Stainless Steel Vessel with Fine Finish Wood Stand

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Stainless Steel Continuous Brew Vessel


Continuous Brewing is easy and fun but can feel intimidating. This vessel and included support takes the guesswork out of the CB process, offers all the basics you need for brewing success plus great discounts on Kombucha Kamp’s custom made brewing upgrades.

As with each of the Continuous Brew packages, Kombucha Kamp sets you up for success support materials at your fingertips. The Kombucha Mamma takes you on the journey of successful home brewing through the the 100+ page Complete Guide pdf which provides details, flavoring recipes and brewing tips in an easy to use format with a clickable table of contents. Even if new to fermentation or an old hand, this vessel and guide will make the process fun and successful!

Guide, Full Support, and Free Shipping included!


The Stainless Steel Vessel is made from a single piece of 304 grade Stainless Steel, which is the most corrosive resistant of the stainless steel alloys. Stainless Steel is commonly used in the beer and wine industry for easy sanitation and clean flavor.

All Stainless Steel Brewers from KKamp come with a Stainless Steel Spigot included in the price! Those who prefer to save by selecting brew-safe plastic spigots may do so from the drop down menu.


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  • Capacity: ~ 2.2 gallons
  • Vessel Height: 9.5″
  • Vessel Width: 9″
  • Height with Stand: 16.5″


  • Stainless Steel Vessel with your choice of

  • Fine Finish Wood Counter Stand

  • Stainless Steel Spigot (included in price) or downgrade to brew-safe plastic

  • Custom Made Brewer Cap w/ Gripper Elastic (KKAMP EXCLUSIVE!) – Choose from a variety of colors. Upgrade to Brewer Tee Set for insulation and style!

  • Complete Handbook pdf (KKAMP EXCLUSIVE!) and full brewing support!



A message from The Kombucha Mamma:

As decade long homebrewers and Kombucha drinkers, we understand that the key to delicious Kombucha is creating an appropriate environment for the culture. To that end, we continue to partner with American designers and small businesses to bring high quality, USA made and Handmade products that provide the ideal conditions for successful Kombucha brewing year round. Our USA Made vessels, USA Made premium heaters & USA made cap-n-brewer tee sets are high quality, functional, attractive and help employ artists, engineers and other professionals, your friends and neighbors.

As a small family business, we wear many hats to provide superior quality products and customer service to all of our clients. We appreciate your patronage and our reputation is built on word of mouth – sharing our blog posts and products with your friends and family. As our reviews attest, we always strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction with integrity and a smile. Here are some review highlights of the Continuous Brew Package.

  • A Rodriguez – “OMG It worked! This kit is foolproof! I can’t believe it was so easy.”

  • Angie B. – “Finally a one stop shop on how to brew from start to finish!”

  • J Vinton – “The savings from having to purchase Kombucha at the store far outweigh the one-cost and minimal upkeep of this set.

  • Mary Mc – “You can’t go wrong with Kombucha Kamp. Their site provides all the supplies needed to start brewing and has all of the information right on their Web site!


Why is everyone Continuous Brewing?






Read more about Continuous Brewing




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Dimensions 15.00 × 15.00 × 15.00 in

23 reviews for Stainless Steel Vessel with Fine Finish Wood Stand

  1. Sharon, Carmel Valley, CA

    5 stars for all the products I have ordered from Kombucha Kamp. Great fun setting it all up and making my Kombucha. Should have ordered the full kit originally but was given a gal. jar kit for Christmas and started with that. then ordered heater and then stainless steel jug. and of course tea and another scoby.

  2. Karen B (CO)

    A friend of mine wanted to learn how to make kombucha so came to my home. Since I’d started with gallon jars and then moved on to a continuous brewer I knew I knew how to explain both. She had come prepared to spend hours and was delighted at how quick and easy the process was, especially with the continuous brewer. Before the day was over she had ordered her own continuous brewer, accessories, tea, etc.. I, on the other hand, had hesitated to buy the brewer because I was concerned about just my husband and I getting through a whole gallon of kombucha but that hasn’t been a problem since I only start another batch every 10-12 days. One accessory I didn’t start out with but would now never be without is the heater. I just wrap it around the brewer and never have to worry about the temp of the kombucha during our cold Colorado winters. This week I made strawberry kombucha and added a drop or two of a high quality lemon essential oil to each bottle. Delicious!

  3. Jurnee B

    This stainless steel brewer only set is such an amazing group of products! The stand is made of solid and strong wood with a lovely finish. The brewer vessel is lightweight, easy to move, and looks very nice with my other stainless steel appliances.
    The brewers cap is also a very nice asset!

