Ferment Friend Heater with Thermostat Control – PRO Line


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One included with heater purchase – use additional for other vessels or backups



  • Includes heat mat, thermostat with probe attached, adjustable Velcro strap, Velcro tabs for mounting and a thermometer strip
  • 110-120V AC Power 
  • Uses 40 watts of power 
  • Dimensions of Heat Mat: 7″ Width x 27″ Length
  • Dimensions of Thermostat: 3.5″ Width x 3.5″ Length    


  • Easy to set temperature at the touch of a button
  • Sleek all black design via coated mat, offering improved efficiency
  • No heat wires or thick pad, so heat is always dissipated evenly over the whole mat
  • Even heat distribution
  • Ultra-thin Super durable construction (No Multiple Plys, just one solid extra tough mat)
  • Heat Strip & power cord are UL Listed Components
  • Assembled in USA and all components made in the USA (except power cord)
  • Comes with 1 Year Hassle Free Guarantee
  • FREE Thermometer Strip included

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Peace of mind, ease of use and stylish design are the biggest advantages of the FERMENT FRIEND™ and the PRO Line. This easy to use thermostat controlled unit allows the user to simply “set it and forget it” as the temperature is self-regulating. Each unit is made in the USA in accordance to the strictest safety standards, and is designed to remain below 110F/43C to prevent overheating. Keep your Kombucha, kefir, dough or other ferments that require warmer temps happy year round with just the touch of a button.

Once the target temperature is selected, the FERMENT FRIEND™ probe is placed between the strap and the exterior of the vessel, but not in contact with the heat mat itself. The unit maintains the target temperature within a degree of accuracy and is secured to the vessel with the included adjustable velcro strap (32″ long, up to 36″ stretched). Seamlessly integrate the all black heater and thermostat into any environment by mounting the unit with the enclosed velcro tabs.

Unfortunately at this time, the PRO Line is not available in 220V wiring. 

(7″ x 27″) provides 2.5 times the heating power. Recommended for vessels larger than 2.5 gallons, or for very cold environments.

The recommended temperature for Kombucha is 75 – 85 degrees, with the ideal temp being 78. If it brews at lower temperatures, one may experience a flatter, more “dirty” tasting Kombucha that lacks the apple-y sour bite of a delicious, properly brewed Kombucha. Allowing the brew to go for a longer time at lower temperatures (mid to upper 60’s) will help it grow more sour and should produce a safe, drinkable beverage over time. Attempting to ferment at lower than 64 degrees may produce a weaker beverage or may be susceptible to mold as the bacteria get “sleepy” and have a difficult time protecting themselves at the low temperature.


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