Kombucha Brew Kit for Sale – 1 SCOBY Culture

Kombucha Brew Kit for Sale - 1 SCOBY Culture
This item: Kombucha Brew Kit for Sale - 1 SCOBY Culture
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Kombucha Brew Kit for Sale – 1 SCOBY Culture

Great for a first time brewer or anyone who is looking to focus primarily on Batch Brewing, The Kombucha Mamma Brew Now Kombucha Kit includes one world famous Kombucha Kamp SCOBY with starter liquid and all the other the basics you need to get brewing right away. Thousands of people have chosen this Kombucha Kit to get started making their own Kombucha at home or even as a gift for a friend or family member, meaning you can buy and brew with confidence. 


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Weight 3.5000 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in

227 reviews for Kombucha Brew Kit for Sale – 1 SCOBY Culture

  1. Tammy Rodriguez (verified owner)

    This is the strongest, healthiest scoby that I have ever purchased. Just a beautiful scoby. Brewing my second batch. I will brew two gallons next time. I love the Hannah blend tea. I trust this product. Will be purchasing more needed items in the near future.🌻🌻

  2. Scotlyn O’Daniel

    Ordered the starter kit, along with 4 flavorings. Everything came packed nice with a healthy scoby, Hannanh’s special tea blend and instructions. I made my first batch, bottled, and already started on the 2nd. It’s easier then you think. Would recommend.

  3. Libby Henderson

    Everything arrived in great shape, and fast too!  The SCOBY was/is healthy and it’s doing it’s thing on my 2nd brew! I bought the book before starting to brew and I strongly recommend anyone interested in making Booch get that! A ton of interesting and helpful information. The tea is beautiful, nice sized leaves, not dust from the bottom of the barrel. I also got the stainless steel straws, I’m really into keeping this process as sterile as possible and they’re perfect for easing into the brew to check the taste. If you wanna brew, this is an inexpensive and easy way to go. Plus these folks are quick to respond to emails with questions. Go for it!! 😄

  4. Erik Baldwin

    Very happy with this starter kit! Very healthy SCOBY with starter liquid, pleasant tea blend, and it was my first time using raw sugar – surprisingly pleasant difference in taste! 

  5. Hannah Hirzel

    I love this product. Everything was easy to use and had great directions. I especially loved all of the info and ideas in the big book of kombucha; great addition!

  6. Etienne L. (Nagahama, Japan)

    I received my starter (scoby) by mail very quickly.
    Your tea blend smelt very nice.
    I just finished brewing my first batch the other day and it tastes good.
    Will start a new brew very soon.
    Thanks for the great product and service. 5stars

  7. Marcus Del Bianco

    I am really amazed at how complete and easy this kit was to use. All the ingredients are organic and high quality. I just finished making my first batch and it came out really good! I not have two SCOBYs (Mother + Daughter) and will follow the guide to store them in a SCOBY hotel until I’m ready to make the next batch. The kit comes with a good amount of tea and sugar which looks like it’ll make 6-8 batches. Great kit, highly recommend. 

  8. Bridget McLennon

    Bridget M. (Riverdale, MD)
    Fast shipping. Beautiful SCOBY. Superb customer service! Get the Big Book of Kombucha too. I bought the book almost two years ago, but never started brewing. After spending way too much on store bought kombucha, I decided to get the brew kit and am off to a great start! It was so easy. When I emailed a question about my process, they provided a very detailed and easy to understand response…and quickly! My first batch is bottled and I immediately started on the second. The recipes in the book are great – who woulda thought about putting rose petals in kombucha – and it really does taste like love! Thank you Kombucha Kamp!

  9. Ashley Outz

    I bought this for my first time brewing and it has everything you need to do so. You also get access to Hannah anytime you need her for all your brewing questions and all the help you need. She has been fantastic and amazing at helping me along the way. If you’re a first time brewer then this is the kit for you. It’s perfect! 

  10. Elizabeth P Stout

    This kombucha starter kit had everything I needed! It was very easy and well organized; I highly recommend this kit to anyone thinking of starting your own brew.

  11. Jim Hendrix

    I have wanted to make Komucha for years but shyed away from it because I thought it would be complicated. However with the kit I made my first batch with no problems and now I am moving to continuous brew. I’m hooked.

  12. Beth Bois

    Beth Bois (Fairfield, ME). Everything came as expected and very timely! Very pleased. Have been brewing for 5 months now and am happy with the results.

  13. Derrick Heisey

    I’m so pleased with this kit. The tea is tasty and the SCOBY is nice and fat. This truly has everything you need to get started, minus the vessel. I was worried i was going to make a mistake and have to buy another one, but I’m already on my second batch. If you want to brew some booch, this is what you want.

  14. Val (Sumas, WA)

    Well I have made my first batch of kombucha ,and I am very happy we what I got and the help I received ,this for sure is a 5 star and it’s easy to do I will be ordering more as I need it ,but am loving doing this I was so afraid to try this but now will keep on making it ,great service everything came so quick
    Thanks again.

  15. Joseph Brownell

    I don’t even no where to begin. The attention to detail, quick follow-up, and anticipation of its customer base is superb. First impressions: the packaging was excellent, and the paperwork included covers many of the steps and missteps one might make in starting to brew their own kombucha. The instructions were so easy and having a section for each step of the process eliminated any confusion. I’ve just completed my first brew and it is in its second fermentation. I cannot wait. Kudos for eliminating a lot fo the worry of the process!

  16. MaryAnn Akers

    Five stars to Hannah and the Kcamp! Thanks to the KCamp gang, I began brewing quality YUMM-O kombucha back in 2013. I moved recently and the kombucha box got lost in the shuffle. Horrors!!!!!! So, 6 years later, I returned to the KCamp webpage. Same quality products. Same helpful info. Same speedy delivery. I’m happy to say same delicious booch! So delicious that I’m sharing with friends and neighbors. They can’t believe this delicious brew comes from my kitchen rather than a $4, 16 oz bottle from the grocery store. Thanks Hannah and family!

  17. Lloyd

    Very pleased with the items I ordered from Kombuchakamp.It is working well for me even if I have made a few mistakes.

  18. William Skirbunt-Kozabo

    Bought this item a couple weeks ago because my kombucha addition was getting a little too expensive. So far I have brewed two batches using the instructions and ingredients included. Both have turned out tasting amazing. This kit makes it very simple and easy to get brewing right away. Would definitely recommend.

  19. Andrew (Palmdale, CA)

    Amazing! Everything worked exactly as Kombucha Mama said it would…first time! On our 3rd round of brewing now (have 2 jars going at once this time!). We flavor it in the bottle with ginger from KK and really notice the difference in our digestion. Everyone with digestion problems should try kombucha (home brewed, not store-bought). We’re 72 and if we can do it…YOU can do it, too!

  20. Stephen Twomey

    I am really happy with this kit. It has produced kombucha far superior to anything I could get in a store. My wife, who is a bit skeptical about things like this, now won’t drink any other kombucha. She’s even bugging me about when the next batch will be done. I will probably be investing in a Kombucha Kamp continuous brew kit in the near future to keep my wife happy with freshly brewed kombucha each day. Thank you for a fantastic product.

  21. Mitchell Kuper

    Got my kit in a timely manner. It had everything I needed, including directions, to start my first batch. I will definitely be ordering from here when my supplies run out!

  22. Suzanne – Carpinteria, CA

    I purchased some SCOBY and the "Big Book of Kombucha" from Kombucha Kamp. I loved the book and had success with my first batch. I consider Kombucha Kamp a critical resource for new brewers. Thank you!

  23. Alison Chino (North Little Rock, Arkansas)

    I bought this kit one month ago and have been happily brewing my own Kombucha now for a few weeks. I’m on my third batch and I love having it on hand at home. The culture was super hardy and thick, and has been producing great tasting Kombucha. I also really love the tea, and will need to re-order in a few more weeks to keep having it for my brewing process. I’m using a jar I found at a resale shop, but everything else I needed to get started came in this kit. Also, I have used the information in the book that I received free after ordering this kit to answer all my questions. SO helpful for this newbie! Thanks much!

  24. Karen U. (Turbotville PA)

    I made my first 2 gallons of Kombucha using your teas. I also got the Big Book of Kombucha. I had been reading up on it, and you made it easy for me. I did a 2nd ferment and flavored it with strawberry and blueberries. I will never buy store bought kombucha again. Thanks for making my 1st attempt a success. The sad part is, between my husband and I, and other family members tasting, trying it for the first time, my 2 gallons of booch is gone! Waiting for the 2nd batch to get done. Thanks again!