  4. Cynthia W (KS)

    This is my 2nd one & I’m extremely satisfied with the ease of use this affords me. The light weight allows me to clean, season & carry it without problems. No worries I’ll knock it against the sink & chip or crack it.
    The stainless steel spigot allows a good flow. I don’t use much plastic in my life if I have a choice – certainly not with my precious kombucha.
    The wood stand is well made, sturdy, easy to put together with a phillips head screw driver & looks great. The height it gives makes dispensing the booch so easy. 5 out of 5 stars!

  5. Cathy Korzan

    I bought my SS continuous brew on 11-29 this year. Soooooo much easier than gallon jars all over the counter! It worked out perfectly to bottle about half the fermented kombucha 2 weeks after setting the system up, then leaving for 10 days during which the kombucha rested. When I got home I made starter tea and added to the SS continuous brew system. A week later the brew is ready to start drinking!

  6. Amy Thorpe

    I bought my first continuous brewer package in 2015 – the DELUX package with an oak barrel. I got it customized and the whole thing. It was my 50th birthday and I splurged! Within one year, the purchase had paid for itself. The $$$ I’d saved by homebrewing had more than recouped my cost! And I was crafting some delicious brews! Fast forward a few years. I’ve purchased a second brewer! Stainless Steel CB with the Brewer Tee set. Why would I need a second brewer, you ask? LIFE! The oak barrel is amazing. Looks great and gives a great taste to the brew. BUT being the “sandwich generation,” I have had many pulls on my time these days. Once my oak brewer sat resting for a period of time – I’m not sure how long – but when I tried to start it up, the slats had shrunk at the top where the tea had evaporated and I had sweet tea leaking all over! My bad. Fast Forward>>>>>I now use the Stainless Steel model and I LOVE IT! I can rest it without worry. Start it up and GO! It’s light enough for me to move around fully loaded. And cleanup is a breeze! This review isn’t meant to persuade you from getting the oak barrel. I LOVE mine. But sometimes you need options! And when I’m ready, I will have TWO vessels to brew me up some BOOCH! I’m a Happy Kamper!

  7. Arlene Dunkelbarger (Westwood, MA)

    I very much like your company, your products, and the responsive support I have received. My second brewer is great and we may now have enough kombucha to keep us all happy.

    I highly recommend buying from your company over the others I have investigated because of the quality of the ingredients and equipment, along with the timely response to any questions I have had.

    Wishing you all the best.

  8. David Sellers

    I have been very favorably impressed not only with my recent purchase but with Kombucha Kamp as a whole. Excellent customer service, follow-up and support. Hanna and her team are a winning combination and a pleasure to do business with. 5 stars with gratitude!

  9. Leslie K (Dubuque, IA)

    I absolutely love my SS vessel. It is my 3rd continuous brewer from KK and while I love all of them, this one is my favorite. The spigot never gets clogged and the kombucha comes out nice and fast making bottling time quicker!

  10. Beatriz Z. (Dallas TX)

    I ordered the stainless steel vessel for the continuous brewing and have absolutely nothing but great comments about, not only the products, but the experience in general of working with Kombucha Kamp. The process intimidated me a little, but once I started and have done several top offs by now, everything has run smoothly and have been drinking amazing homemade kombucha that my whole family loves! There is one thing that I have really liked, and it is that everytime I have had a question or doubt about any part of the process, I have found the answer somewhere in the site or in the pdf about the continuous brewing, and very detailed information on everything! I have really enjoyed everything about this and have just reordered Hannah’s special blend for Kombucha because it tastes great!

  11. Lily (Owatonna, MN)

    These high-quality stainless steel vessels make Kombucha brewing a breeze. I absolutely love that a fresh cup is never more than a couple of days away, and decanting right into your cup or bottle couldn’t be more convenient. The vessels look sleek and stylish sitting on your counter top, too — especially if you happen to have stainless steel appliances. I’m very happy with my purchase overall, I ordered four!

  12. Reviewed by Eleni San Mateo, CA 5/25/2017

    FANTASTIC product! I love the stainless steel brewer! So easy to clean and it looks great. My scoby is flourishing! I liked it so much I purchased a second one for making JUN tea.

  13. Laura Rau (Greensburg, Pa.)

    Definitely a five star review! My stainless steel brewer arrived with great instructions on getting started. I’m anxiously awaiting my first brew! Customer service is spot on with answering any questions I had, even replying on the weekend.

