Sarsaparilla Root Small Pieces for Tea



  • Bark cut into small pieces
  • 0.8oz packet, 60-70 servings

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 Sarsaparilla Root Small Pieces for Tea

If you were living in the 16th century, Sarsaparilla would have been your go-to remedy for skin related ailments, digestive problems, fever, venereal diseases, gout, headaches, cough and more! This perennial trailing vine was very popular due to these healing properties, and it’s flavor.  Besides removing toxins from the body, it was and is used as a delicious and fragrant ingredient in root beer, along with Sassafras. It’s unique ability to cool the body and promote sweating makes it a natural favorite in the summer.

Recipe Idea:
Learn to make your own Rootbucha syrup = Sassafras, wintergreen, vanilla bean & sarsaparilla.
See our rootbeer flavor pack which features all four of these spices & herbs.


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