Lab Grade pH Strips

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Earn up to 30 Bubbles.

Ideal pH for Kombucha is 3.5-2.5


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Lab Grade pH Strips for Sale

When the pH of Kombucha drops below 4.0 then it is safe to drink as no other microorganisms can survive, but 3.5 is generally considered a good pH for a finished brew. Still, the strips do not indicate that your brew is ready, only that it is protected and brewing safely. Taste will indicate if the brew is complete.

pH strips are ideal for testing the pH of buffered solutions (such as vinegar, kombucha, milk, cleaners, etc.) and not unbuffered solutions (such as tap water, bottled water, etc).


  • Lab-quality
  • Accurate
  • Easy to read

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76 reviews for Lab Grade pH Strips

  1. jose da Costa

    These work great! Would highly recommend if you are new to making Kombucha and need that extra certainty to make sure your kombucha is safe to drink. The strips were ordered with water kefir grains. They originally only sent the water Kefir, but as soon as I contacted them, they replied immediately and in addition sent some extra strips as an apology for the mistake. Great costumer service!

  2. Laura O’Brien

    I have made kombucha with and without pH strips. These are so helpful and help produce a consistent taste. Won’t make it without them. 

  3. Christine (Southern Oregon)

    One more tool to assist me in learning how to keep my KT brewing to my family’s preference. These are very helpful, especially in the beginning.

  4. Debbie Bergman

    Love these strips! They add comfort to brewing for those of us who still are unsure!

  5. Colleen Murphy

    I am new to Kombucha brewing so I ordered these to get a feel for the right "taste" vs PH. Very useful.

  6. Ardena

    I found these test strips to be very helpful when I was just starting out as a new brewer. These strips really helped me train my taftebuds to know what my Kombucha should taste like at its various ph levels. These strips were very easy to use. Highly recommend purchasing them especially if you’re new to brewing. 

  7. LeeAnn in Las Cruces, NM

    As an impatient new brewer, these strips are helping me to figure out when my brew is done. It helps me see that I’m getting close and I have a SCOBY hotel and it helps me know when I’ve made kombucha vinegar too. They are easy to read and use. I’ve been happy with everything I’ve ordered from this company.

  8. Chris Pooser

    The PH strips take the guesswork out of making kombucha at its best!

  9. Gina, Hilo, Hawaii

    These PH strips are a great way to gain confidence in your brew and can’t go wrong.Again KKamp has done it again.Satisfied Customer.

  10. DHP

    I have been brewing for months, but never knew the pH. Was so relieved to get these in the mail and test my brew. Bright orange on the test strip confirmed it was indeed kombucha worthy.

  11. Angie Warren (Olalla, Washington)

    I use the PH strips to test my Kombucha. They are simple and easy to use and I know where I am with PH balance of my brew. I would recommend using these especially in you are new to the process!

  12. Sheri in Falcon, Co

    I really like these strips, they help me to see when my brew is ready, and are so easy to read! They are a must have!

  13. Lisa Degelmann (Harrisburg, OR)

    I’m a new brewer and I rely on these test strips to be sure I’m "in the zone." Very simple to use and never any guesswork.

  14. Amy Haralson

    These strips came with my Deluxe CB package. I was completely new to brewing kombucha and these strips gave me the confidence to begin and reassurance that I was doing things correctly. They are extremely easy to use – just dip, shake off excess liquid and compare to the color chart.

  15. Elizabeth L.

    I agree, that having these strips brings reassurance of being on the right path. Thanks.

  16. Christine

    The pH strips work perfectly well and have been a necessary guide to learning to know when my kombucha is ready to second ferment. I am very glad that I purchased these to get me started. Thanks!

  17. Susie Fitzgerald

    Takes the guess work out of it! I test each brew right before I bottle it. It really gives you a great feeling to see that it truly is done fermenting and ready.

  18. Lin Mercer

    As others have already said, I agree, that having these strips helps assure your brew is ready if you are a new brewer. And tasting while testing adds to your knowledge. Thanks.

