How To Make Kombucha Tea Complete Handbook (PDF Download)

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100 page e-book pdf covers the basics


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How To Make Kombucha Tea Complete Handbook (PDF Download)

Information straight from the Big Book of Kombucha and The Kombucha Mamma herself, our How To Make Kombucha Tea Complete Handbook (PDF Download) is perfect for anyone looking to make Kombucha Tea in batches or continuous brewing.

In her signature comprehensive, yet easily comprehendible style, The Kombucha Mamma guides you step by step through the process, not just providing instructions but empowering you with the knowledge you need to be a successful longevity brewer.

Inside the OVER 100+ pages of this packed guide are the tips and secrets to the richest brew possible, including:  

    • Kombucha and the Healing Crisis
    • Kombucha, Vitamins & the Rise of Nutritionism
    • How Much Kombucha Tea to Drink
    • Kombucha Alleviates Stress
    • Kombucha & Athletes: Healthy Connection
    • Kombucha’s Protection Against Radiation
    • Principles of Batch Brewing
    • Principles of Continuous Brewing
    • Easy KT Recipe
    • Ingredients & Supplies
    • Set Up
    • First Batch Recipe
    • When to Add Top-Off Tea & Recipe
    • Continuous Brewer Maintenance
    • SCOBY Trimming
    • Continuous Brew Kombucha FAQ
    • How to Bottle Kombucha
    • Burping & Exploding Bottles
    • Simple Flavoring Recipes
    • Brewing Vessel Types
    • Size and Shape of Vessel
    • How to Select the Best Brewing Location
    • Brewing Safety Tips
    • Tea and Kombucha
    • Teas to Avoid
    • Kombucha & Caffeine Explained
    • Types of Sugar for Brewing Kombucha
    • Sugar FAQ
    • I’m Leaving Town. What to do with my Continuous Brew?
    • Taking Bottled Kombucha on Vacation
    • Batch Brewing: Going Away or Taking A Break
    • Beginner’s Techniques to Increase Carbonation
    • Advanced Techniques to Increase Carbonation
    • Fruit Fly Infestation
    • Kombucha Mold
    • Kombucha Spa Recipes & Home Remedies
    • Kombucha & Animals
    • Kombucha in the Garden
    • 4-Page DIY Guide w/ Recipe & Pictures
    • Brewing Log


Get peace of mind and clarity of information with The Kombucha Mamma Guides. Without the right help, brewing Kombucha at home can be stressful. Instead, make it easy with this instantly downloadable booklet.  

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131 reviews for How To Make Kombucha Tea Complete Handbook (PDF Download)

  1. Jean Magalis Tarigo

    Jean Tarigo, (Gainesville, FL)
    I just made my first continuous Brew Kombucha and Jun and this book was amazing!! It answered every question and a million I didn’t know I had! 

  2. Gladys Winship

    Ez to understand and directions are very complete. I am doing continuous brewing. Love my kombucha thanks to Hannah

  3. Eileen Huval

    This book is a fantastic book for new brewers.  I refer to it often.  

  4. Song Boucree

    I read it in one day because I was so excited to start.  Good information and support, esp. about moldy brews (which friends also verify that it rarely occurs if brewed in right condition).  Hannah teaches you the right conditions.  So glad I read this before starting, as I had my cheesecloth all ready (which is a no-no!).  

  5. Chris Pooser

    This guide has been so helpful! I use it often, especially when doing something new. I plan on buying the full book in my next purchase!!

  6. Frederick Orndorff

    Frederick (Dumfries, VA)
    The guide was easy to follow and provided a ton of information.

  7. Jim Bush (Abbotsford, BC)

    It is one thing to have all the ingredients to make a wonderful product like Kombucha, but things go so much easier when you have someone take you by the hand and provide the necessary information to make everything ‘work’. The book gave me the foundation and the guidance to forge ahead, recognizing that there is someone out there who has been there and done that and has now put the information in an easy to read entertaining guide. Having read this and now successfully producing wonderful Kombucha, my family has now bought me the Hard Cover Big Book of Kombucha so I can go deeper into the workings and understandings of the process and product. Thanks for all your work Hannah.

