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Check this box only if you would like to use the spigot with our Handmade USA Stoneware Vessels or other similar crock. Fits 1″ opening, 1 inch at narrowest end and tapers to 1⅛” at widest end with spigot.

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Upgrade to corrosive resistant Brew Safe Stainless Steel Spigot


  • Made from 304 grade Stainless Steel – safe for brewing
  • Fits 5/8″ opening (16mm) up to 1″ opening
  • Equipped with 2 brew-safe silicone washers and locking nut (or Cork Lining)
  • Removes completely for easy cleaning
  • No glues, epoxies, or adhesives in assembly or attachment
  • Fits dispenser wall up to 17mm thick
  • Adds style and functionality upgrade
  • Made in China
  • Includes FREE Spigot Brush for even easier cleaning
  • Comes standard with all Stainless Steel Continuous Brewers  & with our USA Handmade Stoneware vessels too.
  • If your USA Handmade Stoneware vessel is from 2019 or earlier, then select the Cork Lining option using the checkbox above (not for use with most regular vessels – if you are unsure if the cork lining is right for your vessel, feel free to email us first to confirm prior to ordering)
  • Also compatible with our Modern Porcelain and Toasted Oak Barrel options

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Brew Safe Stainless Steel Spigot for Kombucha Brewing Vessels

Not so keen on using plastic? Prefer the look of Stainless Steel? Now you have the option of decanting your brew safely and in style with our Stainless Steel Spigot.

While our plastic spigots are 100% brew safe, some folks prefer to keep plastic to a minimum. Stainless steel of 304 grade and higher is corrosive resistant and used extensively in the professional brewing community, including with vinegar which is up to 40X more acidic than Kombucha during brewing. This type of spigot is the only metal spigot safe to use with Kombucha or other fermented drinks. It also has a nicer look and feel than many of the cheap-o, metallic painted spigots on the market which are completely unsafe for brewing Kombucha.

Kombucha Stainless Steel Spigot

This model has a terrific flow through rate, is very easy to assemble and clean. And now it includes a FREE Spigot Brush, which makes cleaning even easier. If small amounts of culture or yeast block the flow, just use the brush to dislodge the items and restore the flow rate. Now that the cork lining is available (use checkbox for this option), the Stainless Steel spigot is compatible with ALL KKAMP CONTINUOUS BREW VESSELS! Upgrade your spigot – upgrade your brew!

Installing the New Spigot

Prior to starting a new brew, it’s important to check the spigot for leaks. Attach the brew-safe spigot to the vessel properly and then fill it with enough water so that the spigot is completely covered. Wait at least an hour, up to 24 hours, to check for any leaks in the assembly.

If there are leaks, no worries, just empty the vessel, unscrew the spigot, adjust the washers, and reattach. Usually flipping the washers helps fix any issues. Keep testing until no leaks occur.

Cleaning the Spigot

Sometimes yeast or bits of SCOBY may collect inside the spigot and clog up the flow. This is perfectly normal but can be frustrating. Rather than having to take the whole assembly apart every time this happens, simply dislodge them with the FREE spigot brush included with every KKamp spigot. If you did not order a spigot from Kombucha Kamp, you can try using a toothpick or something similar to dislodge the blockage.

When it is truly time to clean the spigot, or if it proves too difficult to remove a blockage, simply take the spigot apart and run under clean, hot water which should flush the items. When unattached, it may also be easier to pick out any remaining yeast or SCOBY. If the brew molded, however, it is advised to use soap, or in extreme cases even bleach, to remove any residue prior to restarting the Kombucha brew in the same vessel.

Why use a spigot when brewing Kombucha?

It’s not necessary to have a vessel with spigot to make Kombucha at home, but it certainly can be more convenient. Generally this means using the Continous Brew method, which is popular with millions of homebrewers all over the world, as it makes delicious Kombucha more quickly and with less mess than Batch Brewing. Continuous Brewing, aka “CB,” works best in a larger vessel with that spigot attached.

But it’s also possible to use a vessel with a spigot to make large batches rather than a Continuous Brew, draining the vessel completely each time. Every person finds the rhythm that fits their brewing needs, and a spigot will always make dispensing the brew into bottles cleaner and easier than pouring from the top of the jar or using ladles and siphons, whether using CB or Batch.

Any spigot we offer will be a great option, but frankly this stainless steel spigot is our favorite due to the striking appearance and little bit of extra flow. It looks great on any vessel, and because so many people have stainless steel appliances in their kitchens, it’s nice to be able to match the existing look.

