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Kombucha Brew Now Jar Kit

Great for a first time brewer or anyone who is looking to focus primarily on Batch Brewing. The Brew Now Kombucha Jar Kit includes one world famous Kombucha Kamp SCOBY with starter liquid and all the other the basics you need to get brewing right away. This Jar Kit is perfect as a gift to first time brewers or avid Kombucha lovers.


  • Add a 2nd SCOBY Kombucha Culture for only $16! – Why two SCOBYS? Each culture is for a 1-Gallon Batch the first time. So if you want to make a 2-Gallon Batch right away, or make Two 1-Gallon Batches right away, or want to start a SCOBY Hotel and a Batch Brew, or if you want one for a friend/family member…there are so many reasons to want 2 SCOBYs!!
  • Add a high quality Kombucha Mamma Heating Solution – Each delivers the same great power, so select based on style and ease of use. From our manually controlled Essential Heat Strip to the dimmer control of the Year Round Heating System to the full thermostat control of the Ferment Friend, all are fully guaranteed and will warm up to a 2.5 gallon brew. Or you can wrap them around/between 1, 2 or even 3 regular gallon jars at a time (see the video below). For additional info on each model, click the product link above or for more info on heating Kombucha and all the models, click here.
  • Add The Big Book of Kombucha – The #1 Kombucha resource in the world with instructions for mastering Batch or Continuous Brew plus flavoring, troubleshooting, history and everything else you could ever want to know, offered at a discount!

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