  8. Eva in Columbus Ohio

    yes yes yes!!! Hannah takes the guess work out of getting started with kombucha, plus her energy and writing style are contagious. Don’t guess, just get it right from the beginning with this book and then find your own kombucha groove based on Hannah’s guidance.

  9. Greg (Kennewick WA)

    This book was so informative and instructional! Excellent companion to the Brew Now Kit so as to get a beginner started correctly without anything left uncovered and no questions left unanswered! Thank you so much for being so thorough!!

  10. Glenace

    The guide book was helpful as are all the photos on the site.

  11. Mary F

    This covers all the basics and more. I already had the "Big Book of Kombucha" and this seems like a condensed version of the book. The ebook came with my continuous brewer and I read it as a "refresher course".

  12. Erik Brown (Highlands Ranch, CO)

    This is a must have, along with the Big Book of Kombucha. The 2 together make it very simple when first starting off brewing your own.

  13. Erica McElreath (Mt Pleasant, SC)

    The e-book that came along with my kit is packed full of tons of helpful information. I am so glad I found Kombucha Kamp before I started brewing. This is the way to get started brewing your own kombucha!

  14. Jeanne Bishop (Tucson, AZ)

    This information is well organized and thorough. I especially like the download option, saving paper and having the material to read before the SCOBY arrived.  Fantastic! 

  15. Reviewed by Eleni San Mateo, CA 5/25/2017

    So much info! Great book.

  16. Clayton Karr (Autaugaville, AL)

    This is a comprehensive, detailed, and informative guide to making KT. I highly recommend it! It’s well worth the five bucks and the download process is simple.

  17. George

    This was a great guide. I referred to it constantly while making my first batch of kombucha. You need this to start. 

  18. Vicki M

    Beyond thorough. Very much appreciated the specific information for all steps. A bit redundant but thorough.

  19. Stephanie in Iowa

    This is a great resource for someone who needs to have a teacher along their brewing journey. I’ve loved Kombucha for years but have only been brewing for about a year or so and that means I have a LOT to learn. I have been able to get many questions answered.

  20. Gale

    Excellent book! Easy to follow and answers everything you will ever encounter in making the continuous Kombucha tea. Great for getting started or if you have been fermenting for a few years still very useful.

  21. Phil Bartosik – Birmingham, Mi.

    This Handbook is really complete, from History to health benefits all the way thru to flavoring your Kombucha. I didn’t know what to expect when I started my first brew, I followed the simple directions, sampled the brew until I was satisfied with the flavor and strenght. Then the moment of truth, bottling, but wait, did I want to start all over again? No, I decided that I’m going to continuous brew. The directions were clear so I removed one bottle and put in a bottle of tea. A few days passed and it was ready again. Except now my new SCOBY was growing quickly so I added 2 bottles to every one that i removed until my system stabilized at 2 gallons in size. Now I am taking one bottle every 3 days. All this on my own, using the manual. Not bad for a first time brewer. Thanks again.

  22. Hayon (Somerville, MA)

    There’s so much info on the internet, it’s really hard to sort through the right stuff – but this book makes it so straightforward and easy. Thanks so much Hannah! Really great instructions and very clear tips and tricks. Made my life so easy!

  23. Charlotte Gerlof (Gig Harbor WA)

    Hi fellow Kombucha lovers. Wanted to write a review of my ***** five star experience with Hannah "the Kombucha Momma" and her business. My Kombucha is now perfected and I’m proud of it. And I have to say it is all due to Hannah. She always answered my endless questions with kindness and patience. My worries over my scoby, too sweet, PH, the list goes on. Hannah’s instruction Manuel is a must have.

