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50X Kombucha Concentrate

100% Pure Kombucha Tea Concentrate

Kombucha concentrate is exactly what it sounds like – a concentrated version of a potent Kombucha tea using low pressure and low heat distillation developed nearly 100 years ago. Naturally alcohol free, it is a terrific oral supplement that can be taken whenever your homemade Kombucha is not available.

Keep a bottle handy when at sporting events, work, social functions, school, or anywhere you can’t bring your booch!

Perfect for traveling here and abroad. At only 1oz, its safe to fly in carry-on bag! True story: When we went to Egypt, taking a dropper full or two per day saved us from “Pharaoh’s Revenge!”

Some use it to “super charge” their brew! It quickly lowers pH to prevent mold and helps speed along the fermentation process. Read the reviews below to hear how others use it.


  • Minimally processed to maintain maximum vitality
  • Contains 50x Acetic Acid and 40x Gluconic Acid of regularly brewed KT
  • Supercharge your Kombucha brew to prevent mold and kickstart the fermentation process
  • Take a dropper full or two in a glass of water, juice or right into your mouth
  • 15-20 servings per 1oz bottle
  • 1oz bottle – safe to bring on carry-on while traveling & no refrigeration needed!
  • Safe for pets too

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69 reviews for 50X Kombucha Concentrate

  1. Terry Lail (verified owner)

    I ordered this gem when we took a trip to Yuma and I realized that I’d be away from my daily consumption of kombucha that I brew for myself and friends. I don’t like the commercial product and was in a quandry about how I’d be able to haul seven 16-oz. bottles in my suitcase!
    This concentrate was the perfect solution! It’s small enough to go in my carryon bag and potent enough to last my body’s needs for more than a week! It’s pretty darn sour by itself but great when added to sweet tea or fruit drinks. I’ll be ordering this lifesaver every time we travel!

  2. vancouver.lails@gmail.com (verified owner)

    Thanks for your help in rushing me the Kombucha Concentrate that saved my vacation in Arizona!
    While I found the concentrate to be very sour, it definitely kept my gut in balance while I was away from my daily 16 oz bottles of Kombucha I brewed with your help. Thanks for all you do!

  3. Lisa Veronica

    I love the 50x concentrate and it loves us back!

  4. Crystal Coleman

    Crystal – Everett, WA

    I absolutely LOVE this stuff!! I don’t think it’s too sour at all – it’s delicious. Every single time I take it, my tummy feels great. I like to take a couple droppers before bed if I’m feeling off. It’s seriously magical!

  5. Monica Miller

    These drops are like ‘liquid gold’. They can be used when you don’t have access to your booch (like when travelling, or at work) and they can be added to your new batch to help kick-start the process. I have several backup bottles. I love the taste. That super sour taste doesn’t taste so sour to me! Thank you KK for such a different way to access the powers of Kombucha.

  6. Amanda A (Hampton, NJ)

    This stuff is absolutely amazing and it tastes really good as well! I haven’t been able to brew enough kt to keep up with our needs so this handy dandy concentrate will help keep us on track until our brews are ready for consumption! Thank you so much for providing quality products, super fast shipping times with securely packaged items and your stellar customer service!

  7. Jennie Jones

    This stuff is good! I added it to my Kombucha, and I am looking forward to seeing how it works. Also tried it plain and it was so tasty. Will be buying another bottle when this one is empty.

    Jennie (Kaysville, Utah)

  8. Hilton Borne

    Helped to kickstart my brew and it turned out great.

  9. Erica Hopkins

    Loved the kickstart it gave my kombucha

  10. Jenna Kowalski

    Absolute must-have product while traveling – especially as we’re nearing the busy holiday season! Highly recommend this product! Very affordable, too.

  11. Lisa Kozma

    Lisa Kozma (Rhinelander, WI)

    I purchased the kombucha concentrate to help provide for the lack of kombucha in between fermenting and bottling for second fermenting, as well as for helping to revive my brew. I do a continuous brew and decanted more than half of my kombucha, which led to an off flavor, which it tasted very watered down. With some great advice and placing 2 oz of the concentrate into my kombucha brew, I was able to taste my kombucha coming back to life again with the flavorful tartness I love! Thank you for Kombucha concentrate, it saved my kombucha making experience!!!

  12. Richard Schmitt

    I take this with me when I go out to dinner with the family, and use it to aid in digestion. Sometimes I just take it just because! It’s good and provides a digestive spark.

  13. Rek NYC

    Helped to kickstart my brew and it turned out delicious.

  14. Audrey Long

    I love this product! I use it every time I travel. It’s so convenient and easy to use that I recommend it to everyone I know!