  25. Anna Johnson (Clemson SC)

    First batch is in the fridge, I can’t wait to try it! Even if I messed up something, y’all are amazing and so supportive! I got an email saying that I hadn’t downloaded the book after I purchased my SCOBY (just 3 kids and life), and you gave me a link and it was there in my iBooks! Keep up the great work!

  26. Carol Hart

    My kit came with everything I needed to get started. Just bottled my first batch this last weekend and have a new batch started! Thanks so much for offering a high quality product and shipping it to me so quickly.

  27. Brenna

    This purchase really made brewing Kombucha so easy! detailed instructions for the first and second fermentation is included long with a very informational PDF. Also, as if that wasn’t enough Kombucha Kamp’s customer service is amazing and they answer any and all questions quickly and thoroughly. The SCOBY was nice and thick and produced a thick baby as well. The tea and tea bags have been very useful for a first time brewer and the sugar as well. If anything I would’ve bought a second SCOBY right away! I followed the instructions step by step and my first batch came out awesome!

  28. Beth (San Francisco)

    This kit makes it super easy to brew your own buch. Clear instructions, fast delivery, would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to get into it!

  29. Liz O’Neal (Gay GA)

    I liked my kit so much that I gave everything I ordered last as a gift. 5 stars.

  30. Greg (Kennewick WA)

    I ordered this kit with somewhat low expectations. However, immediately upon receiving it I was highly impressed with the quality of the items, the SCOBYs looked great and healthy, everything was high quality. Thank you for being a business with integrity and going above and beyond expectations! This is rare in today’s world for a business to do. I am a loyal customer now. 

  31. John ORoark

    I ordered the brew now kit,all the items were top quality and my culture was awesome,from my first batch all my bouch has been fantastic,Hannah’s tea blend is perfect and produces great Kombucha,Thanks Hannah for great products and the book is wonderful with lots of great info and recipes!!!

  32. Nancy S

    I am a government employee working overseas. I started making my own Kombucha not even knowing what it was 3 years ago in Paraguay. I was transferred to Islamabad, Pakistan last year and my 3 year old scoby did not survive the long move. I ordered a new one and after 3 weeks I am back in continuous brewing, have my energy back, feeling good again. Kombucha Kamp is the best!!!! I love my brew. At 64 years it is amazing the difference kombucha has made in my health and well being.

  33. Erica McElreath (Mt Pleasant, SC)

    I ordered a starter kit as well as some ginger to flavor my very first batch of Kombucha. Shipping was fast and all of the products are absolutely top quality. I was able to follow the detailed, step by step directions for brewing and flavoring my kombucha. It turned out great!! I will definitely reorder the ginger and Hannah’s special tea blend as well!

  34. Alisha L

    I am so happy that I finally decided to start brewing my own Kombucha at home. Thanks to Kombucha Kamp it couldnt be easier. With the easy to follow instructions, supplies and Kombucha book I had all I needed to make great tasting kombucha in my first try. Second batch is now on its way, and I cant wait to try new flavor combinations! I will be purchasing a second kit to my sister since she is trying to steal mine!

  35. Cindy Nehls (Orange Beach AL)

    Ordering from Kombucha Kamp has been the easiest way to start up my own in house kombucha tea! No more need to run to the grocery to get My fix! I’m in love with the simplicity of brewing at home, playing with flavors and being successful on the first try! I’m on my 5th batch and will be starting a second in another jar because I simply can not get enough! Thank you!! For making this easy and your tea blend perfect everytime !

  36. Sam (Temple NH)

    I was highly impressed with the quality of the materials!!! New to brewing, my first batch just came out really well (I followed the basic recipe in The Big Book of Kombucha). My mother and new daughter SCOBY looks great. I just flavored and bottled some and can’t wait to see what the flavors are like!! Thank you so much for a great, easy to use kit.

  37. Jennifer Winters

    This kit is perfect for a beginner. The Scooby is beautiful!!! I am now on my 3rd brew. It’s so easy!! Looking at a CB kit now.

  38. Bob L. (Houston, TX.)

    The starter kit had everything needed and worked wonderfully. I’m enjoying my Kombucha and the second batch is brewing. The kit made the whole process a cinch.

  39. Victoria C. (Conway, NH)

    Starting out as a beginner at brewing! Excited for this journey and everything that came in the kit is so easy to understand! Everything is laid out.  Also purchased the big book of kombucha and it is absolutely amazing!!! So exciting!!! Happy brewing all!

  40. Greg (Clarksville TN)

    I just want to say thanks. I bottled my first gallon of KT last week. second fermented 3 strawberries and left 2 plain. The rest got gone during bottling. Never had plain KT. I love it. 3days into the second ferment of strawberry and all were good and fizzy. Thank you for making this easy. Cant wait to try some teas and second ferments!!

  41. Freddy W. California

    Simply the best. I had no idea what I was doing, a friend said "Order your scoby from Kombucha Kamp" so I did and wow it arrived the next morning it was as advertised big and healthy and ready for action. I have now been enjoying my first batch of booch. Thanks To Kombucha Kamp. The best Happy Brew Year! 😎😎

  42. Justin Nichols (Eagle Butte SD)

    What can I say other than great kombucha! It has taken a little time but this kit has gotten me off to a great start. The scoby was thick and large and appeared very healthy. Also the included guide is Very helpful.

  43. Hayon (Somerville, MA)

    So it’s been about two months now since I got this and it’s been amazing. Honestly, it’s been worry free since everything a newbie needs is a part of the package and relative to everything else on the internet this is a really great deal. I’ve still got plenty of tea left, the sugar just ran out but that’s no problem. And it came really fast too! So I didn’t have to wait long 😉

  44. Hayon

    super fast delivery and really good instructions on brewing 🙂 thanks so much!

  45. Ashley (Dallas TX)

    My boyfriend and I have been talking about brewing kombucha for a while now, so I bought him this kit for his birthday. Everything came in as described and in great condition. Fast delivery and easy to understand instructions too. We love it!

  46. Celeste

    I had been looking to brew my own kombucha for a while and tried a dehydrated culture first and failed miserably! My friend told me about Kombucha Kamp and I LOVE it! I’ve enjoyed my first bre already and can’t wait to be able to brew several batches or go to the continuous brew! The Scobys I got were thick and healthy and have been growing some healthy babies! All the info and support that you get is invaluable!

  47. Michelle

    I bought The Big Book of Kombucha, and after reading through it went ahead and ordered the Brew Now Kit.  Everything arrived very quickly – and it included everything I needed to get started.  The results were delicious!  I am now on batch 3, and am loving it.    

  48. thesame40 (Lehigh Acres FL)

    I have always wanted to brew the "Booch"..being a chef I am already fermenting foods..Recently started water kefir grains…I thought if this then that. After searching many sites I settled on KKamp..I liked what she said and how easy the site was to navigate. I ordered a fast start kit and it was at my door 3-4 days later..I was overjoyed . Directions were easy to understand and implement. Hannah is always there w q very quick email reply . I am very pleased w my results so far. It’s only been 2 single batch brews. I will be ordering a CB in the near future. Happy fermenting Kids.

  49. Misty Blahuta (Austin TX)

    I’m SO, SO HAPPY with my kit!! I received the Big Book of Kombucha as a gift. I’d brewed single batch method for quite a while because it became cumbersome. I used 2 Kombucha Kamp SCOBY to start up continuous brew and it’s SO EASY!! I’m no longer hauling growlers to fill at the farmer’s market and I’m having so much fun experimenting with different flavors. Thank you so much for your high quality products, thorough information and creative recipes!!

  50. Ebenezer Taiwo

    Delivery was quick! The SCOBY got all the way to Nigeria in one piece and I’ve brewed my first batch of KT and the experience was fantastic!

  51. Theone (Toronto, Canada)

    Everything arrived quickly and was ready to go. the whole process of starting brewing was super simple and quicker than i thought it would be. 

    Currently waiting for it to taste just right, so i can move on to the next step of drinking it 🙂 

  52. Geanine Geoghagan (Martin GA)

    I started out drinking a commercial brand of Kombucha. Then I purchased and read "The Big Book of Kombucha", which was full of the knowledge I needed to start my own brew at home. I ordered the SCOBY and tea blend and was overjoyed with the arrival of my of my items. I have now started on my 7th batch and have been more pleased with each batch. Kombucha has changed my GI system for the better. I’m so glad to have such a wonderful resource as Kombucha Kamp to help me along my journey. Thank you!

  53. Cindy (Sylvania, Ohio)

    I started brewing a little over a month ago and am loving the whole process from brewing, flavoring and drinking! The kit made it really easy to get started. The products are top quality and the instructions are easy to follow. My first baby scoby was fat and healthy just like the mother that came with the kit, and the brew was excellent. I’m on to my 5th batch and have started a scoby hotel. My only regret is that I started with a single batch brew in a gallon container. There just isn’t enough booch for me and for all my friends who I want to share with. I was too afraid to jump right in with a larger CB brew but I shouldn’t have been. The starter kit was so simple to use and the quality of the ingredients all but ensures success the first time out. I am moving to a CB and I’ll soon have booch enough to share. I plan on using my 1 gallon set up for experiments.