  24. Norma Bicknell

    Without a doubt the most informative quick reference I’ve ever seen. Read it through first then dive in to brewing. I printed out several pages of recipes, tips, ideas to have at hand. So far this guide has been able answer all my questions it is so packed full of info.

  25. Nathan (Santa Cruz CA)

    The printed instructions, video tutorials/demonstrations, and e-book handbook which came with the kit all were extremely helpful and contributed to my feeling equipped to chart the course that I found necessary for myself. With their extensive training materials and excellent customer support, even a 1st-time brewer like me with needs far outside mainstream awareness was able to navigate my way to success.

  26. Jason F (Olney MD)

    This guide is straight forward and easy to follow. I had the continuous brew system set-up in no time. The information provided was perfect and I didn’t second guess myself while trying to get my first batch going. I’m so confident now, I am about start a second continuous brew system.

  27. Vanessa Schnautz, King George VA

    The book covered everything I need to know to start making Kombucha. I feel quite confortable with the process now.

  28. Kato

    Very excellent guide. Clear and concise. I’ve followed the instructions and my continuous brewing is working great. Thanks

  29. Theone (Toronto, Canada)

    Very useful Guide – i’ve referred back to it a number of times already. so much useful info packed into it!

  30. Angela (New Orleans, LA)

    I loved the ebook! It was a fantastic introduction to kombucha brewing. The history was interesting and the detailed instructions helpful

  31. Larisa Glenn Eugene, OR

    I am new to home brewing and I purchased this book and started right away with a continuous brew system. This book is a must have. Answered all my questions and has educated me and helped me immensely! MY Kombucha Tea is better than any store bought I have ever tasted.

  32. Todd Sanford (Henderson NV)

    I am so stoked and love reading the Kombucha info you gave me. I have read the Kombucha PDF like 3 times all the way through…maybe more…lol

  33. Lorraine Taylor (Johnson City NY)

    In purchasing the deluxe package, it came with the Kombucha Mama Complete Guide to making Kombucha. In reading this, the instructions are clear, easy to follow, and completely answer any question I have about brewing my own Kombucha. It details every step of the process. I find it very helpful as a new brewer.

  34. Carlton H. (Springfield, OR)

    My first order included this book. It is a digital download. I received it shortly after ordering and started reading immediately. Easy to read on my iPad. Very informative. It covers everything you need to start your new "hobby".

  35. Carol Layton, Thomasville, NC

    I’m so glad I found KombuchaKamp (and this guide). KT Brewing instructions on the web are all over the place and when I got started I wanted to know that I was using a trustworthy source that knew what they were talking about. This book is an excellent source of information for everything you need to know to get started and keep going! It’s well written — and with personality! Plus, Hannah has been a great resource for questions via email, and the customer service from KK has been par excellence!

  36. Carol Thomas (Big Lake Ak)

    This guide is a must have for beginner Brewers, especially if doing CB. I had never heard of a SCOBY hotel before, and stopped brewing years ago when mine died. I don’t worry about that now as I already have two spares in the hotel, and have been able to give some away to friends. Great information and put together nicely.

  37. Taryn Braband (Agoura Hills CA)

    I love this book! So informative and useful. I’m so excited about using Kombucha now and can’t wait to get started.

  38. Jeanne Miller

    I started off with a one gallon brewer & did that for a couple of months. After I purchased my CB, I decided it was time to buy Hannah’s book & follow kombucha brewing with more detailed instructions. I learned some valuable information with this book from how to begin with the CB & then how to top off my brew. This book has been an invaluable tool for me & I am so happy I purchased it.

  39. Robin B

    This E-Book is extremely helpful. I am a first time brewer and all my questions were answered here. Highly recommended! Thank you!

  40. Jan W (Napa CA)

    The Complete Handbook is well written, easy to read and understand. A printed version allows for quick referencing and portability.

  41. Kim (Cedarburg, WI)

    This book is a MUST HAVE for all new brewers. The illustrations are perfect. Also gives great ideas for flavoring your booch, and how to start your scoby hotel. Hannah has thought of everything! Thanks Hannah.