  14. Joe Brunner Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

    Incredibly lightweight vessel which will be a snap to clean when having to take apart.  I also have a feeling it will keep warm a lot easier than the stoneware ones I have now.  Very well designed product!

  15. Ebenezer Taiwo

    I knew about Kombucha through a post by an health magazine (Healthy Nutrition 365) in a post on Facebook, further online research took me to Kombucha Kamp where I bought this Stainless steel Fermenting vessel. I live in Nigeria and I was so impressed that the vessel was delivered to me in less that one week. It came neatly packed and delivered with no scratch at all, I have changed to CB and looking forward to a more easier way of fermenting my booch. Thanks to Hannah and Kombucha Kamp!

  16. Sheena B from South Africa

    The brew unit arrived in perfect condition and after sterilising I immediately started my first continuous brew…I used two of my already made KT jars to begin with and noticed it was a bit weak at first but after a week of top-ups it is perfect.

    Due to the long shipping I purchased the stainless steel unit as I believed it would survive the various postal and custom inspections better than a ceramic one would. Also I live in a more temperate climate so the steel is perhaps more suited. My friends have noticed a difference in how I’m looking – I don’t look at myself much so can’t really comment on that – however I know that I am feeling great. Continuous brewing offers all that Hannah has mentioned so I can only add one thing: because it is so easy to pour and drink, I’m doing it more and I’ve noticed the family joining in too. Here’s to Health!

  17. Kristi (WA)

    I was not sure about spending so much for a vessel, but remember it’s an investment in your health and this SS vessel will last almost forever! I chose this over ceramic because it matched my kitchen and because it cannot break from a fall. The black stand, SS spigot, and black cap make it look super classy on my counter too. 😉

  18. Jeanne Miller

    I recently purchased the SS continuous brewer because I cracked my porcelain brewer that I also purchased through kombucha kamp last year.  I was devastated when I cracked the brewer so I decided to get a stainless steel one to prevent that future disaster from happening again!  I love the SS brewer & what I love even more is the SS spigot that came with it.  It dispenses my kombucha so much quicker than the plastic spigot.  I couldn’t be happier with my new SS brewer.  Accidents happen but this was definitely a good accident.  Back to making lots of kombucha again & trying Hannah’s fermenting flavors.  A continued happy customer!!!! 

  19. ROS (Midwest City OK)

    I ordered a stainless steel container for continuous brewing and have been very pleased with the quality of the product. I am so glad that being the packrat that I tend to be I had saved lots of glass kombucha bottles from prior purchases. They now serve me well as I now make a steady supply of my own brew for myself and loved ones.

  20. Vicki Williams

    I love my new continuous brewer. Because my house stays cool and I purchased the stainless steel brewer, I also purchased the heater with dimmer system. I am so glad I did. In the past, because of the cool temps, it could take as much as three weeks before my Komboucha was ready. I had it good to go in 10 days. YaY! I used to make such a mess bottling from my gallon jugs, but this time is was so easy, clean, and fast. I highly recommend the continuous brew method. Thank you.

  21. ZC from Illinois

    Since getting our KT kit from you in June, 2014, we’ve enjoyed several batches of KTs. Everyone who s my beautiful shiny jug and bottles always asks curiously about them. I’m hoping to convert more people to become KT drinkers, although I’m still pretty much experimenting with my own booch and flavorings.
    Thanks for recommending the Stainless Steel brewer. It’s been great & worry free for travelers like my husband and me. I tell everyone to check out your website. It is the best and most thorough site for kombucha information.

  22. Crystal (Holland, MA)

    Continuous brewing is the way to go and what better way to do it than in the SS brewing vessel. It’s very modern looking and if you have SS kitchen appliances, it matches! I am still newish to brewing booch, but I wouldn’t go a day without it now!The continuous brewing is so easy and once topped off, it’s considerable less time to wait than conventional brewing.I highly recommend this product to anyone, new and seasoned booch brewers alike! One last thing, the customer service for KK is awesome and the handbook instructions are so detailed, would be very hard to screw up. So, if you are going back and forth deciding if you want to give home brewing a shot, I say go for it!

  23. Linda G, San Pedro CA

    Highly recommend the SS brew vessel. It is considerably lighter weight than the ceramic and easier to handle – in my humble opinion. I’ve been with KombuchaKamp and continuous brewing since 2011 and absolutely adore Hannah, her comprehensive knowledge and superb service. Ordering more "stuff" today. KK rocks!

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