  54. The Vegan Momma (Camano Island WA)

    This kit made it super easy to start brewing my own booch from home which will save me over a thousand bucks this year. It’s been an awesome experience to involve my children and even my community in something that is so vital to vibrant health and longevity. I tasted my first batch yesterday, blueberry lime & ginger orange and they taste and look just like the real deal. Thank you Kombucha Kamp and Kombucha Mamma! You are awesome ☮ & ♡

  55. Amy (Reading, PA)

    Perfect way to start brewing! I was a first timer and am also very cheap! I wanted to have a shot at making some decent Kombucha but didn’t want to spend $300 to do it. This was perfect. A little over a month ago I placed my order and started batch brewing in a 1 gallon glass pitcher I already had. I also invested in a second SCOBY and a thermometer, glad I did both. The second SCOBY gave me a backup incase I messed up the first one (I haven’t yet) and the thermometer gave me instant information about how the brew was going. My house stays a bit chilly (65-70F) so I was nervous, but a 10-day brew has been working just fine. Everything worked out perfectly and I LOVE the Kombucha that results. I am on my 4th batch right now and will be investing in a continuous brew jug shortly. I drink more than the 1 gallon can make in 10 days, so I need more turnover, plus the added health and ease benefits of the continuous brew I have been reading about. That said, I am VERY glad I started with batch brewing, it made me very comfortable with the process and helped me understand the whole thing a lot better than if I had just jumped into continuous brew. 
    Good luck and happy Booch’ing!

  56. April Hanemann (Coral Gables FL)

    I wanted to say that thank you to your easy instructions and quality products, my daughter and I have successfully brewed our first tasty batch of kombucha. With our new baby scobby we are going for the continuous brew method and now have two new batches brewing! I would give five stars!

  57. DJ March

    I saw KK at a fermentation festival and became very interested in brewing my own. I initially started with a free scoby and some bad instructions, and ended up failing. I got a new scoby, instructions and special tea and have had great success with a continuous brew in an old sun tea jar. My friend who buys GT says mine is just as good as store-bought.

  58. Julie (Detroit, MI)

    I’ve tried brewing my own in the past and it didn’t turn out at all! I ventured into this hoping that it would be better than the last time. This turned out amazing!!! All of the personal touches (fabric to cover the bowl, little notes, etc) and the online brewing book helped a lot. First batch turned out great and I’m stoked to keep brewing!

  59. Eric M (ben lomond ca.)

    Great way to start brewing bocha  works great on my sixth  batch making four gallons a week k k .answered  all my questions in a timely fashion does everything  possible to make Sure your brew is successful. Thanks Hanna  and friends for all your help  Eric 

  60. Cassandra

    I purchased the kit after failing to succeed with a dehydrated SCOBY from another source. The SCOBY was huge and healthy.  The instructions were clear and everything you needed, except the brewing vessel, was included.  Love it.

  61. Stella (Forest Hills NY)

    The package came quickly and I started brewing immediatley I was so excited. The green tea that I got smells so amazing and the customer support is great. They reply quickly and provide guidance on whether or not the tea is fermenting properly.

  62. Nina


  63. Nathan

    I’ve been wanting to brew my own kombucha for years, but didn’t know how to get started. The kit came with everything I needed except glass jars, which are easy to find. I just brewed my first batch and was surprised at how easy it was. I just started my second batch today and I’m going to order some flavor packs next. Thanks, Hannah!

  64. Nicole (Detroit, MI)

    I had been buying kombucha at the store for a while and I really wanted to start brewing my own kombucha, but I wasn’t very confident that I knew enough about the process to do it myself. When I found this kit I was so excited because it comes with everything you need to get started! The handbook that comes with the kit answered all of my questions about the process! My first batch came out perfect! I am so excited that I now have kombucha on demand at my home instead of paying $4 a bottle at the store!! I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to start their own brew!!

  65. Dana Horton (Worthington OH)

    Excellent service and explanations for doing my first batch. I really liked the simplified instructions included with the starter kit. First batch turned out great. I especially liked the "bless the brew with positive intent." Very spiritual and quantum physics combined.

  66. Donna B. (Newport VT)

    Thank you K Kamp…The Brew Now Kombucha Kit and flavors is everything plus in what I needed to get started making my own tea…I have always enjoyed drinking Kombucha Tea but with long hours at work and trying to get to the Health Food Store before it closed, plus five dollars a bottle this has been a life saver…Your instructions make this so simple…I am so excited I found your company…Thank you again…If I could rate this more than five stars I would, so five stars it is and a big thumbs up…

  67. Justine

    I ordered this kit about 3 weeks ago and I couldn’t be happier. The kit shipped in just a couple of days, which is about as fast as Amazon Prime shipping, and I was not expecting that at all.
    I had downloaded and started reading the book the kit came with as soon as I purchased the kit, until my supplies arrived, so I was able to start brewing that same day. The instructions sheet came in very handy, so I I didn’t have to flip through the ebook.

    I initially thought the kit was a little bit pricey, but it has all the essential items you need, without having to run to the grocery store multiple times. Of course, given that you have your own brewing vessel handy.

    The first batch took a bit longer to ferment, 15 days, probably because my house was consistently around 70 degrees, and the SCOBY needed time adjusting to her new environment. The first batch was an experiment to see what flavors I liked in my second fermentation batch. I experimented with: ginger (frozen) berry mix, ginger lime, ginger pineapple, mojito (spearmint leaves&lime). I had used 1/2 of a medium lime juice per 16oz GT bottle, which was a bit much. I think I’ll use 1/4 lime next time. All flavors were excellent, but ginger pineapple was by far my favorite.

    For my second batch, I used about 2 cups of starter liquid and both the mother and the baby SCOBY and it took just 8 days for the taste to be just to my liking. I’m letting it ferment a few more days so I can start making two 1 gallon jars. Both my SCOBYs are fat and happy.

    The part I wish had a little more direction was utensil sanitation methods, which I couldn’t really find on either the book or the website, but maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough.
    What seemed to work really well for me was rinsing all of the brewing vessels and anything that the SCOBY would possibly come in contact directly (hands, measuring cup, spatula, etc) was to rinse them with white distilled vinegar. I was dreading having to sterilize them, either through boiling water method or oven method (no dishwasher), but that was not necessary.

    The entire prep only takes about 30 minutes, and could not be easier. I’m so happy I purchased this kit!

  68. Juli

    5 stars. Very easy to do with step by step instructions from Hannah! The flavor of my Kombucha exceeds my expectations. Trying to turn my friends and co-workers on to it.

  69. Shannon (Strome, AB Canada)

    An excellent starter kit for brewing. Shipping was unbelievably quick. Hanna’s videos and instructions quickly answer any questions for the first time brewer. I’m so glad I started brewing with Hanna. 3 wonderful brews under my belt and I feel a pro.

  70. Deb Lewis

    I ordered this kit it came quickly and have brewed several batches with it. I am now working with flavorings.

  71. Kim (Cedarburg, WI)

    This is the BEST brew kit! The SCOBY is just as described and the starter juice is wonderful. So nice and convenient to have everything ready and shipped to you in one quick, efficient shipment. TEN stars…well, I guess the most I can give is 5, so 5 stars all the way

  72. Kathy Sturgeon (Tomball TX)

    I previously bought a Scoby (dehydrated) and the first one molded. They sent me a free second one (dehydrated again of course) and after a couple of batches, it molded, too. I was determined to make kombucha because I had read how good kombucha is for is. I purchased another Scoby and followed their new instructions to spray the coffee filter over the top with vinegar every day. This Scoby has worked fine, but it’s so little compared to yours that I’m afraid to make more than a quart at a time! Your Scoby makes almost a gallon every 11-14 days, it’s a beautiful whitish color, and the kombucha Scoby made a baby within the first two brews! My other Scoby is dark brown and hasn’t grown or produced a baby yet and it’s months old. I’m very happy with your products and would like to maybe start making continuous batch kombucha this summer.

  73. Barbara (West Springfield MA)

    I purchased a starter kit with one scoby and 2 types of tea. Shipped very quickly.
    Am enjoying my home made Kombucha tea every day. Quite a savings!
    5 stars for quality and service.

  74. Pat Dean (Zionsville PA)

    I really am enjoying brewing again! 🙂 I have been recommending your site to friends who also drink kombucha and I’ve been giving them samples as well.