Our Kombucha Kamp stainless steel spigot is a great way to not only decant your brew in a safe and clean manner, but to also add new style and flair to most Continuous Brewers. The joy of brewing Kombucha comes just as much from having a healthy homemade beverage option as it does from being proud of the brew!



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Weight 0.5000 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 2 in

73 reviews for Brew Safe Stainless Steel Spigot Online

  1. Amanda frasher

    Very Happy with my purchase. I have been using this spigot for 2 months. No leaks or dripping from spigot.

  2. Alissa Dale

    So far I love this spigot!!  It was super easy to install on my oldish 2gallon ball jug. And the flow is so nice.  My old one clogged up terribly!   I am also thrilled that it came with a little cleaner thingy to loosen up any cuter clogs!
    Alissa (las vegas NV)

  3. Chelsey Benkner

    I upgraded to the stainless steel spigot with my continuous brew system and have been very happy with the quality of it. It is well made and doesn’t leak!

  4. Neil Preussler

    Very pleased I added this spigot to my oak barrel purchase. Quality product and high flow rate.

  5. Carol Adee

    I had the cute wooden spigot for the first 2 years with my oak barrel and it worked fine… but when it started leaking I ordered the steel spigot and I LOVE IT! Kombucha flows freely and there are no leaks. I wish I’d gotten it from the start because I had trouble getting the wooden spigot out. I went to a beer brewing supply place and the owner did it for me!

  6. Ann Boyer

    I purchased a container with a plastic spigot locally and found the kombucha only came out as a trickle. After I removed, cleaned and replaced it – it leaked AND came out as a trickle. I returned it, was given another  –  and the same thing happened!
    Now I have your steel spigot in – and it works like a charm!

    THANK YOU!!!!

  7. Jenna Kowalski

    Very high quality spigot and easy to install. Kombucha comes out very quickly. So happy I purchased this!

  8. Debra Meek (Visalia, CA)

    Glad I chose to upgrade the spigot on my CB. Easy to assemble, good quality and has a good strong flow. I would highly recommend the upgrade. You know it’s going to last.

  9. Philippa A., New Zealand

    Great quality stainless steel spigot. Works really well. Nothing like it available in New Zealand. Screwed in well with no leaks to my glass 8 liter kombucha drinks dispenser.

  10. Paul Discoe

    I looked all over to find a non-plastic spigot and am so happy I found this one! Great quality, just as described, works perfectly.
    Paul (Oakland, CA)

  11. Happy Customer (Bend, OR)

    Great customer service and super happy with my purchase!

  12. Amber Goddard

    Very quick decanting and no leaks. It is well worth the upgrade from the wood spigot

  13. sebyakiny

  14. Collin Hart

    I purchased this spigot to replace a cheap plastic one that I was concerned about. I am so happy I did, this spigot has not clogged yet and the flow rate is amazing! I don’t have to worry about the plastic deteriorating which is a big plus. Would highly suggest this product.

  15. Misty McAlear-Judson

    I wanted to replace my spigot with a safe one.  Very happy with this one, looks solid and has a fast flow.

  16. Nathalie Turgeon

    Great spigot! I like the quality of this item, I would purchase it again.

  17. Rita Napier

    I trust this site to sell only the best product. I feel this is 100% stainless. It works great, going to order another.

  18. Esther Davidoff

    I’m very happy with my stainless steel spigot! It fits snug in the cork and into the ceramic continuous brew barrel. So convenient for serving and bottling for 2nd fermentation! Thank you for the recommendation and timely shipment! Esther D. (LA, CA)

  19. Katherine Madden

    Great spigot! I was debating on whether to purchase this stainless steel one, or to purchase one of the plastic ones. I’m really glad I went with the stainless steel one and do not regret my decision. It feels well made–heavy and sturdy. It has good flow control and is not easily clogged. And it is easy to clean.

  20. LeeAnn in Las Cruces, NM

    I ordered one of these to try it out and liked it so much that I bought three more, so we had for each of the three continuous brewers that my husband made and one for our water crock. We gave one of the brewers to a friend with a lovely spigot in it already tested to see if it held water. Yesterday I had my first "harvest" and used my spigot to fill five 16 oz bottles. It was so much easier than using a ladle and a funnel!

  21. Gretchen Niles

    Purchased as an upgrade for my CB vessel. I haven’t used it yet as I only batch brew during our hot Summers in order to keep up with fast brew times. It’s well made & the price was right. Can’t wait to try it out in the Fall. Have never had a bad purchase experience with KK.

