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400 pages, 400+ recipes!

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The Big Book of Kombucha!

“More than 400 Recipes including 268 unique flavoring combinations! Brewing your own kombucha at home is easy and fun! You can get exactly the flavors you want, and for a fraction of the store-bought price. This complete guide, from the proprietors of Kombucha Kamp, shows you how to do it from start to finish, with illustrated step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting. The book also includes information on the many health benefits of kombucha, fascinating details of the drink’s history, and recipes for delicious foods and drinks you can make with kombucha (including some irresistible cocktails!).”


This book is the culmination of more than 10 years of teaching people how to brew Kombucha, and there is no more extensive, comprehensive, detailed, or researched book available than this! Everything the new brewer and the experienced fermenter wants in one Big Book, these 400 pages are packed with instruction, tips, troubleshooting, cooking, cocktails, smoothies, history, science & so much more! Get your Paperback or Hardcover copy today!


We are so grateful for the following endorsements…

“Hannah and Alex have taken all the brilliance of Kombucha Kamp and shot it into geosynchronous orbit around every aspect of gustatory pleasure. There are SCOBY recipes (no joke), a gallimaufry of drink techniques and so much more. The world of fermented teas are good for you , great as cocktail mixers or wine substitutes with meals, promote healthy living and taste amazing. This is the one go-to resource for all things Kombucha.”
– Andrew Zimmern, Creator and Host of Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods
“Refreshingly easy to read and full of interesting tidbits tucked among all the practical and scientific information. Fun and informative. If you’ve got questions, The Big Book of Kombucha has all the answers.”
– Dr. Terry Wahls, author of The Wahls Protocol
“Without a doubt, The Big Book of Kombucha is the definitive guide to all things related to brewing, savoring, and cooking with kombucha. Whether you’re new to this fizzy fermented tea or a longtime convert, you’ll find all your kombucha queries answered in this comprehensive and informative tome. I’m recommending this book to all my kombucha obsessed friends!”
– Michelle Tam, New York Times best-selling author of Nom Nom Paleo: Food For Humans
“Whether you’re brand new to kombucha or a longtime brewer, the Big Book of Kombucha provides deep-rooted insight into the history, science and how-to of this ancient brew that will inform you as much as it inspires you, just as it did for me.  Hannah Crum and Alex LaGory’s unrivaled experience and knowledge come to the forefront of this book, making The Big Book of Kombucha a critical addition to the bookshelf of anyone interested in good food.”
– Jennifer McGruther, author of The Nourished Kitchen
“Who knew there was so much to learn about this delicious drink?  The Big Book of Kombucha is a tome equally appropriate for historians, health advocates, and tinkerers.  Comprehensive and relentlessly funny, this is a must-have for every homebrewer!”
– Russ Crandall, New York Times best-selling author of Paleo Takeout and The Ancestral Table
“This book is an in-depth guide to all things kombucha, but it is so much more! It is a recipe book, a manifesto on fermented foods and drinks, and an incredibly enjoyable read. I don’t keep many cookbooks in my collection but this one will absolutely be a mainstay in my library.”
– Katie from
“The Big Book of Kombucha will certainly alleviate any fears you might have about making your own kombucha. It is full of ideas for innovative ways to flavor kombucha, and has a very thorough troubleshooting section. The authors promote kombucha as a healing tonic, but do so in a balanced way, backed by citations to research (in contrast to some unsubstantiated hype).”
– Sandor Ellix Katz, New York Times best-selling author of The Art of Fermentation and Wild Fermentation

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94 reviews for The Big Book of Kombucha – 400 Recipes

  1. Tammy Rodriguez (verified owner)

    What a beautiful book. This book is more than I expected. Chapter 11 Flavor Inspirations, I can’t wait to try each one. The beauty section is fantastic. Recipes for hair tonic, skin lotion, and face mask etc. There is also a pet flea and tick spray. This book is worth every penny. So glad that I found Kombucha Kamp!! 🌻🌻

  2. Karen Eymael

    I am enjoying reading this book. It is of such high quality and the immense knowledge of Kombucha is amazing.

