Continuous Brewing Vessels

Whether making Kombucha at home again after a break or starting your first ever batch, it’s important to choose a suitable brewing vessel for Kombucha tea and inspect it for any potential issues. There are many different types of Kombucha brewing vessels and containers to consider and they all come with their own unique features.

Types of Kombucha Jars & Containers

We are proud to offer many choices for high-quality, fermentation-safe Kombucha brewing vessels including:

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Kombucha Brewing Kits

Brewing Kombucha at home can be lots of fun and with all the benefits of drinking Kombucha, it can be quite rewarding too. To make it easier to get started brewing your first batch of CB ‘Booch, we’ve put together 3 levels of Kombucha brewing packages. Each one of our Continuous Brew Kombucha Kits comes with everything you need to get started brewing delicious Kombucha at home:

Make your choice from the different types of brewing packages we offer:

  • No-Frills Brewing Package – the most economical option, our no-frills package keeps it simple with just the supplies listed above.
  • Complete Brewing Package – comes with everything listed above along with evaporated cane juice, lab grade pH strips, our 50x Kombucha Concentrate, large tea brewing ball and 3 thermometer strips, plus a 100% organic flavoring pack. Our most popular Package.
  • Deluxe Brewing Package – in addition to evaporated cane juice, 3 thermometer strips, and large tea brewing ball, our deluxe package also comes with double the lab grade pH strips, two bottles of the 50x Kombucha Concentrate, 2 packs of our 100% organic flavorings and a 3 tea sampler (including Hannah’s signature tea blend), not to mention a 15 minute phone consultation with Hannah herself to support your brewing needs! Great for those who need a little extra peace of mind. 😉

If preferred, we are also proud to offer just the brewing vessels (with cap, instructions & Free Shipping of course).

Things to Look for in a Continuous Brewing Vessel

  • High quality spigot to allow for easy harvesting of the Kombucha Tea when ready
  • Non-metallic (unless 304 grade Stainless Steel) to prevent corrosion and impurities
  • Non-plastic to prevent leeching of toxic chemicals like BPA (professional grade plastic spigots are ok)
  • Sturdy construction with a wide mouth opening for adequate airflow and access to the SCOBYs
  • Fermentation-grade materials only; no glazes or finishes that could contain lead or other harmful chemicals, no glues or epoxies in the spigot assembly.



What’s the Difference Between Batch Brewing and Continuous Brewing?

The two most common methods of brewing Kombucha at home are the traditional Batch Brew Method and the Continuous Brew Method, what we call the method of the ancients as it is likely how the brew was first discovered.

Brewing Time

With the Batch Brewing Method, you make individual batches of Kombucha using a super-sweet solution with only a little starter liquid. This often takes about 1 or 2 weeks to finally transform the sweet tea into Kombucha tea. You’ll have to restart this process with each batch, which can be quite time consuming while waiting for the next batch to be ready. However, with the Continuous Brew Method, since you’re maintaining roughly ¾ of your mature Kombucha (refilling the remaining ¼ with sweet tea), brew time is shortened to 1-5 days depending on how much sweet tea is added, flavor preference and the brewing conditions.


With the Batch Brew Method, each new Kombucha brew requires a jar and 1-2 weeks of brewing time. If you (and the family, and friends) drink a lot of Kombucha at home, this requires multiple batches all brewing at the same time to keep up with the demand. Never mind how much space it takes up, it takes a lot of energy on your part just to maintain the brewing schedule and do the labor of lifting, emptying and cleaning jar after jar. With the Continuous Brew Method, there is no lifting and cleaning between batches. You have more Kombucha on demand at a given time since you have the option to simply add fresh sweet tea each time you draw out Kombucha. And, due to the higher percentage of mature Kombucha to sweet tea in the Continuous Brew Method, you can make more Kombucha tea faster.


Batch Brew requires more containers, more cleaning, and more chance for contamination. Continuous Brew makes each new “batch” in the same container, for less work and less cleanup, but most importantly, less risk of contamination since there is little or no handling, removing and relocating the SCOBY. The spigot on Continuous Brew vessels also contributes to a cleaner experience, since you don’t have to deal with the hassle of pouring Kombucha tea out of the brewing jars (which is more difficult and sticky than you might think).

Learn more about the Continuous Brewing Method.