distance and sometimes unreliable postal deliveries from overseas was a little apprehensive to say the least. They did arrive later than I thought but in an extremely well packaged container and since starting them off have really thrived. I don’t use dairy so again was a little unsure as to how they would react, but am delighted to say that using my home made cashew milk with blended dates it has worked very well.
    Couldn’t be happier.

  54. Andrea (Richmond, VA)

    The grains arrived well packaged, I chose to purchase them from KK because of the organic milk they come in and because of my previous great experience with the kombucha scoby. They performed very well, the instructions that come with the package helped a lot. I used them in 100% raw milk the first time even though I read you have to gradually acculturate them in raw milk. I was a little nervous but the grains did great! Thank you for your great service!

  55. Ana Arita

    I would like to give a 5 star review on my purchase of the milk kefir I bought from you.
    The milk kefir arrived perfectly fine in the mail, they are growing or multiplying very good. And thanks also for the tips included.

  56. Christy E, Princeton, Maine

    I have enjoyed making my own homemade yogurt for a few years now but have never tried anything like kefir. The price gave me pause but after reading all the reviews and health benefits, I figured it must be worth it. It definitely is! It shipped across the United States very fast and I was starting my first batch the day they arrived. They have multiplied like crazy so I’ve just been making more and more each day. I need to find some friends here locally that want to start theirs too so I can share. LOL. I have been drinking it straight or putting it with some fruit in a smoothie. I recently started using it in the place of Buttermilk in recipes. I substituted it for the buttermilk in coffee cake recently and my family freaked out when they found out but then realized how moist and flavorful it was. Even my husband who doesn’t like yogurt or sour cream has started taking it every day because of the health benefits. He can’t drink it straight but he adds a little bit of flavored creamer and he does fine. I am trying to lose 10 pounds and I oftentimes take a sip here or there when I start to feel hungry in between meals. I am so glad I took the plunge and did this. I ‘m hooked!!

  57. Laurie

    I was surprised how easy it is to get the grains started, especially since a family member went to the hospital and the grains stayed on the counter for a few days. I really like the kefir. Very thick and delicious. Thought they were done, but put it in the fridge and have been using it to make protein smoothies.  Quite delicious!

  58. Carol Wollborg (Brighton MI)

    I was struggling with the kefir grains I was using, so I was looking for new ones and found your live ones online. I balked a bit at the price, but my wonderful husband ordered them for me. They are wonderful! I am making the best, thickest, smooth kefir! Thank you so much!

  59. Steve Gleason

    It took a few batches to get things going but I am now making thick and zesty kefir for daily consumption. The info here was crucial to my success. Since I am taking a day off a week….today’s batch was used to marinate boneless chicken for cooking in a clay pot. Unbelievably delicious. Thanks for this!

  60. Rachel Zion

    My milk kefir grains are soooo healthy!! Thank you for supplying a very good product!!!

  61. Merry Deortiz

    My husband loves the kefir from your grains. It reminds him of the thick creamy farm fresh milk he drank growing up. Thank you.

  62. Rodrigo C. (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

    The grains arrived in less then 10 days (no problem with customs, as I feared), and they were healthy. They grow fast and I have already divided them twice. I am very satisfied with the product and service.
    Thank you

  63. RG, Wilmington NC

    These are great. I cultured milk kefir several years ago with no problems. Decided to start back again, same equipment, same milk supplier, same spot in kitchen. Ordered 3 different batches of the dehydrated grains from another supplier, none of them would culture. My first order from Kombucha Kamp is doing great. I’ve had to divide 4 times already! Would definitely recommend their milk kefir grains. I could not be more pleased.

  64. Yumei

    Awesome grains! I have been fermenting some smooth and delicious goat milk kefir since. The kefir is simply irresistible! I crave for them instead of sweets.

  65. Silvia (Waterloo ON Canada)

    Love the Kefir Grains. The taste is great and they are growing slowly. Every time I make a new batch, I see a little more grains. I am very happy about the product and the way they were so carefully packed and shipped. I can surely say, I am a happy customer.

  66. Bethany

    I was very skeptical that something shipped in the mail in warmer weather would survive but low and behold, it not only survived but THRIVED! Years ago I had done milk kefir grains that were given to me from a friend, they did ok but never divided quickly and grew. I ended up losing those grains due to moving and changes in our lives. Now, I thought would be a good time to do it again so I placed an order. They arrived pretty quickly and packaged perfectly! Once begun, these little guys grew so fast…I’m amazed! I have more than enough grains to ferment lots of milk. They ferment quickly and before you know it, you will have more than enough grains for large batches. I just received mine in March and here we are the 3rd of May and I have put mine in rest because I have so much kefir milk! Already I can easily share with several friends and not hurt my supply at all. Definitely a wonderful product from a great company.

