Organic Dried Ginger – Loose Cut & Dry Ginger for Tea

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Earn up to 21 Bubbles.


  • Kombucha’s favorite spice
  • Increases carbonation
  • Cut, Dried, and Sifted
  • Smaller pieces means more surface area and less is needed
  • .8oz packet, 10-20 servings
  • Available in 4oz or 8oz quantities via drop down menu

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 Organic Dried Ginger – Loose Cut & Dry Ginger for Tea

Ginger is an excellent addition to any bottle of Kombucha. The smaller dried piece size means more surface area so a smaller amount is needed for flavoring. Ginger has been used traditionally to aid with digestion, reduce inflammation and improve circulation.


Recipe Idea:
Tibetan Delight = Goji Berries & Ginger. Also excellent with elderberries or hibiscus.

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39 reviews for Organic Dried Ginger – Loose Cut & Dry Ginger for Tea

  1. Keith Yoder (verified owner)

    Yeah… this is a favorite go-to flavoring of mine. I’ve added it to lots of other flavors and… what can I say? …it’s great!

  2. Crystal C (Everett, WA)

    I absolutely love this ginger!! My favorite combo is ginger, hibiscus, and elderberry. It hits the spot every time! I’ve also started using this ginger in other cooking because I can’t get organic ginger at my local store right now. Thank you Hannah!

  3. Linda Katharina Morris

    I am a ginger lover! I add ginger to every flavor of my new kombucha. I am so happy that I have the carbonation doing so well. I just finished making my second batch. I made ginger chai. Ginger rose. Ginger elderflower. Ginger lavender. 

  4. Roxanne Gray

    I love this dried ginger product! It is freshly dried, has a great taste & a nice bite to it. The best dried ginger I have ever tasted

  5. Tracy Ahmadian

    Ginger chips flavoring took my booch to the next level. I drink this delicious and special booch from a wine glass!

  6. Prudence J Wray

    I have to say that I love love love this ginger. When I first started making my kombucha, I always drank it plain. Then I started adding ginger because of its’s health benefits and fell in love with it immediatley. I highly recommend it.

  7. Roxanne Kirby

    I am so glad I purchased this ginger; the quality is excellent.  I use 1/2 teaspoon to flavor each quart of kombucha, and it’s the perfect amount of flavoring for me.  I also find that the brew takes on a lovely golden hue.  And oh, it’s delicious!  I started brewing kombucha because I loved GT’s Gingerade so much, and I wanted to recreate it.  Great news!  I think mine is actually BETTER than GT’s!  I’m quite pleased.  Thank you, Kombucha Mamma!

  8. Mary Shattuck

    Mary (Illinois)
    I have been looking for a ginger flavor that would give my JUN the right ginger zing. The kombucha Kamp Ginger flavor is just the right taste! I would highly recommend!

  9. Kit D (Teton Village, WY)

    Since I love to cook I figured I might not end up using this dried ginger and would just ‘grate my own’ when the time came to flavor my ‘boocha. But reality is, this ginger is delicious and so easy to use that I love just measuring a bit into my secondary brew bottles and making life a little easier!

  10. veronica Iturbe Guerrero

    Veronica (Atlanta,GA)
    I love ginger with chai, mango and pineapples ! This ginger gives the perfect hint of flavor !

  11. Kristin R, Ocean Isle Beach NC

    From trying GT flavors, I learned I like the ones with ginger the best. The ginger also calms my stomach and creates the fizz I love.

  12. J Huffman, MI

    The Ginger was a great flavoring for my Kombucha; great for energy and digestive purposes! Thanks Again for such great products.

  13. Leslie K (Dubuque, IA)

    I used to do fresh ginger, but switched to the dried ginger and haven’t gone back. KK offers high quality ginger with the perfect hit of flavoring to your buch.

  14. Mark S (San Antonio, Texas)

    This is a must if you want a great Ginger Kombucha. I was using fresh ginger to flavor mine until I purchased this dried ginger. It adds flavor and carbonation in my second fermentation much better than fresh ginger and it’s easier.  Since I am new at brewing kombucha, using this ginger has made mine taste like store bought–no joke. 

  15. Martha Cape Cod

    I love this ginger. A pinch goes a long way. Much better than fresh ginger. Ty Hannah

  16. Patricia

    This makes the best ginger kombucha.  Before ordering this, I had used fresh ginger and crystallized ginger which were OK.  I don’t know what it is about this organic ginger; it is super delicious.  A little goes a long way.

  17. Amy (Louisville, KY)

    I love this ginger! It gives the brew a great flavor and makes bottling so easy. I love to use alone, with citrus, goji berries or raspberries! Will order again!

  18. George

    This is my favorite flavor. I fact it was so good that I started trying to make my own. I will buy again. 