  15. Megan Myatt

    Megan M. From Tennessee
    Love this stuff! Took it on a cruise since we couldn’t take our booch

  16. Missa Waldo

    I love this stuff! I was waiting for my ferment to mature and really craving Kombucha when I remembered I had this in the cupboard. Hit the spot, Thank you!
    I do also use it in my starter when I think of it to give it a boost.

  17. Rhonda Berman

    This came with my CB package. This is great. I can pack it in my carry on for the flight because it meets the requirements. I use it on vacation instead of my homemade kombucha. Works great! Love it!

  18. DHP

    This concentrate arrived with my brewing vessel package. I was happy to see it arrive, because it showed sold out online when I made the purchase. I think this is an awesome idea! I travel a lot and some times it’s not easy to travel with big kombucha bottles all the time and not easy to find store bought in foreign countries, so I bring the small concentrate bottle in with my toiletries. 

  19. Lisa Dessenberger

    I purchased 4 bottles of 50x Kombucha Concentrate and am so glad I did. Not only is it great to add to starter KT batches, it’s a good pick me up when I don’t have any kombucha on hand. I add 3-4 droppers to about a glass of water and drink it down. Terrific flavor! I’ve also used this in some of my homemade salad dressings. Delicious!

  20. Amy Haralson

    Used the drops to start our first brew, then my husband took the bottle with him on a business trip. He took the drops daily in place of his probiotic that would have required refrigeration, and said he felt even better taking the drops! Like the convenience of not needing to refrigerate the drops and that they comply with carry-on regulations.

  21. Mark Sopkiw (Jacksonville, NC)

    I was waiting for the 50X to come back in stock. Was planning a trip to the Bahamas within 10 days. Called the Kombucha Momma and she had a stash and got me two bottles with the quickness. Great product. Airplane friendly.

  22. Ceri Muter (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

    The kombucha concentrate is absolutely fantastic for keeping my kombucha regime intact while travelling, a very convenient way to maintain the benefits of kombucha. I never travel without it and will continue to purchase this exceptional quality product. In addition the customer server is excellent, thank so much Kombucha Kamp!

  23. Mercy

    I received this as part of my Continuous Brew system. I just set it aside because I wasn’t sure I really needed it. Then my daughter (who travels a lot) came home and was having some digestive/female issues. I encouraged her to drink some Kombucha that I had made. She wasn’t thrilled about the currently flavor options I had available (still deciding which flavor combo I like best). I remembered the concentrate and so gave it to her to use for the next few days while she was traveling. She returned from her trip claiming all of her ‘issues’ were greatly relieved. I guess I will need to order more as she hasn’t given my my bottle back.

  24. Susan Emerson , Morristown , NJ

    I recently went away for 2 weeks and was limited to what I could take .  The 50x kombucha concentrate solved the problem for me.  I love and I’ll take it whenever I go away.

  25. Stephanie S. (Huntington Beach, Ca)

    Love this stuff! Great to take on vacation!

  26. Meghan

    I received this with my cb set and used it while waiting for my first brew. It really helped fill the void while I waited!

  27. hannah

    purchased 2 bottles have not used them as i am waiting until i travel

  28. Nancy Ross (Gering, NE)

    I used the 50X concentrate to jump start my Kombucha when refreshing – and it really works!

  29. Lynn Jack (Rose Bay, Nova Scotia)

    I ordered the Kombucha concentrate. I think the Kombucha concentrate will be perfect for travel….5/5 for everything we’ve received from you. Thanks so much and keep up the stellar work!

  30. Stephanie San Marchi (Huntington Beach CA)

    I ordered the Kombucha concentrate for traveling after a recommendation from my brother. I love it! I definitely give it 5 stars! Since I travel a lot this is an easy way to take it on the go! I feel so much better after taking it! It’s amazing!

  31. Lisa (Pasadena, CA)

    Love this 50X Kombucha Concentrate. Order this a month or so ago and added a dropperful to my brew and it really gave it a kick start – healthy scoby and lots of bubbles in my Kombucha. Great for traveling too when you can’t take your bucha with you. Definitely recommend!!

  32. Katherine Oram

    I bought 2 bottles out of curiosity since the reviews were great! I absolutely enjoy the taste of the 50X Kombucha Concentrate and use it when I am on the road and without my home brew! I just made a few new batches of Kombucha and put 4 drops in each container. I can’t wait to try the finally product! Thanks for making Kombucha making more safe and pleasurable!

