Hand-Cut Cloth Cover & Rubber Band – For Brewing Jar and Vessels

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Regular size covers vessel openings up to 8 inches in diameter. XL size covers vessel openings up to 14 inches in diameter.


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Hand-Cut Cloth Cover & Rubber Band – For Brewing Jar and Vessels

Get your very own Kombucha Mamma Cloth Cover & Rubber band. Extra large size means it will fit both batch brewing vessels as well as Continuous Brewers.


  • 100% cotton
  • Hand selected & cut by the Kombucha Mamma Team
  • Quality rubber band (extra thick and long with the XL size cloth)
  • Regular Size = covers vessel openings with a diameter up to 8 inches
  • XL Size = covers vessel openings with a diameter up to 14 inches (will work on small vessels too)

Additional information

Weight 0.12500 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in

25 reviews for Hand-Cut Cloth Cover & Rubber Band – For Brewing Jar and Vessels

  1. Marcus Del Bianco

    This came with my Starter Kit. Very nice touch. Its also tightly woven so no dust or bugs can get in.

  2. Beth Bois

    Thank you for providing these cloths to cover my Kombucha culture. They are very cute. Beth Bois (Fairfield, ME).

  3. Eileen Huval

    I purchased this cover – As a new brewer I had nothing to compare it to however I can tell you it works great.  I have no problems at all.  Thanks Hannah!

  4. Karen Ulmer

    As a newbie to brewing, I ordered this Hand-Cut Cloth Cover & Rubber Band to be sure I had the correct tight weave. Starting with the correct tools to be a successful brewer is important to me. The patterns of the material are cute too!

  5. Chris Pooser

    This attractive cover and rubberband give a little class and function to my vessel!

  6. DHP

    Love the cloth covers! Not having to make this myself and risk fruit flies in the warmer months is awesome! So easy to slip on. 

  7. Linda S (Cardiff, CA), 08/15/2017

    The cloth cover is a must. Fruit flies are going to happen and this cover will keep them out and it is the perfect size. Thanks KK for providing a great product.

  8. Clayton Karr (Autaugaville, AL)

    High quality fabric. Recommended.

  9. George

    I love this. It’s so much better than the plain container look. The lid works awesome. I read that it also helps with the constant temperature, but I can’t verify that yet. I’d buy again. 

  10. Sam (Temple, NH)

    No dust, no bugs, no fruitflies and perfect ventilation. Simple as that.

  11. Andrea (Richmond, VA)

    I ordered my first upcycled cloth cover together with my kombucha scoby and I LOVED it! Excellent quality fabric and a very cute design, I was very happy I received a light color cloth versus the darker ones. My second cloth cover I ordered with the milk kefir grains but the quality was not the same, this time the fabric was extremely thin and the edges were coming apart so easily. Thankfully, KK has a wonderful customer service, it took one phone call, my complaint was submitted and I received a full refund for the second one. I really appreciate when a business wants you to truly be happy with their products! Thank you KK for understanding and immediately addressing my concern!

  12. Janice Hansen (Lakewood CA) 9-15-2016

    Simple, inexpensive solution to keep dust and bugs out of the brew. And the cloth hangs low, "shading" the brew from too much bright light in the kitchen.

  13. Megan Ludwig (IL)

    This is so perfect for protecting the gallon jar! No critters or dust will be sneaking into my brew, but it can still breathe. It’s perfect!

  14. Rosario

    Love my cloths! The perfect cloth to use.

  15. Lorraine Taylor (Johnson City NY)

    In purchasing the cloth rubber banded cover, I found it easily fits over my vessel and love it. I also have the vessel cover and after placing my heating system it fits perfectly over the vessel keeping the warmth inside. Love the fact I can easily take it off and put it back on. Plus the colors match.

  16. Rebecca I., Chandler AZ

    Yes, it seems a bit silly to actually pay and order such a basic item, but for me it was worth it. I’m new to brewing and I didn’t want to risk
    ruining my first batches because of something as simple as proper air flow.
    I was scared I might choose a fabric that was too loosely woven, or too
    tightly. Therefore, I just trusted the kombucha mama to provide me with the
    best cloth option. Bonus: I’ve really enjoyed both patterns they sent me!

  17. Becky (Dry Creek, LA)

    What a neat, attractive idea! So much better than coffee filters. Love that it comes in assorted patterns.

  18. Kim B. (Cedarburg, WI)

    I use my own 2 gallon, glass container, but received a lovely light green cloth to use as a cover for my booch. It is a much better product than my old, yellow-white pit stained t-shirt that I was going to use! Hannah has thought of everything and makes it super easy to start your brew. Thanks Hannah!

  19. Lana – Lake Mary, FL

    In my Brew Now kit, I received a super cute yellow and green patterned cloth…perfect for spring! It fits perfectly over my 2 gallon glass jar. Thanks Hannah 🙂

  20. diane stovall

    I forgot that this little cover came with package and was looking all over for something to use. I was so glad when it came with kit one less thing to worry about! Will buy another if need be in future. Well worth the price! Schererville,Ind

  21. Carrie D. – CA

    I definitely recommend purchasing this. It’s a great price and takes the guess work out of what type of fabric should be used.

  22. Shelli H., Eugene, OR

    I loved that a cloth cover and sturdy rubber band were included in my Brew Now kit! Being a newbie, it helped eliminate one more worry in attempting success with home-brewing Kombucha.

  23. Donna Payne (Fort Myers, FL)

    Love that it keeps everything out and still looks attractive. I also like that it comes in different colors. Well worth it. Keeps everything neat looking and bug free. Great idea thanks!

  24. Rebecca (Stafford Springs Ct )

    Love this ! This made choosing the proper cloth so much easier !

  25. Jessica R.

    This is such a cute idea! I really appreciated not having to figure this part out myself. And I feel like I have a little piece of the Kombucha Momma blessing my brew every week. 🙂

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