  67. Tracy (Sioux Falls SD)

    I was so pleased to find that these grains proved to be as active and easy as I’d hoped. Several weeks into the process and I’m hooked! My whole family (including my 2 and 5 year old) consume live, probiotic rich kefir daily. As a young family on a budget, I am so happy to offer my family these super foods for such a little investment of time and money. Five stars for Kombucha Kamp!

  68. Emma Moore

    My grains arrived and are thriving!! Directions were easy to follow and I have made many batches. I will recommend this company to any of my friends. Fast service & great products

  69. Christy B. (McDonough, GA)

    So impressed with the milk kefir grains!  I had ordered grains from another company and they came dehydrated.  They made the kefir like they were supposed to but after over a year, there was no growth at all.  The grains I bought from Kombucha Kamp have doubled in less than a month!  I am really impressed!

  70. Sherene from Toronto,Canada

    It’s been a months since I’ve purchased my Milk Kifer grains, I’m loving it. The grains are growing so fast. My first few batch too 18-24 hours but due the rapid growth of the grains each batch only takes 12 hours now. I have 2 smoothies a day flavoured with mango and honey.

  71. Candy Radford

    My milk kefir grains are amazing!  So beautiful and healthy!  And they multiply like crazy!  Thanks Hannah!

  72. Valerie Windham

    I have been absolutely thrilled with my milk kefir grains. From my first batch I have had delicious milk kefir. A month has passed and my milk kefir grains are plump and thriving so much I need to find someone to share them with. Thank you Kombucha Kamp for being true to your word about what you offer and the efficiency of your shipping. I will recommend your business to anyone interested in living the true probiotic life.

  73. Jeanette

    Just recently purchased the milk kefir grains. The grains came fast and was very professionally packaged no worries of anything leaking. I have made a few batches and have loved the smoothies that is made from the kefir. Looking forward to trying new recipes! I would not purchase these items from anyplace else. Thanks!!!

  74. Mary V (Scottsdale, AZ)

    My milk kefir grains arrived quickly, were well packaged and looked very healthy.  The grains were active right away.  It is cool in the house currently so it takes about 48 hours to make a batch.  So far, so good! 

  75. Kate Coleridge (Frespech, France)

    I am very happy with my milk grains, they arrived quickly, well packaged, clear instructions. Growing like mad – my milk bill is going up! they were expensive, but that was in some way due to being sent to france…..they do well in semi-skimmed milk.

  76. Jasmine (Bosque Farms, NM)

    I cannot say enough about Kombucha Kamp! Their customer service is one in a million. I had some trouble with my first batch of grains and received a full on walk through in troubleshooting and ultimately, assisting me in starting over with a new batch of grains. This batch is brewing like a champ, two batches of perfect kefir in just 48 hours! I am absolutely in love with this product and am already considering purchasing a SCOBY. I would highly recommend KKamp for their extraordinary customer service and outstanding quality of products!

  77. Maria G. (Boston MA)

    It’s more than a month that I purchased the kefir grains from your company and I have to tell you that I enjoy it tremendously. I highly recommend your product and I give you a 5 +++++!!!
    Thank you so much.

  78. Knitrdi

    followed the directions that came with my kefir grains have been making thick and creamy kefir ever since. After about a month now they have at least doubled so I now have more kefir than I can consume by myself. Ready to start sharing😍Thinking about brewing kombucha next! 

  79. Jess (San Diego CA)

    I love every single product I have gotten from Kombucha Kamp! I have the milk Kefir grains happily growing and my batch of kombucha is doing incredible! I mostly appreciate the clear guide to this world and all the extra support for a newbie like me. I have nothing but 5 stars for all products I have gotten from Komucha Kamp!

  80. Brandon Ruckdashel

    Received my order in a timely manner with a great set of instructions. It may take one or two full fermentation cycles to bring the grains back to full strength buy the Kefir has been delicious. The grains have been quite robust and more than tripled in size within the first month. Thank you!

  81. Raymond M

    First order of Kefir didn’t out, but that didn’t stop Momma from sending me a new order! Now, I am producing enough Kefir to keep the neighborhood happy LOL Love this website, love the products and love the customer service!

