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How about JUN Tea: The Champagne of Kombucha

Jun is a fermented green tea beverage that is as delicious as it is ancient. This honey-kissed  tea is fermented with a JUN SCOBY and transformed into a fizzy, delicious elixir after it ferments.  The SCOBY cannot just be any kombucha SCOBY, nope, it has to be the correct one.

Jun is called “The Champagne of Kombucha” because it has a crisper, brighter flavor than Kombucha made with black tea and cane sugar. The ingredients, green tea and raw honey, also add to its classy reputation.

Green tea and honey are the only things JUN can ferment – no crazy sweeteners like rapadura or erythritol.  “Won’t it be very sweet?” you ask. Since the Jun SCOBY has adapted to fermenting honey, the sugars get fermented out, just like Kombucha. In addition to being brewed with raw honey only, JUN itself is non pasteurized. 

Generally, making Kombucha with raw honey results in poor flavors, lack of SCOBY growth, sick yeast, and mold growth. This is why you need a specific Jun SCOBY.Kombucha was traditionally brewed only with black tea. Today, green tea and black tea are often mixed together. On the other hand, JUN is traditionally prepared from green tea only. 

In order to maintain a smoother flavor, JUN does best at a temperature about 5°F below Kombucha. In this case, the optimal range for JUN is 70-80°F (21-27°C), but the ideal temperature is 75°F (24°C).

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