Cocktail Recipe with Kombucha – “Twisted Bliss”

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Kombucha’s greatest strength is its versatility: healthy beverage, marinade, salad dressing and even cleaning fluid to name a few uses.

How about “Drink Mixer” too?! Yes, Kombucha pairs perfectly with liquor, plus it’s a natural liver detox.

That means when you add Kombucha to the mix, you get a little antidote  with your poison.

To celebrate the end of summer, each Friday afternoon we’ll be featuring a Kombucha recipe for a new drink . Enjoy!

The Kombucha Cocktail Series:
Twisted Bliss
Dark & Devoted
“Kombucha Margarita – “Kombucharita”
“Kombucha Party Punch”

stay tuned for more… 


Marian Flaxman, owner of Culture Shock, a fermented foods cafe in Ithaca, NY, poses with her favorite Kombucha Cocktail, The Twisted Bliss
Marian Flaxman and “Twisted Bliss”

Recently I became aware of this awesome new cafe called Culture Shock in Ithaca, NY (sadly, now closed, but the drink recipes are still delicious!).

Owner Marian Flaxman, on the cutting edge of the fermentation trend, describes her place as follows:

Culture Shock is a place where art, music, and food come together. Where cultured food meets cultured people, and menu choices are inspired by cuisine from distant cultures.

The food is fresh and vibrant, and so is the atmosphere.

Live cultures in the drinks, live music on the stage. Fresh food on your plate, fresh perspectives on the walls.

With a menu that ranges from miso soup to Kombucha (Katalyst & BAO are sold here) to kimchi, I wish they were closer to LA.

They also make a bunch of Kombucha Cocktails, which makes them the perfect partner to kick off the Summer Kombucha Cocktail Series!

Here is the recipe for Marian’s favorite Kombucha concoction, Twisted Bliss:

    1. Fill a martini glass with ice.
    2. Pour 1.5 oz vodka into a pint glass.
    3. Add .5 oz blueberry liqueur to same glass. (if you can’t find blueberry liqueur, make your own)
    4. Fill pint glass with ice, then cover and shake.
    5. Dump the ice from the (now chilled) martini glass.
    6. Strain the liquor into the martini glass.
    7. Fill with ginger Kombucha.
    8. Garnish with fresh blueberries.


The Twisted Bliss Kombucha Cocktail
The “Twisted Bliss” Kombucha Cocktail


Have a favorite Kombucha recipe you’d like to share?
Add it to the comments or send me an e-mail and maybe
we’ll feature your Kombucha recipe here! 🙂


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Responses to Cocktail Recipe with Kombucha – “Twisted Bliss”

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your etforts and I will
    be waiting for your further post thanks once again.

  2. Here’s a little something I do for christmas day with the now all grown up family.
    Blood Orange Mimosas:
    -kombucha secondary fermented with passion fruit juice and champagne yeast to ante up the ABV.
    -fresh squeezed juice from blood oranges which should be in season
    -use half and half portions in the chilled champagne glass and garnish with blood orange slice
    note: the longer you let the secondary ferment (try 1 month minimum) take place the better the kombucha tastes

    Then pair it next to:
    -kiwi or green melon flavored kombucha
    -dash of midori
    -dash of vodka
    -shake and strain into champagne glass
    can garnish with melon slice

  3. I have recently started brewing and made my first batch trying to imitate the Mango flavor that I have purchased at the store. It has been good enough to drink… but. I pureed the Mango and it has turned darker and darker in the Kombucha. Puts me off a little. Also each bottle has had it’s own flavor with the first one I drank being to sweet even though I tasted it and it was just tart. I know it is my first batch and there is trial and error. Let me learn from your mistakes…LOL
    Also, I got a really good fizz on day three but it seems to leave the Kombucha pretty fast any suggestions. Yes, I did refrigerator after I opened it. Thanks in advance for any suggestions you have that will help me get over the trial and error phase quicker.

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