  3. Kirby Brown

    I first purchased this book on Kindle after a friend recommended it to me. I’ve since read a couple of books on the subject. I hands down like this one best. It’s a fun read! Then I finally decided to buy the paperback version. Good decision.  Pro tip: buy the physical book! If you are like me and want to use it frequently flip around it as a reference it’s exponentially easier to use than on a Kindle. Kirby Brown, Des Moines IA

  4. Monica Miller

    This is the book that changed everything for me. I have been drinking Kombucha for YEARS. I never knew how ‘easy’ it was to make my own. I bought this book and read it cover to cover before I dared venture into making anything. I was afraid. I didn’t even know about Kombucha Kamp until after I read the book and started looking for a SCOBY.. This book is my ‘Kombucha’ Holy Grail. I’m contantly pulling out of my bookcase for reference, recipes, good reading. I got my hubbie and stepson into drinking more kombucha. In fact, we believe homemade kombucha tastes so much better than store bought. When you make your own you can tailor how much carbonation you get in your booch as well as flavor it in any of so many flavors. The book tells you how to get started and walks you all the way through to completion. I even graduated from single batch to continuous brew without a ‘hitch’. I love this book. It really is a life changer.

  5. Alissa Dale

    This book is so easy to read and so informational!   I just started my first continuous brew and I am so super excited!!!!  Thanks so much!
    Alissa (las vegas,NV)

  6. Marcus Del Bianco

    This book is amazing and very well written. As I read through it I was writing my questions down to then have them answered on the next page. There is so much great information in here. I love that it goes into the science a bit. The section on flavoring and carbonation is really helpful. Literally, everything you need to know to make Kombucha is in this book. 

  7. Sharon Hedman

    I did not know why I could never get whitish looking scobies. I broke down and bought this book along with a new scoby. After the reading the book cover to cover (really!), I found my issue is that I removed the scoby from my 1/2 gal jar THEN poured off some starter. I also branched out and am making some vinegar (which I will season with chives or oregano) and just made batch of fruit-chia pudding (YUM!).

  8. The Kombucha Lover

    Thank you Kombucha Mamma for The big book of Kombucha, I have been brewing kombucha for almost a year now and I’ve always been having problems, at first it would be good then it was not good, it was a constant battle with having good kombucha but since I have this book I have good kombucha it has given me so many tips on how to brew kombucha we can finally have good kombucha and have enough from one batch to the next, I now have one continues brew and four one gallon batch brews brewing since I got this book and it has help me with flavoring also, this book is AWESOME it is full of valuable info for the homebrewers it is very simplified and has lots of pictures to give you an idea of what it is talking about, I still have lots to learn but love this book. 5 stars is not enough I would say more like ten.

  9. Kevin Du Toit

    I am such a fan of Kombucha and the benefits it has brought to my health that I was drinking a bottle a day. I started my own home Kombucha brewing and needed some expert advice and that’s how I found Kombucha Kamp and my first purchase was the "BOOK"! Loving the healthy life – thanks Hannah!!!

  10. John F. (Baton Rouge, LA)

    Hannah and the Kombucha Kamp team are the best! Hannah took time to personally answer all my questions with a phone call!! I decided to get my toes wet by ordering her book first. It was affordable and came quickly! I’ve flipped through the book and it’s incredibly well put together! I’m so excited for my future of brewing that will be fueled by Hannah and the Kombucha Kamp family!

  11. DJ Lane

    Love this book!  So comprehensive!  Gives insight into KT, how to do single brew, continuous brew, and recipes galore!  Well written and informative!

  12. Tyler

    This actually turned out to be my favorite book that I own.

  13. Anthony (BC, Canada)

    I have purchased: A no frills crock, a heating strip, with dimmer, and the big book of Kombucha. All of the products are living up to their hiking, and then some. I don’t know why I didn’t discover Kombucha sooner. The crock brews delicious tea in 2-3 days, with the heating strip. The temp° is constant, and the bottling is effortless, with the stainless spigot. I am most pleased with everything from Kombucha Kamp, thus far. The big book of Kombucha, contains a wealth of info, that I cover. I will remain a customer, as long as the sales. And after sales service remains at this level.