  19. Cynthia Frye

    I decided to buy these pH strips after I started brewing.  I used them through the first few cycles and I feel confident in my process and the safety of my brew!  I highly recommend using them as a new brewer.

  20. Donna Jackson (Oklahoma)

    I’m still using the PH strips after a couple of months of brewing-just for the assurance. Otherwise, I might just be impatient to drink my kombucha. I want to know that it’s at least in the kombucha PH range and can then go by taste after that.

  21. Donna J (St. Louis MO)

    The test strips reassured me I was "doing it correct" in my new adventures with live cultures and home brewing Kombucha:)

  22. Erika Lantry (San Antonio TX)

    I recently purchased pH testing strips from Kombucha Kamp to accurately get the correct pH for my Kombucha which I make in the Continuous Brewing Vessel, also purchased from Kombucha Kamp. I prefer the testing strips over a calibrated meter, as they give me correct instant readings every time. (I also have used the strips to test my saliva and am happy that my body has gone from acidic to alkaline since I started drinking Kombucha and also Kefir, which I also make at home.)

  23. Gale

    These PH STRIPS are easy to read and very accurate. If you have purchased other brands of the PH strips you know some are difficult to read, inaccurate and expensive. Kombucha Kamp has the best quality of these strips. This company really cares about delivering excellent products and excellent service. I buy only from KK now because they have not once let me down. They really care about their products and customers. Have a question? Within 48 hrs. I get an answer that is always spot on. Thank you KK!

  24. Norma Bicknell

    Super easy to use. Kombucha was on the mark after the 7 day wait. The visual color match is leaves no guesswork to your brewing. Great idea, convenient tool.

  25. Lois (North Huntingdon, PA)

    I am happy with these pH strips. They came with my Deluxe kit and provide the right amount of confidence to know that the brew is doing it’s thing. I love the confidence that a simple quick test can provide for a newbie brewer like myself. I may consider the meter in the future, but for now, this is the perfect addition to the kit.

  26. Kim M. (Antioch, IL)

    These have been invaluable in letting me learn the whole *correct* process of brewing my own ‘booch. I have relied on taste, of course, to tell me many things but I feel like these are a wonderful, cheap insurance policy to help things go smoothly!

  27. Mike Shick (Paso Robles, CA)

    These strips work great.  I had already purchased a cheap electronic pH reader, so I didn’t have need.  But they do work well!

  28. Larisa Glenn Eugene, OR

    I am new to home brewing so these strips were a must have for me. They work great and let me know when my KT is a perfect PH to bottle.

  29. Kathleen Konce (Palm Beach Gardens, Fl)

    I am new to brewing and the pH strips give me the confidence of knowing the Kombucha is in the 2.0-3.0 level and ready for consumption or bottling.

  30. Carol Thomas (Big Lake Ak)

    I’m very pleased with the PH strips. I was concerned about having the right PH when I first started brewing and these strips took the worry away. I wanted safe brew, and definitely not vinegar! I may purchase the PH meter in the future, although my comfort level with the brew has increased and I don’t always test now before I bottle and second ferment. I recommend these strips for beginners to help gain confidence. Practical and affordable!

  31. Shannon (Strome, AB Canada)

    A must have for the first time brewer. Testing the PH helps to know you’re brewing the best KT right from the beginning while learning the ropes to home brewing.

  32. Elizabeth (Redway CA)

    The pH strips are great.They deserve all FIVE STARS. I know if I have healthy, drinkable buch wih them. No guess work comparing strips that are not specifically calibrated for the "Zone." I am finally at ease with my buch.

  33. Donna Draper (Christina Lake, BC)

    The pH strips are the perfect way to keep hubby from raiding the kombucha before it’s ready.

  34. Karen (KC MO)

    As a newbie, I’m so glad I got these. It really helped put my mind at ease that all was safe for drinking. A great tool to have!

  35. Monique D

    super easy to use, convenient, especially great if you only do an occasional ph check like I do. If you check every time yo brew you may go through them pretty quickly.