  33. Veronica (Bruner, MO)

    I received this as part of my start up kit. I don’t know that I would have purchased it alone but it really helped me keep my hands out of my bootch until it had fremented. I was really eager to get the benefits and so I started taking some of the concentrate everyday. It is also really convenient when I am traveling so I don’t have to pack a big bottle. (Of course I might anyway:-))

  34. Suzanne (Piqua, OH)

    50X—100% Pure Kombucha Tea Concentrate is the highest source of KT, my favorite nutritious beverage, I’ve ever happened upon. Injesting KT is facilitating my body by bringing it back into balance naturally. The 50X Acetic and 40X Gluconic Acid of regular brewed KT is supporting both my digestive and immune systems. Devouring 50X my SCOBYs bloomed, my brews bubbled, and I celebrated!

  35. Lisa Anderson (Madison, SD)

    This little bottle knocked my socks off. Had to come back and order more! I add it to my Kombucha and also, love to put a dropper or two under my tongue. I love the rush of flavor!!!

  36. Pat Dean

    I ordered this for the first time about a month ago. It gives my Kombucha brew a boost. I’m noticing more bubbles and a faster growing baby SCOBY. I’m looking forward to trying this batch next week!

  37. Larisa Glenn Eugene, OR

    I love this product. I add two dropper fulls every two weeks to my continuous brew system. I also give my Yorkie 2-3 drops every morning in his wet/dry dog food mix. He has severe allergies and it’s helping him. Start very slow as this is very powerful stuff.

  38. Pamela Gibson (Cedar Falls IA)

    I ordered this concentrate because of all the positive reviews I read about it. It’s one of my favorite things now! So handy for traveling, when you’ve had a busy day and no time to drink enough Kombucha, and a really great booster for your brew! Simply put some under your tongue, or a few droppers in your brew to jumpstart it. It’s now a must-have in my Kombucha brewing. And their customer service is the best! I had ordered 2 bottles but received only one. When I notified them, they not only sent the missing bottle right away, but included another bottle as a gift for the error! Order this now, you’ll be glad you did!

  39. Laura B (Williamsburg, VA)

    This came in my kk brewing kit and I LOVE it. It made me feel comfortable starting my first batch because I knew it would lower the pH a little faster, so I felt at ease. If you’re a big vinegar fan and love some tart booch, you might love just having a squirt of this in your mouth, like I do. Its tasty!

  40. peggyann

    I ordered this because I had a scoby gifted to me which was kept in the refrigerator. I thought this concentrate might make it more productive. It does seem to have helped it along.  Of course I ordered two of kk scoby for my continous brew.

  41. Danielle

    This stuff is pretty amazing! I bought it to test it out and I am ready to buy some more! Tastes delicious. Haven’t used it to elevate my current booch, but I plan to! Thanks Kombucha Kamp!

  42. Laura in Iowa

    This is a great booster shot for your booch batch! I’m not a fan of the flavor, but it’s also nice to have as a backup bottle while you’re traveling.

  43. R Fischer CR Canada

    I have a Mini Dachs’hound,he has Food Allergy.He doe’not like the normal kombucha,so I give him kombucha concentrate from the K Kamp.this product works fantastic for my dog,he is so much better.

  44. Vicki P (Sherman, TX)

    In my initial order, I received the 50x concentrate and decided I would use some in some juice until my first batch of KT was ready. I didn’t read the directions though and used a little too much and experienced a healing crisis. This just helped me realize how potent KT can be and I look forward to continuing to brew and drink KT in an effort to assist in my healing process.

  45. Ceri Muter (Sydney, Australia)

    This the second time I’ve purchased KK’s Kombucha Concentrate to take travelling and I’ll definitely be back for more. This concentrate is of the highest quality and tastes great, making it extremely convenient to maintain my kombucha health regime at all times. I’ve also added a few drops to my CB. Thank you Kombucha Kamp for such valuable product and awesome customer service, much appreciated!

  46. Ceri Muter,(South Wales, Australia)

    I just wanted to say a big thank you again. The replacement order you sent arrived safely. :-), very promptly and just in time for our travels.

    Many grateful thanks for fabulous and very generous customer service.

  47. Natalie, WA

    I’ve used this to jump start my Kombucha when first brewing and each batch has been so productive and healthy.

  48. Maria (Eugene, OR)

    Ordered this product because I was going on a trip that was likely to be stressful, and I didn’t want to also be without my kombucha for two stressful weeks. The bottle is small enough to fly with it in your toiletries bag, and having this with me helped get me through. Definitely beneficial for travelling, or if you are just "on the go" a lot and want to keep it in your bag or backpack for a quick healthy boost. Thanks, Kombucha Kamp.

  49. Leslie (South Carolina)

    This product really does a great job of jump starting my Kombucha!

  50. Erin

    So awesome to have this for travel! Like other reviewers I also use it to speed up my CB.