  22. Gabriella Culberson

    (Albuquerque, NM) I would highly recommend this spigot! It fit my vessel perfectly and replaced the cheepy plastic one my glass jar came with. Easy and inexpensive way to turn my 2.5 gallon "mason jar" vessel into a kombucha continuous brewer. If you have a plastic spigot you would be wise to replace it with this stainless steel one instead! Thanks KK for the recommendation!

  23. Anthony S from Michigan

    Worked great on my 2.5 gallon porcelain CB system…love it!!

  24. Andrew Brame

    Top-notch product line. Happy with this spigot up-grade. Good design and great functionality.
    Andrew. Denver, Colorado

  25. Jim Bush (Abbotsford, BC)

    I had been using a plastic spigot with my CB and found that I was not happy with the amount of yeast strands that seemed to clog up the otherwise wonderful system. One day when lamenting over the issue, my wife suggested that I order the Stainless Steel spigot. I have to say that getting the Stainless steel spigot was a great idea as the steady stream of Kombucha and the bonus of less maintenance has made bottling much more enjoyable. Thanks Hannah for providing a safe great product.

  26. Marilyn Y Eaves

    Can’t say enough about this spigot! Makes bottling so much faster! I originally had the wood one with my hand made pottery brewer, which looks nice, but is slow and clogs more easily. And I like that there is no plastic so there are no ill effects, healthwise.

  27. Karen Sprenkle

    I really liked the rustic look of the wooden spigot in the photos, but was advised that the stainless steel one was found to not clog as easily.  I chose the stainless steel one and really love it!  It looks great on my floating blue stoneware crock and I’ve had no leaking or dripping.

  28. Mary F. (Cascade, IA)

    I ordered the stainless spigot with my stoneware crock. It works very well and am happy with it. Have not used the included brush yet, but it will be useful when needed.

  29. Kelly R., Chicago, IL

    Hannah advised me to get the stainless steel spigot with my oak barrel and I am very glad I did.  It has a great flow rate and turns very easily.  Does not leak.   Convenient.  If it gets clogged from scoby material, I just lightly tip barrel, or even stir inside barrel, and it quickly adjusts and continues pouring.  Well made.

  30. Tanner (Cushing,MN)

    As always, I’m 100% satisfied with my purchase! Kombucha Kamp has it all! Great product, friendly team, and fast shipping! I recommend this company to anybody looking to brew their own kombucha. They’re so informative! They make every step a breeze.

  31. Christine

    My stainless steel spigot works like a dream. It’s as easy to pour my kombucha from the 2.5 Gal brewer as it is to turn on the water at my sink. I can fill my 6 bottles and be ready for second ferment in no time at all. There is no debris in the kombucha as it flows out of my hand-crafted brewer that is lovely to look at with the stainless steel spigot attached. Very glad I made this purchase and would recommend it to anyone contemplating this purchase.

  32. Suzanne

    The spigot I ordered is beautiful. It works so good. 

  33. Candace Floyd(Charlotte, NC)

    The flow is amazing! Have two for my vessels and will end up getting another to replace a plastic spigot. They’re worth every penny!

  34. southerncatholicmom

    I love it. It looks good. Has great flow!

  35. Felicia Richards

    The spigot is made well, it was easy to install. The silicon washers are wonderful, they make a nice secure fit, so no worries about leakage. I am very happy with my purchase.

  36. klaus biegansky

    nice product it is well done, thanks

  37. Faith Burris

    Loved it! Superb improvement over the plastic spigot that was on my jar. The flow is a major improvement as well.

  38. Susie Fitzgerald

    Before ordering this spigot I had no idea what I needed. Hannah advised me to just start with the best spigot and her advice was priceless. Everything she recommended to me has been top notch. Thanks Hannah!

  39. Jeanne Bishop (Tucson, AZ)

    This stainless steel spigot is of high quality, easy to use, and produces a good flow. I’m thrilled! 

  40. Mollie Moses from Durham, N.C.

    I purchased the metal spout from your online store and am completely satisfied. The metal spigot is wonderful, does not get clogged up, and I love it so much more than the tacky little plastic spout I had before. I am very pleased. Thank you so much!

  41. Reviewed by Eleni San Mateo, CA 5/25/2017

    Fantastic spigot. No leaks and it looks great too!

