Cotton Reusable Muslin Tea Bags- Pack of 3

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These handy cotton bags are the perfect size to infuse teas, whether cup by cup or when brewing a full batch of nutrient solution for 1-2 gallons of Kombucha Tea.


  • 3 bags per packet
  • 3″x5″ with drawstring
  • Reusable – simply rinse, air dry & reuse

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Cotton Reusable Muslin Tea Bags- Pack of 3

Steep Tea & Tisanes – Fill with loose leaf tea and let steep. They can also be used with coffee or chai spice – add to water, cider, or wine. If you cook with fine herbs they are great for a creating a recoverable seasoning sachet for soups and stews. 

Use them in the Bath – Fill with fragrant and healing herbs, let hang under hot running water; throw away herbs after use, rinse bag, and reuse.

Create Sachets – They can also be filled with lavender flowers, chamomile or spices to create a fresh smelling sachets.  Hang in closet, tuck in a drawer or wherever you would like to freshen the air.  To reactive, simply massage the sachet to release the scent.


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66 reviews for Cotton Reusable Muslin Tea Bags- Pack of 3

  1. Brigitte Couture (DeBary, FL)

    I received the tea bag with my order of Hannah’s Special Tea Blend and I just love it! It makes it so much easier to brew my sweet tea for my Kombucha. No more straining. I dump the tea in my compost pail and rinse and ta-da, done! Thanks for including it because I didn’t know what I was missing 🙂

  2. Crystal Coleman

    These bags are so great! I love that they’re reusable and super easy to rinse off.

  3. Amanda A (Hampton, NJ)

    I cannot believe I held out so long and making the jump to loose leaf tea for my kt!!! These little gems are an awesome addition to my process, no more unwrapping individual tea bags and all the extra waste that comes along with that as well! I love the one stop shopping for all my kombucha needs that Hannah has provided! Thank you again and again!!

  4. Marcus Del Bianco

    These are awesome! You can reuse them and they hold a good amount of tea depending on how big of a batch you are making. 

  5. Erica Hopkins

    Makes it easier to keep the tea in one place

  6. Cynthia T. Hatchett

    These are great tea bags.  I love that there is no waste, easy to rinse out and use over and over.  No tea leaves in my brew!

  7. Chelsey Benkner

    I received these muslin bags and the mesh ball with my continuous brew kit. While I wanted to love the mesh ball more, it was a bit too big to fit in a wide mouth 1/2 gallon jar, so these bags have become a favorite of mine. Easy to use, easy to clean!

  8. Heather Marshall

    Very helpful for keeping the tea leaves together. Love that they are reusable and affordable!
    Heather Marshall, Eureka, Montana)

  9. Michelle Raia

    Great reusable tea bags; organic cotton. I just love them.

  10. Ann Redmon

    It’s great not to have to strain the leaves out of my tea.

  11. Michael Guilbert, OD

    I like using these muslin tea bags for both brewing the sweet teas and for the flavoring . They are especially useful when I add flavorings to the secondary fermentation process because they fit into the neck of the container . Michael Guilbert – Bozeman , Montana – ( 05/08/2019

  12. Eileen Huval

    These cute little muslin tea bags are perfect.  And reusable to boot!

  13. Angela Warren

    I love the muslin tea bags! Add the amount of tea you want and drop it in the water. The best thing is that there is no leak of the tiny pieces of the tea leaf that is left behind when using the tea ball. They are easy to clean.. just dump out the tea and rinse!

  14. Karen Ulmer

    Cotton muslin bags were included in my first order from KK. So thrilled that it is a natural product, it’s re-usable, and the tea stays inside. When emptying, I just turn it inside out, and hand wash it under the spigot with just tap water (no soap) and hang to dry. Great product. I’ll be ordering more for sure!

  15. Cherie P

    These cute little muslin bags are great. Easy to use and clean. Much better than using tea bags!

  16. Eva in Columbus Ohio

    These muslin bags are totally easy to use and to wash, dry and reuse. Once I make kombucha, I make a big jar of hot tea with the "spent" herb and then turn the bag inside out to dump the herb in the compost. Then I rinse it out and dry it on a butter knife or chopstick and use it over and over again.

  17. Valerie R

    Muslin bags are great for steeping tea. Barely any tea leaves gets into the water. Good price.

  18. Josiah

    Great quality and I like how simple the design is. Very easy to clean!

  19. S. Hudson (Greenville, SC)

    I received these with my starter kit and after seeing how well they contain the tea leaves, I use them every time I brew. Easy to fill and easy to empty and rinse out and dry for use again.

  20. Uli (Irvine, CA)

    In my opinion loose leaf tea is a must. Commercially bagged tea is low quality tea. I was looking for a new large capacity tea ball when I came upon these and they seemed perfect. Well, they are perfect. Super easy to fill, empty and clean. And the tea is much cleaner since the weave of the muslin is tighter than tea balls which always lose little particles.