  51. Paul Gillette

    This is the 3rd or 4th time I have ordered this… I use about 3-4 droppers with each top off batch of tea that I fill my two continuous brewers with & I feel that it both helps accelerate the brew cycle & that it also helps maintain the overall health of my SCOBY’s… I will continue to use this with each brew cycle.

  52. Linda U. (De Soto, Ks)

    I needed this Kombucha concentrate in a hurry as was going out of the country for a week and NEEDED my daily booch! Hanna shipped it the day I called (Friday) and I received it on Monday!!! WOE!!! Awesome customer service Hanna. Thanks so much! Love all your products & your web site.

  53. Helen A (Germantown, TN)

    Took this on vacation with me. It was a perfect way to not have to be without my Kombucha for a week. I was concerned that it wouldn’t taste good, but it did taste good! Great way to travel and have your kombucha. Do drink a lot of water. Now that I’m home, I’m using it to supercharge my kombucha batches

  54. Susan (St. Louis, MO)

    I recently went on vacation and took my Kombucha Concentrate with me. I didn’t want to give up Kombucha for a week and couldn’t take my bottles with me. I put a dropper full on my tongue and drank a lot of water throughout the day. It was very convenient.

  55. Melissa (Anaheim, CA)

    I ordered this for two trips I am taking. I love the idea of having KT concentrate "on the go". I made a mistake on my third CB brew. I emptied out too much KT. I added two droppers of the concentrate and I am sure this is what saved it. I will always have this on hand for travel and in case my CB needs an extra boost~

  56. Ceri (Australia)

    The kombucha concentrate was absolutely fantastic for keeping my kombucha regime intact while travelling. All that is needed is a couple of droppers under the tongue, a very convenient way to maintain the benefits of kombucha. Will never leave home without it! With the little bit leftover I’m going to give my first CB a boast.

  57. Penny S (Springdale, WA)

    Great for traveling. So easy to keep on your daily regime. 🙂

  58. Becky L., MI

    I love the option of taking the concentrated kombucha. It will come in very handy when traveling to South America this summer! Love the taste!

  59. Regina from Kansas

    This is a repeat purchase for me, and I got the larger bottles this time! I use this "liquid of the Gods" all the time. I use it in every batch of booch and carry it in my purse everywhere I go so I can pull it out and pop a few drops under my tongue with each meal or snack. Won’t be without this valuable, healthful product! WTG Hannah!

  60. Randy (Washougal, Wa)

    This is a small bottle of wonders. I add it to my fresh batches of KT and it speeds up the process. I also add it to juice and smoothies for an extra nutrient punch. Used straight up, its quite intense, but still tasty. Make sure to drink water with it XD

  61. Regina from Kansas

    This product is "the bomb"! I can put a drop or two under my tongue for a concentrated hit "on the go" which is great. Just as wonderful is being able to add it to my brew to kick start it. Love love love

  62. Toni Parker, CO

    This has been great for boosting my brew, as I wanted it done NOW! 🙂 It does have a unique taste but a good glass of water after and your good to go.

  63. Gabriele W

    Pretty good kombucha concentrate. Used it on my last travel and as a booster for my continuous brew.

  64. Paul G. (Logan, Utah)

    I love to use 3 droppers full each time I add my top off tea to my Continuous Brewer. It seems to jump start the brewer & help turn the tea to Kombucha sooner. I have also used a dropper full underneath my tongue when traveling & not able to regularly drink my booch!

  65. Jami (WI)

    I add this to my CB and use it for travel. It is handy.

  66. Coach Jordan

    I experience the benefits of a full dose of kombucha tea when I place the full droppers underneath my tongue. It is quick and convenient if I am away from my brew. I plan to take plenty of concentrate with me on my trip to India next month.

  67. Jessica R.

    Pretty good stuff! I havent used it to it’s maximum capacity yet, but while I was waiting for my first brew batch to finish, it tided me over. 🙂 I plan to use it on SCOBY hotels when I have a big enough culture to trim. 🙂

  68. Barry G (Oceanside, NY)

    My wife uses this in salad dressing instead of vinegar and we get extra kombucha that way. Also I have given this to my mother in her juice and she doesn’t even know it’s there so that’s another way to use it. I did try a little under my tongue and it was intense but like the site says if you want to take it travelling it would be convenient.

  69. Josh P (Los Angeles)

    Received this as part of a CB kit from Kombucha Kamp. I added it to fresh brews with newly added sweet tea, scoby hotel and second fermentation bottling. It’s a good way to lower the starting pH of a brew making it more acidic which makes it harder for harmful bacteria to thrive.

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