  42. Donna Draper (Christina Lake, BC)

    The information e-book that came with (my) kit and Hannah’s service, knowledge, and patience as we worked thru the purchasing decision making (were) wonderful… Thank you , Hannah!

  43. Jo Manser

    This is an AMAZING resource for an AMAZING price. I had purchased a couple of (expensive) KT guides for my Kindle beforehand…I wish I’d seen this first. It’s everything you could want to know!

  44. Matthew O.

    I started a continous brew system with the amazing SCOBY you sent me. The first batch is ready, but now I need to add the replacement liquid when I draw off the kombucha.

  45. Allison (Knoxville, TN)

    A great read and invaluable resource! This handbook is chock-full of great information for any brewer or anyone who just loves kombucha and its myriad of benefits.

  46. Minerva P

    I just wanted to say thanks a million for your fast response and for your superb customer service!! I’m speechless and you guys left me in aw!!! 😮😉I really appreciate that your company is all about truthfulness and customer satisfaction. Just wanted to say THANK YOU GUYS!!!

  47. Azure

    The ultimate guide to not only brewing kombucha, but also the history and properties of this magical drink. you will truly be an expert once you have finished reading this gem.

  48. Ellen Glatt

    Thank you, I really appreciate that in addition to your excellent Brewing Guide, you have taken time to answer my questions personally. This is a wonderful thing you are doing…and the Kombucha is also terrific! My favorites so far are dried cherry/ Gogi berry and fresh ginger/ lime.

  49. Seeta

    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of writing. The author is scientifically sound, well-researched, sometimes political, sometimes spiritual, and maintains a literary quality. Thank you, Hannah.

  50. Debbie Bowers Pismo Beach, Calif

    The service and help provided in getting my brew started and also the feedback on any questions I had, they were answered immediately to help me on my way. No one need to look any farther than Hannah’s website.

  51. Linda Landrum (Chesnee, SC)

    We bought the ebook for making kombucha, which I am enjoying reading.

  52. Kathi Aultman (Orange Park, FL)

    Very clear informative enjoyable video. I was able to make my first batch of Kombucha without any problems and learned alot about kombucha in general. Thank you Hannah.

  53. Terra

    This came with the kit I purchased…and thank goodness!!! It answered all of my fears and helped me become a successful kombucha maker!!!
    Our whole family drinks it everyday!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
    I am SO thankful for this manual!!!!

  54. Bonnie O., North East, PA

    This online handbook is beautifully laid out, clear, and really fascinating to read. So far, I’ve used it as I had questions, but now I’m ready to read through the whole thing. The history, the information on different types of tea and even sugar, the numerous tips, are all just amazing. I feel like I’m stepping into another very welcoming, organic world — connecting with different people in different times and places, as I delve into all this. Beautifully done, Hannah…!!

  55. John Dizek, Hop Bottom, PA

    I started brewing Kombuch years ago and have a continuos brewer, but I stopped a couple of years ago and forgot all about it until I found KambuchaKamp on the net. Hannah has so much info on the whole brewing process that I decided to get back into it, and I’m happy I did! I purchased Hannah’s eBook and have been reading it every night enthusiastically! There’s so much that I didn’t know but am learning now, and it’s making the whole experience that more enjoyable. It thoroughly covers many topics from starting a brew to bottling and flavoring. I’m learning so much and it’s making the whole experience more fun and pleasurable, not to forget, successful every time! Thanks for this great book Hannah!

  56. Nina Gillete. (Medford. OR)

    Thank you! I really appreciate the detailed advice on your web-site, as well as the individualized answers in the emails. You provide a huge service for those just starting out making kombucha.

  57. Jen Jensen (Fergus Falls, MN)

    This is an amazing resource! I had it open when I was starting my first batch, and have gone back to it many times when different questions have come up. I’m impressed with the level of detail, but also with the "extras" in it–its not just a brewing manual but a history of Kombucha! A fabulous resource!!