  21. Erik Brown (Highlands Ranch, CO)

    I personally like the muslin bags better than a tea ball. I have never had any tea leaves escape the bag like I had with the ball. Although, I have never tried KK’s tea ball. The bags are nice and easy to clean.

  22. Sam (Temple, NH)

    I’m basically going to reiterate everyone else… easy to use, easy to clean, big enough to hold a good anount of tea. They havent started to pull apart yet, so I’m pretty impressed!

  23. hannah


  24. Katherine Oram (Warner Robins GA)

    Great quality and it saves me from having to strain my tea! Easy clean-up! Just turn inside out and dump and rinse.

  25. Lisa (Pasadena, CA)

    These little bags are perfect for loose tea! Great product

  26. Tina Wilson (Arlington, WA)

    These are super easy to use and easy to wash out for reuse. Great product!

  27. Suzanne (Piqua, OH)

    When using a cotton muslin bag I am pleased as my feat coincides with my dexterity. I accompolish my task of filling the bag easily and proficiently. I tie a basic knot by taking both drawstrings, threading one over the other, and pulling them tight. This alleviates twisting or clamping any small parts or tying a bow which I find difficult. I make my tea in a canning jar with boiling water placing the ends of the drawstrings under the lid so the cotton muslin bag hangs into the water. I then secure it with the band (ring) and wait for it to brew. This is comforting for my arthritic fingers and a pleasure to use. I prescribe the cotton muslin bags!

  28. Hayon (Somerville, MA)

    I use this for Hannah’s Special Blend Tea. Really easy to handle and gets cleaned super easy. Much better than using the stainless steel tea balls

  29. Melissa Hardin

    What a nice addition to my Hannah’s tea order! Love these little bags!! And they are so easy to empty, rinse clean & dry!

  30. Kim M. (Antioch, IL)

    I hate extraneous packaging, and these babies are wonderful! I had bought a tea ball before I set up "shop", but the locking mechanism seemed to not work well. These are a breeze to clean, and there is no tea "powder" left in the brew like with a tea ball. Highly recommend!

  31. Reba W (Atlanta, GA USA)

    I use these tea bags to filter the flavoring from my 2nd ferment bottles. I just slide the bag over the neck of the bottle, pour the 2f KT into a large glass measuring cup, then pour from the measuring cup back into the bottle. I rinse the tea bag and am ready filter the next bottle. Makes the 2f easy as pie.

  32. Carol H – Oregon

    These muslin tea bags make it so easy to use loose leaf tea. Easy tea brewing and super easy clean-up. The cost is great, too, and such a "luxury" to not have to make my own. I highly recommend for anyone using loose leaf tea. And I must say again, customer service is outstanding!

  33. Lorraine Taylor (Johnson City NY)

    The muslin tea bags are easy to use and clean. Not only do I save the environment from throwing away tea bags, but they are always available.

  34. Mellissa Mikara (DFW, TX)

    I received 3 of these wonderful reusable muslin tea bags with my continuous brewing kit. They work great, no tea escapes which means no floaties in the tea! I tip the used tea into my compost bucket and easily rinse these out ready for next time. They dry really quick on the window sill.

  35. Rebecca I (Chandler AZ)

    The great thing about these little muslin tea bags is they are RE-USABLE! They are also the perfect size for gallon batch brewing. tip: It is hard to get wet loose leaf tea out of the bags, so let them dry out for 24 hours. Then, just turn the muslin bags inside out and the loose leaf tea will pop out. Ready for next time!

  36. Carol Thomas (Big Lake, AK)

    Great tea bags. Keeps all the tea inside so no loose leaves floating in the tea. Best method to make tea I’ve used.

  37. Kim B. (Cedarburg, WI)

    These bags came with my basic brew kit. They are so easy to use, and a wonderful way to up-cycle. I used to use tea balls, but these are so much easier without all the loose leaf bits that tend to fly out of the ball. Wonderful item to have.

  38. diane stovall

    These work great the tea stays in bag and you can reuse over and over!

  39. Melissa England (Seattle)

    I love these tea bags. Especially that they are reusable. I don’t have the mess I did with other strainers. They are sturdy and don’t live any kind of "lint" around.

  40. KellyTravis, (Port Orange, Fl)

    These are the absolutely best muslin tea bags. Hannah was so generous and sent me one to sample with my order. I loved it so much that I had to order more ;-). Thanks Hannah for the great quality of products that are offered on this site . A very happy and loyal customer 😉

  41. Carrie D., (CA)

    I definitely recommend getting these bags if you’re going to brew with loose leaf tea and definitely recommend Hannah’s special tea blend to go inside. These last a long time and are an easy way to brew your tea.

  42. Paul Gillette

    Hanna sent one of these Cotton Muslin Tea Bag full of some of Hanna’s tea blend & I noticed that I did not need to strain my top off tea nearly as much vs. using the steel tea ball that I usually use before pouring the top off tea into my continuous brewers…

  43. Shelli H., Eugene, OR

    I received two of these well-made tea bags in my Brew Now kit. Each has a tiny drawstring at one end that’s easily tied in a bow for brewing. After using, I empty out the used tea, rinse out the bags, and hang them over my dish drainer to dry. I’ve used them over and over again! Love em!