  82. Geraldine (British Columbia, Canada)

    *****5 out of 5 for good service – prompt delivery of live kefir, very good instructions, very prompt response to my emailed questions. I have recommended you to a few friends that are interested in healthy eating. Thanks again.

  83. ROS (Midwest City OK)

    My next order was the milk and water kefir grains. Both came promptly and I made the choice to encourage fermentation per the instructions before making my first batch of each. I have had great results with both and the water grains are multiplying at an amazing rate. Keep up the good work.

  84. Teresa Loeffler (Waterford MI)

    Your milk kefir grains and instructions were GREAT. They are growing right along, and
    making wonderful milk kefir. Thank you.

  85. Susan E Knudsen (Schoolcraft MI)

    I have the milk grains & the water grains and I am having fun !! This is awesome ! YOUR INSTUCTIONS WERE SO GOOD ! I thank you so much for this !! I shall try to keep them alive as best I can !! Thank you!

  86. Fatemeh Salisbury (Glendora CA)

    Easy process. Quick delivery. I got caught up and didn’t do the kefir until day 8-10 but both my water kefir and milk kefir were fantastic. Great packaging and fresh products. Thank you.

  87. Kathy Sturgeon (Tomball TX)

    Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am. The milk kefir grains worked from the first batch and I’ve got more milk kefir than I know what to do with! I’m going to recommend your products to my friends and family who are interested in kefirs and kombucha. Thanks for asking for my review of your products. It’s great you care about your customers!

  88. Erin S (Jensen Beach, FL)

    I ordered the milk kefir grains and my whole family LOVES them! They were slow to really get going but we now have milk kefir for everyday. It’s so wonderful and tastes great! It’s very easy to keep them going. Thank you!

  89. G Garson (Madera, CA)

    Thrilled with the promptness of the delivery, these grains reproduce and make delicious kefir. I’m so impressed w/KKamp’s customer service and the quality of their products.

  90. Jen F (Ottawa ON, Canada)

    I purchased dairy kefir grains from the Kombucha Momma, Hannah. I love love love love my purchases!!!! Since I started making my own kefir and brewing my own kombucha, my gut health is improving, I have reduced inflammation in my body, my appetite has reduced and I have lost weight and I have increased my mental alertness. All very positive effects for me!!! To your health!

  91. Cindy LeBow

    I got some milk kefir grains from Kombucha Kamp to replace the one that I got from another source– I was delighted! My grains arrived quickly – in a bag of juicy broth — they were ready to go. They made great Goats Milk Kefir the very next day! – after 2 weeks of sadness with the other grains Kombucha Kamp comes to the rescue again – always great customer service, fast deliver and a high quality product.

  92. Edward G. (Branchville, SC)

    The grains arrived much faster than I expected and were packed very efficiently. It took several batches to get them going, but they have been on a roll recently and produce excellent kefir within 24 hours!
    Thanks Hanna!

  93. Moragh Carter (UK)

    I bought this kefir starter for a friend in Tennessee and I believe she has successfully got it going, in spite of quite a long delay.
    I think you deserve 5 stars for your prompt delivery and that the starter still worked in spite of the delay.

  94. Frederick Larson(Austin TX )

    I’ve been using my Kefir grains with raw milk and it’s been awesome.

  95. E J

    Awesome! Well packaged. Promptly received. Needed some help the 1st week w/ my kefir grains…got prompt, simple, kind assistance! The money I used to spend on kefir…I now spend on milk…and my extended family is receiving the benefits of improved health from the goodness I now make…that simply can’t be bought in a bottle. So happy! Very grateful! Thank you!

  96. Diane Smith Kingsland, TX

    I have ordered Kombucha milk kefir grains,it has been a great product, great instructions that made everything easy to use. I give your company a five star rating. Thank You

  97. Mike E Stockholm Sweden

    The Milk Kefir Grains arrived after crossing the Atlantic and they where in excellent condition! One week to stabelize and after three weeks they had doubled up! So much better than the dry version. Top Notch! 😊

  98. Katrina L

    Thank you for great service! The grains arrived in a neat package and produced beautiful kefir batch after batch.

  99. Rene’ Bennett

    I first purchased kefir grains and have enjoyed them so much and have shared my grains with so many friends as they rapidly reproduce! i just recently purchased the kombucha scobys and am loving that as well! Thanks so much for your great products and guidance!