  14. Richard (New York)

    Everything seems to be working as it should ,I bought 2 scoby’s and the Big Kombucha book . Half of first batch of C B has been bottled with flavoring , 6 -7 frozen cherries, 1/4 vanilla bean ,another with 4 prunes and vanilla, a week later strained into bottle and given a shot of fresh tea in hopes of carbonation ,has sat now for a couple days and will refrigerate today . Added fresh sweet tea at the time I drained off first batch , that seemed to be ready in a week , did the same thing again but flavored with 8 – 10 raisins and 1/4 vanilla bean , replenished with sweet tea .. so at this time I’m on batch 3 brewing . not sure but think I’m going to add fresh ginger and maybe part of an orange next. Haven’t been drinking any yet other than a teaspoon here and there . so far 5 stars.

  15. Debbie Bergman

    This book is an AMAZING resource to have! It really does have everything you need to know in it! I highly recommend it! – Debbie, Pittsburgh PA.

  16. Linda Harkness

    Awesome book! It’s a one stop book for all things kombucha. We especially love all the ideas for flavoring. With this book you’ll never get bored with your kombucha!

  17. Cindy Ladig

    Just full of details about every aspect of Kombucha. Thank you for such a complete resource for any question. It is beautiful and well written. Don’t wait purchase now.

  18. Kathy MacDonald

    This book is a "must" for both new and seasoned kombucha brewers. It answers every question you may have regarding the entire brewing process as well as helpful recipes. You may think you know it all until you consult The Big Book of Kombucha. It is well organized, informative and rich with illustrations. It is not only an easy-read but a great resource to use when questions arise.

  19. Randy Enders

    Having this book is like having working knowledge for you Kombucha brewing process! The process, recipes and much much more is right at your finger tips. I really enjoy history and this book makes Kombucha even more interesting. Hmm, was there civilization before Kombucha was invented?

  20. Ardena Clopein

    My husband purchased this for me on Amazon. This book exceeded my expectations. As you can see from prior reviews, this book contains everything you need to know about brewing and troubleshooting. 

  21. Suzie Mundle (Salinas, CA)

    Love this book! I started reading at page 1, and didn’t want to put it down until I finished it! Love the stories, recipes, design, and importantly all the myth busting! Thank you Hannah!

  22. Danielle S. (Brevard, NC)

    This is the best book that has ever been written on kombucha!! It contains anything and everything that you need to know about brewing, bottling, and flavoring kombucha, and has so many amazing recipes! The section on flavoring ideas is so inspiring, and the book itself is beautifully laid out and designed. I highly recommend this book. Even if you are a seasoned kombucha brewer, it will undoubtedly inspire you and bring your brewing to the next level!

  23. Dani Manna

    I am so grateful for your site! The "Big Book" is the best companion for a Booch Newbie!! 5 stars for the book!

  24. ChristineK Granby CT

    Very informative, and fun! I could not put it down. Now when kombucha comes up in conversation I feel like an expert. The healthy SCOBY pictures are particularly helpful. I refer to the book constantly as I perfect my brewing process… This book is making it a fun journey.

  25. Ryan Balli

    (Brazil) Awesome book for learning how to brew your own kombucha! Great tips for flavoring and caring for SCOBYs. I love the chart that shows how much of each ingredient you should use depending on vessel size. Such a wonderful help! Well done!!!

  26. SBJ Israel

    I wanted to tell you how much I like your book. It’s so informative — and funny — and beautifully designed. I refer to it a lot, and have tried a lot of the recipies and ideas. The scientific and historical information is very interesting, too. A real labor of love…

  27. Kristin R, Ocean Isle Beach NC

    Ten stars! I’ve been water bath canning, dehydrating and fermenting for three years. I recently decided to try kefir and kombucha. After a couple tests of GTs, I was ready to brew. This book is fantastic. Everything you want and need to know, including trouble shooting. I consult it multiple times a week to pick out flavors to try before making the final grocery list. Loving the Booch!

  28. Anthony S, Michigan

    Best book I have read thus far for anything and everything kombucha. Can’t stop reading it!!!

  29. Tom (Oak Forest, IL)

    As many of the good folks have already mentioned, this book is the bible for Kombucha. Devoured the book front to back in 1 day. Awesome job!!! Newbie at brewing, but having this book gives me brewing confidence, and booch street cred. Maybe weird to say, but brewing Kombucha adds an uplifting spirit to my day.