  44. peter g

    Great sacks better than the balls

  45. Marietta Bricker

    I used the tea ball when I first got my kit thinking that it would be much easier than the little bags. It was and it wasn’t. It was easier to put all the tea in the ball instead of in the packets, but I had a problem with the little tea pieces that came through the mesh of the ball. These had to be strained out of the top off tea. So, I decided to try the little bags, and I prefer them because I can squeeze all the tea out of them and there are no little pieces that escape into the tea. And, as others have mentioned, the bags are easy to fill, to empty, to wash, and to dry. Great product from Kombucha Mamma!

  46. Robyn (Phoenix, AZ)

    I love these little tea bags. So much better than straining after brewing…and of course I love that they are muslin~~

  47. Rebecca (Stafford Springs Ct )

    These tea bags are so convenient to use for my loose tea , they hold in all the little bits and keep them off my scoby

  48. Sonya

    I’ve reused this multiple times. My only concern is what to do with the string so that it holds more tightly and can keep it out of the way, but for now, I just tie it around the bag 🙂 Great quality, though!

  49. Patti Johnson (Lawrence, KS)

    I received two of these muslin tea bags with my CB system I ordered a few months ago. I haven’t used them as part of my KT CB process. However, I have used them to brew "Hannah’s Special Tea Blend" (which my sweet hubby and I love) as our special "tea time" drink each evening! The bags are well constructed and very durable. They are easy to wash and reuse over and over again. Yet another excellent product from Hannah!

  50. Deeanna (Big Island Hawaii)

    Now I don’t have to sew my own. Thanks Hannah!!

  51. Melanie Comito (Mineola, NY)

    These little reusable tea bags are great for brewing loose tea (Hannah’s Blend recommended!). No little loose tea bits in the tea and they are easy to clean. Just turn inside out, rinse off any remaining tea and hang to dry. Easy!

  52. alex

    These muslin bags work well, clean easily and dry quickly.

  53. Theresa Byrne

    Excellent way to handle Hannah’s amazing loose tea blends; easy to use, easy to clean out. Eco friendly because they can be used over and over!

  54. Regina from Kansas

    These muslin bags work well for brewing Hannah’s special blend. She shows you how to use them and tie/wrap them for brewing so the little tea bits and pieces stay inside. They are easy to clean too, just turn inside out to push out the used tea, rinse in water and I can hang them on my dish rack to dry. Very nice indeed!

  55. anne evans

    the muslin bags are great for loose tea – I don’t get all the "tea leaf flecks" in my brew when I use the muslin bags. Just another great idea from the Kombucha Kamp!
    Anne Evans (Colorado Springs, CO)

  56. Katie B (St Charles, MO)

    I liked these bags initially for brewing. i do think i will try the tea ball because it seems the ball would be a little easier to clean. they are of good quality and make it super easy to brew tea. (I even decaffinate the tea prior to brewing.

  57. Gillian West Bend WI

    The reusable tea bags that Hannah provides with her continuous brewers are wonderful. Ill be ordering another set shortly. I prefer them to the tea ball to be honest. I was leary because of concerns of having tea escape.. but there wasnt any to be seen! 🙂

  58. Joyce

    These tea bags are wonderful; easy to fill and rinse up and dry nicely. I just began to batch brew kombucha about a month ago and am delighted with the results.

  59. Ronda

    These little bags are awesome. I love putting my fresh herbs from the garden in them. Easy to clean out and store for the next cup.

    I love them cause they remind me when I had tea with gramma. How fun

  60. Jami (WI)

    This is the first time I used a tea bag. I love them they are nicer than tea balls. They wash up so nicely.

  61. Lisa, Michigan

    These little tea bags were a treat to get with my kit. It came in handy to use along with the wonderful tea I received. This is my first time using loose tea, so i am very thankful for the bonus.

  62. Heather

    These bags are easy to use and they are also sturdier than other muslin bags that I’ve had for just as good of a price, or better. I was glad I could "pick some up" here on Hannah’s site along with my SCOBYs.

  63. Toby Rey

    These teas bags are great! Reusable and easy to clean out, these are great for brewing tea for my kombucha or just for a jar of iced tea.

  64. Tiki Nelson (Ft. Walton Bch, FL)

    These muslin tea bags are really cool! I’ve used the tea balls before but the bags are better – no debris left floating in the tea to have to strain out !

  65. Susan Reed

    This is my first time using loose tea. I love the muslin tea bags! You never have loose tea floating in your booch and the bages rinse out and dry in a jiffy!

  66. Dana P. (Utah)

    I grew up growing herbs for tea. When I got my muslin tea bags, I was so excited!!! They’re wonderful. I used to use tea balls, or just throw it in & strain later…the bags are my favorite way. EXCELLENT product!

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