  58. Johnny Kay

    Great Book! Should be in a Eastern Civ History class! I keep this on hand at all times for a quick read.. Easy to get going with your first brew. Almost too easy! Def recommend.

  59. Erin Haug (Lake City, FL)

    Loved this book! read it all the way through several times. Very helpful to me as a new kombucha brewer.

  60. Kelly Travis, (Port Orange, Fl)

    Very nicely written. What a great reference to have on hand. Love that it’s an E-Book 😉

  61. Clint (Gillette, WY)

    Great book

  62. Leslie (South Carolina)

    I was nervous about making Kombucha so I ordered this e-book & immediately began reading through it while my items were being shipped. I was SO encouraged & by the time my SCOBY’s arrived I was ready to start my Kombucha! It is so helpful & full of information. I have gone back several times while on my Kombucha journey & found the answers I was looking for! Thanks for such an informative book:)

  63. Doris, Los Angeles, CA

    I attended Kombucha Kamp as I was getting very curious about kombucha but I was scared to death to try it in my own. Hannah explained everything perfectly and erased all my fears. The rest is history. I am enjoying my home brewed kombucha every day and having fun experimenting with flavors. Thanks Hannah!

  64. AJ

    Very helpful e-book. I have been successfully doing a continuous brew for a couple of months now and I love it. Definitely recommend this book!

  65. Vivienne L. Woodstock, NB, Canada

    I have been so grateful for the comprehensive guide which was provided as part of the kombucha kit. The different subjects are clearly indexed which makes it very user-friendly. This has made it very easy for me to access any needed information in a hurry. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without it. Thank you, Hannah.

  66. Devon H

    This book is great!!!! I couldn’t have asked for more information on Kombucha!

  67. Crystal (Holland, MA)

    This book is chock-full of so mush information of the kombucha brewing process and beyond. After reading, you will feel like a pro!

  68. Tracy K

    This book is priceless! SO much information and so easy to use too! The links in the table of contents link right the the section you are wanting to read about. I’ve used it over and over again and again! Thanks so much, Hannah!

  69. Patti Flynn

    i have just downloaded and skimmed through your kombucha guide.
    i have read a LOT of garbled stuff about kombucha in the last week and i just want to say a huge THANK YOU for your lucid, crisp, easy, wonderful instructions.

  70. Bruce Giammattei

    I started continuous brewing in a 2 1/2 gallon glass vessel with a plastic spigit. In the last month the kombucha has found it’s happy place and I’m enjoying 1 1/2 gallons of kombucha a week. I did many things wrong early on. I carried my brewer to the sink to bottle(solved when I bought a stand). I washed my bottles in the dishwasher with everything else (now I run it without soap but on the sanitize setting with just the bottles). All things Hanna suggest worked. The other thing that helped greatly was instead of bottling 8 16 oz bottles at a time every 5 days or so I do 4 16 oz bottles at a time 3 times a week. Monday night, Wednesday night and Saturday morning. The more regular feeding is what really got me where I am today. I am finally getting bubbles in my bouch!! Thanks Hanna for the great products and the wonderful guidance.

  71. Shawnda

    Great resource; everything I need in one place.

  72. Shawnda (Ashburn, VA)

    Thanks again for your help and giving me the confidence to brew KT at home.

  73. Tammy Henderson

    Wow!! Very informative. Anything you would want to know about brewing. I will say it’s was a bit overwhelming though at first as new brewers, but now reference it often and find what we need easily. Invaluable tool for first timers and even experience brewers alike.

  74. Lin (Grass Valley, CA)

    I had been brewing kombucha for a few weeks before I found "The Kombucha Momma". It was OK…I didn’t really kow what I was doing. When, I found Kombucha Momma, I felt like the site KNEW and was already imparting ancient Kombucha Secrets by brousing the site. I decided to buy the whole continuous brew system. I wanted to "do it right". I wasn’t able to get good streaming on the videos with my browser at the time (I have a new browser and I can get them now) so, I defered to the E-BOOK and the instructions are very well written, easy to follow and produce the yummy Kombucha we all wish for!!! Thanks, Kombucha Momma

  75. Janet

    Excellent resource!!!!!!

