JUN Tea Brew Kit for Sale – 1 Jun Culture

Add 1 Gallon Glass Jar or 2nd Culture to make 2 gallons of JUN tea. Pair it up with one of the Kombucha Mamma\'s Heating System. Each delivers the same great power, so select based on style and ease of use. From our manually controlled Essential Heat Strip to the dimmer control of the Year Round Heating System to the full thermostat control of the Ferment Friend, all are fully guaranteed and will warm up to a 2.5 gallon brew. Or you can wrap them around/between 1, 2 or even 3 regular gallon jars at a time.
JUN (Jun Culture) Tea Brew Kit for Sale
This item: JUN Tea Brew Kit for Sale - 1 Jun Culture
Jun Culture
Ferment Friend Heater with Thermostat Control
1 Gallon Glass Jar With Lid (Made in USA)
1 × 1 Gallon Glass Jar With Lid (Made in USA)
Upsize and Save!
Hand-Cut Cloth Cover & Rubber Band - For Brewing Jar and Vessels
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JUN Tea Brew Kit for Sale – 1 Jun Culture

Buy this high quality Raw Honey JUN Tea Kit with free shipping and a brewing guarantee!


Why buy a JUN Tea Kit from Kombucha Kamp?


The JUN Tea Brew Now Kit

Authentic JUN Tea Cultures from Kombucha Kamp are grown using only organic and real RAW Honey. Watch out for cheap “honey jun” cultures made from pasteurized honey and regular Kombucha cultures. These genuine JUN Cultures thrive on RAW honey only and prefer green tea, though other tea blends will still brew. When using this culture, all future batches should be brewed with raw honey, so be sure you have a good supply of local real raw honey or you can add bottles to your order, 8oz per gallon is recommended. These high quality JUN Cultures create an authentic brew and have been cultivated exclusively by Kombucha Kamp for many years, so you can buy and brew with confidence. Plus you can customize the kit to include additional cultures, USA made glass jars for brewing, heating elements, and more! CLICK HERE to learn more about JUN Tea at our blog.


  • 1 JUN Tea Culture – makes 1 gallon of JUN in the first batch, if you’d like to make more than 1 gallon right away, consider adding a second culture
  • Strong Starter liquid – at least 1 cup, packed with the culture and vital for a healthy start to the brew
  • Hannah’s Green Goddess Tea Blend For Perfect JUN or Kombucha – our special all green tea blend for the best tasting JUN or Kombucha, plus it makes a delicious cup of tea, hot or cold, anytime; 2oz/30 servings
  • Reusable Muslin Tea Bags
  • 100% Raw Honey – USA Grown (1 brew)
  • Hand-Cut Cotton Cloth Cover & Rubber Band
  • FREE SHIPPING! (in the US)
  • e-Guide with Batch Brew and Continuous Brew instructions – 100 page pdf (written originally for Kombucha but all the basic information applies to JUN)
  • Web & Client email preferred support – Facebook, KommUnity, Forums, E-mail: pick your favorite way to get answers and we’ll be there to provide them!


  • Add a 2nd JUN Tea SCOBY for only $20! – Why two SCOBYS? Each culture is for a 1-Gallon Batch the first time. So if you want to make a 2-Gallon Batch right away, or make Two 1-Gallon Batches right away, or want to start a JUN SCOBY Hotel and a Batch Brew, or if you want one for a friend/family member…there are so many reasons to want 2 JUN Cultures!!
  • Add a USA Made 1 Gallon Glass Jar…or Two! FREE Thermometer Strip(s) and an extra cloth cover for jar #2 make this a great value, all with FREE SHIPPING! (in the USA) – If you need a high quality glass vessel for Batch Brewing or even a Hotel, we’ve got you covered. The included thermometer strip(s) offer convenience and accuracy and will stay attached once applied, even through the dishwasher. The strips let you know if the brew is in the right temperature range for brewing success, or if a heating solution may be needed. 70-80°F (21-27°C) is the best range, 75°F (24°C) is ideal. Add 2 jars and you will receive 2 thermometer strips plus an extra Hand-Cut Cloth Cover and rubber band for the second jar.
  • Add a high quality Kombucha Mamma Heating Solution – Each delivers the same great power, so select based on style and ease of use. From our manually controlled Essential Heat Strip to the dimmer control of the Year Round Heating System to the full thermostat control of the Ferment Friend, all are fully guaranteed and will warm up to a 2.5 gallon brew. Or you can wrap them around/between 1, 2 or even 3 regular gallon jars at a time (see the video below). For additional info on each model, click the product link above or for more info on heating Kombucha and all the models, click here.
  • Add The Big Book of Kombucha – The #1 Kombucha resource in the world with instructions for mastering Batch or Continuous Brew plus flavoring, troubleshooting, history and everything else you could ever want to know, offered at a discount! While this book is written for Kombucha, the majority of the information applies. Very useful for both JUN and Kombucha brewing!


Quick Culture FAQ

Why does dehydrated matter?

While dehydrated SCOBYs may produce a safe batch of JUN Tea, they are VERY SUSCEPTIBLE TO MOLD. The living culture at the center of a dehydrated SCOBY cannot properly protect itself early in the brewing cycle without the full power of the culture and starter liquid (included with your Kombucha Kamp JUN Culture). Water is the source of all life on Earth. Why begin your quest for a healthy LIVING beverage with a bone dry culture?