  19. Vicki M

    Great mild flavor. It goes a long way. I’ve flavored a dozen bottles already and still have more than half the package. vm

  20. Martha (Cape Cod MA7)

    WOW I  I am amazed at how fabulous this dried ginger is. I work in the public and many people this winter are sick with bad colds. I’ve always  I have always used ginger to help with calls and now with this product I can drink the ginger with the kombucha and I am doubly protected. Delicious and healthy thank you Hannah

  21. Betty [Sandpoint Idaho]

    I add this ginger to every bottle of kombucha brew when it’s ready and let it sit for 3-4 days. It adds a great flavor to my brew and keeps my stomach issues in check. I also love the peppery kick.

  22. Leslye

    I was a little hesitant to use dried after using fresh for kombucha.  I was delighted with the results though.  Just a little is needed making the packet last a very long time and the taste is divine.

  23. Vanessa Schnautz, King George, VA

    My favorite drink at the end of a day is Fizzy-K – sparkling kombucha with ginger and lime. Hanah’s recipe is perfect. Whether I’m making 12 or 16 oz bottles, the ratio is great. 1/2 tsp ginger and 1 tbsp fresh lime per 16oz bottle. Leave it in a dark area for a few days, I leave it up till I’m ready to drink, for extra fizz. I use grolsh bottles since they can handle the carbonation. I typically leave a gallon of bottles for a week to carbonate, then refrigerate, then drink. It tastes like gingerale, but better, and healthier.

  24. Lark (Albany CA)

    I love this ginger. It is better than fresh ginger because not only does it bring out much more ginger flavor but such a time saver. My favorite kombucha flavor!!

  25. Thai Harder (Tehachapi, CA)

    Love the ginger! Made it plain and with goji berries. It makes an extremely nice carbonation and looks so inviting when you pour it into a glass and it fizzes up so pretty and refreshing. I loved GT Dave’s Gingerade so it was and easy transition to my own special brew. The sense of pride that comes with brewing your own healthy, great tasting KT can’t be measure in words. The money saving aspect is excellent because now I no longer have to figure out how I will afford $8.00 a day for my fix. Thanks Hannah for all your hard work and research. Don’t try to re-invent the wheel. Take advantage of all Hannah’s expertise. She’s done all the work and we reap all the benefits. Much gratitude.

  26. Monique D

    Wow! I love this stuff. I have never cooked with ginger until I bought this. I subsequently tried putting fresh ginger into my kombucha and honestly this one was so much better in my booch!

  27. Keith J (CA)

    Like the other posts say " a little goes a long way ". This is one of my favorite flavors so far, also love the chai and elderberry. I’ll probably try all of the other flavors Hannah has to offer and im sure I will find them to have the same excellent quality as the ones I’ve already tried.

  28. Kelly T (Florida)

    This is great. It’s just as good, or if not better then GT’s Ginger Kombucha. Thank you Hannah for such wonderful products.

  29. Sandra

    I love ginger. One of my favorite seasonings. I especially love it for 2f kombucha. Will buy it again and again. This is the best one I have tried

  30. Paul Gillette

    Ginger seems to make almost any flavoring better! Some of my favorites adding it to Goji Berry, Brain Brew & any kind of fruit flavoring, like Strawberry, Blackberry, Blueberry & Rasberry! I feel that it gives things a deeper flavor & I like the bite!

  31. Doug B

    I love ginger flavor and these organic pieces do the trick. It is convenient to use and also adds some fizz. You get about 30 servings per package. Shipping is also quick.

  32. Helen A (Germantown, TN)

    I like ginger in my KT, both for the taste and the fizz. This is so much more convenient than having to buy fresh ginger and chop it myself. A little goes a long way, so this will last a long time

  33. Tina K (Los Angeles, CA)

    Thank You Kombucha kamp for all my goodies. I ordered a fresh Scobi and I also ordered some lovely flavorings for my Kombucha!

    I ordered the Ginger, Hibiscus, and Elderberry and Goji – I have to say my favorite is the Elderberry it is the best! My huband loves the
    Ginger. We received our product just as promised and in perfect order our Kombucha is now really delicious and our favorite treat!

    I also tell people about Kombucha tea all the time and refer them to your site!

  34. Heather L (Michigan)

    Not a huge ginger fan, but this flavoring made my kombucha taste like a bottle of ginger ale! I agree with others, that a little goes a long way I find I can use much less per bottle than the suggested 1/2 tsp.

  35. Alicia G.

    I am not a huge ginger fan so I was a little hesitant when I bought this flavor, but I love trying new things! For me, a little bit goes a long way. Adds a yummy bite to my Kombucha!

  36. Leslie

    Like the flavor, wasn’t thrilled about the chunks in bottom. But it’s still very tasty.

  37. carrie s

    I love the ginger! I was so happy that it is organic and ready to go

  38. Jami (WI)

    I love this ginger. I also like that it organic. I like mixing it with other flavors like brain brew.

  39. Lyndsey S (Loveland,Colo)

    This flavoring adds a nice bite to KT. I like it because it helps add some carbonation. I found it is best when combined with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. I have been experimenting and I only need 1 or 2 pieces to get the flavor and fiz so the portions that Hannah sells them in will last a very long time.

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