  36. Janet

    I am so glad I ordered the ph strips. It gave me the extra confidence I needed in this new scary fermenting world. 😉 After my kombucha was at a 3.0 ph I knew it was safe.

  37. Ceri Muter (Sydney, Australia)

    Extremely easy to use and read. When my tastebuds are happy with the flavour of my KT the PH strips give me peace of mind that it is safe drink. Easy peasy…

  38. Stan Rose, (Missoula MT)

    Five stars for the order and experience. Your helpful explanation was much appreciated.

  39. kristine (machesney park, IL)

    These test strips are wonderful. So easy to use and a great way to decide on the perfect point of completion for the batch. I first ordered the small set, but soon ordered the large to make sure I had enough on hand for a while. Thanks for answering questions while I was setting up my new brew. Customer service ROCKS!

  40. Elizabeth H. (Malden, MA)

    I bought these because I am new to brewing Jun. These are great for helping to train my taste buds to know when my jun is ready.

  41. Kelly (Corona, CA)

    I bought these to help train my palate when brewing and they are great! They are super easy to use and def. worth it for those new to brewing!

  42. Sandra

    Being new to fermenting, these strips have helped me so much. Has made me feel more secure with my new adventure.

  43. Circe Adena (Redding, CA)

    Before I found these, I had a hard time finding good strips. I like that they measure in .5 intervals. I wish they were more reasonable, but they work well and confirm that my kombucha has the correct pH level.

  44. Lin , Grass Valley, CA

    I like giving the kombucha it’s health and status checkup. Also, let’s me know how the mom is doing as well as how accurate my taste tests are to the correct PH level.

  45. Tabitha (Lakeville, MN)

    These strips are easy to use and give me reassurance that my kombucha is ready, rather than guessing. Very happy with this purchase!

  46. Gwen Tegtmeier (Columbus, GA)

    I love these strips. I have actually ordered another set! They tell me exactly when my brew is done. I love how easy they are to read! I will for sure be back for more!

  47. Brenda

    I just received the pH strips and was happy with the speedy shipping. I will be using them in the next few days & I am confident they will work great.

  48. Patti (Fair Grove, Mo.)

    These PH strips are very easy to use and they give me the confidence as a newbie to Kombucha that my brew is safe to drink and I like that they come in a large pack also!

  49. Peggy P (Louisiana)

    I am new to kombucha making. These test strips are very easy to use. Takes the guess work right out of the equation. I was going more by taste than the pH level. Therefore I was creating a weaker brew each time I made a new brew. I highly recommend buying the kombucha test strips. So convenient. The pH number of your brew is very important.

  50. Beverly, Rose Valley, PA

    These strips are very re-assuring to know that you’re doing it right. I also use them to test other products. They are a good awareness tool.

  51. Loren Pombo (Summerland key, FL)

    I’m not to brewing my own Kombucha and these strips are perfect for me since I’m not sure of what I’m doing! I thought my Kombucha was ready but when I tested it. It was still not readying! Thank you!

  52. Kathy (Albany, OR)

    These strips are a trip! Most of the tip is colored yellow-orange with just a small sliver of pH paper to test your brew. This is great because you can color match right there to know your brew is ready. Mine keeps matching perfectly so it looks like nothing happened! I run the strip under tap water afterwards just so I know the strip is working.

  53. Helen A (Germantown, TN)

    I love these strips. Especially for a newer brewer, it gives you confidence and helps your palate to learn PH levels. And, VERY IMPORTANT- these are more accurate for Kombucha than the strips I bought elsewhere previously. The other strips had too wide a range, and didn’t give me an accurate reading. These worked perfectly for kombucha!

  54. Marcia Emmanuel [st.Michael, Barbados]

    ph strips worked well, my brew was a perfect ph of 3.0 on first testing. thanks to my coach k/mamma.

  55. Melissa (Anaheim, CA)

    I love these!! I received these as part of my kit and they have been so helpful to me as a newbie brewer.

  56. Rachel Krown

    These have been my "security blanket" in the beginning of my kombucha making. 🙂 They are so easy to use, and are very accurate. I always know right when it’s ready to drink (or bottle). These are a must have for everyone new to making their own kombucha at home!