Test tube size? That’s a joke right?

Unfortunately, no. There are test tube size SCOBYs and even SCOBYs the size of a half dollar, requiring multiple batches to get up to full brewing potential. Unsuspecting consumers are duped everyday by these sellers. The worst part is that many new brewers give up, thinking they have done something wrong. It’s not you, it’s your starter culture!

What’s a “Fresh Kombucha Culture” mean?

Every Kombucha Kamp culture is grown in it’s very own jar till it’s thick and creamy, then harvested to a SCOBY Hotel and stored for shipment in strong starter liquid. There is no wait for a SCOBY to grow, it’s never been dehydrated, nor has your SCOBY been sealed in a box for weeks. Fresh means your culture is ready to brew on arrival, that’s the Kombucha Kamp guarantee.


Ask the above questions of any JUN Tea culture seller online
before investing your money in their product.

Or just order high quality Kombucha Kamp JUN Tea SCOBYs
and you’ll already have the answers! 🙂

Additional information

Weight 3.2000 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in

8 reviews for JUN Tea Brew Kit for Sale – 1 Jun Culture

  1. Gretchen Houk

    I am on batch #5 of jun and it tastes so good! I had never made kombucha before and this has been a great start to making my own jun. The SCOBY is nice and big and the tea that comes with it is tasty. There was a mix up with my order, but after I emailed customer service they fixed it right away. Great customer service! I had read the book from my library, and now I am considering just buying a copy to always have on hand for the recipes.

  2. Ruby S (Ohana Homestead – Salisbury)

    When I first started to look into making Kombucha at home, I found a number of websites selling SCOBYs. From the very beginning, once I stumbled across Kombucha Kamp, I have never looked back! Now I am expanding to make Water Kefir soda, and once again, you are my "go-to" people! I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you, your website, and all the fabulous information and recipes! And of course, the quality of everything I have purchased is absolutely top quality! Thank you so much for really positively impacting my life!

  3. Adeline (New York)

    I bought the JUN Tea Brew Now Kit, the Flavor Savor 4-Pack, and The Big Book of Kombucha. I would give all of them five stars! I was surprised at how fast everything arrived given all the delays during the pandemic.

    If a SCOBY could be described as healthy, the SCOBIES I received were top athletes. The JUN Tea came out great. It took only a few days to reach a flavor I liked even in our cool house. I find myself craving JUN tea more than coffee.

    I tried the hibiscus in a second ferment. It was a winner for flavor, but I have to work on the carbonation level. My family wants "more bubbles".

    The Big Book is a treat for the eyes. I’m looking forward to trying the recipes and different flavor combinations.

    I also appreciated all the information readily available to jump right in brewing. It made the process fairly easy.

    Thank you for making kombucha brewing doable.

  4. Emily Scandy

    I’m thrilled with the service and product I received from Kumbucha Kamp! I ordered the "JUN Tea Brew Now Kit" and have already enjoyed a few weeks of continuous brew KT! The instructions are easy to follow and very complete. The SCOBY was thick and has been very successful! Buying store bought Kombucha is a thing of the past! Thank you!!

  5. Jeanette Frizzell

    I love this kit. The starter was 1 cup nice and strong. Also the scoby was gorgeous, healthy and so far have brewed 3 batches. The scoby is just as beautiful and getting bigger all the time. This kit has everything you need to get started. Directions are also well put together and easy to understand. Hey!! I am a newbie too. Thanks Hanna you are amazing. Jeanette Frizzell, Crescent City Calif

  6. John Phillips

    I bought the Jun Brew Now kit and it has worked wonderfully!  The scoby I got was big and healthy and brewed a fantastic brew the very first time.  This is very high quality stuff and comes with easy directions to get you started.  The staff has been very responsive to any questions I’ve had.  I can’t say enough good about KombuchaKamp!


    I can’t express how impressed I am with this kit. First of all this Jun culture is the best one available on the internet without question. Full size and ready to create amazing jun right from your first brew! Not a tiny little scoby that will need multiple brews to grow to maturity. I was also so impressed with the tea that I purchased a lb. and will continue using it in the future. Since purchasing this kit I have ordered a second jun culture and vessel since my friends keep drinking all of my batches!!! There is no store bought product that will come close to what this kit will create for you and it is very easy to do. I’m hooked!

  8. Viena Zeitler

    Viena Z. (Santa Barbara, CA)
    I had recently moved and my Jun SCOBY hotel had suffered in the transition and molded. I was heartbroken. I friend had turned me on to this site but Jun SCOBYs weren’t an option when I went to the website. Now they are and I am back in business! The kit is great – I got a brand new Jun SCOBY that has already produced one batch and is working on the next, the heating strip is a god-send in my tiny house with no insulation, and the book has given me great ideas about playing with flavorings. My order didn’t originally come with the strip but an email to KKamp quickly resolved that and I had it within two days of my email. I am very happy with purchase and will be purchasing a jar cover and cap in the near future. Thank you, KKamp, for getting me back on track!

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