  30. T. Munroe (Ont, Canada)

    Hannah’s Big Book of Kombucha has a wealth of information and is my Kombucha Bible which I refer to frequently and learn so many tips and tricks. Very informative and reliable …….just like Hannah ! You can be certain of satisfactory results without second guessing. Thank you Hannah.

  31. Tracy Bly

    So much information I never let it out of my sight!! I bought one over a year ago and bought another one for my mom! Love the book and all the information in it…..priceless!
    Thank you Kombucha Kamp

  32. John Chandler

    (Carthage Texas 2/19/18) This book is a must have it will answer all your questions and has great recipes.

  33. Teresa Moland

    I love my Big Book of Kombucha! It is extremely informative and illustrations are wonderful! If you have any kombucha questions, I guarantee you will find the answer in this book!

  34. Leslie K (Dubuque, IA)

    This book is a must have for any home brewer. It covers everything from getting started, to getting super creative as you master your brew. I refer to the book often for recipes and they never disappoint. It also is a great place to go for problem solving when things aren’t right. I call it my Kombuha Bible!

  35. Jennie Jones, North Salt Lake, Utah

    I got this book for Christmas. This book is THE BEST Kombucha book on the market…and I have a few! It is well written, full of helpful information and there are so many fun recipes to try! Thank you for everything you do, Hannah, you are awesome!

  36. Bernita M. (Igo, CA)

    The Big Book of Kombucha is my go to book for how to questions, recipes and the history of kombucha. I bought the kindle edition so I can reference it when I’m out and about. I highly recommend this book.

  37. Gina, Hilo, Hawaii

    I love the way this book was put together, I love the photos. It walked me through the process of making booch and answered many of my questions.

  38. N. H. (Minnetonka MN)

    Wanted to comment on your book, just want you to know how much I enjoy using it and how well done I think it is. I got "The Big Book of Kombucha" & am enjoying it very much. So much information along with a plethora of ideas for other uses for Kombucha plus recipes! Bonus, the book stays open on the counter to the page I’m using!

  39. Mary F. (Cascade, IA)

    This book contains everything you ever wanted to know about kombucha. It is a wonderful resource.

  40. Ed Channell (Astatula, FL)

    I decided to buy one of your heating belts because I was so impressed with your book. The Big Book of Kombucha is one of the most clearly communicated reference books I’ve ever read. The pictures take it over the top. Well done. I’ll recommend to anyone that asks. 😊

  41. Tracey (New Jersey)

    I HIGHLY recommend you buy Hannah and Alex’s "The Big Book of Kombucha." It’s a treat. Full of information, tips, and recipes, and so well presented and researched–the history of kombucha is really fascinating, and to learn some of the science and background of KT really helps demystify and simplify the process. It goes deeper and beyond the information available online to really broaden one’s understanding of kombucha and open the reader up to all kinds of possibilities for brewing and enjoying it.

  42. Bronislaw Chodyniecki

    Learning much about KT.

  43. AG (Troy NY)

    Hi all, I just love the information in the big book. My preference is jun and a dedicated chapter would be a great addition although all the same principles apply. Your operation gets a 10 or 5 stars.

  44. Linda S (Cardiff, CA), 08/15/2017

    A must for the home brewer! The book is packed with information along with photos and great ideas for 2F flavors. I keep it at my reading station.

  45. Sandy Schley-Zelm,

    I really enjoyed the "The Big Book of Kombucha". All the questions and concerns that I had have been answered. Thank you so much for placing all this info in one convenient place.

  46. Erik Brown (Highlands Ranch, CO)

    If you are currently brewing, or going to brew, then you have to get this book. Hands down, the best Kombucha book out there.

  47. Darlene

    This is such a beautiful book!! I so wish I had one when I started brewing. I gave it as a gift to my friend who just started brewing. She loves it! I am about to order another! It’s a must have if you are starting to brew or brewing for years!!

