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The Continuous Brew Kombucha Brewer T-Shirt & Cover Set from Kombucha Kamp

Are you thinking How to Make Kombucha Continuous Brew Tea from home to save money and reap the health benefits of this delicious fermented drink? Kombucha Kamp has all of the supplies you need to make Kombucha for pennies a glass with the “easiest, safest, healthiest” way to brew – Continuous Brew!

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Kombucha is a drink made from fermented sweet tea that is centuries old. You can enjoy this mildly tangy treat as a summer treat during the hot months or as an immune booster and digestive aid during winter. Kombucha can also be double fermented into a fizzy soda with a light fruit flavor. Those who prefer a less sour beverage will enjoy water kefir.

The health benefits of kombucha are great. Kombucha contains antioxidants and B-vitamins, as well as probiotics and gluconic acids. According to reports, kombucha has many health benefits, including

  1. liver detoxification
  2. improved pancreas function
  3. increased energy
  4. better digestion
  5. helps nutrient assimilation and so on.

Do your own research by grabbing a copy of The Big Book of Kombucha

The Big Book of Kombucha!! Or check out the Kombucha Research Database

Kombucha continuous brewing is similar to the Orleans method of making vinegar however with Continuous Brew Kombucha, we maintain at least 50% of the brew in the vessel to keep the yeast and bacteria in balance. Continuous brewing utilizes a larger vessel equipped with a spigot, unlike batch brewing, which is done in jars. With this method, you can draw off finished kombucha when you want, rather than all at once. Plus you only need to clean it once every 3-6 months = EASIEST. 

Because it’s always in a pH protected environment, there is less risk of mold. We also do not need to handle the cultures since they can remain in the vessel so there is less risk of contamination = SAFEST

When you top off with sweet tea, it activates even more of the healthy acids to be created due to the longer fermentation time of the Kombucha already in the vessel = HEALTHIEST

Our Continuous Brew Kombucha kits come with different options such as Vessel Type, Brewer Cap Color, Flavoring Choices, and Heater Type to customize your Kombucha brewing kit to your style and needs.

The Continuous Brew Kombucha Kit

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