NO-FRILLS Continuous Brew

With the No Frills Brewing Package, brewing Kombucha at home couldn’t be simpler or more economical. The No Frills Brew Package comes with all of the supplies you need which makes it great for ‘Booch brewers on a budget.

Whether you’re a first-time Kombucha brewer looking for an inexpensive Kombucha brewing kit, or an experienced brewer looking to brew multiple batches simultaneously, the No Frills package is the most cost-effective choice. Buy all your Kombucha brewing supplies as part of a continuous brew package to take advantage of additional savings with Kombucha Kamp’s special discounted prices.

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No Frills Kombucha Brewing Systems

What’s Included in the No Frills Kombucha Brewing System Package:

Our Brewing Container Options: 

  • Stoneware Brewing Vessels – these handmade vessels provide the ideal brewing conditions for continuous brewing and are made right here in the USA.
  • Porcelain Brewing Vessels – these fermentation-safe porcelain vessels are less expensive than stoneware, stainless steel and wooden barrels making it a popular choice for those new to brewing.
  • Stainless Steel Brewing Vessels – stainless steel is the only metal suitable for brewing Kombucha in and is a popular choice since it’s lightweight, sturdy and easier to clean.
  • Toasted Oak Barrels – wooden barrels are a popular choice not only due to their size but also due to the unique flavor it imparts in the brew.

Not sure which vessel is right for you? Check out our Kombucha brewing vessel list of the best brewing vessels for Kombucha.

As with all of our continuous brewing packages, you can save more than 35% on your purchase than if you bought each item separately. Brew with confidence knowing that we also stand behind our packages with a 60-day money back guarantee. We sell only the freshest (never dehydrated) 100% organic SCOBYs and offer only brew-safe equipment and supplies so you can brew with confidence.

Tips for Brewing Kombucha at Home

The Continuous Brewing method is the best way to brew Kombucha at home. There are many benefits to using the Continuous Brew (CB) method. Here are some ways you can be more economical using the CB method:

  • Save money – with the continuous brew method, as the name suggests, the Kombucha tea ferments continually unlike the batch brew method which would require multiple gallon jars to be brewed simultaneously in order to have a constant supply of Kombucha on standby. By investing in one container at a time, you not only save money on your vessels but you also save precious counter or pantry space.
  • Save time – re-starting each batch after bottling takes more time which could be spent on other tasks. Since the continuous brew method only needs to be “topped off” each time you draw out KT, there is also less time waiting for the KT to complete its fermentation.
  • Save energy – the continuous brew method is more hands-off which means less work. Continuous brew vessels are also equipped with spigots to make the drawing process quicker and less labor-intensive than the batch brew method. Since there’s no need to remove the SCOBY when using a brewing vessel with a spigot, there’s also less chance of accidental contamination that can come from handling the SCOBY. It’s also less messy using a spigot so there’s less cleanup involved.