  75. Lana – Lake Mary, FL

    I was sent to Hannah’s website by my friend Jane Park Smith. Wow! I am so impressed with these products. I received this kit in a timely manner. It was a breeze to set up and get going and my first batch came out amazing! On another note, the customer service is awesome. I had a couple questions…sent an e-mail and got a reply fast!

  76. Yvonne (Bloomington CA)

    I did a lot of research before trying to make Kombucha. I found Hannah and Kombucha Kamp to be the most informative. The kit came in a couple of days but I didn’t get started right away. After a week or so I made my first batch and I was very pleased with myself. Everything went just as Hannah said it would. I’m continuous brewing now. Kombucha Kamp is where I will be coming for all things Kombucha.

  77. Moses

    Kombucha Kamp and all of its products are thee best ever! I purchased the Brew Now Kit and it got me started on the right path. I have already made my first successful batch and I feel amazing! Thank you so much Kombucha Mama. Ur the best!

  78. Costin (New York ,NY)

    I did not know anything about brewing k. I ordered this starter and kept in touch with excellent customer service while brewing and I’m drinking my own k beverages now. It’s worth the money because the scoby is delivered fresh, not dried and the information in the guide is invaluable. Gladly recommending kombucha kamp.

  79. Pat D (San Diego CA)

    The website has tons of information even before one gets started. I ordered the simple brew only kit with the scoby, tea, bags, cloth and sugar. I’m into my second brew and started a continuous brew process. I’ve read the book several time and really appreciate the support mails I get. Have checked out several videos. You are not alone in this as they say. Can’t wait to taste and play with the second brew.

  80. Hilary (Tustin, CA)

    This is the perfect kit if you have found your own brewing vessel. The instructions are easy to follow and it makes the best booch! It is fun to make and you save a small fortune making it yourself! Kombucha Kamp also has excellent customer service if you have any questions during or after the ordering process.

  81. Joel

    Received a beautiful scoby which has now tripled in size. The first batch took a little longer due to cooler temperatures in my home but it came out perfect and delicious. This is the place to go for all your "booch" needs. Plus you can get all the help you need. Just ask.

  82. Madison Y. (Sitka, AK)

    I ordered the Brew Now kit to help get me started on a continuous brewing system and have loved every part of it! I was very impressed at how quickly my order was shipped out and how well everything was packaged. Every item is high quality and user friendly. I just love the reusable tea bags and found the ebook and guide to be very helpful and knowledgable. All the questions you have will be answered in the ebook! KKamp is such a wonderful resource for kombucha Brewers everywhere, high quality products and amazing costumer service all in one place! You won’t regret a purchase from KKamp.

  83. RitaPrahl (Minnesota )

    The service is excellent, the SCOBY and starter tea made the best kombucha, and Hannah’s special tea blend is delicious."Had started scoby from locale coop Hannah’s mother so much bigger and better taste. Thanks Hannah fast delivery very helpful.

  84. Mike S

    Order received in a few days, clear directions were a great help to first time brewer. Kombucha was ready in a week, two days after bottling was fizzy and tasted great. I will be reordering Hana’s tea blend.

  85. Kim

    I received this pretty quick!! The instructions were easy and I have been doing a continuous brew for about a month now. I LOVE IT!! It tastes yummy and as you go along, you keepn learning how to make it better. I haven’t changed my eating or anything else, but I feel my stomach is flatter and feels better! I love this website and the "Happy Nature" of this business! 🙂

  86. Lily

    This is a great kit! No fuss, no hassel. I got a great tasting brew in 10 days. A word to the wise though; be easy on the amount you consume in the beginning if you have health problems. I had nausea, heart burn & indigestion for the first week or so. This is due to a toxic liver that I have been struggling with for some time. I am over that now and I am begining to enjoy the positive benefits of the Kombucha! I started out drinking 1/4 of a cup each day and gradually increased the amount. I am on my third week and am drinking about a cup a day. Can’t wait for the day I can drink the tea all day!

  87. Michel Yeuell

    I was so delighted with how what seemed daunting was made easy by the Kombucha Kamp access to guidance that I decided to surprise my cousin with the brew now kit. She dove right in and 3 weeks later she is drinking KT to help her recuperate from Knee surgery.

  88. Terra

    Wow! This is just amazing!! I was SO afraid to start making my own kombucha, but new I needed to try.

    The complete guide answered all of my questions and I never once felt unsure, because it was so thorough!


  89. Jeanne E.-Wisconsin

    The kit arrived in just a few days. I was a little worried about doing this correct but it was SO easy and I was AMAZED at the flavor. I expected it to be more tart like cider but it was like a awesome sweet brew. Everyone I shared it with was skeptical until they tried it and could not believe it. Absolutely great! Knowing I have support is a huge relief as I do have some questions yet. This site is
    the best!

  90. Katie (Slidell, LA)

    This kit was so helpful! I’m just glad I already had a brewing vessel and time to start – the kit came so fast I was able to get started right away! The tea is perfect – I plan to order more so I can keep going with it. The SCOBY was thick and healthy and my first batch was ready in a week. I already have had to make a SCOBY hotel to accommodate the other ones that are growing. I’m glad I went with this set to take the guesswork out of picking a tea and knowing my SCOBY is healthy.

  91. Donna B

    Thank you for this product, everything worked well. I also appreciated the brewing guide; very informative and the instructions for making Kombucha were easy to follow. I now have extra scoby’s to give away. 🙂

  92. The perfect start

    This kit was amazingly simple to use. The scoby was perfect, the supplies were awesome, the instructions, clear, and the video on the site was very helpful. I’m on my third batch already and we really like playing with various flavors. I’m so glad everything made it so easy to do this successfully right out of the gate. Now I just have to save up for a continuous brew vessel, I love KT so much!

  93. Carrie D., (CA)

    This was the perfect starter kit for me. It was everything I needed and made it so easy to start. The kit arrived super fast, the scoby was extremely healthy, and the kit was so well thought out that it made me feel like a pro from day one!

  94. Erin Haug (Lake City, FL

    I ordered this after doing tons of research for kombucha scobys. It came in two days . I was so surprised that it was my Scoby it was here so quick. Everything I needed was in the kit. I am now on my fourth batch and I have many projects on my counter brewing. Best product ever. Also their customer service is awesome. They get back to you very quickly.

  95. Bete Molina

    Thank you for the Kombucha starter kit, my batchs are looking and tasting great!
    Thank you again for all your help and advices!;)

  96. Christine S. (San Antonio, TX)

    Received my order very quickly and started my first batch right away. It was fun and easy! I am now starting on my third batch. Co-workers and friends love it and it’s nice to share. Thank you, Kombucha Kamp, for such a great product!!!

  97. Debbie Gohman (Clear Lake, MN)

    I do like the tea very much. Thank you so much for helping me get started.

  98. Rachel K. (Crown Point, IN.)

    This is the BEST kit to get started on your kombucha- making adventures! 😉 I highly recommend it. This company is TOP NOTCH when it comes to customer service, support and quality of products. The BEST!!! 🙂

  99. Jessica M (Bethlehem, PA)

    Im so glad I ordered from Kombucha Kamp. My order arrived very quickly and I received a very healthy scoby that made a great brew and a really healthy and thick baby scoby as well. Hannah even helped me when I sent her an email about brewing me second batch. Love ordering from here. Also love this kit, came with everything I needed to start brewing for the very first time.

  100. DJ

    This was the perfect kit for a beginner. It had everything I needed to make a successful batch with excellent directions. Thank you so much!

  101. Wynette Jones (Ellicott City, MD)

    I purchased this kit for a family whose son has cancer. They are very excited about adding kombucha to his arsenal in the war against cancer. The kit came quickly and the SCOBY was beautiful. The directions were thorough. After looking at everything before giving it to the family, I ended up purchasing a continuous brewing setup for myself.

  102. Katerina

    Hannha and her team are amazing. Customer service is superb: personal, fast and attentive. Other businesses should learn from Kombucha camp how to make the customer happy and come back for me.
    I am very happy with what I received: a good looking scoby, tea, sugar and cotton cloth. I just started my brew and excited to try it out.
    I love they include easy-to-follow instruction in the package – definitely a big help. Everything is really easy to follow and start your first brew.
    Both cultured (scoby and jun) came in super fast (2 days) and as usually were fresh and ready to go.
    Thank you for an excellent service and quality of the product!

  103. Devon H

    This is the perfect kit to get started! I was so afraid I would mess it up, but with this kit my first brew of kombucha was amazing!!!