  100. Keith J (CA)

    I also started out with another company and their dehydrated grains nursed them along for about 2 months with weak results. After buying Hannah’s Kefir grains only about a week ago I already have richer,better and more complex tasting kefir then I have ever had before and they are already growing ! Now atleast I know it wasn’t something I was doing wrong ( except for not buying from Kombucha Kamp in the first place ) well worth the price,get the high quality grains from here and save yourself some time and hassle of "dehydrated "
    Very pleased with service also
    Thank you so much for offering high quality cultures… I will eventually try them all lol

  101. Mandy Riddle

    Fantastic grains and great customer service! Thanks so much!

  102. Diana Zedwick (Corinth, TX)

    These milk kefir grains are the best I’ve ever used! They came to me in excellent condition and after just 3 cycles, are producing amazing milk kefir. The customer service from KK is wonderful. The directions that came with my order were easy to follow as well! Thank you for providing a quality product and wonderful customer service!

  103. Amber G. (VA)

    I purchased these grains 7/29/14 after calling and asking a million questions. I’ve been sick since being prescribed Prednisone and Levaquin 7 months ago. I noticed just this week that the Gastritis and Acid Reflux issues are disappearing. I have a daily Kefir smoothie. The grains literally started producing so quickly, I started eating the grains with a tsp of Manuka Honey 2 weeks ago. My 7, 6 & 3yo love the Kefir smoothies I make. Banana, Frozen Blueberries, Chia & Flax Seed. Add Kefir and Blend. This has been key in my healing process. I still cannot believe how productive these grains are!

  104. victoria

    I am very pleased with my kefir grains. I ordered them in the middle if the hot Phoenix, AZ summer and the grains arrived alive and I have been making kefir with them ever since. They have even quadrupled in size! I couldn’t be happier with the product and the prompt shipping. I only wish I could make kefir in the fridge.

  105. AJ Wiborg (Utah)

    Awesome stuff and the single purchase of the grains has saved us from purchasing 40+ bottles of commercial kefir over the past couple of months. Love the product and am planning on picking up another set of grains to increase our production over the next few months.

  106. Bill C (Marietta, GA)

    I am very pleased with the grains I received. When I got the batch, I was concerned about the amount provided (1 tablespoon). However, I proceeded according with the directions provided: I use local whole milk, and the grains have been growing consistently since I bought them 2 months ago. Now I have about 1/4 cup (4 tablespoons) of kefir grains. I have not had a bad batch of kefir yet. I even had to store them in the refrigerator for a week while I was on vacation. However, when I returned, I discarded the week-old milk (even though there may not have been anything wrong with it), I put in some fresh milk, and the new batch of kefir was ready the next day. This week, I plan to convert to goat milk to see how I like it. After that, I will probably want to try the water-based kefir to compare.

  107. Brigid Johnson (Plainfield, IN)

    I had purchased grains from another very popular and widely advertised website and they just never worked. They didn’t LOOK like the grains I saw in online articles about making kefir. They weren’t dead but they made some off smelling product I purchased your grains and wow, they looked like the picture and the kefir was amazing. Thank you. I would have given up but for your product and your directions.

  108. Jill Abraham (Elmhurst IL)

    I am loving my kombucha and kefir so much! Thank you so much for your great products and customer service!!!

  109. Cesar (New Jersey)

    Very good product!!

  110. Julie (Lakewood WA)

    Mine spend most of their time fermenting directly in the refrigerator that’s how fast they multiplied

  111. Bernard Ratte (Wailuku, HI)

    fast shipping, made about 8 batches so far, grains are growing, added cactus fruit(panini) for a second ferment and now have fruit flavored kefer. The dog loves it too! I read that you can use it in coconut milk too so going to make some fresh milk and try that next. Great in smoothies. Favorite meal so far is fruit flavored kefer with granola, cinamon, shreded coconut, vanila extract and a little greek yogurt. Awesome product!

  112. Teetee Weisel (Roseau, Dominica)

    The kefir grains I ordered arrived, I have used them,and would like to let you know that I am very pleased with the product.

  113. Candy G (TN)

    Grains arrived in good condition and I began making kefir immediately. It tasted strange at first, but now after two batches it tastes better and the grains are growing. I travel a lot and have to put them in the refrigerator often, but that doesn’t seem to bother them at all. I’ve had to slow down on drinking the kefir because of developing itchy skin and a slight rash on my chin; however I plan to continue on at a slower rate until my body can handle more. Thank you for your grains and help in learning the art of kefiring!

  114. Patricia B

    I loved how quickly the kefir grains arrived and how well packed it was. I have not been able to use it yet ut will soon. Looks great!

  115. Mary (VA)

    Got my grains quickly, started my kefir and am very happy with the product. They reproduce beautifully and quickly.