  76. Patti (Fair Grove, Mo.)

    This E-book has been sooo helpful, I saved it to a usb so I know I’ll always have it to help me out when I need it! I read most of it threw twice already!!

  77. Sharon M (Petaluma, CA)

    I bought a copy of your full e-book/guide, and the information it provided allowed me to get brewing. Since then, I have become my family’s own "kombucha mama". My elderly mother swears that having her booch every morning makes her more energetic. As for me, I haven’t had a flare-up of my colitis since October!!!

    To say that I am now a fan of kombucha would be an understatement. I’ve got a nice 2.5 gal CB set up, as well as a scoby hotel. And tomorrow I’m going to try an experiment on my mother’s dog (bichon frise) who is having "stomach troubles": we’re planning to slice up an older scoby and add it to the dog’s food. We’ll see what happens!

    Anyway, the point is, THANK YOU for so generously sharing so much information, and for all your hard work! It is appreciated.

  78. Peggy P (Louisiana)

    This book has all the information you will ever need to make kombucha, and to be able to answer all those questions from your friends about where does this come from, and how does this work, and why do you drink it? Etc. etc. It contains great troubleshooting information, also. Money well spent. Thank you Hannah for sharing your information!!!!

  79. Helen A (Germantown, TN)

    This is a great reference. It’s very comprehensive. Everything you would need or want to know in one place. Excellent resource. A must-have!

  80. Eunice Price

    This website is the most comprehensive I’ve found on the net. I just started brewing in June, 2013, and was extremely nervous when I found negative information regarding consumption of Kombucha. Hannah’s calm and supportive Customer Service group were very quick to respond to my emails and provided me with the confidence to continue brewing the kombucha. I love the guide, have referred to it continously and have printed it out for future reference. Any question you can think of has been answered in this ebook. Keep up the great work!

  81. Sandi

    I had no problems at all with this ebook! Thanks again for everything! I hope to get the continuous brewing before too long when I can afford it!

  82. Lily Shanks (okla city, okla

    Thank you so much for this manual. IT’s great! I find myself coming back to it often to make sure I’m doing it all just right. You put a lot of time into this and I greatly appreciate what you have done. Thanks 🙂

  83. Mary – North Texas

    Tons of fun and useful information. I’m the kind of girl who needs to know the "why" behind things, and love to know all the history. This guide satisfied my insatiable curiosity. (It also convinced me that Hannah may be the best-educated kombucha researcher/guru out there!) 🙂

  84. Mark Iberg (Buda, TX)

    Made it so easy…now, every three days, I pour off 5-6 bottles, flavor (or not) and brew another gallon.Thanx!

  85. Penny D

    This handbook is great! It answers all of my questions as a new brewer and even made changing from batch brewing to continuous brewing a SNAP! I have recommended this to many of my friends who are new to kombucha brewing. I love that it is downloadable so I can keep it on my computer for easy reference. This handbook is a GREAT tool to have!

  86. julia

    I read this cover to cover while I waited for my kit to arrive. It was a quick and interesting read, chock full of fun facts and history, too, and made me, as a first-time kombucha brewer, feel confident to dive in. As a result, my first batch (and the several subsequent batches) was a great success!

  87. Cindy (Highland, UT)

    This book is the perfect resource to answer all of your questions about brewing Kombucha. Very thorough and easy to follow instructions. Love it!

  88. Linda – Virginia Beach, VA

    I think I have read the book 3 times just to be sure I would make my kombucha right ☺ Of course you can’t go wrong with a book like this! The detail and information is great! So nice to have it to reference.

  89. Candace VG (Sarasota, FL)

    I already owned everything I needed for the continuous brew method (except the scoby) and this book was helpful in getting me set up and going. There is a great reference guide for anyone interested in making kombucha.