  104. Betty Anderson ( Sandpoint, ID)

    I decided to try my hand at making some Kombucha tea. So I ordered One of the smaller kits with everything I needed to get started.
    I’m now on my third batch of brew and this stuff is so good I sip a glass several times a day.
    I’ve suffered with IBS for years and it’s definitely helping.
    The instructions are virtually fail proof and it’s very easy.
    The Hannah’s special tea blend is the best blend of tea I have ever tried and I’m a big fan of tea. I use it whenever I just want a good cup of hot or iced tea as well as for my Kombucha brew.
    The customer service has been outstanding and very friendly.
    I have decided to try the continuous brew system as soon as I save the money.
    Thank you Kombucha Mama for your passion and expertise!

  105. Jennifer

    Love it. It was so easy. I just moved across the country and am getting a new scoby. Thanks

  106. Stephanie (Meadow Vista, CA)

    If you are interested in starting to brew kombucha, this is the WAY to go. Excellent support, excellent product, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I could hardly believe how healthy the scoby was – within one month I was brewing full batches! Yum!

  107. Monique

    I can’t leave 10 stars? I just love this site. Easy instructions. I just completed my first batch and it’s so awesome in taste. So cool having my own SCOBY. I’ve told everyone about this site. I’m a a holistic health practitioner and have posted on my Facebook about this site. Simple instructions and everything right at your fingertips. Thanks Kambucha Kamp!

  108. Katherine (Middlebury, IN)

    I was very excited and nervous about the thought of making my own Kombucha tea. But with this kit I felt much better. After doing lots of research online I found that Kombuchakamp was the highest recommended site out there. I am glad I ordered my Brew Now kit from them. The delivery was fast and efficient. The kit included everything I needed to make my 1st batch. The scoby was very healthy and made awesome KT. The scoby is growing so well that I will need to make my own scoby hotel soon

    While the $ may be higher then some other sites I think the product and customer service is well worth it. I had some questions while I was making my 1st batch. I emailed their customer service and they responded quickly (within 20 minutes) and answered all my questions. They were a great help to say the least . I would highly recommend purchasing the kit to anyone interested in making their own Kombucha Tea

  109. Teresa (Puyallup, WA)

    This kit was just what I needed to get started. It included everything but a jar, which I already had.

  110. Mary

    I ordered the “Brew Now Kombucha Mushroom kit” with an extra culture and some flavorings. It came in a few days and was packaged professional and fresh. The directions are straight forward and easy to follow. I’ve already made around 3 batches and my SCOBY cultures are doing great. I love being able to brew my own Kombucha and feel blessed to have found Hannah and her Kamp. I can’t recommend Kombucha Kamp enough…they are GREAT! She even added a personal touch of a cute little “kitten sticker” on her packaging which I’ve kept on one of my brewing jars for good luck ; ) Thanks Hannah & Kombucha Kamp! Keep up the great work!

  111. T. Bayerlein in San Diego, Ca.

    I ordered the Brew Now Kombucha Mushroom kit for the first time and I received it in 24 hours and it looked so professional and fresh. The directions were great and easy to understand, I had one question so I emailed it off and in no time I had a every detailed email back. The videos and all the emails have been so very helpful. Since then I have gotten my cousin all excited to make her kombucha too so I’ll be ordering another kit for her Mother’s day gift
    KKamp has excellent costumer service, thanks! You get 5 stars!

  112. Sasha

    A week after receiving my order I’m drinking kombucha and loving it! The tea blend is very nice and the guide very informative. Good customer service as well.

  113. J Lewis (Port Washington, OH)

    Not sure what else to possibly add..the reviews say it all! Fast service, easy prep and maintenance. We’ve been continuous brewing since February and loving it! Next goal is to get a bigger brewing vessel to keep up with our demand 🙂

  114. Sasha Tove (Abbotsford, CAN)

    I have downloaded the guide and received my order. Thank you so much for the great service and I’m very pleased with the product.

  115. Tammy, Dubuque, Iowa

    My first batch of Kombucha was done with a dehydrated culture. Needless to say, it did not work. THEN I was guided to Kombucha Kamp. I ordered the Brew Now kit and have brewed to lovely batches! Both batches produced beautiful baby scobies and yummy KT! I will be starting a scoby hotel soon. And will be getting my friends and family hooked on kombucha, too!

  116. Joy Rigel (Philadelphia, PA)

    Beautiful healthy scobies packed with love and care. Amazing customer service – thank you for answering all my email questions so promptly and thoroughly! And I really love the direction to "bless your hooch" in the instructions. Kombucha Kamp is spreading the love and growing happy healthy thoroughly loves cultures. Thank you Kombucha Kamp!

  117. Matt Nelson (Huntington Beach, CA)

    Thank you for your help Hannah! Im looking forward to receiving the starter kit!

  118. Kaye (Singapore)

    I ordered an extra scoby and started brewing the moment I received them. I’m located in Singapore and they survived the long journey here, I have baby scobies growing in my jars now! I plan to use one jar as a scoby hotel and use the other for active brewing. The taste of the tea blend is really delicious compared to the storebought ones. I highly recommend this!

  119. Shelli H.

    I’m a first time brewer and very happy with the kit, the easy to follow instructions, and the resulting tea, Thank you!

  120. Tara A

    I Absolutely love KombuchaKamp. I got my scoby and brewing kit within a few days and started my brew by following the well explained directions that they send with your order. It came out perfect! I even sent them a picture of my scoby because I thought it was producing mold. It only took them one day to reply & they reassured me that it was just some yeasty bits! I cant thank you enough KombuchaKamp for helping me with my amazing brewing journey.

  121. Norma

    I was very nervous about making my first batch of KT, but the starter kit had everything I needed and the instructions were very easy to follow. In a few days I will get to sample the final product. I would recommend this kit to anyone looking to start brewing KT.

  122. William Schuman, Jacksonville, FLq

    the kit had everything I needed. It came quickly and the materials and especially the scoby were in good shape.
    Need a better way to input a review from the email requesting the product be reviewed.

  123. marksreallife (PA)

    I would give your product 5 stars as it was easy, quick and well organized way to begin making kombucha. Over produced my first batch and it’s tasting a little vinegary but that was my doing.

  124. Samantha Rhodes (Cape Girardeau MO)

    The best web site I have found, based on a friend’s recommendation, has been This site is owned and operated by Hannah Crum, and she has been brewing Kombucha and educating countless other individuals on the benefits of this drink. Her site is easily navigable and she even has a starter kit for first-time brewers, such as myself. It is what I purchased before I made my first Kombucha brew. Hannah offers lots of great video tutorials if you get stuck on something, and you can even e-mail or call her to get tips. Her SCOBYs are 100% quality product, and she uses all organic tea blends and sugars in her kits. I would definitely recommend visiting this site if you think you want to start making your own Kombucha tea.

  125. AE Cooke (Evanston, IL)

    I just finished making my first batch. So looking forward to seeing the process through to it’s fizzy, tasty end!

    Really I wanted to thank you so much for the incredibly impressive Brew Now Kit I ordered. Wow, everything including the rubber band. I’ve read through all your ebooks, fantastic historical and practical info . . . appreciate that you share it with your fellow komb-brewers.

  126. Lisa (Parkland, Florida)

    If you are thinking of making your own Kombucha, look no further than this sight. It’s full of helpful hints and answered every question I had. I ordered my kit from Hannah, and am enjoying my third batch of delicious kombucha. I also bought tea, and flavors to add to my kombucha. Everything was top notch.

  127. Kelly

    My kit arrived quickly, exactly as ordered. The instructions are easy to follow. My family and I are now enjoying Kombucha! Thank you!

  128. Anya

    I am glad I decided to order my Kombucha here! I got everything I needed for my first brew in this kit and the culture itself. It’s been a couple of weeks since my purchase and I already enjoy my homemade delicious Kombucha drink!

  129. Stephanie

    I purchased the Brew Now Kit. The entire process was made so easy by all of your guidance with emails, easy to understand instruction sheet, and helpful handbook. My husband and I have been enjoying fresh Kombucha now for 2 weeks. We love it. Thank you for helping us to be successful on our first try. Your support and guidance is wonderful. 5 stars for you and your product.

  130. Janet

    I purchased The Brew Now Kombucha Mushroom Kit and added A SCOBY for my sister as a gift. She loved it, and has been brewing successfully. She is up to brewing 6 gallons a week, and has quite the SCOBY hotel going!!! KombuchaKamp is by far the best company for support and follow through that I have ever purchased from. Thanks!!!!

  131. Ethan Hicks (Edmond, OK)

    I bought this for my mom for Christmas and she is THRILLED with it. The SCOBY (which she has named "Simone") was perfect, the delivery was quick and the instructions easy to follow. She is on her 2nd brew and is telling everyone she knows what a great gift she received. I have been told once she gets her kombucha groove I can get her a JUN culture! Thanks for making my mom so happy!

  132. Kimberly

    I was so pleased with this kit. It arrived in a couple of days and had most of what I needed to start brewing. (I had to supply the water and vessel.). My first batch turned out beautifully and I’m working on my second one. The instructions and booklet were invaluable.