  48. Jaimie

    I am so glad to have found this book! It has been really helpful to me as a new brewer. It has given me the confidence to keep on brewing and experimenting with flavors. The only downside for me is I wish I had purchased the hardback edition instead of the paperback because I will eventually wear out this copy. Indispensable!  

  49. Donna Horn

    I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your book. I have tried several kombucha recipes and love them all. My favorites at the moment are Love Potion 99, Lemon Zing, Raspberry Ginger, and Midnight Fire.
    Thanks again for such a fantastic book.

  50. Kelly (Fairfield, Iowa)

    I give Kombucha Kamp 5 stars. I love kombucha. I had my local bookstore order "The Big Book of Kombucha" and I have read lots of books on booch before and this is the best ever book. I told one of my brothers about the book and he ordered it for himself. Then I ordered another copy of the book for a friend as she brews both booch and Jun. Of course I am hoping Hannah and her partner will write The Big Book of Jun, soon if not sooner!

  51. Clayton Karr (Autaugaville, AL)

    Thorough, comprehensive, and detailed. You need this book!

  52. R Berman (Buffalo, NY)

    I love this book! I have been brewing kombucha for less than a year and I have a lot to learn. This book is informative and complete. The photos are beautiful. I have learned so much from the chapters I have read. It has answered my questions. After reading this book I decided to graduate from batch brewing to continuous brewing. I am doing both methods successfully. I still have to master flavoring and second fermentation. I will be using this book to master these skills. This book is worth adding to your library.

  53. Beverly Barnett (Flint MI)

    I love my book. That’s how I heard about you. I love the recipes. I’m making the root beer syrup next.

  54. Heather Baird Menifee Ca

    This book is full of great information. It’s the first book I have read cover to cover in a long time. So much info about health and history of gut health. I love this book and think everyone should read it. 

  55. Lewis Hopper

    I ordered this book to get a bunch of Kombucha recipes. Turns out this book is so much more, very well written and researched. Its great for all things Kombucha, i cant imagine needing any more info than you can get from this book. I consider it the best book in my Kombucha library, kudos Hannah. Lewis Hopper, Albuquerque New Mexico.

  56. Lewis Hopper

    I ordered this book to get a bunch of Kombucha recipes. Turns out this book is so much more, very well written and researched. Its great for all things Kombucha, i cant imagine needing any more info than you can get from this book. I consider it the best book in my Kombucha library, kudos Hannah. Lewis Hopper, Albuquerque New Mexico.

  57. Judith Enoch (Lancaster, OH)

    I just recently purchased this book and I am so pleased with it.  I don’t know why I hesitated so long to order it.  It is a beautiful book …very interesting and informative and gives me many things to try with my Kombucha.  I highly recommend it.  I’ve given one as a gift and I intend to purchase more to give as very special gifts to friends who I helped get started making their own Kombucha after trying mine.

  58. Sam (Temple, NH)

    I am so impressed with this book. I bought it thinking it was a simple recipe book and am enthralled in the history, extremely detailed culture growing and unique recipes (you mean there’s more than just ginger infused kombucha??!!). Best money I have ever spent on a "recipe" book!!!! I cannot wait to try some new techniques. Thank you guys!

  59. Susan Walters (OKC, Ok)

    This book is awesome! I started reading it the day I got it and had trouble putting it down. I use it as a reference with to make my Kombucha better. I recommend it to others who are thinking of brewing their own.

  60. Linda

    This book is my Bible! I’ve had numerous challenges since we moved due to climate and humidity. I found a solution to each of my problems . Although I’ve been making Kombucha for 10 years now, I still continue to learn more and more interesting and useful information. This book isn’t called "Big" for nothing! It is my first "go to" at all times. Thank you.

  61. SB, California

    Hooked on store brought kombucha, I was delighted when a friend told me I could make kombucha at home. After doing a little research I purchased the Big Book of Kombucha from Amazon and found out about Hannah at Kombucha Kamp. I highly recommend the Big Book of Kombucha to all Buch newbies, you will not be disappointed. It is jam packed with information and written in a really light hearted manner. After reading it I felt prepared to make my first batch 😄 I am now on my fourth batch and refer to the Big Book quite often. However the thing that has impressed me the most is the information Hannah dispenses with purchases, her willingness to answer questions and the in-depth educational material available on the Kombucha Kamp website. I am very grateful to find in one place all I need to know to be a successful brewer. Thank you Hannah, thank you Kombucha Kamp.