  42. J.Holt (Salem, OR)

    I recently purchased the stainless steel spigot. It has revitalized my kombucha making! The old plastic was turning green, losing its coating and was so plugged as to be unusable. I have not had to clean this spigot as the flow rate is so good, but when I do, the included brush promises to make it an easy task. No leaks, looks great, easy to use. Very happy I purchased.

  43. Lewis Hopper (Albuquerque NM)

    I have ordered the stainless steel spigot and the kombucha jar covers and I am very pleased with both. I especially like the spigot as it has way better flow rate than the plastic one that came with my jar.

  44. Ryan Rodriguez

    I ordered the stainless steel spigot and received it only to find out that the hole in my ceramic vessel was oversized and the cork liner didn’t quite seal. The KKamp team jumped into action and custom ordered me a new cork and it’s fits like a glove!! After installing it the KTea pours nicely out of the SS spigot! Thanks for getting me back into the brewing game! You guys are awesome!!

  45. Jeren Schmidt (Sitka AK)

    5 stars. I purchased the stainless steel dispensing spigot. It works wonderfully, looks lovely on my 5 gallon hand thrown pottery vessel, customer service was very helpful, and shipping was quick.

  46. Jessica S., Salt Lake City UT

    This is a great product. It’s solidly built, seals well to the vessel itself, and the valve doesn’t leak. It’s also an attractive, quality addition to the ceramic vessel I purchased. Nice!

  47. Kevin J

    I had purchased a glass container I liked but it came with one of the cheap, metallic paint spigots. This was okay, but I had read that eventually it would start chipping and would ruin my brew, so I purchased this spigot. I find that this spigot is so much better in terms of flow rate and ease of use, with the added benefit of it being safe for my kombucha. It is a sturdy piece of equipment and easy to clean as well. I highly recommend getting one of these!!!

  48. Rose W

    The instructions for installation in my brew crock were very detailed, with a video showing exactly what to do if you have a hard time following written instructions. I have been using it for five months, and it has been very tight, with a nice stream of kombucha coming out when fully opened. I do leave my glass under it long enough to catch that last drop, but it has been nice and tight fitting.

  49. Carmen Martin

    I purchased the Stainless Steel Spigot to go with the Stainless Steel brewing vessel. It was very easy to install without special tools and did not leak. Also, it doesn’t drip at all and looks great!

  50. Katherine Oram (Warner Robins GA)

    Excellent spigot! The direction were easy and I was able to do it myself. I used it on another cb vessel that I just bought since it came with a plastic spigot and now, Pouring from it is smooth with quick turn off! Thanks again for another great product!

  51. kombutcha daddy

    buy it

  52. Mike Shick

    These spigots are truly awesome. I loved them so much, I purchased 3 more for my glass brewers that came with plastic spigots. They are terrific, and have great flow. It use to take me about 1.5 hours to bottle 6 gallons of brew. Now I can bottle the same amount in about 30-40 minutes, simply because the spigot flows so much better. No more scoby goo forming in the spigot either. I’m sold!

  53. Starr Diede (Branson West MO)

    Ordered 1 SCOBY and 3 stainless steel spigots, received them quickly they were first quality and being a new kombucha brewer your website has helped me be successful in my brewing venture.

  54. Cindy Belanger (Weston, WI)

    I purchased this stainless steel spigot to put on my current 2.5 gallon continuous brew mason jar. The jar came with a plastic spigot that was made to look like stainless steel. What a difference when I put my new stainless steel spigot on my jar! Not only was it easy to install, it fit perfectly with no problems! Also, you can just tell the quality of the stainless spigot with the first time you use it. It works beautifully and, hey, it looks beautiful too!  In fact I am planning on buying another one for my other continuous brew!

  55. Lily Shanks (Oklahoma City, Okla)

    I’m so glad I purchased the stainless steel spigot. It’s just perfect and I can use it with my glass jars or crocks. Thanks Again Hannah!!! Just what I’ve been looking for for a long time.

  56. Terry L.

    Have bought several of these and told my kombucha friends about them. Great product.

  57. Melissa Hardin

    I was so excited to receive my stainless steel spigots today!! The quality appears to be outstanding…so sturdy & pretty to boot!! It will really make continuous brewing & bottling a breeze!

  58. Ann Bailey, Charlotte,NC

    Super easy and clear instructions for this gal who hates reading directions (I can figure it out right? Uh… not always). One thing I’ve come to appreciate about ordering through Kombucha Kamp is that Hannah sells products that work and she provides both instructions and tips with everything she sells. I’ve found all my questions answered in the instruction sheet or product info or website. Well worth taking the time to read to avoid problems and pitfalls since your precious CB, time and money is at stake.