  133. Kevin (Bixby, OK)

    The Brew Now Kit is the perfect choice for getting your first "booch" brew started fast and easy. The kit arrived quickly and the SCOBY was a thing of beauty! All the ingredients you need along with simple instructions…you can’t go wrong!!

  134. Ashley W (Palmdale, CA)

    I purchased the "brew now" kit and love it! I was intimated by making my own, but after receiving my starter kit, and starter guide, making my first brew was so easy! My family loves it!

  135. Roze M

    This kit is awesome! It has everything you need (but the jar) to start your very own kombucha. My first batch wasn’t bad but with the use of the e-book that is included my add on continuous brew batch was even yummier! I can’t wait to taste what my next one will be. Great customer service as well. The item shipped and arrived at my home literally the next day after I ordered it. Will def be using kombucha kamp for my future orders

  136. Stephanie

    I have wasted so much money on dehydrated scobys….I wish I would have found this website hundreds of dollars ago. So easy and perfect batch EVERY TIME.

  137. Cara

    Ahhh this was soo helpful for me. The big beautiful SCOBY came in the mail and produced a seriously amazing brew, complete with a pretty new culture on top! Talk about a self-sustaining organism! So very cool. Can’t wait to make more! Thank you!

  138. Jan Jordan (Valley Grande, AL)

    My sister is delighted with her "Brew Now" + 1 additional scoby kit!!! She said the scoby’s are beautiful!! I too am very pleased with my kit and both of us agree it was put together so professionally. We both look forward to many future purchases with you, as we grow and learn using all the great materials provided!! Next step for me in August will be moving to Florida and once settled I will be ordering my Continuous Brew System and heater. Thank you all for your professionalism.

  139. Cynthia Clingan (Franklin, TN)

    So far, so good! I just bottled my first batch of kombucha!! It will be ready to drink tonight! I am so excited! I have already told many friends about your website and how easy it is to follow the directions on the pdf’s and the videos. The kits really give you the confidence to try it! I told one friend once we get this going we will feel so silly about spending $3.50 a bottle at Whole Foods the past year!

    Thank you so much for your products and your AWESOME site!!

  140. Mellegers (Capitola CA)

    Excellent kit. So easy to use. We didn’t realize it came with a thermometer though so purchased one separately. We also bought an extra scoby because we have our own continuous brewing vessel. This kit had exactly what we needed to get going. It was the perfect kick in the pants to get my husband brewing and not purchasing anymore. I love it because we keep trying new flavors–mango, chili, lime…yummyness!
    Thanks for offering such a vast selection to make it easy and all the little things in between!!

  141. Sannylou (Germantown, OH)

    I am very new at Kombucha. They have been so helpful to me.
    When I did have a question, she answered very quickly.
    I ordered one of the kits and it did make things so much simplier.
    I also ordered the tee outfit and love it. I don’t worry about too much
    light getting to the tea, plus it just looks pretty.
    I am so happy that I found this site. It has been so informative and encouraging.
    Thank you!

  142. Gary

    I have made several very successful batches of kombucha with this kit! Delivery was fast, instructions clear and the product is top notch. Love it!

  143. Tara B (Ont Canada)

    I love Kombucha Kamp! I was so happy with the kit and I’m on my second batch now. Questions that I had were returned within a day and everyone was so helpful!!
    Thanks again.

  144. Tina

    I ordered an extra scoby with my brew now kit. The scobys were twice the size of what I had ordered elsewhere. When the description said a full sized scoby they were not kidding. I love the taste of Hannah’s Special Tea Blend. As a newbie brewer I am very happy with KKamp!!

  145. Amanda (Portland, OR)

    This kit is absolutely perfect for beginners. I was/am totally new to brewing KT. I got this kit in about 2 days after ordering, had my vessel ready to go, brewed that night, and am awaiting my first batch of KT. The scoby was healthy and beautiful and the tea included was awesome. Comes with no-nonsense directions. Thank you!

  146. Carrie

    This is an excellent kit! I needed a new scoby and this one was awesome. It was large and immediately brewed an excellent batch of kombucha. I do a continuous brew and it brewed so fast. The tea is also fantastic. Every now and then I get lazy and use some organic tea I get locally but it doesn’t compare to the tea blend here which makes an excellent brew.

  147. Mario

    The best thing I ever did was order this starter kit. Everything I needed came in the kit minus the jar (which I had already left over from something else). Instructions was right on Kombucha came out perfect. I keep it going when I bottle a batch I make more. My next step is to get a continuous brewer, and to try different flavors. It was shipped fast on the no shipping fee was a big plus for me since I live in the USVI.

  148. Deborah Higgins (Belton SC)

    This kit is perfect for beginners. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. It made the intimidating idea of brewing my own kombucha into a fun and simple process. Waiting the first week to taste my KT was the hardest part! I’m already thinking about upping my production and I plan on purchasing all my supplies here. I’ll be recommending it to family and friends!

  149. stephanie

    Love my kombucha. First time trying to make it and this kit is the perfect way to go to give it a trial run. I plan to upgrade to the continuous brew now that I know I can do it. Great instructions, easy to follow.

  150. Rebecca

    I received "The Brew Now Kombucha Mushroom Kit" last May. I waited until today to write a review, because I wanted to see if everything went as expected. I will say it has been a success! I used the scoby in a continuious brew crock and it has grown and made wonderful Kombucha. I also bought the heater and it has made the difference in keeping the brew at the right temperature. I am enjoying my brew and I want to say the book, the kit, and the heating element have taken away the fear of being a beginner brewer.

  151. Alison (Indianapolis, Indiana)

    It came with everything I needed except the container (I knew that) and the water. It was a very comprehensive introduction to kombucha and after two weeks and three batches (it’s been warm here) we have full-flavored KT and some beautiful SCOBYs to share.

  152. Lynn

    This was a easy stress free way to start brewing kombucha! With all the supplies and online support it was easy. I tell everyone who asks about KombuchaKamp

  153. Marco M

    Received my kit and live scoby. It was a breeze making my first brew. Spiced a couple of pints with fresh ginger, two with tangerine juice and two more with lingonberry syrup. All great and better than store bought kombucha because I made it myself! Grew a new scoby in process. IT"S ALIVE!

  154. Bryon Voyer

    This is definitely the way to go for a beginner KT Brewer! They were very helpful in keeping up with the status of the delivery and with any questions we had in regards to brewing the tea. Have already passed KambuchaKamp on to my friends 🙂

  155. Justin

    Works great, and I think the starter kit was worth the extra money especially for the tea.

  156. Caren

    I was very nervous and excited to start my kombucha. I received everything and started a batch right away. The culture was fresh and the tea I got was amazing !! I am on my 6th batch right now and experimenting with flavors. All questions were I had were answered in the blog. Would Definitely recommend to everyone I meet!!!

  157. Sandi

    I received this kit and was happy with how easy it was to make with the excellent step by step instructions and my pretty white SCOBY! I brewed it a couple days later because a migraine kept me from hopping on it right away.
    Thanks so much for this!
    I have found that using the MIO stuff you squirt into water to make it palatable works great for flavoring the KT when ready to drink it. I did put too much sugar in my 2F, but it didn’t harm it, just was a little sweet for me. I love it and have been drinking it daily now for a week. I had a nice baby form from it too and I am now brewing my 2nd batch!

  158. Lara H

    Loved my transaction with Kombucha Kamp! Thank you for your beautiful products, great web site and fast service. I am brewing my first batch of KK, samples it over the weekend and am loving it. Thank you for sending a perfect Mother.

  159. Pete Allen (Reno, Nevada)

    After reading Michael Pollan’s "Cooked", I decided to try my hand at a Kombucha brew. After a little research, I decided on a live, instead of dried SCOBY. So glad that I did. The Brew Now kit is the way to go. It came in a few days, and, within an hour of receiving it, I had a brew going. I tasted and bottled it 10 days later, and now have 2 more brews going. The KT is delicious, and I am considering a continuous brew. I have had a lot of questions, many answered by the online guide, but several others answered promptly by customer service. I have already recommended Kombucha Kamp to friends and family, and look forward to taking the KK class.

  160. Ginger

    Excellent kit and easy to follow instructions for the beginner! Lots of information as well. Been brewing since June 2013 and LOVE it!! Home brew is so much better!!

  161. Kerry A – Upstate California

    My nephew housesat and tended to my continuous brew Kombucha for a month this summer. As a reward, we ordered him the Brew Now Kit so he could have his own (and stop drinking all of mine.) It’s everything you need for the beginning brewer and I highly recommend it! Thanks Hannah!

