Kombucha Starter Kit

Kombucha Starter Kit

Each KKamp Kombucha Starter Kit come with FREE SHIPPING and is packaged and shipped immediately to preserve freshness.

  • Single SCOBY Culture – one full-sized SCOBY is perfect for a one gallon or smaller batch of Kombucha tea. Each culture comes packed in a full cup of strong starter liquid and is guaranteed to brew and reproduce for a lifetime supply if cared for. And we include DIY Kombucha recipes and tips plus Kombucha Mamma Web Support. World famous Kombucha Kamp SCOBYs are the best available!
  • Double SCOBY Culture – whether you want to brew 2 one-gallon batches simultaneously or brew two gallons in Batch or Continuous Brew, each SCOBY comes packed individually and ready to use. Always use 1 SCOBY and cup of starter liquid per gallon for best results. We include 2 SCOBYs in all our Continuous Brew packages for this reason.
  • The Brew Now Kombucha Kit – The Brew Now Kombucha Kit comes with all the basics needed to get started on your brew: a full-sized SCOBY with our exclusive strong starter liquid, cloth cover and rubber band, evaporated cane juice, Hannah’s special tea blend, muslin tea bags, our complete printable guide with DIY Kombucha recipes and tips plus Kombucha Mamma Web Support.
  • The Kickstarter Kombucha Kit – The Kickstarter Kombucha Kit includes most of the items from our Continuous Brew Complete Package, but without the vessel. It’s a great option for those looking to start a Continuous Brew but who already have a suitable brewer for Kombucha. With 2 full-sized SCOBYs packed in strong starter liquid, cloth cover and rubber band, evaporated cane juice, Hannah’s special tea blend, muslin tea bags, a large tea brewing ball, our 100% organic flavorings, our exclusive 50x Kombucha Concentrate, lab grade pH testing strips, our complete printable guide, DIY Kombucha recipes and tips and Kombucha Mamma Web Support, all you need is your brewing vessel and you’re ready to get your ‘Booch on.
How Does Continuous Brew Kombucha Work

If you still need a Kombucha brewing vessel, they are available separately or, for even bigger savings, you can buy them as part of our Continuous Brew Packages. We offer the following vessel options:

  • Modern Porcelain Brewing Vessel – a sturdy, economical and Kombucha-safe choice most popular among those new to brewing.
  • Handmade Stoneware Brewing Vessel – these custom made vessels provide ideal conditions for continuous brewing and are made right here in the USA.
  • Stainless Steel Brewing Vessel – stainless steel is the only metal suitable for brewing Kombucha and is a popular choice because it is extremely lightweight, durable and stylish.
  • Toasted Oak Barrel – there is nothing like a fermenting in a barrel, because it looks great sitting on the countertop and for the unique flavor it imparts to the brew.

Continuous Brewing vs. Batch Brew Method: Which is Better?

The Continuous Brew Method has tons of benefits and is becoming the preferred method of brewing Kombucha over the Batch Brew Method. Here are the top 3 reasons why the Continuous Brew Method is better than Batch Brewing:

  1. Safer – Continuous Brewing is safer because the risk of contamination associated with repeated SCOBY handling is greatly reduced. You only need to  remove culture for cleaning/re-setting 1-3 times a year on average, meaning the rest of the time the brew and cultures stay protected in their low pH environment.
  2. Tastier – Add sweet tea to a sour Continuous Brew base and you can have delicious Kombucha in 1-5 days. The mix of young and old Kombucha in Continuous Brew is preferred by many a homebrewer. With a batch brew, if you get busy and forget to harvest when the flavor is just right, you will have to start again to achieve the flavor, which could take 1-2 weeks or longer.
  3. Easier – pouring and refilling your brewing containers using the Batch Brew Method can be messy and cumbersome. With the Continuous Brew Method, just drain from the spigot and add more sweet tea to the top. Or wait and add more sweet tea later if you would like to slow down production. That flexibility makes Continuous Brew the best choice for busy people!

Benefits of Brewing Kombucha Tea at Home


If you’ve already had the pleasure of experiencing the benefits of Kombucha, then you’ve probably already tried some of the commercially-available brands like GT/Synergy only to realize how expensive the habit can be. By brewing your own Kombucha, you save money and create less waste; now that’s a win-win.


You control the recipe, so you adjust the Kombucha’s flavor, acidity and even carbonation! Change the amount or type of sugar, vary the tea, try longer or shorter steeping times for the tea, try longer or shorter brewing cycles; every option will affect the flavor and you can decide what works for you.


Brewing Kombucha at home is fun and empowering. The Continuous Brew Method streamlines the whole process, reducing the amount of time and energy required and allowing you to focus on the recipe, flavors, bottling and tasting!

The Do’s and Don’ts of Brewing Kombucha

Brewing Kombucha at home doesn’t have to be chore but there are a few rules you should follow to make sure you safely brew your ‘Booch. Keep these Do’s and Don’ts for the tastiest, safest homebrewed Kombucha:


  • Do…Use a fresh, full-sized SCOBY when you begin your first brew
  • Do…Keep your Kombucha brew in a warm location away from direct sunlight
  • Do…Make sure your Kombucha is brewing in an open area for optimal airflow
  • Do…Keep a backup SCOBY on standby in a SCOBY hotel
  • Do…Make sure your SCOBY Hotel in located in a dry, dark place
  • Do…Use at least 1-2 cups of mature Kombucha Tea as starter liquid for each batch of Kombucha you brew
  • Do…Use filtered water when brewing your tea


  • Don’t…Use soap to clean your Kombucha equipment – sanitize with hot water or vinegar instead
  • Don’t…Use metal (unless it’s brew-safe Stainless Steel) containers for brewing your Kombucha
  • Don’t…Refrigerate your SCOBY or buy a refrigerated SCOBY to make Kombucha
  • Don’t…Use a dehydrated SCOBY to Make Kombucha
  • Don’t…Keep a batch with any sign of mold – once you have mold, throw it out and start over!
  • Don’t…Use Stevia, raw honey or Xylitol in your Kombucha
  • Don’t…Use a cheesecloth to cover your brew – use a cloth cover or coffee filter instead