  59. Lois (North Huntingdon, PA)

    I love this faucet. It has a great flow without a lot of overspray. I use it in conjunction with a funnel but you can use it without one. It allows you to fill up a 16 oz bottle in no time. And, it shuts off instantly when you turn the lever. Just what a Kombucha maker needs….reliable tools.

  60. Kerryanne Mathews (Litchfield, CT)

    This spigot is excellent! High quality stainless steel that not only pours well but looks great too! I’ve used the plastic version before and it’s just okay…the stainless is far superior. It feels more snug on the CB vessel and the lever to close it off has a nice tightness to it. I highly recommend upgrading.

  61. Nadia Lalani

    i love it, looks really nice with my white continuous brewer.

  62. Sheena B [South Africa]

    Choose this spigot as it seemed the natural choice to go with the Stainless Steel Brew Unit. I didn’t really think much about it. However the quality of this spigot gets your attention. Fast flow rate. I use a plastic one [from a local water vendor, not KK] for our bottled water and its flow rate enables one to age while waiting, it’s that slow. Not so with my Kombucha Kamp stainless steel spigot. Easy to clean – brush provided and works smoothly. Very happy customer. Thank you KK Team

  63. Dave Holcomb (Minneapolis MN)

    I chose the Stainless Steel spigot because from my experiences with products I just prefer metal parts over plastic every time. I have 3 CB vessels in use between home and work with plastic spouts from this KK web store. The plastic spouts do work fine but decided to try a stainless spout. The Steel just feels better in your hand than plastic but also, I’ve noticed that the flow of Kombucha is at a greater volume than with the plastic spigots. Not sure if the diameter of the stainless spigot is slightly larger or if the yeast just doesn’t stick to the steel as easily as the plastic. Saves time not having to clean out spigot every time you top off your batch. 

  64. Angela

    As usual, KK supplies are as described and always meet my expectations!

  65. Jeff d

    The flow is great from this spigot.Great quality,well made.Had the wooden one which took long time to fill bottles but this one is fast filling.Thanks 

  66. Kristi (WA)

    This spigot looks very nice with the stainless steel vessel. No leaks and works great! Well worth the investment.

  67. Kathleen Konce (PBG, Fl) 12/11/15

    I like the spigot very well. It is good quality with no leaking and  has a good flow.  Thank you.

  68. Bradley Johnson (Gilmer, TX)

    I purchased 2 of these stainless steel spigots, one for me and another for a friend who just started brewing kombucha at home. These are excellent quality spigots!  Very good flow so I can fill up my bottles in a more timely manner compared to the spigot that came with my 2 gallon jar. The silicon washers are a big step up form the "grommet" my original spigot used. Good snug fit and zero leakage.

    Very Pleased with this product and my purchasing experience at Kombucha Kamp! Will definitely buy this spigot again from this site when I get another brewing vessel. 

  69. Lynette Bassman

    This product is worth every penny.  I lived with the plastic spigot for about a year, and then upgraded to this one, and I love it!  It runs faster, doesn’t clog as easily, and stays open without holding it, freeing up my hands to do other things.  so it completely streamlined the task of bottling my kombucha, which I am very grateful for.  

  70. katherine kelly

    no dripping, good flow control and it fit well into the glass jar that I was modifying. overall success

  71. Becky Barberousse (Louisiana)

    Just getting started with continuous brew kombucha and wanted to replace the spigot on my glass jar with one that would be safe. A friend recommended Kombucha Kamp products so I checked your website and decided on the Stainless Steel Spigot. Placed the order and it arrived within a few days. I am quite pleased with the product and Kombucha Kamp service! Hoping to purchase one of your brewing vessels soon. Thanks KK!

  72. Mollie Rose (Minneapolis, MN)

    I’m building my own ceramic brew crocks, and these are a great alternative to plastic spigots. The silicon washers give me a nice margin to work with the variables of firing clay. They have been very consistent, and I’m so excited to be using these spigots as I move to brewing Jun on a commercial level.

    There were some scratches on the front of one of my spigots, and a replacement was in the mail before I even got a response from KK. What a lovely surprise, and fantastic customer support. Thank you!

  73. Eva Lindquist (South Park CO)

    5/5 stars! High quality spigot with a great stream of liquid!! Very happy with this purchase!

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