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Mamma Mondays with Keisha Rose Kombucha on a Micro Level

On today’s episode of Mamma Mondays, we’re talking about the Kombucha microbiology with Keisha-Rose Harrison who is a PhD candidate at Oregon State University in fermentation science. Her research is dedicated to furthering the scientific knowledge behind the Kombucha SCOBY and its microbial biome. 

She is majored in microbiology at Oklahoma State University because of her passion for home brewing. In her new laboratory, she combines two of her passions, Kombucha and Molecular Biology. The aim is to determine the amount of microbial diversity present in SCOBYs before establishing a categorical system. In her current research, Keisha is collecting samples from across North America to identify the bacteria and yeast that thrive in commercial breweries.

Kombucha is a potential source of probiotics. It is naturally fermented and all of the probiotic bacteria present are active and digestible. Kombucha bacteria includes lactic-acid bacteria, which can work as a probiotic. We must first get a better understanding of it so in this video, we will fully understand the Kombucha microbiology.


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