  62. Trish Dutcher (Iowa)

    This book is the best! I have recommended to all I know that brew Kombucha!

  63. hannah

    just received book,happy i purchased it,very informative i am studying it.

  64. Jessica S, Salt Lake City UT

    This book is a lovely and informative resource for my new hobby. The recipes are creative and fun to experiment with, and I’ve already been able to use the advice section to rebalance my brew when it got a little too yeasty and close to vinegar- step by step instructions bailed me out and my drink is back to being smooth, sweet and sour heaven. I love this big, colorful, fun book!

  65. Cynthia Frye

    I purchased this book when it was on sale last fall because I knew I wanted to start home brewing Kombucha.  This book is my bible for Kombucha now!  I got a continuous brew kit about 2 months after the book.  I was ready to jump right in.  Things I really like about it are the history of Kombucha, the detailed discussions of this NGOs like teas and water to use, simple to follow instructions, great pictures of how things should look, and tons of recipes.  I am so glad that I purchased this book and always keep it handy. 

  66. Nancy Ross (Gering, NE)

    I am so impressed with your book so packed with information that I have been sending them out as gifts to some of my family.

  67. Kimberly Tomic

    I received this book as I gift, and I love it. It’s very detailed with lots of recipes, great info for beginners, as i am, and beautiful pics. The best Kombucha book. I also purchased their starter Scoby!

  68. Tami (Clinton, AR)

    I had been researching brewing Kombucha on the internet but still had a million questions. My sister recommended I get the Big Book of Kombucha so I did. Wow. What a comprehensive guide to brewing plus so much more. Read from cover to cover and enjoyed every bit of it. I have been happily brewing my own Kombucha for two months now. I give the Big Book 5 stars.

  69. Melliny (Brooksville FL)

    I started brewing kombucha (best drink ever!) last summer. I soon got bewildered reading how to’s on line and ordered this book. It is an invaluable reference when something isn’t going just right or you wonder if you’re doing something wrong etc. I know the book is more than that, but this is what I use it for. I’m very kombucha dependent and don’t want anything interrupting my drinking pleasure! After giving a case of home made kombucha to my daughter, she quickly decided she was going to have to brew too. I ordered her a book for reference too. So…since I gave my back-up scobies to my brewing daughter, now I am in a spot. My non-brewing daughter is coming for a visit and she has requested a case. And here I am, having given away my back-up scobies, with nothing very viable to make extra booch. Today I ordered a couple of scobies from KK to be able to do that. I am curious about the big fat scobies available thru KK, since mine have always been fairly skinny. I will review those later. Anyway, you cannot go wrong dealing with these very nice people. There was a screw-up with delivery of my daughter’s book (her fault) and the KK people were so gracious and helpful. I have also emailed them a number of times when something was dumbfounding me despite having their book (my fault). Again, they were gracious and helpful.

  70. Diane Sylvia (Liverpool NY)

    I bought the Big Book of Kombucha on Amazon. I absolutely love it. The way the information is presented makes it a fun read. ANY questions I have had regarding kombucha brewing is answered. I also make sure to recommend this book to anyone that I gift a scoby to.

  71. Lily C. (Jonesboro TX)

    I could write three pages right now of praise on your book. Now a couple descriptive words about your book -absolutely gorgeous- deeply fascinating, highly educational, even touching. strangely enough I felt emotional at times at learning about such a phenomenal and beautiful healing tonic. I swear the book resonated right off the table. Enough said for now, but I am now locked into this new world. Take care. Over the moon here.

  72. Lidia Richert (Israel)

    I ordered your book and want to compliment you on an EXCELLENT resource that obviously took many hours of hard work to complete. I love trying your recipes! One of those books that you don’t want to skip reading even one word!!

  73. Cindy Belanger (Weston WI)

    I bought The Big Book of Kombucha and excitedly awaited its arrival. Being eager to learn all I can about Kombucha, this book really meets my needs. From the history of Kombucha, to brewing it, to info and pictures related to any question I had about a scoby, to all of the different flavors and other uses of Kombucha. I had no idea of the endless possibilities of Kombucha! This book is amazing!

