The Kombucha Mamma, Hannah Crum, holds a mixed glass of sparkling juice and delicious homemade Continuous Brewed Kombucha. Yum!How to Flavor Kombucha Tea

I’m very excited to be bringing you an all new video quick tip!

As you know, Kombucha is an incredibly versatile beverage and can be combined successfully with many different flavors. However, I hear from many new brewers who just aren’t sure what to do when it comes to the flavoring stage.

Just the same, many long-term brewers tell me they eventually get stuck in a flavor rut.

We all need inspiration sometimes. Variety is the spice, and all that. Why should your Booch be any different?

If you’re already a flavor guru, I hope a couple of my ideas might spark your fancy or tickle your mind. Leave a comment and inspire your fellow readers (and me! I need new ideas too!) with your favorite creations.

Flavoring Kombucha

In this video, I demonstrate and explain:

  • how to flavor your Kombucha
  • ideas to spark your flavor imagination
  • a secret for increased carbonation
  • safety tips to prevent bottle explosions
  • blending other beverages with your Continuous Brewed Kombucha
  • mixing kombucha into drinks for hangover prevention

What’s your favorite Kombucha flavor or how do you mix your Kombucha?

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Responses to How to Flavor Kombucha: Video Tip!

  1. My 2 favorites are lime (zest and juice of one) and mint (a handful fresh minced and strained out afterwards) together……..Grapefruit (zest, but just the very top part of the rind so as not to get the bitter white underneath)and the juice from one fruit in 1/2 gal. of first fermented kombucha. My least favorite was when I flavored with Chai tea.

  2. I used fresh peaches, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries all in different bottles. I’ve tasted the blueberry and peach both are great. I think I’m going to try some more exotic fruits if I can find some. 😃

  3. hey hannah! great video but i am curious as to why your kombucha looks almost clear. every kombucha i have seen is much darker and lightens in 1st ferment but not that light. thanks for explaining!

    ps…just finished 1st batch of kombucha and added flavors 2 days ago and not getting fizzy so that’s why we watched. any other tips?


  4. We like so many flavors. Mixed berries; raspberry, blackberry and blueberry is delicious! Strawberry and banana is another favorite!

  5. Hi – thanks for so many great tips! I have made one bath in my CB and pulled 3 16oz bottles from it, which I flavored. didn’t really carbonate but I see why after watching the video and reading comments. wondering, can I eat the item with which I flavored it? in this case it’s a blackberry.

  6. […] cooler for about 24 hours to allow the flavored ‘buch to carbonate a bit. I was instructed by Kombucha Mama to keep them in there just in case they exploded. I’m all about minimizing extra cleaning and […]

  7. Thanks to everyone that has posted recipes of different flavored bucha. I tried some of these recipes and loved them. I am fond of ginger and anything. I made one with cocao nibs & puréed frozen cherry. Taste like chocolate covered cherries. You can also used tart cherry juice. My ultimate fav is ginger and chunks of lemon!!! Yummmmm 🙂

  8. I’m new to all this and have been reading tons of websites. When u want to add flavor how much fruit or whatever flavor should u add. Tsp tbsp..or just wing it…?

  9. Watching your video, and reading the comments, I have a few more ideas for flavorings. Thank all of you.

    My favorite flavor is Mango, pureed fresh. My last batch I mixed ginger, pineapple juice and maraschino cherry juice. This might be my new favorite. This batch I have one bottle flavored with bluberries, the juice of a meyer lemon and a cinnamon stick. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

  10. I was under the impression that black elderberries needed to be cooked a little. If eaten raw, can cause digestive issues. Does putting raw elderberries into kombucha tea cause the elderberry to go under a chemical change that can make it not make you sick?

    • I’d not heard that about elderberries. I have eaten a berry or two now and again, but not by the handful. The low pH of Kombucha kills any critters living on the berries that might cause a tummy upset.

  11. What kind of tea bags do you use? I noticed your KT was very clear when you were putting it in the bottles….mine is pretty dark…hmmm?

  12. What things, if any, can be ingested before/during/after drinking alcohol to minimize the negative impact on one’s body and brain?…

    Try drinking Kombucha one of three ways: 1. As a mixer with the alcohol. 2. 3. After the alcohol but before bed. 4. 5. The next day to combat hangover. The small amounts of alcohol in the Kombucha help alleviate some of the negative side effects of the…

  13. I am using powder from dried strawberries & raspberries, with some lemon juice! I learned that I need to leave the bottles out for 24 to 48 hrs to allow it to get fizzy! Also to fill the bottles up more…..we shall see! Why is it my brew always has a pungent, bitter flavor??

  14. @Hillary – how did your booch turn out? Any new favorite flavors yet?

    @Neven – YES! So many delicious flavors in summer with the abundance of fresh fruit – Yum!

    @Laura – yes – you can definitely use the Sobe bottles. I’ve mostly experimented with my favorite fruits – strawberries, blueberries, raspberries (a bit more tart) mango (can be puree, juice, frozen or fresh), apple (makes the KT gooey from the naturally occurring pectin), craisins, etc.

    I’ve heard others have tried watermelon, kiwi, and starfruit. Overall, there doesn’t seem to be a fruit that doesn’t go well with Kombucha.

    Anyone else use any more exotic fruits? How did they turn out?

  15. This FIZZY issue is a big one with me.
    Your “Kombucha Bubbles: How to Increase Carbonation…for Beginners”
    is Marvelous!!!!!!
    But of course I have a question.
    I have a stash of Sobe 20oz. glass bottles with the screw on tops.
    These tops have a plastic type lining. Will these bottles do?

    I want to bottle the brew and try a couple of different things. The white sugar method for sure, as well as, dropping a few fresh frozen blueberries per bottle and the grated frozen ginger.

    What fruit, in your experience, is better.
    And which fruit is a big NO.

    Appreciate All your Advice,
    This is a great Website……Thanks

  16. Great video! As a new brewer I was a bit nervous about the flavoring process now I see it’s pretty simple. I am definitely going to add ginger and some type of citrus to mine during the winter. I imagine my summer brew will be full of berries and other summer fruits. Thanks for the tips.

  17. thank you, this is most helpful! i tried a few different flavors on my first brew and will be having my first taste today, so i will report back. i want to try some flowers next time!

  18. I do a pomegranate rose flavor at Leaf Organics – we use a pomegranate molasses & fresh pomegranate seeds.

    @Laila what concentrates do you use? are they a juice or more like a syrup? They sound yummy!

    @Brian – yay! goji ginger is one of my faves. The original is a good flavor too – kind of like an apple cider

  19. great video, that answered a lot of questions for me. i was curious about the fresh fruit. with lemons it sounds like the rind a juice are what to add. i was just going to add wedges. your packs are awesome, the goji ginger is by far the best i’ve had thus far. i made two with POM pomagranate juice. they turned out pretty good. i find the “raw” un flavored is also quite good. i dont always want the extra flavor. very good video, catchy tune as well 😉 thank hannah, u r the best 😀

  20. I have used liquid concentrates for adding fruity flavors. Blueberry, cranberry, black cherry, elderberry, and pomegranate. The best two were the pomegranate and elderberry! I’ve also used ginger, which is a major winner, too.

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