DELUXE Continuous Brew

Our Deluxe Kombucha Brewing Kit for Continuous Brew is the package that comes with everything you need to start brewing Kombucha at home, plus lots of great extras to make the brewing experience the best it can be!

We have 3 types of “Kombucha safe” food-grade brewing vessels to choose from with your deluxe Kombucha brewing kit:
Not sure which vessel is right for you? Check out our Kombucha Jar and Kombucha Container with spigot selection tips for more information about choosing the right brewing container for brewing Kombucha tea.

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Why Use the Continuous Brewing Method?

The Continuous Brew Method has tons of benefits but here are the top 3 practical reasons why you should make the switch to continuous brewing using a KKamp Deluxe Kombucha Brewing Kit:

  1. It’s Safer – using 1 container to both ferment and dispense the Kombucha lessens the risk of contamination associated with repeated SCOBY handling, as in the Batch Brew Method. Because all we do is add sweet tea to the top, contact between the SCOBY and any outside elements is greatly reduced.
  2. It’s Tastier – the Continuous Brew Method allows better, and more rapid, control over the taste of your Kombucha than with the Batch Brew Method. If the brew gets too sour, just drain out a little and add some sweet tea, allowing for a recovered brew with a distinct balance of sweet and tart within a couple of days. Over time, brew cycles can be customized to your preference.
  3. It’s Easier – the entire Continuous Brew system is easier to use; from drinking to bottling to refilling. Unlike with the Batch Brew Method, where you have to carefully remove the SCOBY and pour out the Kombucha once it’s done fermenting, with Continuous Brewing, just add more sweet tea after removing some Kombucha from the spigot or wait until your bottled supply runs low to add more; the system will be ready when you are!

Supplies You’ll Need to Start Brewing

Though you can go very basic when brewing a batch of Kombucha, you’ll want to start off with the following equipment:

  • Tea Kettle – using a pot to boil the water for tea is also an option.
  • Purified water – the ingredients used to make your Kombucha have a big impact on the quality and flavor of the end product. Added chemicals found in tap water (like chlorine) may harm the bacteria and yeast in your Kombucha culture. Learn more about Water Quality and Kombucha.
  • Sugar – you can’t make Kombucha without sugar since the bacteria and yeast need a fuel source. However, many types of sugars are acceptable, including cane sugar, molasses, pasteurized honey (never raw), maple syrup and agave, just to name a few. We prefer Evaporated Cane Juice, which is included with every kit. Never use an artificial sweetener and avoid Stevia and Xylitol as they are NOT fermentable by the yeast. Learn more about the Different Types of Sugar for Brewing Kombucha.
  • Tea – just like with the water, the quality and flavor of the Kombucha will depend heavily on the ingredients, perhaps none more important than the tea. The brew requires real camellia sinensis to thrive over time, as nutrients present in the tea leaves feed the bacteria and yeast to create the brew. Chemically decaffeinated teas or those flavored with oils may alter the balance of the brew by inhibiting bacteria growth and should be avoided unless a spare culture is used. Learn more about What Teas to Use When Brewing Kombucha.
  • Genuine Large Kombucha SCOBYs with Strong Starter Liquid – The key to brewing success is quality supplies and there is no more basic supply than your cultures, so invest in the best!
  • Brewing vessel – the vessel is literally the home for our healthy bacteria and yeast and must be made from high quality, brew safe materials. This is critical to brewing safety and success. Kombucha requires an open container with breathable (preferably 100% cotton) cloth cover. Make sure the spigot (if there is one, highly recommended for Continuous Brew) is of high quality as well.

Other supplies you may want to use when brewing Kombucha (all of these are available with any Deluxe Kombucha Brewing Kit above):

  • Thermometer strip – very valuable for keeping track of the brew temperature. Kombucha is recommended to be brewed between 75-85 F (24-30 C) for best results. See heaters below if you need to boost your brew’s temp!
  • Heating mats – to keep the Kombucha’s temperature consistent, especially in cooler climates. All produce the same power, you choose from manual adjusted to set-it-and-forget-it ease depending on which of the 3 models you choose.
  • pH Testing tools – measuring the pH of any fermented beverage can provide peace of mind that the brew is progressing safely. pH can also be monitored to be a consistent factor when trying to replicate your favorite recipe.
  • Brewer Caps & Brewer Tees / Jar Caps & Jar Tees – want to add style and warmth to your ferments? Or maybe just tell them apart using fun colors? We’ve got custom, USA made fermentation covers for standard gallon jars or our Continuous Brew vessels, plus the caps fit any vessel with an opening ranging from 3-8 inches. Help insulate the brew from fluctuating temperatures, or even hide one of the heaters underneath the tee!
  • Kombucha Flavoring – flavoring is one of the most fun parts of making Kombucha tea! We’ve got plenty of great flavors available to sample or try our Flavor Saver pack!