    I give it 5 stars!

    Thanks so much.

  74. Carolyn Clark (Dallas TX)

    I believe everyone can benefit from this most informative and comprehensive book. Everything you need to know for beginners to advanced. The pictures and information are a God send for nervous newbies like me.

  75. Joanna (Toronto Canada)

    I ordered the Kombucha book. The book is a fabulous resource, and I have been dipping into it frequently for ideas and information. It arrived quickly, and the Kombucha Kamp team promptly replied to my email questions. Thank you!

  76. Colleen Kelly (Honolulu HI)

    Received everything I ordered in real good time, and condition. Thank you. Your big book is making the rounds amongst my friends. I love the way its written . . . very down-to-earth and simple. Full of good advice & feelings. Keep it up. All good!!!

  77. joe Brunner Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

    The book sold me on the entire site!!!  The time and effort the author put into gathering all of the info to make brewing completely foolproof is reason enough to support the business!!!  Everything you need is all here in one place to begin a perfect brewing experience!!!  Best book on kombucha by far and I have at least 10 others.

  78. Barbara Rachel (Bar Mills, ME)

    I am so happy I bought this book. As a beginner it answered all my questions AND it will continue to do so as I get experienced. Great sections on going further and experimenting with flavors etc. And funny too! Well worth it. Thanks!

  79. Darlene Hlady (Calgary, Alberta)

    This book is a must-have for beginners. It has answered so many questions for me – it is really a blessing. If you are into Kombucha, you must buy this book.

  80. Sarah (Veazie, ME)

    This book is amazing! I was impressed not only at the level of detail and the knowledge put into the book, but also the great illustrations and photos. I particularly like the photos on normal vs bad SCOBYs, as well as the descriptions of sugars you can use in your Kombucha. This is a great resource to keep on hand, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to brew their own Kombucha.

  81. Laura (Ocean Isle Beach, NC)

    The Big Book of Kombucha is a must have. I kept pulling together information from various sources over the internet however, they excluded the basics for me including 1) The necessity of a healthy, high quality SCOBY and ingredients, 2) Mold Prevention, and 3) GREAT taste.

  82. Angie Maxwell

    This book is my Bible. I bought it on Amazon. I love it! I love the history, the knowledge, the troubleshooting and all the amazing recipes! I have told two friends to buy it too! I am so glad you wrote such a wonderful and down to earth book that is such an easy read for the "newbies" to Kombucha. Love the book and love your website! I am a frequent shopper!!

  83. Carol T (Colorado Springs CO)

    I bought the Big Book of Kombucha (from Amazon). It is a wealth of information! All the information on the web site and beyond. It totally satisfies my inner geek’s need to know more on the subject. 

  84. Laurie Simons

    I just received my book and I can’t put it down.  It is full of more information then I could have imagined.  This book answers my questions before I ask them.  LOVE IT!

  85. Karsyn Sprague (Tempe AZ)

    LOVE! The book is extremely helpful. Lays everything out in a nice, easy to understand way. Much better than googling everything.
    5 stars

  86. Mimi Eaves (Branchport NY)

    I recommend The Big Book of Kombucha, if you’re a detail person like me.  It has been very helpful as I made and watched and tasted my first batch. And as I bottled and flavored and secondarily fermented.

  87. Kathleen Smith (Hamilton, OH)

    I love this book. It has so much information in it and if I have questions I go the Big Book of Kombucha Brewing. I’m learning so much and hope to learn more as I continue to study and read. It’s informative and entertaining. Thank you, Hannah.