  90. Rebecca (Stafford Springs Ct )

    This book was so interesting and so helpful to me – a great read

  91. Michael (ND)

    I have been making kombucha on and off for five years now. I used the batch method which was the only way I knew and I only used black tea and flavored with ginger because that was all I knew and that was it. The information I learned here was so complete and inspiring that I now can not wait for each brewing cycle in my CB so I can try new flavors, I have no idea how long it will take to try all the flavors that come to mind but I know I will not EVER get board with the possibilities. I understand tea more and find I love the flavor of green tea so much more and am excited that I can use it. I love the info about the scoby hotel and I could go on and on but buy it for yourself get the information you need to learn how to care and enjoy your kombucha to its fullest! O and by the way I use to like the stores more then my home brew but just could not afford the prices but now I LOVE my home-brew so much more! Thanks KKamp for your wonderful products and inspiration!

  92. Jessica (Philadelphia, PA)

    This book was invaluable for everything from setting up to brewing to the second fermentation. Thanks for the information Kombucha Mamma!

  93. Dana P – So. Cal

    Everything you need to know about brewing Kombucha is in here. This book is full of great information. If you are just beginning to brew or need to refresh your skills this is the book to have.

  94. Ania (Cleveland, OH)

    I received the guide with my CB kit. I love that it’s an ebook, because I’m able to load it on my tablet and keep it with me in the kitchen! It’s simple to read and I love the background/history information.

  95. Sonya

    Great info, answered all my questions. It didn’t flow as nicely as most PDFs I read through, but the info is spot on. I constantly refer back to it when I have questions.

  96. Katelynn

    Great resource! This has been a huge help in setting up my KT. Thanks for your work!

  97. Leah OH

    This downloaded book
    has been so helpful,while
    doing my Kombucha Tea….Thank you 🙂

  98. Sally

    This handbook is essential for the beginner, and anyone looking for easy to understand info on Kombucha. a MUST have for all!

  99. Jenna (NYC, NY)

    I really enjoyed reading this, and it was so interesting learning the history behind kombucha. It was great having a comprehensive guide as I began to brew. One little niggling complaint I had was that there were a bunch of easily fixed grammatical errors–the wrong use of "it’s" and "its" came up frequently, and it sometimes got in the way of my enjoyment of the content. Other than that, though, it’s fabulous!

  100. anne evans

    oh my gosh – the kombucha bible! i continue to learn so much from this book and love having it on hand when i have a question! A must read!
    Anne Evans (Colorado Springs, CO)

  101. Katie B (St Charles, MO)

    This book is a must have for the beginner brewer and is full of good info for even an experienced brewer. the info is straightforward and easy to follow giving you the confidence needed to set up your frist batch and maintain them! I have done some research while trying to get my kombucha started and Kombucha Kamps Hannah is the most well read and informative.

  102. Ethel Powers (Long Beach, CA)

    Many books/instructions on brewing Kombucha are not as complete as this one written by Hannah. The instructions are clear and makes a new brewer comfortable enough to start brewing.

  103. Toni Parker, CO

    I found this book to be so informative and well written. Everthing you need to know and more!

  104. Sally

    This is an excellent reference book to make your experience of making kombucha less stressful. Not that one should be stressed, but something new creates a lot of questions and when you make the effort and expense of making kombucha, you want to do with as few mistakes as possible. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and recommend it even if you do not plan to make it as it is interesting to learn about this healthful, natural drink.

  105. Rebekah R.

    This is an amazing resource! I have learned so much about kombucha and I know it will be my trusted go-to guide for all my brewing questions. Thank you!

  106. Karl Harris Bristol, NH

    I spent quite some time scouring the ‘net for any/all info on Kombucha and brewing it… and wound up with only a small portion of what’s in this book. If it isn’t in here, you’re probably worrying too much, and just don’t need to know. You couldn’t get off to a better start than this! Thanks, Hannah!

  107. Lincoln

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