  162. Lauren

    This all started when a friend who started brewing and offered to give me a scoby went out of the town for a summer internship – all summer. Left with no scoby and started to try to figure out what my other options are. If you’ve been at all interested in making your own kombucha you probably spent a lot of time doing what I did: Obsessively reading info on the internet, talking to friends about it, trying to find out as much information as you could. But, then I ordered this kit. I thought about getting my own tea from here, buying my own organic sugar from there, but for the cost of this starter kit + the manual that has easy to follow step-by-step instructions and wealth of other information about scoby-health, benefits of kombucha, flavoring and so much more – it was really so worth it to order this kit. And instead of feeling stress about all this information you don’t know, just easy-peasy read through the manual and start brewing!

  163. Carrie

    I had to get a new scoby after a fruit fly infestation. 🙁 This was perfect. It’s big and healthy and I get my continuous brew set back up no problem.I also really like the tea blend, it makes a great tasting kombucha. It also shipped and got here fast!

  164. Cheya (Houston, TX)

    I am so happy that in my search for information on kombucha I stumbled upon this site & this kit! It made a task that seemed daunting very quick and easy! I am 11 days into my first batch and it is coming along beautifully! I did my 1st tasting on day 7 and it was still very sweet, as of day 10 I think it was nearly where I want it to be. I plan to bottle/flavor tomorrow. Hannah’s special blend of tea has amazing flavor. The scoby is beautiful and healthy! My new baby grew wonderfully! I am so excited. This kit gives you everything you need except water and a brewing vessel. You can’t beat that! And the ebook that comes with it is a wealth of information. Thank you, Hannah!

  165. Louise in Kansas

    Thank you for the "baby’s". They arrived timely and the first has been growing
    3 weeks and the second for 2 weeks. It is exciting. Today I will sip some to see how it tastes. Yea! My body can hardly wait to start drinking beneficially. I have two more jars to get going eventually so we have enough to bottle. The videos of others making kombucha gave me incentive to start the 2nd batch. Thanks again for all your wellness recipes & information.

  166. Cory

    The instructions and amazing amount of information provided in their downloadable packet is almost worth the $50 in itself…then to top it off, you get a healthy scoby ready to make you the happiest kombucha drinker of Earth plus all the other fun stuff they add into the kit. I loved the handwritten thank you note written on the receipt that came in the kit as well. Highly recommend this company and I’ve already passed on the website to many friends looking to start their own brew. Thanks from the heart!

  167. Ann (Charlotte, NC)

    So easy with the instructions provided and the quality of the products. This is my first time making Kombucha and I bought the hibiscus flavoring along with the kit to try create what I have purchased in the store. Mine was even better than what I paid $5 for in the store! I only wish that I had purchased the continuous brew to start with!

  168. gale

    This was so easy! I am about three months into my Kombucha brewing and am hooked. Great instructions, full and healthy SCOBY. Great tasting kombucha! I use the extra ferment method and add sliced ginger root and fresh mint for flavor. YUM!!

  169. Kate (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

    I was so impressed with how simple this kit and Hannah’s instructions made such a seemingly intimidating task! I’m on my 4th batch, and my kombucha has been perfect every time! All my booch loving friends can’t get enough! Thanks for everything, Hannah!!

  170. Sari G.

    It was SUPER easy to start brewing my own Kombucha with this kit. The instructions that came with the kit we really easy to follow! I coouldn’t be happier with this kit! Simply AMAZING!

  171. Jenny W. (Ann Arbor, MI)

    I’m a newby to Kombucha, I mean really new…I’ve not even tried the store bought versions! My kit came on time and packed well. The SCOBY was big and healthy. Instructions were easy and I brewed my first batch the next day. I’m now on my 3rd batch and started a continuous brew yesterday! I’m hooked!

  172. Rene (Temple Hills, MD)

    This is an excellent product. The SCOBY arrived well packed and has already produced two delicious batches of kombucha tea. Hannah’s Special Tea Blend is fantastic.

  173. julia

    This kit makes getting started with your home-brewing a breeze. The SCOBY was perfect and everything I needed was included. Hannah’s great instructions and tips removed the guess-work and any feelings of self-doubt. From my very first batch, my kombucha was delicious! Thanks, Hannah!

  174. Linda

    On my 3rd batch. Love it.

  175. Cindy White

    First rate product and great instructions that make brewing easy and so much fun!

  176. Holly

    I was really nervous about making kombucha at home, but Kombucha Kamp’s kombucha mushroom kit helped alleviate a lot of my worries. The SCOBY arrived healthy and well packaged, the tea blend is delicious, and the e-book walks you through each step of the process. Thanks Kombuch Kamp!

  177. Debbie

    Loved my starter kit. Made several batches of kombucha with it and still going. The customer service for answering questions has been so helpful.

  178. Rebecca (Stafford Springs Ct )

    I ordered a kit and what a great idea that you offer so many in varying price ranges , it makes it affordable to everyone . Mg kit arrived quickly and I’m very happy you used USPS as I feel they do a better job with delivery

  179. Shena D

    love it! so thrilled with the scoby i bought from you. it created the best komucha and a nice baby within a 2 week period. i had purchased a deheydrated one from another source, what a mistake. thanks for such a wonderful product.

  180. Jacob

    We ordered the kit, it shipped quickly, and the results were amazing! We split our first batch into 3 and made one with apple cider, another with sour cherry juice, and the 3rd with ginger and lemon. All of them were great hits with friends and family!

  181. Karen

    My kit arrived with extra tea that I ordered and the SCOBY was perfect, the tea works great, and I have just moved up to my first batch brew which is going well. I’m glad I didn’t try to start a SCOBY myself; the kit made it simple and the book is a great reference.

  182. Kathleen (Fishers, IN)

    Researched various products on other sites and ended up ordering the Brew it Now Kit. SO happy I did. The directions were easy to follow and after 7 days, I was bottling the tastiest KT! Thank you Hannah for making this process so easy and delicious! Love your tea as well!!

  183. Linda

    Great kit! Almost done with my first batch.

  184. Carmen

    I love my kombucha!!! I love the videos I get in my email for some quick tips and reminders!!! Love love love

  185. Wendy (Gold Canyon, AZ)

    Ok, this has been my first foray into making Kombucha. I landed on KK through the net and read many positive reviews so decided to try it myself. I’d never made kombucha before so was interested in getting a full kit that I could just get started easily. I was very happy with the kit, all I needed was the gallon jar. The instructions were very detailed and I also appreciated the e book that KK sent me via email before the kit arrived. It has a lot of details and answered many of the questions I had on making kombucha. My first batch brewed 7 days, and then I decanted and bottled it with fresh raspberries and ginger. 3 days later it was the most wonderful tea! I have trouble not downing the entire batch within a couple of days – it tasted that good! To sum it up, the BREW IT NOW kit was an excellent purchase, it shipped quickly and was a great buy. I highly recommend KK and will be purchasing any further brewing needs I have from Hannah and her team!

  186. Dana P

    This is a great website to learn all you need to know about Kombucha. The products are fresh and the tea is amazing!! Easy instructions and great support. I’m very pleased with KK and the support team!!

  187. Holly P. (Georgia, US)

    I’m so happy with my Kombucha kit. The instructions were easy to follow, and the tea blend is wonderful. I was scared I’d either mess it up or be lazy, because of some time consuming procedure and not make it. Well, I’m happy to say that I didn’t screw up my batch, and it wasn’t hard to make at all. I brewed my first batch for 16 days, and it came out perfectly. Even better than the store bought kind. I have my second batch brewing now.

  188. Sonya

    The first time it took a little under a week, but now it’s turning around in about a day and a half! Great quality, thanks so much!

  189. Erin

    Beautiful Scoby, and everything I needed to get started (except a container, which I already had)
    Great Support also!
    Love it! Would definitely buy again and again and again!

  190. Alisha

    So Happy how easy and effective. brew it now kit

  191. Kombucha Karen

    I purchased the brew now kit and I am brewing now. It was not difficult but I do recommend reading ALL the instructions before starting. My "Buch" is great and I am looking forward to perfecting "Karen’s Kombucha" over time. I highly recommend this product.

  192. Jen

    Fantastic! I have my kombucha brewing and it is almost complete. I am very impressed with the new SCOBY that is growning, I can tell that this investment was definitely worth it! I can’t wait to try it again! I have recommended it to others on my blog 🙂

  193. Amanda (Boise, ID)

    This kit is a great starting point for beginners. The directions were very simple and I appreciate the ease of this website. I have recommended this site and product to a few people now.

  194. Christina

    I have brewed before and needed a new scoby. I decided to try this kit and was not disappointed. the tea is a nice blend and I made better kombucha than I ever had before. The instructions are easy and helpful. I recommend!

