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A thick SCOBY Mushroom culture on display1.  How many brewing cycles do you keep your SCOBYs? Usually, I cycle mine through after the 3rd or 4th brewing cycle – either composting them in the garden or using them for beauty products or other household uses.  In this story, Nicole has an encounter with one OLD MOTHER!  I’d love to visit France and see it for myself!

2. The Great Kombucha Recall of 2010 has people thirsting for Kombucha any which way they can get it.  While some commercial Kombucha makers have embraced the above .5% alcohol to keep their product raw, most people don’t actually get an alcohol buzz from their Kombucha.  Goose Island & Lambrucha have set out to change that with Kombucha + Beer.  Check out this review from The Mad Fermentationist.  Still curious?  Check out this other review of LambruchaHave you tried Lambrucha or Fleur?  What do you think?  Leave your review in the comments section!

3.  The gloves are off and EVERYONE is getting into the Kombucha fray (Coca-Cola owns a share of Honest Tea Kombucha).  Nathan Wyse, with a start-up brand called Thrive Kombucha, is based in Chicago.  His twist on the Kombucha recipe is a Yerba Mate brew done via the Continuous Brewing Method.  Are you in Chitown?  Drop a comment below if you have tried Thrive – we’d love to hear all about it!

4.  Like most humans, food is one of my favorite topics.  This review is so well written, I feel like I was there. Enjoy!

Hannah Crum, the Kombucha Mamma!Hannah Crum is The Kombucha Mamma, founder of Kombucha Kamp, Industry Journalist & Master Brewer, educating others about Kombucha since 2004. Connect with her on Google +
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Continuous Brew mini-FAQ

How does it work?

By changing the starting ratio from…
1 Part KT:9 Parts Starter (orignial method)
3 Parts KT:1 PART Starter Liquid (CB method)
…the brewing cycle is dramatically reduced (just 1-2 days to complete).

Posted in: Continuous Brew mini-FAQ

What about the Sugar?

Your colony of bacteria and yeast will be hungry and will very quickly process the small amount of sugar into mature KT.

Posted in: Continuous Brew mini-FAQ

I don’t want to take on more work.

Actually, CB results in less work.  One example: a more streamlined bottling experience, without the need to lift your brewing vessel, clean it every week or deal with the mess afterwards.

Posted in: Continuous Brew mini-FAQ

I can customize the flavor?

Sure, just drain mature KT and add starter liquid to taste.  Or for bottles, flavor as desired – no funnel, no mess!

Posted in: Continuous Brew mini-FAQ

It’s actually healthier?

So says Michael Roussin and experts worldwide.

Posted in: Continuous Brew mini-FAQ

Will I have too much Kombucha?

Not at all.  Having it on tap will change your perspective.  Plus, you’ll find friends, family and neighbors eyeing your Kombucha set-up with envy and maybe even helping themselves to a fresh glass.

Posted in: Continuous Brew mini-FAQ

Really? You’re telling me it’s fun?

Yes.  With a straight face.  It is.

Posted in: Continuous Brew mini-FAQ

I’m nervous. Is it hard?

Don’t be nervous.  You have the experience of hundreds of homebrewers backing you up in the form of my detailed instructions and maintenance plan.  You will be guided along the way.  You will save time and effort.

Posted in: Continuous Brew mini-FAQ