  57. Carol Hazard (Kirksville, MO)

    One of the most useful items for brewing Kombucha, these pH testing strips keep my brew tasting great. They are simple to use and tell me, with no guessing, when my Booch is ready.

  58. Melanie C. (Mineola, NY)

    These pH strips are fantastic for checking my booch. I had pH strips from a soapmaking hobby which just were not accurate. The .5 increments are better for testing and provide a visual indicator of the proper pH which is reassuring.

  59. Sonya

    Great quality, I only needed one pack, though, because now I can taste when it’s ready!

  60. Lowene W.

    Since I am new to making Kombucha,these strips are a real help. It helps keep insecurities about the readiness at bay.

  61. Patti Johnson (Lawrence, KS)

    I received a packet of these ph strips with my CB brew system. I have used them religiously and am very satisfied with the results. My KT has always been the perfect ph balance when tested. I think this is a very important component when brewing to get all the great health benefits of KT! Thanks, Hannah!

  62. Alex

    A bit pricey for PH strips, but a good way to be certain of the PH of your brew with the .5 incrinment color guide.

  63. Theresa Byrne

    Perfect little strips for me, just getting into brewing. so easy to use; takes the guesswork out of attaining the right brew.

  64. Regina from Kansas

    These ph strips are just what I needed while learning brewing taste/techniques. They are so easy to use! When I think my brews "taste" is getting close to perfect I just use a test strip to check. Thus I’m training my palate to know when the booch is brewed to perfection!

  65. anne evans

    i am "new" to making kombucha so I wanted to make sure my ph was prepared correctly. It’s such an easy way to double check your brew – it gives me peace of mind to know I’m drinking a quality brew. Love it!
    Anne Evans (Colorado Springs, CO)

  66. Eloise from East Galesburg, Il

    These testing strips were easy to use and gave me peace of mind that my brew was safe.

  67. Toni Parker, CO

    These are ADDICTING. I love to test my brew. The kids even get in on testing the batch and we turned it into a teaching moment.

  68. Janna Thompson Port Orange FL

    I like the pH strips to remove some of the guess work as a newbie brewer. I was a bit distressed at the $4.99 shipping when they came in an envelope with a 48 cent stamp.

  69. Ronda

    Well it doesn’t get much easier than this. Used my first strip to test my brew at 5 days and then again at 7 days.

    The color changed just as I wanted it to. easy to read and sure makes brewing easier.
    Will definitely order again

  70. Kathleen

    I was very happy with the PH testing strips.

  71. Andrew Davidoff (Hartsel, CO)

    I just used a few of these strips while brewing my first batch, and they seem to work great. The color legend included with the strips is large and easy to read, and the plastic case for the legend and strips is sturdy and easily stored away. I’m learning to trust my taste buds on this one, and having these strips is a big help in that regard.

  72. Thomas Presley

    As a life long nutritional researcher, my ph has always been a great health indicator. Too much acidity in my body means I am heading in the wrong direction. Your Deluxe Kit is just that. Maybe Super Deluxe!!!

  73. Paul G. (Logan, Utah)

    I like to use the PH strips to test the PH level of my Kombucha before I bottle. I am able to bottle sooner & flavor my booch. The PH strips enable me to cycle through sooner & produce more bottled & flavored Kombucha as soon as I reach the 2.0-3.0 level I am ready to go – without guessing…

  74. Irene B Union, WA

    Using these pH strips, I can teach my palate to trust the flavor and acidity. It takes the worry out of brewing since there’s no ‘timer’ that goes off to tell me when it’s ‘done’.

  75. Tiki Nelson (Ft. Walton Bch, FL)

    These are handy little strips, especially for the beginner. They give you the confidence you need when experience is lacking. I’ve relied on these strips with each batch to tell me the perfect time to bottle.

  76. Susan Reed

    I have studied pH enough to know how inportant the right levels are. I love the strips because I can test each batch to see if my booch has fermented enough. I have tested all my brews and when they are ready, they always test perfectly! what a great tool this is!

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