  116. David (Montreal, Canada)

    My order got here fast, and the kefir grains were in perfect condition. I’ve been drinking milk kefir everyday for about a month, now, and I’ve never felt so good! Completely addicted!!

  117. Jennifer

    creates a wonderful tasting Kefir! thank you

  118. Joy Rigel (Philadelphia, PA)

    Perfection! Happy healthy grains packed with love and care. My kefir cultures beautifully time and time again. Thank you Kombucha Kamp!

    Love your shop and your gorgeous cultures!

  119. Mary Louise T

    My house temp was 68-70 degrees when my kefir grains arrived. Support helped me with adjusting milk-grain ratio and length of ferment. WOW! Kefir and growth of my grains is phenomenal.

  120. Julie

    I was a little underwhelmed when my culture arrived, they were so tiny… but Twinky & the twinkettes as I called them are rock stars and are growing at a rapid pace 🙂 They look like the picture now. Thank you for an awesome product!

  121. Elizabeth (NY)

    Got my kefir grains quickly and I’ve lost count how many batches of kefir I’ve made. It is delicious and so much tastier than the store bought. I’m thinking healthier too. I like it on my cereal (organic of course) and just to drink. I feel much better in the month I’ve been drinking it and only had maybe one or two days of what may have been dieoff. I’m hooked. Thank you for sending my grains so quickly. They are growing and I think they have doubled in the month since I got them. Thanks again.

  122. Erin (Ontario, Canada)

    These guys had a bit of a mission getting here but they came fairly quickly and on the second batch made kefir exactly how I like it. I have ordered dehydrated grains before and though they worked eventually the live ones were definitely superior. Thank you so much!

  123. Aderifield (Yuba City, CA)

    I have been very happy with my Kombuch Kamp milk kefir grains. They immediately started multiplying and producing great tasting kefir. I experienced a little bit of detox symptoms, but they’ve were very mild in comparison to taking probiotics. Meanwhile, I am up to 2 cups a day in just a few weeks, which is goal! I would suggest using milk kefir as a replacement for probiotics to anyone with confidence. As someone who suffers from extremely sensitive Celiac Disease and Chronic Inflammation, I saw an immediate lessening of abdominal swelling, along with an increase in energy and a sense of greater overall health. Also, though I am sensitive to lactose, I have had none of the normal symptoms of that whereas, I do when ingesting store bought kefirs and yogurts. Thanks, Kombucha Kamp for producing a great product that makes me feel great!

  124. Nora Wohlfeld (CA)

    The kefir grains got held up in the mail, arrived here a few days later than expected, and were left on our "mail box" which is in the sun for a few hours.

    Nevertheless, your excellent advice about how to revive them proved to be every effective. The kefir grains are now plump and healthy-looking and producing kefir like crazy. The grains are not multiplying in numbers very fast but I think that may be due to the kefir turning into "yogurt" quickly (which I see as a sign of healthy grains) and they may be running out of enuf nourishment to reproduce. So I am keeping a closer eye on the process now in order to pull them out sooner and get them into fresh milk sooner.

    Your service was great and the kefir grains are very healthy.

  125. Allison

    The grains I ordered from Kombucha Kamp are AWESOME! It took 4 batches to really get them producing and figure out the correct amount of milk for the temperature in my home but now they are producing kefir like champions and they’ve probably doubled in quantity. EXTREMELY satisfied with my purchase and will continue to purchase from here.

  126. Jennifer (Roseville, CA)

    I’ve already made two batches of raw milk kefir since receiving my kefir grains earlier this week. The instructions that were included were very clear and easy to follow. The kefir tastes wonderful and my grains are already multiplying quickly! As always, my order arrived quickly with good packaging!

  127. Bonnie H. (Kasaan,AK)

    Received my Milk Kefir Grains on Wednesday am on my second batch. The first batch was so firm, I decided to add more milk this time an holy, I just emptied my third batch. My husband loves the stuff! Thanks!

  128. Mary Nell (Tuscon, AZ)

    Grains are multiplying like mad! Thank you.

  129. peggy

    I was impressed how quickly my order of kefir grains arrived. I was not able to use them for a week, but my first batch turned out well.
    Thank you.

  130. Brian M (Kentucky)

    The grains produce well and are growing with each batch also. The kefir took a little getting used to, but now I like the taste. Now I can produce a quart of good kefir in 24 hours.

  131. Candace VG (FL)

    Just made my first batch and they performed like a charm. My second batch within 24 hrs is ready to go. Thank you for your prompt and courteous service!!

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