  195. Phil

    Hurricane Sandy wiped out my Komucha, both in the out-of-power fridge, and on the counter (because I had no place to decant and store) Then I lost my gallon brewing jar during the clean-up! Hannah helped me get set up again. The starter kit was just what I needed – and I bought the two gallon continuous brewing container. Counting the minutes until I can savor the brew! THANKS! You made it easy as pie (or Kombucha)
    Phil (Englishtown, NJ)

  196. Jenna

    I had previously tried brewing kombucha with a dehydrated SCOBY–and it didn’t work. The SCOBYs here worked really well, and the instructions were perfect and clear. It was really helpful having the sugar and tea included, along with the SCOBY, as well. Overall, I would recommend this to anyone interested in brewing kombucha.
    Jenna Morvay (NYC, NY)

  197. jess s

    i purchased this kit after a pretty extensive search online, and found this to be the best value, and to have a lot of positive reviews…for good reason! the kit included everything i needed to start (except a glass brewing vessel, which was easy enough to find), and the tea blend was fantastic! the scoby arrived happy and healthy, and three weeks into my brewing "experiment" i already feel like an expert. 🙂 the customer service is quick and helpful, and i couldn’t recommend this purchase more! (in fact, i’ve already recommended it to several of my friends!). thank you for creating such a great product kit, and for standing behind your products! cheers!

  198. Marlene F. (Ontario, Canada)

    Received my order quickly, and was excited to start my first batch of kombucha. With the great scoby, tea blend and great instructions my batch was fantastic!! Thank you for the help and continued support! Marlene

  199. Joyce in Cincinnati, OH

    I’m new to fermenting and am thrilled with my Starter Kit. First batch was delicious, but took 22 days in my chilly house! I added the heater strip when second batch was about 14 days cooking. We let it go another weeks and it’s got some kick! Now on third batch with 2 jars going and all is well on day 8. The heating strip is great! I guess practice makes perfect. Thanks for the quality products and super online help!

  200. Sally

    I was surprised and pleased to be able to have a live SCOBY sent to the far north through the mail. I finished my first batch and am tickled pink. The tea and SCOBY made a fine tasting brew. I am very pleased with KombuchaKamp

  201. Kyle White

    Pros: Quick ship. great item. awesome tasting kombucha. wonderful tea blend. instructions were really thought out and very helpful. A++++++ highly recommended
    Cons: very few, the heating strip just gets a bit hot if you dont have the regulator so i would advise to either get the regulator or to not have your heating strip directly on your vessel.

    all in all: great job kombucha mama! thank you for all that you kombu.

  202. Amber

    Loved my Kombucha pad and loose leaf tea. Thanks.

  203. Tori

    Good culture size.

  204. Sonia M.

    Love Love Love my kombucha starter kit! The initial thought of making kombucha was overwhelming to me, but with the all-inclusive kit and easy-to-follow directions, I’ve been making multiple batches of kombucha every 10-14 days. I’ve shared my new SCOBYs with friends, and the love just continues to grow! I’ve ventured with second fermented fruit kombuchas, and my family is eager to try the next flavor. I just get so excited with all the bubbles, taste and most of all the healthy aspects of kombucha. My OB/GYN (hormonal balance), dental hygienist (little plaque)and hair dresser (little hair loss) have all asked me what I’m doing differently, and I fill them in on my little secret: Kombucha 🙂 {as well as some kefir and cultured foods} THANK YOU!!!

  205. Kathi Petersen (Nova Scotia Canada)

    I bought this kit to start a continuous brew setup … such a great idea! I have made kombucha before but this method is much better. I bought the kit thinking it would make 2 gallons, but found out later I needed two scobys to do that, so I’m starting out slow with 1 gallon and then adding more tea. It is a slow start but everything is going great! Wonderful to get all of the supplies to get you going … Thanks so much! Kombucha Kamp was so helpful!

  206. Laura (El Dorado, AR)

    I am very please with this product! It was shipped out super fast. The tea blends are so tasty. My first try at making kombucha was a success! My family loves it!

  207. Debbie G

    Easy Peasy. Good products!

  208. Bonnie M (St Louis)

    My order was great. It was complete with instructions and everything I needed to make my first batch of kombucha. I have since made several batches with great success. Will order again.
    Thank you!

  209. Tovonia

    I am soooo happy with my Booch! Delicious. Who knew it could be so easy to have such a wonder elixir at your fingertips. I have only been going for 14 days and I already have a 2.5 gallon continuous brew, & 1 gallon Jar batch going and about to start a 2 gallon jar!!!!!!! I am hooked. Thanks so much for making this easy and fun.

  210. GG

    Brilliant kit! Arrived quickly, easy to use, wonderful customer support – Hannah has been very supportive and quick to respond to my neophyte questions. The how-to guide that comes with the kit is thoroughly researched and extremely informative. Thank you!

  211. Rhonda

    Easy to follow the directions and makes the best KT I’ve ever tasted! I’ve moved on to continuous brew and I’m enjoying fresh KT every day!

  212. beth

    Just started with Kombucha. Received my SCOBY and made my first batch. Turned out great. Was very impressed with myself. Will be making the second batch this week.
    Grreat fast service!!!

  213. Robert

    This is a great kit for those who are just starting out. I gave one to my mother and she loves it!

  214. Kerry A

    Received the starter kit, followed the directions and eight days later I had a batch of the BEST Kombucha I had ever sampled. Now my continuous brew system cranks out glass after refreshing glass of first-class elixer of life!

  215. Cathy

    I’m so excited about my new found skill – making kombucha! I couldn’t have done it so easily and effortlessly without this wonderful kit from Kombucha Kamp and the great support Hannah offers. My new SCOBY is almost a "mother" SCOBY and I am so excited about the prospect of having two batches going at once. Thank you Hannah!!!

  216. Lisa D (Allentown, PA)

    Thank you Hanna. I received my scoby last week. Thanks for the speedy delivery!

    I tasted my batch after 7 days and had to run to my husband to have him try it. I was so excited how wonderful it tasted. I can’t tell you how wonderful your website is. I am constantly looking up questions that I have and there is so much on the site that I think I am addicted.

    Thank you so much for what you do. I feel so much more relaxed knowing that I have your support. I know that I am a candidate for continuous brew. I just want to try a few batches first to get over the "newbie jitters". Thank you again.

  217. Alice

    My first order came quickly and my first batch is brewing as we speak…I can hardly wait. I will probably become a continuous brewer but this kit and Hannah’s instructions made it soooo easy!

  218. Amanda

    Working with Hannah has been absolutely wonderful. She’s extremely knowledgeable, quick to respond to any questions, and the shipping could not have been any faster. This is a fantastic kit to get started and the kombucha is great! I’m so excited to continue home brewing and I know it will only get better over time.

  219. Lisa, Michigan

    I am currently brewing my third batch of Kombucha. I received my "Brew Now" kit a couple of weeks ago and started making it the day my kit arrived. I absolutely love having it available at home. I love flavoring it with my own favorite fruits. I am so impressed with the tea I received with my kit, that I will be ordering more tea! I am very thankful for Kombucha Kamp for making the process so simple. The emails I received were fantastic. And the responses to my questions were awesome.

  220. Janine

    This is a wonderful starting kit. I was nervous about making kombucha after reading about various problems that can happen. And my first try was with a scoby that I bought somewhere else and I brewed a moldy mess. So, I bought this and it is great! Had no problems. I am making my second batch and also ordered this for my DIL. My first batch didn’t last very long!

  221. Kirsten H

    This was really easy to make and follow the e-book. My kombucha came out perfect this first time around!

  222. Saleh (Toronto)

    I received the scoby yesterday and immediately put it in a glass jar. Thank you for the fast delivery.

  223. Anthony P

    Thank you again for the Kombucha starter kit, my first batch is just over half way done and is already looking and tasting great!
    I hope you are having a wonderful holiday, and thank you again for all your help and services!!!!!! =)


  224. Samir (Toronto)

    Thanks for fast shipping. I like the Kombucha guide and the tea is tasty too. Thanks again.

  225. Kate

    I got a SCOBY as a gift and am so delighted with it. It brewed a delicious batch of kombucha with no fuss — Hannah’s excellent instructions made it easy. Homemade kombucha tastes markedly better than kombucha available in stores (and that’s saying a lot, because I liked stored-bought kombucha quite a lot), and it’s really fascinating to see how it brews, play around with teas and flavorings, etc.

  226. Marty L

    I was impressed with how easy it was to brew after all the worry. The kit arrived in a couple of days so I followed the instructions and brewed right away and suddenly I had Kombucha to drink and feel good about. Thanks.

  227. Becki

    For anyone looking to start brewing kombucha, this would be an excellent starting point. Everything that is needed by a beginner delivered super fast, I will definitely recommend to my friends!

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