  88. Michelle Shepard-Gates (Silver Creek, NY

    This book is the bible for all kombucha brewers!! It is a comprehensive guide to all you will need to know about brewing.
    There is a section about the history of kombucha, what kombucha will do for you and what it won’t, recipe’s with flavor mixtures I had never thought of, trouble shooting guide for those of us who stay up until the wee hours of the morning scratching our heads about what may have gone really right with your brew. The book with its catchy title "Kombucha", Incorporated the use of herbs and what their beneficial uses are, it has bottling tips,  and how to create more carbonation in your brews. Also, something important to me is alcohol content. There is a section on how to reduce alcohol in your buch, or how to increase the amount, if you’re so inclined.
    Not only are there recipes for brewing, but recipes for pickling food, making kombucha vinegar, even desserts made from kombucha the list of what one can do with kombucha is exhaustive. Consuming cultures, such as making SCOBY jerky, or SCOBY fruit leather, beauty products one can make…and I kid you not, how to make a coin purse from a dried SCOBY along with other ingredients. Also, in the back of the book is something I have found to be a valuable tool for consistent brews, there is a " brewer’s minder logs", keeping up with what was used in the brew, time brewed, flavor notes on brews…all which provide not only consistent brews, but help troubleshoot.
    I cannot say enough about this book, I had nothing like this when I began brewing and boy I wish I had. Even if you think you know all there is to know about kombucha, get this book! You will be amazed at what you did not know! Definitely the Bible of kombucha brewing and then some. 
    Thank you so much Hannah and Alex for your painstaking work and such devotion in leading us neophytes in the art of Kombucha brewing and all this wonderful book encompasses

  89. Jan Lee (Glen Ellen CA)

    I have REALLY been enjoying your new book. It is my ‘go to’ book when I head to my reading chair every night. The wealth of information there will keep me busy for many years! Thanks for being you!

  90. Mary (Roseville, CA)

    I had the privilege of attending Hannah’s presentation and having her sign my copy on her book tour in Sacramento. She has so much energy and enthusiasm, which she has poured into this truly amazing book. Hannah and Alex cover all aspects of kombucha. Every question I’ve had so far is answered in the book, from how to increase carbonation to how long to use the same SCOBY, recipes for flavoring kombucha, and on and on… much information!! And the photos are super helpful. I’m so glad to have this book at my fingertips. Thank you, Hannah and Alex, for all your hard work, and for sharing your knowledge with us. 

  91. Robbie Lieske, Chehalis, WA

    Fabulous Book!!!  Out of the 10-12 books that I’ve purchased in the last couple of years this is the BEST!
    The Big Book of Kombucha is beautiful in so many ways.  
    The photography is simple, colorful, & shows you real examples.  It draws you in with it’s simplicity & teaches with the pictures.  
    The watercolors are cheerful, again simple but attracts you to what it is highlighting.  A perfect blend of subtle color & fun design, creating a bright & cheery book…helps you enjoy the learning.
    Each section gives you simple to understand instruction & fun tips & stories along the way.
    Plenty of information for the beginner for learning how to start with a gallon jar or work your way to a 2 1/2 – 5 gallon crock…or beyond.
    You can keep it simple & enjoy straight from the spigot or do second ferments with added ingredients like dried elderberry, ginger, chai spice, get added benefits & flavors…yummm…these are really great!  I just tried each one of these in different bottles & can’t express how good they came out.
    The recipe section is varied so there will be something for everyone & more uses that I could have imagined.
    Now, this may not be a big deal to some people but, I love the paper the publisher used in this book.  The pages have a nice thickness & it’s not that dry rough stuff that most of my other books came with.  Plus, you can actually read the print without getting eye strain.  The type is dark & varied in sizing so it’s easy to follow & see highlights or notes.
    For me this is one of the most fun books I’ve ever owned & am really enjoying learning lots of new information on my journey with Kombucha.  Good for you & a lot lesss expensive when you make your own.
    Great job to all those who put this book together.

  92. Steve Saltzman (Annapolis MD)

    I love the Kombucha book I purchased. It is a great and informative read with many helpful pictures.

  93. Monika Crum (Smithville WV)

    I am so glad to announce that I received your book a couple of days ago and I love, love, love it!!! Wow, so much information. I’m reading it cover to cover! You introduced us to Kombucha a few years ago and we bought our first scoby from you. It’s a totally , wonderful book. Thank you for what you do.

  94. Candy Radford

    Oh my gosh!  This book is amazing! So well written with beautiful illustrations. I knew it was going to be great but it truly exceeded my expectations.  And it REALLY IS A BIG BOOK. A wealth of information!  Thank you Hannah and Alex. I love it!! I wish I could give it 10 stars!!

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